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Top 13 Fragrant Rosemary Cocktails 🍸

Top 13 Fragrant Rosemary Cocktails 🍸

Here are 13 of our favorite rosemary cocktails—the ancient herb adds incredible fragrance to classics like Cranberry Mimosas, French Rose Champagne Punch, Salty Dog, and more!

When it comes to valuable herbs that you can find in the kitchen cupboard, rosemary is undoubtedly among the most common. 

Rosemary is a fragrant herb native to the warm climates of Asia and the Mediterranean and is mainly used as a culinary condiment. 

This evergreen plant can be utilized for a variety of purposes aside from cooking, with it being a rich source of valuable compounds as an ingredient for bodily perfumes, oils, and medicine

Rosemary has a distinct flavor and scent profile, providing notes of citrus, lavender, pepper, mint, and pine, pungent similarity to bitter charred wood with tones of sweetness.  

Due to these features, the shrub is often used as a seasoning for various dishes, from soups, salads, stews, and casseroles. 

This herb works excellently with chicken and other poultry and is also a flavorful ingredient to enhance savory cooking ingredients such as lamb, pork, steaks, and fish. 

It also works well with grains, potatoes, peas, spinach, and many other vegetables, making it a versatile ingredient. 

With so much use for this fragrant plant, it’s no wonder it can also be used to enhance flavors in your favorite mixed drinks. 

Rosemary adds just the right earthly tones to any concoction while also being able to complement just about any ingredient it’s added with. 

Rosemary cocktails have just the right herby taste, with a unique lightness that’s refreshing and flavorful. 

#12 Rosemary & Gin Grapefruit Cocktail offers a great combination of fruity and floral flavors that is a must-taste!

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Giving a modern twist to the classic Whiskey Sour, this Bourbon Lemon Rosemary Cocktail is a great drink that can jolt up your day with its flavors. 

It highlights rosemary-infused simple syrup, providing a complex layer of herby flavor.

Mixed with lemon juice and bourbon, this drink is sweet and tart, with just the right earthy tones from the rosemary to add freshness. 

This drink is easy to make, with just four ingredients that can pair well with savory snacks, making it an ideal cocktail to serve for brunch or afternoon gatherings.

This variation to the classic salty dog introduces an herbaceous twist that adds slight woodsy notes with the use of rosemary. 

A salty dog is technically an old-school greyhound cocktail made with grapefruit juice and vodka, with the addition of a salted rim.

This Rosemary Salty Dog cocktail pushes the tangy flavor from the grapefruit juice, enhanced with the earthy tones from the rosemary herb. 

The recipe uses simple syrup infused with rosemary and grapefruit flavors to combine all this drink’s main elements into liquid form. 

It adds vodka, grapefruit bitters, and grapefruit club soda, mixed into the rosemary-grapefruit simple syrup to create a citrusy drink full of herby flavor. 

Don’t forget to dip the rim of the glass into some salt mixed with grapefruit zest to make this an authentic Salty Dog experience.

This Cranberry Margarita is a zingy and bright cocktail that can stock up on the delight with its bubbly freshness. 

It combines tequila, Cointreau, and cranberry juice to create a drink perfect for any get-together. 

Add lime wedges, fresh cranberries, and rosemary sprigs for more complex flavors and fancy aesthetics. 

This is a drink you can sip and savor with a strong kick that you’ll surely enjoy.

This drink highlights the saccharine tang of blood orange combined with aromatic rosemary to create a perfect cocktail with gin.

This Blood Orange Rosemary Gin Cocktail is excellent for when blood oranges are in season, providing citrus that’s full of flavor but with less acidity than most oranges. 

The sweet and tart flavors from the blood oranges combine so well with the herby flavors of the rosemary, added with gin and bitters to create a red-hued cocktail that’s bright and citrusy. 

Garnish your glass with a rosemary sprig and a fresh slice of blood orange with its gorgeous color to make this cocktail even more enticing than it already is.

This Pineapple Rosemary Crush cocktail is a refreshingly crisp and delicious sparkling concoction you never knew could make life much better.

The combination of fresh rosemary with pineapple might be a surprising combo, but it is a fantastic mix of tropical and herby flavors. 

This fizzy libation is excellent for afternoon parties and is made with chunks of pineapple, sprigs of rosemary, sparkling wine, and ginger ale and can top your must-try tropical cocktail drinks. 

A great drink that can be served during the holidays, this Christmas Sangria is festive and fruity with just the right sweetness to provide all the delight.

This cocktail captures the best flavors from its base ingredients: white wine, sparkling apple cider, cranberries, apples, and rosemary, creating a light and refreshing drink that’s perfect for your Christmas Eve celebration with family and friends. 

