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25 BEST Tilefish Recipes: Tilefish Meal Ideas For Your Family!

25 BEST Tilefish Recipes: Tilefish Meal Ideas For Your Family!

This epic list includes some of the best tilefish recipes on the internet, from simple pan-seared tilefish to fancy sautéed golden tilefish entrée. 

Incredibly firm with a mild, sweet flavor, tilefish is a must-try for any home cook. 

Here are simple but delicious tilefish recipes just for you.

Did you know that tilefish is not one type of fish but a large family of 40 species?

But the most common tilefish and the top option for dishes is the golden tilefish, a colorful variety known for its blue-green scales with spots of yellow and gold. 

Their vibrant colors make them look like tropical fish, but they’re a North American native from Florida to Canada. 

Golden tilefish are wild-caught using long fishing lines to reach their habitat at the bottom of the ocean, where they wait in crevices for their deep-ocean prey.

Tilefish mainly feed on lobsters, crabs, and other crustaceans, resulting in a meat that’s firm, flaky, and sweet. 

They are available year-round in most American supermarkets, which means you can add them to your weekly go-to dishes.

We’ve made a list of tilefish recipes to spark your culinary creativity.

Tilefish & Garlic Green Beans Sheet Pan Dinner is excellent for meal-prepping for the whole family.

Wine and dine on a romantic night with Pan-Roasted Tilefish With Oyster-Champagne Cream Sauce.

Stay tuned until #25 for a dish with a bright citrus punch!

With this recipe, you’ll get a fish that’s tender, flaky, and oh-so juicy.

A bit of butter enriches the fish without masking its flavor.

Ingredients include: Tilefish, lemon, butter, garlic, and green onions.

Grilling the lemons caramelizes their exterior, creating a smoky and earthy layer on top of their natural zesty punch.

Enjoy this tasty dish with a spinach artichoke dip.

Ingredients include: tilefish, coconut, lemons, lime, and butter.

Dredging the filets in seasoned flour before frying helps create a more evenly browned crust once they hit the pan.

The lemon butter sauce has the right balance of rich and bright flavors that make this dish pop!

Ingredients include: Italian parsley, white wine, butter, black pepper, and tilefish.

The silky smooth risotto makes an excellent match for the crispy fried fish. 

The thyme and sage breading gives the fish a blend of peppery, minty, and lemony flavors, but you can use any herbs you like.

Ingredients include: Tilefish, eggs, lemon zest, arborio rice, and breadcrumbs.

What To Serve With Risotto

In under 20 minutes, you’ll have a satisfying fish dish with a ton of buttery and herby flavor.

Ingredients include: Tilefish, butter, garlic, chives, and basil.

Yozu ponzu sauce has a fantastic balance of sweet, sour, and savory flavors that works great with rich butter.

The enoki mushrooms have a chewy texture, making them so satisfying to eat.

Ingredients include: Tilefish, yuzu ponzu, enoki mushrooms, butter, and olive oil.

Capers are salty, tangy, and lemony–just the ingredient you need to brighten up a fish dish.

The spice blend gives the dish outstanding warm notes with a cajun-creole vibe. 

Ingredients include: Tilefish, butter, capers, shallot olive oil, and chack bay blend.

This effortless recipe uses only a few ingredients to make the natural flavor of tilefish shine.

Gentle heat from the oven keeps the filets juicy and flavorful.

Enjoy this dish with oven-roasted carrots for a complete meal.

Ingredients include: Tilefish, salt, black pepper, and olive oil.

A drizzle of lemon juice with lemon garnish wakes up the flavors of this dish with a punchy sour note. 

Ingredients include: Tilefish, flour, garlic, lemon, and olive oil.

Miso is a Japanese staple that adds a deep funky umami to this dish.

The miso glaze is paired with soy sauce and turns the mild-flavored fish into a flavor bomb.

Ingredients include: Tilefish, soy sauce, ginger, miso paste, and sesame oil.

Delicate, lightly seasoned fish covered with a buttery tarragon sauce–simply exquisite.

The tarragon has a mellow spicy flavor that matches the sweet-tart fresh note of the tomatoes.

Ingredients include: Fresh tarragon, tomatoes, tilefish, capers, and flour.

This recipe can easily feed your whole family any day of the week.

The herb crust coats the fish in bright, fresh flavors and a crunchy texture.

Ingredients include: Tilefish, collard stems, carrots, basil, and panko breadcrumbs.

Pecans have a buttery and nutty flavor that pairs well with the herby and rich pesto.

Parmesan cheese seasons the herb paste with nutty, savory, and sharp notes. 

Ingredients include: Parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, basil, olive oil, and tilefish.

The veggie chow chow gives the dish a lively flavor and makes it so filling.

Fresh purple basil’s assertive clove flavor plays nicely with the nutty dill seeds.

