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27 Easy & Tasty Apple Cocktails To Fall In Love With 🍎🍸

27 Easy & Tasty Apple Cocktails To Fall In Love With 🍎🍸

If you’re here to find some tasty and easy apple cocktails, this epic list is something you shouldn’t miss–featuring punches, martinis, and more!

Regardless of what kind of taste you enjoy, you can never go wrong with fruits, especially those that are easy to find.

Apple is a common fruit with a flawless blend of sweet and tart flavors.

It’s greatly refreshing, which means that turning it into something you can drink can give the fruit the level up that anyone can appreciate.

Who knew that with such a simple fruit and its juice, you could have a wide variety of drinks?

These 27 apple cocktails are not to be missed, especially if you’re looking for an uncomplicated twist to your favorite alcoholic beverages.

Turn your favorite drinks into cocktails that have personality and that extra oomph. 

Whether you’re looking to whip these up for a party or an after-meal drink, these cocktails will deliver!

These cocktails can require some effort from you, but rest assured that all the time that you devote to creating these will not go to waste.

If you’re looking for drinks that are light and refreshing, then check out Harvest Apple Ginger Spritz and Frozen Apple Daiquiri.

Our Apple Rum Fizz Cocktail recipe is bound to impress!

However, your apple cocktail-seeking heart will never be satisfied until you get your lips on a sip of #13–it’s an outstanding example of how fantastic apple juice can turn out to be.

There’s not much we can say to convince you to make this drink if it’s been kind of a Hollywood staple.

You might know this cocktail from the shows “How I Met Your Mother” and “Scrubs,” among others.

However, seeing it is nothing compared to tasting the exemplary blend of sweet and tart 
that’s strong enough to give you a buzz but not strong enough for you to avoid another glass!

Every sip is a treat with this sweet and tasty cocktail that will be treasured at your next party. 

If you’re a sweet tooth looking to bring in some buzz in your body, this cocktail is for you.

Pro tip: Warm the caramel syrup before drizzling so it’s not thick when you attempt to put it in your glass.

Light and bright, this Apple Crown drink is the perfect pick-me-up drink after a long and tiring day.

The sweet and citrus flavors play together in this drink which is just the ideal one for autumn.

Take a sip of this pleasantly sugary drink if you want to feel like you’re being lifted up!

Fresh apples are the star of this delicious drink.

Although creating the apple syrup takes time, it’s the key to making this cocktail stand out among other cocktails.

If you want the flavor of the simple syrup to really seep into the drink, then refrigerate it for a couple of hours before making your bourbon smash.

Caramel and apple just go well together, and this drink is here to prove it.

You don’t even have to do anything special to bring out the rich flavor because it all comes together beautifully.

Mix all the ingredients together, and you’re good to go!

Sure, a simple gin cocktail is enough to cap off your day, but why settle for it when you can bring a sweet twist to it?

This Apple Bees Knees cocktail is an interesting take on the classic gin cocktail.

It’s bound to keep you energized throughout the day (or night!).

It’s hard to say no to a neon green cocktail because it looks like it’s begging you to consume it.

This Irish Sour Apple Cocktail only requires five minutes of your time, but you’ll be raving about it for hours!

The green hue of this drink also makes it an amazing St. Patrick’s day drink.

Kick off your festivities with this bubbly, sweet, and subtly spicy cocktail that is best for parties and large gatherings.

All the ingredients just come together effortlessly in this drink, and to be honest, it looks and tastes fancy.

You don’t need to spend too much to impress your guests. 

Some easy-to-find ingredients should be enough.

This drink, although infused with the sweet taste of apple and floral notes of the elderflower, lets the vodka shine!

Pro tip: The vodka taste will be strong, so opt for a vodka brand that you enjoy.

Sweet and spicy–things get interesting when it’s these two flavors that fight in the drink.

This cocktail is sure to give you a fascinating time with every sip.

The spicy notes that play around in the drink give that extra kick that just lets you contemplate getting another glass.

Satisfy your sweet tooth once in a while with this bubbly gin fizz that impeccably unites the strong flavor of gin with the sweet, citrusy, and slightly spicy taste of apple and cinnamon. 

This cocktail can definitely serve as a drink and a dessert.

If you’re celebrating something, no matter how significant or candid it is, then let this Sparkling Apple Pie Cocktail accompany you.

The blend of apple, cinnamon, and honey, is something that’s always been known to work, so this drink stays on the safe side, but don’t underestimate just how delicious it can be.

Are you welcoming autumn with a party?

Let this sangria shine!

Making this is like getting the guarantee that your guests will not stop drinking and talking about this delectable drink.

It may be a straightforward drink, but it can elicit some wows from the crowd!

Freshen up and be comforted with this bourbon cocktail that will make your taste buds ache for more.

