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21 Simple Crescent Roll Appetizers ๐Ÿฅ

21 Simple Crescent Roll Appetizers 🥐

When you are in need of a quick appetizer and you have a can or two of crescent rolls in your fridge, congratulations, you are halfway there! Most crescent roll appetizers are savory but some can be sweet depending on the event and time of day. 

Think of ingredients that already go well together and you have the makings of a savory crescent roll recipe!  

Brie and blueberries? Smokies and cheddar? Artichoke and spinach? 

You get the point! 

Appetizers using crescent rolls become beautiful finger food options to be served before a meal. 

Sometimes during a sporting event, several crescent roll snacks can even be served together as a meal like our Ultimate Crescent Roll Taco Ring or Chicken Avocado Crescent Ring.  

Most folks have come to rely on the predictability of how crescent rolls bake and how they taste to pull their appetizer recipe together. 

A savory crescent roll recipe may only need cheese but others may have some tantalizing herbs or seasonings to complete the recipe, #15

It can be fun to serve a couple of different appetizers made with crescent rolls before the main meal. 

That way there is a little bite of deliciousness for everyone no matter their palate preferences. 

Enjoy one or two of these twenty-one appetizers with crescent rolls recipes!

Jalapeno appetizers with crescent rolls will be loved by some and shunned by others, so know the crowd you’re feeding. 

Cream cheese, fresh jalapenos, and cheddar cheese are the ingredients inside these spicy crescent roll appetizers! 

Another favorite of appetizers using crescent rolls here with spinach as the highlight. 

A mixture of spinach, mozzarella, parmesan, cream cheese, and onion with garlic powder is made and placed on each crescent before rolling, pinching, and baking.

Garlic cheese bomb is most definitely an appropriate name for this appetizer made with crescent rolls! 

The garlic mixture of butter, garlic, Italian seasoning, parsley, and basil is brushed on the unrolled crescent rolls, then half a string cheese is placed at the wide end and rolled up. 

More butter on top for the baking! Mind-blowingly simple and fantastic!

If you are craving seafood in your crescent roll snacks, this recipe is a gem. 

This cream cheese mixture with crab meat, green onions, salt, and cayenne pepper are wrapped inside crescent rolls to make your taste buds so happy!

Meatballs are always a hit as an appetizer but wrap them in a savory crescent roll recipe and you’ve got a blue ribbon winner! 

It comes with a ground turkey meatball recipe and directions to slice each crescent into thirds and wrap each one around a meatball.

Weeknights are a perfect time to make this easy crescent roll appetizer, which could also be the meal. 

Ham and cheese perfectly compliment each other. 

You know the secret drill of melting butter and mixing in garlic powder and parsley to brush on top before baking.

Earlier on the list, we had the pepperoni and cheese roll-up, but now we cross the creative barrier of crescent roll appetizers by rolling out the crescents into one big sheet.

Next, a mixture of sour cream and ranch mix is spread on top with the diced veggies sprinkled on for baking!

These sweet appetizers with crescent rolls have been pleasing people for years at holiday gatherings, but I say they should be used year-round! 

These bites are made in mini muffin tins by pressing in a small square of crescent roll, adding a brie square, drizzling in some cranberry sauce with orange marmalade.

Various additional toppings can be added. 

THE granddaddy of all appetizers using crescent rolls is here! 

Pigs in a blanket make everyone smile! 

Pick any variety of little smokies sausages, pull apart the crescent rolls and cut in thirds and roll each one up! 

Fabulously easy and fantastically tasty!  

A different spinach appetizer made with crescent rolls here includes artichoke hearts in the mix with mayo, sour cream, and seasonings and cheeses. 

Seal up the crescent rolls into one full rectangle and top with the mixture. 

Then roll it up and cut pinwheel slices and bake in a circular pan or pie plate. 

These bake up luscious and delicious!

A little pre-planning or prep is needed for these, but the final BBQ chicken crescent roll snacks are fabulous! 

Shredded chicken, diced red onion, shredded cheese, and barbecue sauce are what you need to make these rolls! 

Mix it all together, spoon into the crescent dough, roll and bake! 