Ingredients include: Tilefish, black pepper, apple cider vinegar, dill seeds, and corn kernels.

Spanish paprika provides a smoky flavor and a slight sweet flair that complements the rich floral notes of the coconut milk.

The green curry paste gives the dish a creamy, sweet, and savory flavor without overpowering the fish. 

Ingredients include: Pistachio nuts, Thai green curry paste, coconut milk, chicken stock, and tilefish.

Filet-o-fish lovers will enjoy this homemade version of Mcdonald’s favorite.
Malt vinegar gives the sandwich a kick of acidity and nuttiness that pairs wonderfully with the rich, tangy tartar sauce.

Ingredients include: Malt vinegar, tilefish, tartar sauce, American cheese, and burger buns.

Enjoy the freshness of the seafood with this Peruvian dish.

It’s so delicious with the tart blood oranges and the crisp and spicy onions. 

Pair this dish with a Mexican martini or other beverages.

Ingredients include: Fleur de sel, blood oranges, onions, tilefish, and vegetable oil.

The balsamic has a potent sweet flavor that complements the sweet-sour taste of the tomatoes. 

Ingredients include: Tilefish, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, clam juice, and olive oil.

Yellow and green peppers and herbs combine with the rice to create a beautiful visual combination.

The lemon rind wakes up the dish with its colorful acidity.

Ingredients include: Tilefish, lemon rind, rice, yellow pepper, and salted butter.

If you want to try a new technique in the kitchen, this recipe is for you.

Cooking the fish in wrapping paper helps seal in its juices and absorb the flavors of the seasoning.

Ingredients include: White wine, egg, black pepper, oil, and tilefish.

Combining parmesan, panko bread crumbs, lemon juice, and butter creates a fantastic texture for your tilefish. 

These filets are laden with flavor thanks to the addition of New Bay seafood seasoning blend and Old Bay seasoning. 

Ingredients include: Butter, lemon juice, parmesan juice, panko bread crumbs, and tilefish filets.

This effortless recipe will make meal prepping a breeze.

Just place everything in a sheet pan and throw it in the oven–it’s that easy.

Ingredients include: Tilefish, green beans, oyster sauce, cherry tomatoes, and rosemary.

The woodsy shiitake and cremini mushrooms, as well as the fresh green asparagus and sweet yellow onions, complement the delicate taste of tilefish. 

The dish is bathed in a rich, buttery chicken stock reduction and then finished with chives. 

Ingredients include: Tilefish filets, potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, onions, butter, and chicken stock.

This luxurious recipe will make your next date night even more special.

The rich, luscious champagne cream sauce takes the fish to the next level.

Ingredients include: Savoy cabbage, champagne, cream, oysters, and tilefish.

The kumquat shallot glaze coats the fish with a sour, tangy, and sweet flavor combination.

Ingredients include: Tilefish, kumquat, shallot, white wine, and mirin.

The bottom line

On its own, tilefish has a mild flavor with a delicate sweetness.

Its neutral flavor lends itself to pairing with various herbs, spices, and sauces.

The versatile tilefish can be pan-fried, baked, grilled, and more.

Keep some of these tilefish recipes in your back pocket if you need ideas for your next fish dish.

25 BEST Tilefish Recipes

25 BEST Tilefish Recipes

This epic list includes some of the best tilefish recipes on the internet, from simple pan-seared tilefish to fancy sautéed golden tilefish entrée.


  • Buttery Tilefish
  • Citrus Grilled Golden Tilefish With Coconut Lime Compound Butter
  • Pan-Seared Tilefish
  • Herb-Crusted Golden Tilefish With Risotto
  • Tilefish With Garlic & Herbs
  • Crispy Tilefish With Ponzu Butter
  • Tilefish With Butter & Capers
  • Oven-Roasted Golden Tilefish
  • Grey Tilefish
  • Pan-Seared Tilefish With Soy, Ginger, & Miso Glaze
  • Blueline Tilefish With Tarragon & Beurre Blanc
  • Herb-Crusted Golden Tilefish On Collard Stems Barigoules
  • Golden Tilefish With Pesto-Pecan Crust
  • Grilled Tilefish & Chow Chow
  • Pistachio-Crusted Golden Tilefish
  • Golden Tilefish Sandwich With Malt Vinegar & Tartar Slaw
  • Tilefish Ceviche With Onions & Blood Oranges
  • Baked Tilefish With Tomatoes, Balsamic, & Basil
  • Pan-Seared Tilefish With Lemon Herb Confetti Rice
  • Golden Tilefish With Mushrooms En Papillote
  • New Bay Golden Tilefish
  • Tilefish & Garlic Green Beans Sheet Pan Dinner
  • Pan Seared Tilefish With Wild Mushrooms & Asparagus
  • Pan-Roasted Tilefish With Oyster-Champagne Cream Sauce
  • Sauteed Golden Tilefish With Kumquat Shallot Glaze


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