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How to Chop Mushrooms Quickly and Easily

How to Chop Mushrooms Quickly and Easily

We love mushrooms. We eat them raw, and we cook with them. Button mushrooms have become a staple in my salads. Just like we did with this mushroom stir fry dish, that is why I was suddenly curious if I knew the proper answer to how to chop mushrooms?

I have learned that sometimes we do something because that is how we have always done it. Then suddenly we learn the “proper” way, and a whole new world opens up. 

Learning how to slice mushrooms the proper and efficient way is pretty simple. First, grab a sharp knife and a cutting board. Then cut the stem. Place the mushroom down flat and slice into thick chunks. Read on for the details. 

This has become my go-to knife for slicing and dicing.  There is a reason that it has well over 800 positive Amazon reviews. It is my favorite knife for sure.

2. Hold the mushroom by the cap and cut off the stem.

(See the image below for reference.) Cut the stem as close to the lid as you can. Set the stem aside for later use, as desired.

Note: We recommend that you only slice one mushroom at a time. It can be tempting to try and line them up to cut multiples, but this is unsafe. Take the time to slice your mushrooms safely. 

3. Position the mushroom for slicing by laying the mushroom flat side down on the cutting board. The rounded cap of the mushroom should be facing upwards.

4. Hold the mushroom securely with your fingertips. Slice the mushrooms in thick slices (as desired). Continue to adjust your finger placement to keep them safe.

5. Continue this process and slice all of your mushrooms. If you are using the stems, lay them flat and slice them into small rounds as desired.

Some cooks dislike using the stems because they find the taste to be too woody. I appreciate the flavor and generally use the entire mushroom.

At this point, you can dice or mince the mushrooms if your recipe calls for that.

This step-by-step is the safest method for chopping mushrooms. The big trick to cut the mushrooms is to pay attention to the thickness of your slices. Mushrooms are 92% water and will shrink during the cooking process (we love to saute mushrooms). Therefore, if you are cooking them, your slices should be on the thicker side. If you are using the mushrooms raw on a salad, the texture would probably be better if they are sliced thin.


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