A casserole to go!

Breakfast or not, this savory crescent roll recipe rocks with only two ingredients wrapped inside the crescent rolls. 

Ground breakfast sausage of your choice and cream cheese. 

Cook, mix, roll out, spoon on, roll up and bake! 

Done and delicious!

Here is one big but easy crescent roll appetizer with a bit more substance than the typical pickup bites have.  

It has all the wonderful ingredients you would find at a taco bar all combined creatively together in a taco ring. 

Helpful pictures guide you through the process. 

Plates and forks will be needed and absolutely nobody will complain.

Twenty minutes and you’ll have a plateful of everything crescent roll appetizers! 

Inside each one is a tablespoon of cream cheese, rolled up and pinched closed. 

Then each is brushed with egg while and everything seasoning sprinkled heavily on top before baking. 

These bites have it all! 

Basil pesto, roasted red peppers, and mozzarella cheese is the next magical combination put together inside appetizers with crescent rolls! 

The flavor is universal and goes with anything. 

I mean, I’m not going to complain if you categorize these as holiday appetizers since the inside is red and green, but it’s all about the flavor!

When folks walk by the table and see appetizers using crescent rolls, you know they are going to pick that flaky goodness up!
In this recipe, cheddar cheese and green onions are the fillings with dill being sprinkled on top. 

The triangle crescents are cut in half to make these a “mini” size of savory satisfaction!

Here I present this appetizer made with crescent rolls wrapped around rich cream cheese, mushroom, and salt mixture. 

Getting fancy for a moment, feel free to brush the top of the crescents with an egg and sprinkle on poppy seeds.

Pinwheel design again brings creative crescent roll snacks to your table! 

Seal together the crescent triangles into two long rectangles. 

Spread on cream cheese and top with spinach, bacon crumbles, and cheddar cheese.  

Roll them up and slice them into pinwheels for baking. 

Brunch is written all over them!

Similar to the Taco Ring earlier in this list, the chicken avocado crescent ring is indeed a savory crescent roll recipe! 

Instructions are given for how to layout the triangles in an overlapping circle. 

The recipe calls for shredded cheese, chopped chicken, avocado, and bacon bits. 

SO flavorful and filling!

I end this list with an easy crescent roll appetizer that is sweet and utterly delightful! 

Each triangle crescent will get a cube of brie, some brown sugar, and bacon bits. 

Roll up, bake and hope little fingers can stay away long enough for them to cool down!

Sweet and savory in every bite!

The bottom line

Crescent roll appetizers can easily save the day when you need one quick or the fam is starving! 

Keep some of your favorite recipes of appetizers with crescent rolls close at hand for just such a situation!

21 Crescent Roll Appetizers 🥐

21 Crescent Roll Appetizers 🥐

We have rounded up some of the best appetizers made with crescent rolls for you to choose from today.


  • Pepperoni Cheese Stick Roll-Ups
  • Jalapeno Popper Crescent Rolls
  • Spinach Crescent Roll Appetizers
  • Buttery Garlic Cheese Bombs
  • Crab And Cream Cheese Filled Crescent Rolls
  • Meatball-Stuffed Crescent Rolls
  • Ham And Cheddar Crescent Roll-Ups
  • Crescent Roll Veggie Pizza Appetizer
  • Cranberry Brie Bites
  • Pigs In A Blanket
  • Cheesy Spinach And Artichoke Pinwheels
  • BBQ Chicken Crescent Rolls
  • Cream Cheese Sausage Crescent Roll-Ups
  • Ultimate Crescent Roll Taco Ring
  • Everything Crescent Rolls
  • Pesto, Roasted Red Pepper, And Cheese Crescent Rolls
  • Mini Cheese And Onion Pastries
  • Cream Cheese Crescent Rolls With Mushrooms
  • Cheesy Bacon Crescent Roll-Ups
  • Chicken Avocado Crescent Ring
  • Brown Sugar, Bacon & Brie Crescent Rolls


  1. Pick one or more options from our list of Crescent Roll Appetizers!
  2. Start creating your new favorite appetizer.
  3. Share and comment! Did you make any changes to make it your version?

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