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23 Best Peach Cocktails You Can Make Yourself! πŸ‘πŸΉ

23 Best Peach Cocktails You Can Make Yourself! 🍑🍹

Check out this list of 23 peach cocktails when it’s time for a fruity drink on the back deck!

If summer is already knocking at your door, we are as excited as you are to start mixing up a few cocktails that use peaches!

The summer sunshine, the taste of the salty seawater, and the perfect feel of the sand on your feet make you want to sit and relax under the sun and enjoy a refreshing cold drink.

And if having some good fruity drinks is on your list this summer, you’re on the right track as we have listed down the 23 best peach cocktails you can stir up in the comfort of your own home!

Peach is a summer fruit in the USA and is perfect for various dishes, yet mixing it in a cocktail is a different drinking experience.

And if you can’t get them fresh, peaches are great canned, in jars, frozen, and even in a dollop of peach preserves.

It will make you feel the summer sunshine in every sip!

Georgia Peach Martini will make you fall in love with peaches even more, but never forget the excellent taste of Raspberry Peach Margaritas.

And #21 will make you wonder how, how, how they got a peach cocktail to dazzle so delightfully!

We’ve got so much in store for you, especially if you need to use up some languishing peaches on your countertop.

Let’s sip it up!

This fantastic cocktail is the fruity and refreshing mix you want to taste on a cold summer night or at a barbeque cookout.

The mix of peaches, mint, and lemon smashed at the bottom of the glass, topped with bourbon, will make you want another drink!

Plus, the combination of peach freshness and the sweet heat of the bourbon is a perfect fit.

The folks over at Cake N Knife use super cute round ice cubes for these drinks, and offer up a variety of mocktails, too.

You can tell that it’s an Italian Cocktail just by the name.

Peach Bellini was named after the Italian painter Giovanni Bellini because of its beautiful color.

It’s also best with fresh ripe peaches as it oozes out the juicy flavor of peaches, but you can use frozen peaches, too!

But frozen peaches aren’t always as sweet as peach puree.

If that’s the case, just add a little sugar, blend, and it’s ready to drink!

Peach Daiquiri is an easy-peasy cocktail drink you can do yourself with just four ingredients.

If you have fresh peeled peaches, mango rum, fresh lime juice, grenadine, and ice handy, just put them into your blender, and it’s good within five minutes!

Do you want it thicker?

Just add more ice to it.

But better to drink it as soon as the ice melts!

You will fall in love with summer even more with this cocktail.

And instead of Red Sangria, you will need White Sangria for your peach cocktail.

You’ll never know how lovely these two fused are until you taste them!

Plus, the addition of club soda and brandy in your glass is absolutely refreshing!

Homemade Peach Tea Vodka cocktail is a delicious and refreshing cocktail and an ideal summer drink you can make at home!

Just let the peach sit in vodka for 48 hours to release all the flavors, while your black tea can sit for 10 minutes before blending it.

Besides, it’s a no-rush cocktail, so wait for the peach flavor to explode on your vodka if you have the patience.

Let the timer start now!

Although making this concoction takes time, it’s worth the wait since the taste and the flavor will not disappoint you.

You will love peaches, even more when you try making this awesome drink!

The sweetness of fresh peaches with a raspberry and martini twist can make this cocktail a total winner!

It is also a perfect way to use your ripe peaches on the counter and freshen you up while sitting on your couch and chilling out.

When you add a twist of peach nectar to tequila, you get a drink that is hard to beat!

Paloma is Margarita’s bitter older sister, and adding peach nectar to it will make a blast of sweetness and soften the bitter bite of this drink.

It is also good to drink during happy hours or just when you need to sip something refreshing after a stressful day.

This classy and unique-looking cocktail is not your usual pale yellow color from peach.

It’s blue due to blue curacao mixed with peach vodka and schnapps.

It also has passion fruit, sweet & sour, Island Punch Pucker, and lemon-lime soda, making every drop delightful.

Add some lemon slices to finish this drink to give it a bitter touch.

If you want a splash of refreshment and to lighten up your mood, this will be a good choice.

Blend some fresh peach puree, orange juice, and lime juice smoothly, add ice, tequila, triple sec, and lime, stir it or combine them with a shaker and voila!

This drink just may give you that beachy feeling, even if you’re just unwinding on your patio or enjoying your back deck in the suburbs.

The fusion of raspberries and lime’s tartness and the sweetness of peaches makes this cocktail the fruity taste you will enjoy with your margarita.

You can also use the frozen fruits too if you feel like sipping on them on a cold winter night, and the taste will still be stunning.

We’re sure this will make your taste buds sing!

You might be wondering if bacon or any meat has been added to this drink.

Think again.

“Sweet Meat” refers to the fleshy peaches, then combined with bourbon and sweet blackberry.

