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21 BEST Ways To Cook Tuna Steak

21 BEST Ways To Cook Tuna Steak

Looking for a dish that looks really fancy but is delicious and easy to put together? One of these tuna steak recipes is going to do the trick!

Tuna fish is a popular fish, a pantry favorite in many households and even restaurants. 

And I especially love tuna steak, which is cut from the tuna’s loin.

This part of the tuna gives you lean yet deliciously fatty meat, which is exceptionally succulent when you cook it through baking, pan-searing, grilling, or frying. 

Most people often wonder if tuna steaks should be pink and rare in the center, and I would have to say YES.

This is because tuna can easily get dry, especially when it’s overcooked. 

The meat is also translucent or red, with rich and fatty flesh. 

As for the flavor, you’ll get that mild and savory taste without being too brackish like the other types of fish. 

I, for one, would love a beautifully seared tuna on the outside and rare in the middle, with minimal or creamy sauces that will complement the mild flavor. 

If you think you have to buy the most expensive tuna for your tuna steak recipes, think again. 

You can choose the most common tuna, which is the yellowfin tuna, and an affordable fish that’s abundant in the market. 

To get that silky and flaky flesh, make sure you cook your tuna right by following these tuna steak recipes

My favorite is #21, which is tuna with mangoes, just a perfect combination.

What better way to enjoy your tuna steak than a classic French sauce called Sauce Vierge. 

It hits just the right amount of complexity from a salsa that’s so simple yet delightful on your palate. 

This recipe’s trick is searing the tuna and ensuring the inside is raw.

Top the Sauce Vierge on the lightly seasoned tuna steak, and you’re good to go!

If you’re craving Korean-inspired tuna steak, this recipe is the perfect meal with rice, broccoli, or even quinoa!

The secret is the soy sauce, sesame oil, dried chilis, garlic, and scallions!

It’s an intense yet flavorful sauce for tuna steaks that highlights the tuna’s natural and mild taste.

Now let’s move on to a Japanese-inspired tuna steak recipe with a bit of teriyaki sauce. 

This is a simple recipe that involves baking tuna steaks in basic ingredients like garlic, pepper flakes, olive oil, lemon juice, and teriyaki sauce.

You get that sweet and tangy-flavored tuna with that salty umami flavor from the teriyaki sauce.

I’m sure you can’t get enough of this seared tuna steak recipe embraced in sesame seeds!

You’ll enjoy a perfectly seared tuna, which is still raw in the middle. 

Plus, the crunchy exterior of the fish will let you enjoy every bite.

Pair with broccoli or rice, and you have a fantastic meal cooked with love.

I know you’ll love a bit of blackened tuna steak with only one primary ingredient— balsamic!

This recipe gives you a delicate and slightly citrusy tuna steak marinated in balsamic vinaigrette and spicy cajun blackened seasoning. 

The earthy flavor from the flesh will make this recipe worth your while.

Pair with asparagus or any vegetable of your choice, and you have a light meal, perfect for weeknights with your loved ones!

This Air Fryer Tuna Steak is a must-try if you want something done in under 5 minutes.

This can be your go-to if you’re short on time, as tuna or any fish cooks faster in an air fryer. 

Plus, the ingredients are pretty simple, but the flavor from the medium-rare tuna is divine!

Who would’ve thought tuna and white beans go together exceptionally well?

This Grilled Tuna & White Bean Salad are light, refreshing, and perfect for any meal of the day!

Serve this as an appetizer or a main course.

Either way, it’s filling and satisfying!

Want a good combination of salty and savory tuna steak with noodles?

This Asian Tuna Noodle Bowl recipe will make your mouth salivate because of its delicate yet delicious flavors!

The trick is rice wine vinegar and udon noodles or whole wheat linguine as a lighter alternative.

If you want something refreshing and tender, try this Sesame Ginger Grilled Tuna Steak recipe when you’re dining alone or inviting some friends over for dinner. 

It’s easy to make from scratch and boasts savory and sweet flavors from the sesame and ginger sauce. 

The sauce is a perfect match to the fatty and rich tuna steaks!

Nothing beats a good old tuna steak pasta in simple, fresh pasta sauce.

This Penne With Tuna Steak recipe is delightfully satisfying, especially if you’re feeling a light meal for lunch or dinner.

