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11 Delectable Hen Of the Woods Mushroom Recipes

11 Delectable Hen Of the Woods Mushroom Recipes

Here are 11 delectable hen of the woods mushroom recipes you can try at home. 

Savory and earthy hen of the woods mushrooms are an excellent addition to your meatless Mondays repertoire. 

Native to North America, Europe, and China, hen of the woods, sometimes called as maitaki, is one of the most popular mushrooms worldwide.

Fun Trivia: In Japan, maitaki is also known as the “dancing mushroom,” because according to the legend, the buddhist nuns were dancing for joy when they discovered the maitaki mushrooms on a mountain trail.

The mushroom variety has a unique shape, which resembles a chicken with its delicate featherlike layers.

The mushroom has a distinctly rich, earthy, and peppery flavor and aroma, making it a great meat replacement to make vegetable-based dishes.

Hen of the woods mushroom comes in large clusters, which make them a versatile pick for many recipes.

You can cook it whole or in smaller steak-sized or bite-sized pieces.

Hen of the woods is filled with natural flavor, so you don’t have to do much to make them shine.

You can find ideas in this collection of 11 different hen of the woods mushroom recipes.

Wild Mushroom Pappardelle makes a luxurious date night meal for two!

Enjoy a crispy fried treat with Bloomin’ Maitake.

Stay tuned until #11 for a quick and easy brunch recipe!

Let’s get this list started with an oven-roasted mushroom recipe!

This is one of the easiest dishes using hen of the woods mushrooms.

Just drizzle with olive oil and your favorite seasonings, and you’re all set!

The oven heat makes the mushroom succulent and gives it deep roasted flavors.

Pair this dish with homemade ranch or other sauces!

A good ol’ hard sear is all you need to bring out the mushroom’s flavor in this simple recipe.

Cooking the mushrooms on high heat allows the maitake mushroom to develop a meaty taste and a nice crispy crust.

Searing also gives the mushroom a gorgeous golden brown color that pops on the plate.

The sauce is full of umami flavor from dried and fresh mushrooms and beef stock. 

Red vermouth adds a punch of acidity that brightens up the whole dish. 

A butternut squash puree gives the dish a creamy texture and balances the intense sauce with a bit of sweetness.

This mushroom-packed soup is an excellent pick-me-up after a long day.

Dried and fresh mushrooms and tamari sauce provide layers of deep umami flavors.

Tamari sauce’s thick consistency helps create the soup’s luscious mouthfeel.

The mushrooms also give the dish a meaty bite thanks to their chewy texture.

Vidalia onions, carrots, and celery complement the umami-packed soup with their sweetness and freshness.

This fried hen of the woods will give fried chicken a run for its money!

Hen of the woods’ texture makes it an ideal substitute for chicken.

It’s hard to tell they’re mushrooms once you’re done breading and frying them.

A pinch of sweet paprika and cayenne pepper in the batter gives the dish a mildly spicy and smoky kick. 

Lemon juice drizzled on top of the fried “chicken” helps brighten up its flavor.

The key to deep frying hen of the woods mushroom is to divide them into manageable chunks.

The hot oil crisps up the delicate edges of the mushrooms, creating a lovely contrast of color and texture.

Marinara sauce has a sweet-tart combination that goes well with the savory mushrooms. 

Parmesan cheese grated over the sauce gives the dish nutty and sharp flavors.

Enjoy this leftover-friendly recipe for your next family brunch!

Cooking the shallots over gentle heat intensifies their natural sweetness and brings out their complex savory flavors.

Goat’s cheese gives the dish a buttery and tangy taste that goes excellently with the balsamic reduction. 

Adding a cup of whole milk to the egg mixture results in light, airy frittata and helps avoid overcooking.

Need a new go-to recipe for weeknights?

Try out this one-pan recipe!

The smooth sauce penetrates through the fried batter, coating the chicken inside and out with creamy goodness.

The sauce also helps keep the chicken breast moist and juicy.

A sprig of fresh rosemary infuses the sauce with lemony and peppery flavors. 

Chicken breasts are a great option for a satisfying meal, but you can also use boneless chicken thighs.

Porcini mushrooms are rich, nutty, and savory–an excellent choice for a recipe that makes the most out of simple ingredients.

Chopped parsley mixed into the pasta adds a fresh and herby flavor to the dish and gives it a much-needed splash of green color. 

The sauce clings to the noodles’ broad shape, making every bite velvety smooth.

Red pepper flakes have just enough heat to make this dish exciting. 

This dish makes a fantastic game day snack!

It’s a mushroom spin on the famous bloomin’ onion with the same satisfying crunch and golden brown color.

Like the iconic onion, this dish is best enjoyed by tearing up little chunks at a time. 

Choosing the right hen of the woods piece is key to this recipe.

You’ll want a small piece with many “feathers” to get as much crispy action as possible.

Nothing beats a simple stir-fry when highlighting mushrooms’ unique flavor and texture.

Lightly seasoned with soy sauce, this dish features the earthy and pepper taste of hen of the woods mushroom.

Toasted garlic’s sweet, buttery, and nutty flavor plays well with the flavorful chili oil.

Foraging is the latest viral food trend; this recipe is a great way to join the fun!

With some effort, you can easily spot garlic chives and hen of the woods in the wild.

The garlic chives’ bold garlicky flavor and aroma make them an excellent substitute for garlic.

Grated cheddar cheese melts quickly, covering the dish with nutty and sharp flavors.

The bottom line

Hen of the woods mushroom has a unique shape that resembles something from a fairytale story.

Despite its odd look, this mushroom will fit right in your home-cooked recipes once you know how to use it.

Like other mushrooms, hen of the woods is packed with umami, making it a fantastic meat substitute.

Whether fried, baked, battered, or stewed, this versatile ingredient offers endless possibilities.

Feel free to revisit this list if you need inspiration.

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11 Tasty Hen Of the Woods Mushroom Recipe Collection

11 Tasty Hen Of the Woods Mushroom Recipe Collection

Here are 11 delectable hen of the woods mushroom recipes you can try at home.


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