Sangria is always a great idea for delicious and simple recipes that can add more fun to seasonal gatherings, so this blend will surely be a win. 

Rosemary is known for its piney scent and flavor, which is why it’s a great addition to many drinks served during the holiday season. 

This Mistletoe Kiss is an easy-to-make drink made with vodka, lemon juice, and club soda, with a flavor base of simple rosemary syrup. 

A sprig of fresh rosemary is simmered into sugar water to incorporate its herby flavors, which are then mixed with the other ingredients and poured over ice. 

Add some cranberries and a sprig of fresh rosemary to make the concoction genuinely look like a Christmas ornament to be savored. 

This sweet, tangy, fresh drink makes it an ideal cocktail to juice your holiday celebrations.

Rosemary’s Pear is a gin-based cocktail with a distinct flavor that could just be your next favorite.

This drink features a unique combination of pear nectar and rosemary simple syrup, which complement each other to provide saccharine and tart tones to the cocktail, with the mixture being able to enhance the crispness of gin while also balancing with the gently spiced undertones from the ginger beer. 

Adding rosemary as a garnish makes this drink far more festive and can enhance the enjoyment with its flavor and fragrance.

A great bowl of fruity, tart and sweet punch is always welcomed at any occasion, and this bright-colored Christmas Punch is undoubtedly a treat.

This pinkish-red concoction is a lovely cocktail idea that provides a fantastic taste worthy of the holidays. 

It combines oranges, pomegranate, and cranberries for a mix of fruity flavors added with white rum and Sierra Mist or Sprite for some of that fizz. 

This drink is garnished with a sprig of aromatic rosemary to add more herby flavors. 

Perfect for large batches, this cocktail will undoubtedly brighten your Christmas parties and provide more reasons for your holiday joy.

This bowl of punch is an elegant concoction perfect for special occasions such as weddings and Valentine’s day, offering a pink tincture that’s pretty and delicious. 

The French Rose Champagne Punch combines champagne, gin, lemon juice, tonic, and rose syrup, to create a pink drink that can liven up your tastebuds. 

This drink can elevate your special occasion with its sweet and zesty flavor combinations and its bubbly pink appearance. 

Garnished with a rosemary sprig to add freshness and fragrance, this champagne punch is the mix to make. 

A great way to enjoy gatherings is with a great glass of this Cranberry Mimosa. 

Cranberry Mimosas are easy to make and highlight fresh cranberries’ bright, tart flavor with just the right sweetness in an appealing deep red package.  

The drink can make your get-togethers merrier, with this being so light and fruity. 

It combines cranberry juice, Grand Marnier, and champagne and is garnished with rosemary sprigs and fresh cranberries to make one refreshingly festive drink

This Rosemary & Gin Grapefruit cocktail highlights the sweetness of simple syrup infused with rosemary and the floral tones of gin, with the tartness of grapefruit juice to create an incredibly satisfying drink. 

Grapefruit has a similar taste and acidity to oranges, with more tartness and a tinge of bitterness, which pair so well with the woodsy tones of the rosemary and the floral flavors from the gin. 

To make this drink, a simple rosemary syrup is first added with gin and grapefruit juice in a shaker filled with ice. 

The combined ingredients provide all the flavors that are distinct and refreshing. 

Garnish the drink with a wedge of grapefruit and rosemary sprigs for added aesthetics and fragrance. 

This earthy and smoky drink can highlight every camping trip, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors even more with each sip. 

It is made with whiskey, lemon juice, and dark maple syrup, all combined in a shaker, with a lit sprig of rosemary to infuse some of that smoke and fragrance into the liquid. 

Garnish your glass with a sprig of rosemary, and settle yourself in by the campfire to a snug fit. 

The bottom line

Rosemary is an incredible herb that serves in many recipes as a valuable ingredient. 

It adds layers of fragrance and flavor that can elevate just about anything. 

So if you aim to impress, whip up delicious rosemary cocktails for your next gathering.

Fragrant Rosemary Cocktails 🍸

Fragrant Rosemary Cocktails 🍸

Here are 13 of our favorite rosemary cocktails—the ancient herb adds incredible fragrance to classics like Cranberry Mimosas, French Rose Champagne Punch, Salty Dog, and more! 🍸


  • Bourbon Lemon Rosemary Cocktail
  • Rosemary Salty Dog
  • Cranberry Margarita
  • Blood Orange Rosemary Gin Cocktail
  • Pineapple Rosemary Crush
  • Christmas Sangria
  • Mistletoe Kiss
  • Rosemary's Pear
  • Christmas Punch
  • French Rose Champagne Punch
  • Cranberry Mimosas
  • Rosemary & Gin Grapefruit Cocktail
  • Campfire Sour Cocktail


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