You can serve this tuna steak medium rare or well done, and the refreshing butter sauce will still hit the right notes on your palate!

This dish will give you a tangy sauce that will cut against the delectable and savory parsley sauce mixed in butter. 

Serve with salad or veggies, and you’ll be wanting more of this fulfilling dish the entire week!

You can never go wrong with capers and lemon combined and cooked with your tuna steaks. 

This recipe is a favorite because the salty caper complements that tangy lemon and tasty tuna. 

Broiled to perfection until the meat is medium-rare or well done, you’ll be left wanting more!

Nothing beats a good ceviche on a summer day with cold drinks at hand.

The trick to making excellent and vibrant ceviche is to choose the freshest fish.

The serrano pepper, toasted sesame oil, and fresh mint leaves combined with the mild and salty tuna are to die for!

Here’s another recipe that will get you going for more spoonfuls!

This perfectly cooked tuna steak on top of the tomato relish creates a good balance of the sweet heirloom or cherry tomatoes. 

If you want a light meal on a midweek to get through the week, this one will save the day!

This tuna steak recipe that pairs up with mangoes is pretty good!

The grilled tuna steak gives off a savory and succulent taste, especially when grilled medium-rare. 

Put it on top of the mango salsa, and you’ll get a refreshing tuna steak for lunch or dinner!

Craving for something Italian? 

This Sicilian-Style Grilled Tuna Steak is just the right dish for you and the entire group if you have friends over!

The Sicilian-style pitted olives create a nice salty punch to the mild and flavorful tuna steak seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil, and a bunch of herbs.

Nothing hits closer to home than this Seared Ahi Tuna Steak With Tamari & Honey, which gives you that incredible flavor. 

An optional sriracha sauce can also be poured on top to give that fiery sensation to your palate!

Try this Maple & Mustard Seared Tuna Steak with that savory caramelization from the maple syrup.

The Dijon mustard complements the sweet taste and ties the flavors together!

Sear your tuna steak to perfection, serve with potatoes or beans, and enjoy!

Try another refreshing tuna steak recipe that gives a nice zesty and refreshing flavor on the palate.

This Orange-Flavored Baked Tuna Steak with orange juice and sliced oranges are perfect for any meal of the day.

The orange flavor also complements the fish perfectly!

These Seared Tuna & Mango Kabobs are perfect for your summertime get-togethers with friends and family. 

You only need tuna steaks cut into large chunks, some mangoes, wooden skewers, and seasoning. 

Put on the grill for that nice medium-rare or well-done fish, and every bite gives you a party in your mouth.

The bottom line

Try these tuna steak recipes if you’re looking for a new favorite!

Whether you bake, broil, fry, sear, or air fry your tuna steak, rest assured you’ll get a slab of tasty and succulent fish that will put a smile on your face. 

Paired with the right sauces, marinade, and seasoning, you’ll almost want to eat tuna steaks every day of the week!

Of course we have a list of what goes great with tuna steak meals, too!

21 BEST Ways To Cook Tuna Steak

21 BEST Ways To Cook Tuna Steak

Looking for a dish that looks really fancy but is delicious and easy to put together? One of these tuna steak recipes is going to do the trick!


  • Grilled Tuna Steak With Garlic Herb Marinade
  • Tuna Steak With Sauce Vierge
  • Korean-Style Seared Tuna
  • Baked Tuna Steak With Teriyaki Sauce
  • Seared Tuna Steak With Sesame Seeds
  • Blackened Balsamic Tuna Steak
  • Air Fryer Tuna Steak
  • Grilled Tuna & White Bean Salad
  • Asian Tuna Noodle Bowls
  • Sesame Ginger Grilled Tuna Steaks
  • Penne With Tuna Steak
  • Broiled Tuna Steak With Lemon Parsley Butter Sauce
  • Broiled Tuna Steak With Lemon Caper Sauce
  • Tuna Steak Ceviche
  • Tuna Steak With Tomato Relish
  • Grilled Ahi Tuna With Mango Salsa
  • Sicilian-Style Grilled Tuna Steak
  • Seared Ahi Tuna Steak With Tamari & Honey
  • Maple & Mustard Seared Tuna Steaks
  • Orange-Flavored Baked Tuna Steak
  • Seared Tuna & Mango Kabobs


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