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8 party food ideas – boring food no more

8 party food ideas – boring food no more

A celebration is incomplete without some traditional party food. So, whether you are throwing a pool party, having a birthday bash, or simply inviting friends over for the weekend, make sure you prepare the right kind of food to double the fun. 

Without further ado – check out these yummy party food ideas that everyone will love.   

Top 8 party food ideas 

The secret to picking the perfect menu for your party is to choose food items that are fun to eat and easy to make. 

Generally, one-biters are a big hit at parties. However, there are many other party food ideas that you can consider. Take a look at some of them here. 

1. Mini victoria sponges

Skip the cake and serve the mini victoria sponges. Think of these as the bite-sized variation of simple party bakes with a jam of cream. 

Most people like to fill these soft and spongy mini cakes with strawberry jam. However, you can use different kinds of jams to present a variety of options for your guest. 

Top off with a spoonful of whipped cream and icing. Sweet mini treats will be a hit among adults and children alike. 

Here’s the recipe.

2. Best deviled eggs

Want to serve healthy snacks to your guests? Then try these deviled eggs. They’re super easy to make yet incredibly flavorful – thanks to the herbs used. 

The best part is that you can try variations of deviled eggs, such as baconchipotlecrab, etc. 
Each variation brings something new to the table. 

See the recipe here

3. Double-decker club sandwich

The club sandwich is a party staple. This party food idea is perfect for serving guests of all ages. Whether it’s a baby shower, graduation party, or your grandmother’s birthday party, club sandwiches are ideal for all occasions. 

It’s even better when your sandwiches are bite-sized and double-decker. 

Fill them up with tomato salsa, bacon, cream cheese, and lettuce

Find the recipe here.

4. Cheese & garlic crack bread

This cheesy garlic bread will make the ideal centerpiece for your table. Plus, you can enjoy it on its own or serve it with a variety of sauces.

What’s even better is that you can make it ahead of time and store it in the fridge or freezer. 

Pop it in the oven just a few minutes before serving it. Your guests will love it! 

Here are the instructions.

5. Meat pie sausage roll

Hearty and flavorful, these tasty meat pie sausage rolls will leave your guests asking for more. 

You can whip up this party food item in less than an hour to enjoy the classic flavor of a beef pie. 

Don’t forget to top them with sesame seeds before baking! 

The recipe’s here.

6. Beetroot hummus party platter

If you want to serve something special to your vegetarian guests, then beetroot hummus party platter is your best bet. 

In just 15 minutes, you can prepare this delicious, no-cook party food platter that everyone will love. 

Serve it with crunchy summer veggies or toasted bread. You can also top it off with olives. 

You can find the recipe here.

7. Mini cheeseburgers

Mini cheeseburgers are a must-have at parties. 

Everyone loves a cheeseburger, especially when it looks so tasty and delicious. You can make your itsy-bitsy buns or purchase the mini ones in the market. 

Either way, you can rest assured that everyone will grab a bite.

When making mini cheeseburgers, it’s always a good idea to make extra! 

Get recipe here.

8. Oven-baked pickle chips

Still looking for party food ideas? It is impossible not to love these oven-baked pickle chips. 

Upgrade your fried pickles to serve something extraordinary to your guests. They are loaded with flavor and go exceptionally well with horseradish chipotle sauce.

Alternatively, you can also try the Texas Roadhouse fried pickles copycat recipe This is another indulgence you don’t want to miss!

Unwrap the oven-baked pickle chips recipe here.

The bottom line 

When it’s time to have fun and celebrate, you can’t afford to serve bland food. 

So, try these fantastic party food ideas, if you have all the intention to wow your guests and put something yummy on the table!

Your Best Party foods - boring food no more

Your Best Party foods - boring food no more

8 yummy party food ideas that everyone loves


  • Mini victoria sponges
  • Best deviled eggs
  • Double-decker club sandwich
  • Cheese & garlic crack bread
  • Meat pie sausage roll
  • Beetroot hummus party platter
  • Mini cheeseburgers
  • Oven-baked pickle chips


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