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30 Delicious Ways To Cook Venison (Deer Meat)

30 Delicious Ways To Cook Venison (Deer Meat)

Whether you are processing your own deer meat or want to try game, my list of 30 venison recipes may be just the ticket to a new favorite dish!

Sometimes, the usual pork, chicken, or beef can get bland and you might get tired of it. 

Of course, there are a lot of meat options that are available.

Trying to choose a meat that you don’t quite know can be a hassle too.

If there’s an alternative that stands out, it’s venison!

And thankfully, we have 30 venison recipes to help you get started in knowing this prized cut!

So basically, venison is meat that comes from any kind of deer. 

Just like beef and pork, there are also many cuts of venison, it is after all, a sought after meat by hunters, so they’d get creative in cutting and cooking it up.

Rich and earthy, this meat is less juicy and succulent than beef, it also has less fat. 

But what it lacks in juiciness, it makes up for with a smooth, firm flesh.

This festive-tasting meat has hints of acorn, sage, and herbs that reflect what diet the deer has taken during its lifetime.

See #10 and you’ll see the full potential of venison.

If you’re ready, then let’s go!

Since Venison is less juicy than beef, it could use a bit of an uplift through the usage of a barbecue sauce to enhance its flavors and make it a bit juicy.

Some bacon and cheese for that salty and savory bite!

People tend to avoid gamey meat, but this recipe capitalizes upon the robust and gamey venison to enhance its flavor and mouthfeel.

Some rich mushroom duxelle and buttery puff pastry layers and there you have it.

The venison loin is wrapped in strips of bacon before being soaked overnight in a milk marinade that’s infused with herbs and spices.

This allows the venison to have a powerful, savory flavor and a crisp bite with the salty bacon.

Beef, chicken, and pork, they’re all suitable to be turned into patties for sandwiches and the venison is no exception!

The well-seasoned beef venison patties are succulent, tender, and juicy. 

With each bite, you’ll feel the delicious meat juices in your mouth.

Just like your usual beef steak, it should be medium rare. 

Cooked with butter and rosemary, it’ll have that authentic savory steak flavor.

With a perfect crust and juicy bite, you’re bound to cook this again and again.

Rich and aromatic due to the caraway seeds, this stew has that punch and depth of flavor within the sauce.

The venison is so meaty and soft it almost melts in your mouth.

The sweet pie is seasoned with green chilis for that mild kick, and some sweet corn to offset the mild spiciness.

Topped with cornbread biscuits that pairs exceptionally well with the rich and meaty venison filling.

It doesn’t get any meatier than this, in one bun, hot dogs and venison along with some fresh coleslaw that mainly consists of red cabbage, topped with a vinaigrette.

Each bite is crispy due to the veggies but then the meat kicks in with the sour vinaigrette, it just turns into a flavorful party in your mouth.

Chicken-Fried Venison is basically deer meat fried in an identical manner to that of a southern fried chicken, it has nothing to do with having chicken as an ingredient.

With that out of the way, take a look at this dish. It has a lot of flavor, spicy, meaty and sweet.

In terms of texture, it’s crispy.

It’s worth every bite, a dish that you’ll surely make more than once.

A good casserole has a lot of things going on in it. 

It has to be filling, appetizing and of course, flavorful!

One such dish is this Venison Casserole.

The red wine along with the meat juices has produced a full-bodied, robust flavor that is like no other!

The venison is pan-seared allowing it to develop some good browning and crust, accompanied with some earthy and spongy mushrooms.

And lastly, it’s slathered with a rich and savory port sauce.

Not only is it fast to make but you can literally make it with your common pantry stock ingredients.

This fresh salad consists of juicy venison that’s sat on a bed of peppery herbs and greens. 

Truly a satisfying salad to have.

Manicotti is a form of pasta from Italian American cuisine, it’s intended to be stuffed and baked. 

This time, we’re stuffing it with cheese and then covering it up with some rich venison and mushroom meat sauce.

The result is a dish full of golden perfection and cheesy bites. 

Somewhat similar to a lasagna.

The rich sauce resonates with the tender and succulent venison, a bit of sweetness there due to the apple slices is a welcome twist.

If you want the sauce to be even richer, add some egg yolk. 

This dish is best served with some white rice.

A dish such as this is guaranteed to have all the good qualities of meat—juicy, tender, and most definitely flavorful.

It is nicely browned on the outside while the inside retains its slightly pink color. 

All the goodness of venison minus the gamey flavors.