The apples used in this recipe are very sweet, so expect a cocktail that’s made for dessert lovers.

It does have a great buzz that will make drinking this more interesting (because it’s so sweet, you won’t realize you’re getting drunk on it already!).

Margaritas are a classic!

It’s easy to love margaritas the way they are, but if you put this spiced apple twist to them, then you might be surprised that you can love margaritas even more!

Red wine lovers will rejoice with this Thanksgiving Sangria, which is the ideal drink to celebrate the holidays!

This drink is just exploding with all the flavors that describe fall. 

Cinnamon, apple, cranberry–you name it!

If it’s something that reminds you of fall and Thanksgiving, it’s here.

Sometimes, we need a classic drink to complete our day.

This Apple Juice Mojito is the right drink for when you’re not feeling adventurous but you still want a drink that just hits the right spot.

Do you enjoy Ginger Beer?


Here’s a drink that will make you drool!

The flavors in this cocktail, although subtly spicy, are as festive as cocktails get.

With one sip, you will be in the mood for partying and dancing.

A Bellini requires you to make a fruit puree, which may not be too easy for apples, but worry not, it’s still possible, and it’s something that you will want to keep making once you get the hang of it!

Although it’s at the bottom of the glass, it’s the puree that’s the star of this drink, so take your time and enjoy it when you’re doing it.

Ice cold and energizing is the way to go.

This cocktail is sure to remove all the stresses of your day with only one glass!

The crisp and balanced flavors of the drink are unmatched–you’ll definitely keep coming back for more. 

Are you ready for a strong drink with an amazing blend of sweet and sour? 

This Sour Apple Tequila is a beautiful green drink that you should definitely whip up when you have friends over!

Pro tip: Sure, the agave is optional, but it helps even out the taste of the sour apple for a more well-rounded flavor.

Classic gin and tonic with a fall twist–not to be missed!

The star anise and cinnamon, although added later on to the drink, really help bring the fall scent to the drink.

Simply seeing and smelling this drink will bring a smile to your face.

The taste of the drink is what defines a good cocktail.

If you’re looking for a good cocktail, then go for this Apple & Pomegranate Cocktail.
The two flavors come together magnificently.

The drink is overall light, so you can definitely enjoy more than one glass of this.

Pro tip: Simply pour the drink over ice, and don’t shake.

The whiskey stands out in this drink, but the sour apple liqueur adds an extra layer of tastiness to this cocktail.

Served cold, it’s hard to resist the tempting taste of this drink.

If you’re feeling the heat and just want to keep your body cool, this Frozen Apple Daiquiri will do the job for you.

It will be a struggle to say no to the sweet and slightly spicy taste of this drink.

It’s the perfect drink for chilling outside despite the hot weather.

This cocktail is simply stunning and filling, both for your eyes and your mouth. 

This drink requires you to make it ahead of time because you’ll need at least 24 hours to let the lavender infuse with the apple juice. 

Pro tip: Just put enough lavender because if you overdo it, it will overpower the whole drink, taking away from the cocktail’s charm.

The bottom line

The sweetness and tartness of apples make them a great treat for anyone who wants to sit back and relax.

These apple cocktails are one mix away from becoming your next favorite drink.

The best thing about apples is that they have a safe flavor that almost anyone will enjoy.

You don’t have to worry about pleasing yourself and your guests because they will love the twist you’ll put on these amazing beverages. 

Don’t wait for your next party, though, because you can simply bring out the ingredients and make an apple cocktail for you to enjoy.

27 Tasty & Easy Apple Cocktails

27 Tasty & Easy Apple Cocktails

If you're here to find some tasty and easy apple cocktails, this epic list is something you shouldn't miss–featuring punches, martinis, and more!


  • Apple Bourbon Smash
  • Appletini
  • Caramel Apple Butterscotch Cocktail
  • Apple Crown Drink
  • Apple Thyme Bourbon Smash
  • Caramel Apple Vodka Punch
  • Apple Bees Knees Cocktail
  • Irish Sour Apple Cocktail
  • Harvest Apple Ginger Spritz
  • Apple Elderflower Martini
  • Honey Crisp Apple Cocktail
  • Apple Cinnamon Gin Fizz
  • Sparkling Apple Pie Cocktail
  • Caramel Apple Sangria
  • Maple Honeycrisp Bourbon Cocktail
  • Spiced Apple Margaritas
  • Thanksgiving Sangria
  • Apple Juice Mojito
  • Spiced Apple Rum Punch
  • Apple Bourbon Bellini
  • Brandy Apple Snap Fall Cocktail
  • Sour Apple Tequila
  • Fall Gin & Tonic
  • Apple & Pomegranate Cocktail
  • Washington Apple Shot
  • Frozen Apple Daiquiri
  • Lavender Apple Vodka


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