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13 pink drinks to add extra excitement to your next party

You’ve probably landed here right now to find out what pink drinks you’re going to prepare for your next girl’s night out. Indeed, choosing the right drinks that everyone would love is a bit challenging. 

Never fear though, because CookingChew will help you decide! Below, we’ve listed these 13 delicious and easy pink drink recipes that are sure to bring extra excitement to your next party! 

Pink grapefruit martini is a light and refreshing mixed drink that is perfect for your hot summer evening or your next backyard party. Preparing this drink is easy and requires you a few ingredients and very little effort. 

You just need some fresh pink grapefruit juice, fresh lime, vodka, and orange liquor! If you have a juicer, the better!

Also, I recommend chilling your martini glasses in the freezer a few hours until it’s all set for serving. If you’re worried that it might get frozen, no worries sis! They defrost quickly. 

Check out the recipe here.

2. Cranberry Margaritas Recipe (With Rosemary Garnish)

Everyone loves to drink a good margarita. How much more if you add a tangy layer of cranberries and a sprig of rosemary? That would be perfect!

This festive cocktail gives you a tart and perfectly sweet taste that will have your guests singing your praises all night! Gifting Tip: It’s best to use silver tequila for that pure flavor but gold tequila works well too. 

Check out the recipe here.

3. Pink Moscato Sangria

Either for an upcoming party or holiday barbecue, watermelon margarita punch will be your next big thing! This pink drink recipe is made in Moscato wine, lemon-lime soda, vodka, and fresh strawberries

Every sip is festive and refreshing, you’re probably going to be busy refilling everyone’s glass through the night! Tweak your cocktail by adding more of your favorite fruits- peaches and watermelon work pretty great!

Check out the recipe here

4. Watermelon margarita punch

Watermelon margarita punch, everyone? This epic pink drink recipe mixes up tequila, triple sec, lime, watermelon juice, Sparling Rosé, agave, and garnished with a lime wedge and mint garnish. Every sip gives you that awesome punch of excitement!

Invite your besties over and bring that pitcher of watermelon margarita punch because it’s time to sip back and relax tonight!

Check out the recipe here.  

5. Elderflower grapefruit gin and tonic

I’m a huge fan of gin and tonic (Who doesn’t?). When I found out that it goes pretty well with grapefruit and elderflower liqueur, WOW! I’m in love!

Elderflower grapefruit gin and tonic gives you that light and fresh flavor with a touch of sweet and floral taste that can kick your party up a notch on the fun meter. You can add some fresh limes for some tweaks too!

Check out the recipe here

6. Pink lady classic cocktail

For an easy-drinking, effortless cocktail, nothing beats this pink lady classic! This gorgeous-looking pink lady classic cocktail combines gin, grenadine, cream, egg white, and cherry garnish resulting in a little tart, sweet, and refreshing taste!

It’s really fun and easy to make, it only calls for a few ingredients too! You just need to mix it all and add some ice- that’s it!

Check out the recipe here

7. Pink Moscato strawberry lemonade

When it comes to delicious pink cocktails, the pink Moscato strawberry lemonade always flashes through my mind. The refreshing and sweet taste with the first sip of this strawberry-based pink drink gives you that summer feeling you’ve always wanted. 

I consider this cocktail as a must-have drink at your night out because it’s super easy and requires you a few ingredients. Check out the recipe here. 

Check out the recipe here

8. Pink señoritas

This drink has been a favorite for quite some time. Pink señoritas feature a good blend of sweet and sour that every girl wants for their next night out. It is a perfect cocktail for Galentine’s Day too!

Lemonade is the secret to these gorgeous little pink señoritas. If you want a taste of the tropics, this fabulous cocktail is the drink for you! Check out this recipe. 

Check out the recipe here.

9. Strawberry lemonade party punch

One of the pink drink ideas that I enjoy with my friends is the strawberry lemonade party punch. This awesome cocktail contains a subtle and sublime taste of Everclear paired with fresh, frozen strawberries and sweet lemon-lime soda. 

The result? A perfect balance of sweet and tart!

Every sip on a glass of this refreshing party punch brings a delicious range of tingling sensation in the mouth. This is certain to be your next BFF!

Check out the recipe here.

10. Pink squirrel

Okay, enough with those boozy drinks. Let’s round up some nonalcoholic ones. Shall we? 

Let’s start with our first contender, the pink squirrel!

This creamy, gorgeous pink cocktail combines vanilla ice cream, Crème de Cacao, Crème de Noyaux with whipped cream and maraschino cherries garnish. It’s yummy and perfect for those non-drinker guests you have at the party. 

If you’re craving some vanilla ice cream-based desserts, this creamy dessert will satisfy that longing!

Check out the recipe here

11. Strawberry banana smoothie

Smoothie isn’t just for breakfast, you can serve it at the party too! And if you’re looking for a smoothie recipe for your next get-together, this strawberry banana smoothie comes in handy!

This delicious classic smoothie gives you that tropical and creamy flavor with a taste of sweet banana and strawberry combo. This recipe requires three ingredients: milk, frozen strawberries, and frozen banana chunks.

Gather your nearest and dearest at home and set up that smoothie bar at the poolside for a fun and festive party!

Check out the recipe here

12. Pink milk (Thai Nom Yen)

Curious about how this pink milk tastes like? It’s similar to a strawberry milkshake but sweeter and more intense in flavor! 

This refreshing drink combines sala syrup, condensed milk, and milk that is popular among the night markets in Bangkok.  

Check out the recipe here

13. Pineapple pink lemonade

A party without lemonade is like a dull get-together without guests. You probably read some of our lemonade recipes here, but this version will make you a part-time bartender as your thirsty besties want more glasses of this pineapple-pink lemonade.

This classic drink mixes up pineapple juice, pink lemonade mix, and lemon-lime flavored soft drink (Sprite), resulting in a refreshing and yummy taste! 

Check out the recipe here

The Bottom Line

I hope you enjoyed these pink drink ideas that I’ve shared with you. Try all of the drinks that I’ve mentioned above and choose the one that you think is the best crowd-pleaser at your party.

Pink drink recipes

Pink drink recipes

13 delicious and easy pink drink recipes that are sure to bring extra excitement to your next party! 


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