And mixing these all makes a whole new experience for your classic peach cocktails.

That said, here’s our helper article for grilling peaches that will add a smokey, charred nuance to fresh peaches that you can use in all of these drinks.

You know it is unique yet sexy to drink just by the name, especially when poured in a Martini glass.

Shake or stir vodka, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice together—and add ice to cool it.

 Plus, it’s fun to say, and the flavor’s pretty good too.

This punch is dangerously easy to do and sip in.

The perfect taste of raspberry and peach will make everyone go crazy for it!

It’s also a favorite summertime cocktail because of its fantastic flavor and gorgeous color.

You might think it’s a weird combination with corn candy syrup, but it’s so awesome when matched with peaches.

It’s an out-of-the-box way of recreating the usual peach cocktails you have already made and tasted.

Anyway, no one stops anyone from being creative with their cocktails.

Who says you can’t have peach cocktails any time of the year?

Well, this cocktail gives you citrusy, sweet, sparkly, and minty flavors all in one sip.

Plus, the mojito and the fruity taste in one drink will surely give off a summer Caribbean vibe!

This drink will remind you of that movie where its name came from.

It might also look like it was conjured in a potions class, but it actually tastes magical.

And who would have thought that a peach-flavored drink with a splash of melon liquor and some Irish cream on top would whisk you off to another dimension? Right?

The right balance of peach flavors and botanicals makes this drink uniquely delicious and aromatic.

Plus, whiskey with peach syrup’s juicy and sweet flavor, garnished with peach slices and lavender sprig, will twist the classic old-fashioned into a modern-day cocktail.

This one is fun to drink and nearly impossible to forget.

No one can resist the tang of this 3-ingredient peach cocktail drink. 

Serve it in your gatherings with family and friends, and they will surely love it!

These ingredients mixed with fresh fruit slices and mint will make it a party favorite.

Spice up your peach cocktail menu with this creative drink!

It has a mix of mule and margarita with jalapeño slices to give that spicy kick in each drop!

But feel free to add more jalapeño if you like it even spicier!

Here are even more mezcal cocktails to choose from.

This drink is more than just a cocktail—it’s a snack too!

Peach vodka blended with lime soda and slices of ripe peaches makes it effortlessly dainty.

And adding a little bit of grenadine will give it an extra summer feel in every taste!

Citrusy flavors such as pineapple and orange juice combined with Peach Schnapps and a little bit of grenadine will dazzle you like a summer afternoon sun!

It’s light and fruity, with just enough sweetness to make it feel like a treat without making you feel guilty about it. 

Besides, this Malibu Summer Rose Cocktail is that kind of tropical cocktail you don’t want to miss when you’re at a beach or poolside.

If you are stuck in your kitchen and thinking of a simple yet unique drink to match your dinner, here’s for you!

It’s also ideal if you’re having a summer party at home.

You can never go wrong with this, and it is something refreshing to prepare for your guest aside from the usual wine and beer.

Want peaches all day every day? Here’s our list of even more peach recipes.

Last but never least on the list!

This particular cocktail is made out of a delicious mix of gin, roasted peach, and sparkling wine you would want to do over and over again.

And it’s the perfect way to end any special occasion!

The bottom line

There’s no finer way to beat the summer heat than getting an ice-cold cocktail drink with peaches!

And mixing and matching these juicy and sweet peaches with your favorite liquor or spirit will bring a different and brilliant meaning to cocktails.

We would also be delighted to hear which of these peach cocktails you would try on your next summer shindig! 

Give these Crown Royal Peach recipes a try too, if you’re feeling fancy!

23 Peach Cocktails You Can’t Resist! 🍑🍹

23 Peach Cocktails You Can’t Resist! 🍑🍹

Check out this list of 23 easy peach cocktails when it’s time for a fruity drink on the back deck!


  • Bourbon Peach Smash
  • Peach Bellini
  • Peach Daiquiri
  • White Peach Sangria
  • Homemade Peach Tea Vodka Cocktail
  • Georgia Peach Martini
  • Peach Paloma
  • Blue Peach On The Beach
  • Fresh Peach Margaritas
  • Raspberry Peach Margarita
  • Sweet Meat Cocktail
  • Woo Woo Cosmo Cocktail
  • Raspberry Peach Moscato Punch
  • Peaches & Cream Candy-Corn Fizz
  • Raspberry Peach Mojito
  • Ghostbuster Drink
  • Peach Lavender Old Fashioned
  • Peach Raspberry Spritzer
  • Spicy Peach Mezcal Mule-Rita
  • Peach Vodka Cocktail
  • Malibu Summer Rose Cocktail
  • Peach & Thyme Spritz
  • Frisco 49 Cocktail


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  3. Cook then enjoy immediately!

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