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13 BEST Shaved Beef Recipes For A Tender Bite!

Shaved beef recipes are out there waiting for you! But they are also right here, and we picked out 13 of the best shaved beef dishes we could find!

Shaved beef has tons of uses in several recipes, it’s not always on top of mind when choosing beef cuts to work with. 

Just a quick look at the meats section in your nearby supermarket, and you can see lots of beef varieties that you could buy for your next dish.

But did you know that thin, shredded beef strips are also available for purchase?

While shaved beef has tons of uses in several recipes, it’s not always on top of mind when choosing beef cuts to work with. 

Known as shaved steak or shaved beef, this beef variant can come from any part of the cow, but all appear as shredded strips of meat.

This is particularly best for certain recipes that require cutting beef meat into smaller pieces, as you could save more time from cutting the meat all by yourself.

Moreover, when you are hoping to add some beef flavor but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen making it tender, this cut is best to use. 

Just a few minutes on the stove and a handful of spices, it will be ready to serve. 

But if there aren’t any readily available sliced beef, you can also prepare this cut right from home, it’s easy, and you will be done preparing your meat in no time. 

Shaved beef is not as popular as other varieties, but we would like to change that!

Because the truth is, there are tons of delicious, savory, easy to prepare recipes you can make using this particular cut of meat. 

Shaved beef is even used in a handful of famous Asian delicacies, including the Korean Bulgogi, Mongolian Beef, Vietnamese Phở Bò, and Chinese Szechuan Beef!

#3 is also a highly famed shaved beef dish and has been an institution in American snacks!

What are some tasty meals and unique dishes that you could cook using shaved steak?

Here are 13 shaved beef recipes for you to try!

If you have been in a Korean grocery store or other nearby supermarkets, you’ll notice that some shaved beef products are labeled as “beef bulgogi” or “beef for bulgogi.”

Bulgogi is a Korean grilled or stir-fried barbeque dish that famously uses shaved beef sirloin or rib-eye as its main ingredient, hence the labeling.

In this case, the meat is either grilled or pan-fried first before putting in the marinated mix of soy sauce, rice wine, and other spices.

As with every other Asian deli, this delicious dish can be paired with rice.

Mongolian beef does not come from Mongolia or traditional Mongolian cuisine, as the name suggests, but from Taiwan.

However, this recipe is known for using shaved flank steak and stir-fried alongside soy sauce, brown sugar, and certain spices.

These bring a combination of sweetness, saltiness, and spiciness that could leave a lasting impression on your senses.

Cheesesteaks are known for their large sizes, overloaded amounts of shaved beef, and lots and lots of cheese and other toppings.

In the United States, cheesesteaks are associated with Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the original and most popular version came from, often branded simply as the Philly Cheesesteak.

Nowadays, the classic Philly Cheesesteak is available in big fast-food chains and smaller food stalls across America, and similar cheesesteaks are also available in some parts of the globe.

Yet, you could create your cheesesteak (or emulate the Philly Cheesesteak) using shaved beef, sandwich buns, cheese, and other ingredients of your preference!

Did you know that there’s a creamy stew version of the Philly Cheesesteak?

For this one, you need to swap the hoagie or sandwich buns with a bread bowl, and instead of merely stuffing it with shaved beef and cheese, you could mix flour and beef broth for the soup!

This creamy cheesesteak dish will be a highlight of your cold winter nights!

Phở refers to several Vietnamese soups that contain rice noodles, herbs, broth, and thin chicken, pork, or beef slices.

In this case, beef soups of this kind are referred to as Phở Bò and call for thin slices of steak.

You could either cut the steak into thin slices or just buy available shaved steak packets in the supermarket.

You may have seen this shaved beef and onion in soy sauce dish in fast food stalls in certain Latino and Filipino-populated communities.

Referred to as “bistec,” this savory beef and onion recipe is very enticing to the senses due to the equally sweet and salty flavors of the soup and marinated beef.

Often paired with rice, this dish is best served for lunch and dinners and during family gatherings and other special occasions.

Some variations of the Savory Beef and Onion dish include the Bistec Encebollado, Bistec de Palomilla, and Bistek Tagalog.

Fajita is similar to tacos as both have meat and vegetables wrapped around a tortilla.