This is a hearty classic that will warmly fill you up, the meat is coated in a rich sauce that will leave you salivating.

Each bite is exquisite and you’ll feel the depth of flavor in your mouth through the thick sauce.

It’s basically Venison that’s marinated and then braised in a rich sauce, lastly, it’s finished with crushed ginger snaps.

A distinctly flavorful pot roast that has no gamey flavor at all.  

A simple recipe that highlights the wild flavor of venison.

The wild flavors of the venison have seeped into the soup, the flavorful extracts of the venison bone makes for a tasty and great broth!

Well-seasoned and warm, this is a really nice bowl of soup that doesn’t require much ingredients.

A salty and dark marinade coats every strip of venison meat and then skewered. 

Careful not to poke yourself, this is a good appetizer as well.

And finally, the nutty peanut butter sauce and the cooling cucumber salad adds a nice touch to break through the richness of the meat.

Who wouldn’t love corn dogs? 

Crispy, golden crust beneath is a very meaty and flavorful hotdog skewered on a stick.

This recipe uses well-seasoned venison that will give your usual corndog experience an uplift.

Sliced chunks of awesome, rich, buttery venison are nested in a bed of fries and some golden cheese curds.

There’s no way your palate won’t be satisfied with this powerful dish that’s bursting with umami and richness.

Venison Sausages are rich and lipid, this flavor can be perfectly paired with something bland like rice.

But then, it’s paired with bay leaves and garlic that not only enhances its meatiness but also improves its richness.

The visual appeal is just one of many things that makes this a great dish. 

The venison itself has that full-bodied herbaceous flavor.

It has a smooth and exquisite mouthfeel, truly fitting for the banquet of kings.

Inside the golden crescent rolls is a venison and cream cheese filling that’s nothing short of perfection.

The cream cheese is a bit tangy and creamy, helping to mask the earthiness and gaminess of the venison, highlighting only the good flavors that everyone wants.

Some leftover rice and maybe a cup or two of venison is all it takes to concoct this wholesome dish.

Savory and filling, the feeling of digging into a hot pile of rice with some venison, it’s just a special something that you’ll want to keep on having again and again.

A good way to cook your venison is by imploring upon the culinary greatness of Japan, aka by turning it into a warming bowl of ramen!

This is such a great comfort food. 

The light but flavorful broth, the noodles that you can just slurp, and the meat that’s become tender due to the broth.

The tender venison is cooked in a rich, red wine sauce that pairs perfectly with the natural meat juices of the venison.

Some mushrooms and carrots help cut through the richness of this premium dish.

This dish is modeled after the classic Russian dish, the Beef Stroganoff, and it delivers!

Creamy, scrumptious and meaty. 

Each saucy bite has a depth of flavor thanks to the brandy that’s added while cooking.

Before attempting to make this dish, make sure that you have impeccable ingredients.

The raw venison has a savory, slippery texture that is a delight to the senses, silky and rich, the raw venison and egg yolk is a match made in heaven!

The bottom line

The venison really is a cut above the rest!

Want more ground venison recipes? Here’s the list.

Now that you know the potential it holds, you ought to stop ignoring it!

Move out the way, beef. 

There’s new meat in town!

So if you’re interested in knowing this authentic wild meat, then here’s our 30 venison recipes to get you cooking.

30 Ways To Cook Venison (Deer Meat)

30 Ways To Cook Venison (Deer Meat)

Whether you are processing your own deer meat or want to try game, my list of 30 venison recipes may be just the ticket to a new favorite dish!


  • Venison Meatballs
  • BBQ Venison Burger
  • Venison Wellington
  • Bacon-Wrapped Venison Loin
  • Venison Sliders
  • Venison Steak
  • Venison Stew
  • Venison Tamale Pie
  • Venison Chipolatas
  • Chicken-Fried Venison & Waffles
  • Venison Casserole
  • Venison With Wild Mushroom Port Sauce
  • Venison Thai Salad
  • Stuffed Manicotti
  • Venison Curry With Rice
  • Marinated Venison Backstrap
  • Venison Goulash
  • Venison Sauerbraten
  • Venison Soup
  • Venison Satay
  • Venison Corn Dog
  • Venison Poutine
  • Venison Sausages
  • Venison Crown Roast
  • Venison Crescent Rolls
  • Venison Fried Rice
  • Venison Ramen
  • Venison Bourguignon
  • Venison Stroganoff
  • Venison Tartare


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