However, the shaved beef and vegetables that make up the fillings of the Fajita are often grilled.

Nonetheless, fajitas are classic snacks, and even without the tortilla, you can still enjoy the assortment of juicy shaved steaks and grilled bell peppers as a hearty meat and veggie dish!

Lovers of Russian dishes are definitely familiar with the tangy, creamy, and chunky beef stroganoff!

Typically made with mustard sauce and sour cream (such as smetana or heavy sour cream), you could still achieve the original taste and texture of the dish with cream of mushroom and milk.

Depending on your preference, you could consume this dish with rice or noodles on the side.

Since we mentioned Fajitas a while ago, it makes sense to include tacos in this list!

After all, shaved steak is a perfect ingredient to be wrapped and folded in a tortilla.

You could either use shaved steaks to accompany bell peppers and leafy vegetables or create a meat-heavy taco.

Either way, tacos are a great afternoon snack that you could eat at home or on the go!

The name “Steak Bomb” might be intriguing to people at first, but the name is very appropriate for this dish.

For one, this sandwich is just loaded with fillings of shaved steak, peppers, caramelized onions, and garlic aioli for added taste.

We should warn you that while this sandwich is very flavorful, having one can also be messy, particularly with the overloaded fillings.

However, that should not stop you from enjoying this piece of Steak Bomb Sandwich all you want!

Pepper Steak has always been a staple in Chinese delis and Chinese-American food hubs.

This part-salty, part-spicy, and part-savory dish often pair shaved beef with bamboo shoots and green and red bell peppers, all doused in soy sauce and cornstarch for a thicker consistency.

Like every other Asian dish, this one can be paired with rice and noodles!

Sukiyaki is one of the classic and defining Japanese dishes with a recipe and preparation kept through the years.

In this case, the traditional Sukiyaki requires an assortment of ingredients, which means that shaved beef is just one of the focuses of this dish, including tofu, vegetables, certain kinds of seafood, and noodles.

However, you can also make a much simpler version of the Sukiyaki with fewer ingredients but with the same lovely aroma and enticing flavors.

You may choose to cook your shaved beef and vegetables stir-fried rather than in the classic hot pot setup.

This low-cost Sukiyaki dish can be eaten with rice for a regular lunch or dinner meal.

Salty and spicy are the perfect words to describe this Chinese-style Szechuan Beef recipe.

In this case, Szechuan Beef has some similarities with the pepper steak regarding their appearance, stir-fry preparation, and even their tastes.

However, Szechuan Beef’s selling point is its spiciness, brought by chili peppers that have been stir-fried.

Szechuan Beef can bring some kind of spicy kick into your senses for lovers of spicy foods.

Shaved beef or shaved steak has always been a useful ingredient in many stir-fried dishes, soups, and sandwiches.

In fact, it’s just as important for those who prefer thin beef slices but find the manual cutting of beef more time-consuming.

However, much like all raw beef products, shaved beef requires some process to make it more tender.

Yet, since these are already small strips, you can easily make them softer by simply pan-frying them for a minute.

In terms of storage, you can quickly look into the “best before” label on the packaging, which can be a great reference in deciding how long you should keep shaved beef before cooking.

Ideally, you can keep shaved beef in the fridge for up to five days and the freezer for up to a year, given that the package has been unopened.

However, raw shaved beef that has just been opened from its packaging should be cooked and consumed for up to two hours to avoid bacterial contamination.

There are many recipes that you can do with shaved beef, so if you want to impress your family, your significant other, and friends with your cooking prowess, you could try one of these easy-to-prepare recipes for yourself!

Top 13 BEST Ways To Cook Shaved Beef 🍴

Top 13 BEST Ways To Cook Shaved Beef 🍴

The best shaved beef recipes are right here, and we picked out 13 of the best shaved beef dishes we could find!


  • Bulgogi (Korean Barbeque Beef)
  • Mongolian Beef
  • Philly Cheesesteak
  • Philly Cheesesteak Stew
  • Phở Bò
  • Savory Beef & Onion
  • Shaved Beef Fajitas
  • Shaved Beef Stroganoff
  • Shaved Beef Tacos
  • Steak Bomb Sandwich
  • Stir Fry Pepper Steak
  • Sukiyaki
  • Szechuan Beef


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