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What To Serve With Pulled Pork? These 13 Amazing Sides!

If you are wondering what to serve with pulled pork; then I’ve got you covered. 

Take a look at these pulled pork side dishes that are sweet, salty, and spicy and complement the tender meat oh-so-perfectly. 

Pulled pork is perhaps one of the best pork dishes one can make.

Slow cook it with the right spices, and voila, you have a tasty and flavorful melt-in-your-mouth goodness!

While most people treat pulled pork as meat that can only be used in sandwiches, there is so much more than you can do with it.

It can also make a spectacular main dish when you serve it with the right sides, and practically anything goes well with pulled pork.

But check out some of these great options, from Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread to Collard Greens to Hawaiian Macaroni Salad and my personal favorite, the Rice & Fruit Pilaf. (I swear, it’s so good!)

Corn compliments pulled pork incredibly well.

That is why you’ll find many pulled pork sides made with corn in this list. 

Amongst the top ones is a good old cornbread.

You cannot go wrong with this combination. 

The best part is that there are various flavors you can incorporate in cornbread to elevate its taste further.

Add jalapeños, cheese, or maple syrup; the possibilities are endless.  

The slightly tangy and sour flavors of the coleslaw complement the richness of the flavors of pulled pork well. 

Thus, if you want a classic pulled pork side dish, consider coleslaw!

Do you want your kids to eat more vegetables? 

If so, then you can consider sneaking in some with the help of this macaroni salad.

It is a filling and tasty side dish for pulled pork and you can make it ahead of time. 

We are big fans of this lightly sweet Hawaiian macaroni salad.

It is super easy to make and only has macaroni, mayo, milk, apple cider vinegar, onion and carrots. 

A vegetable salad with pulled pork is a great way to have a well-rounded meal.

A crunchy side of greens always tastes great with the rich pulled pork main dish.

The beauty of a salad is that you can toss in whatever vegetables you have on hand. 

Now, if you want a simple green salad you should try our arugula salad recipe.

It is light and delicious, which makes it a perfect side for pulled pork.

If you want to eat something with pulled pork but don’t want to make a lot of effort to cook, consider serving these sweet potato fries. 

Who doesn’t love them, right? 

If you want to stick with fries but mix it up a bit, you should consider baked sweet potato fries.

They are delicious and a change of pace.

Pulled pork with baked beans makes for an incredibly filling and scrumptious meal that you can serve at dinners. 

The best part is that you can incorporate any type of flavor in your beans. 

For example, add molasses to make it sweet or vinegar and cayenne to give it a sour and spicy kick.

One of the most popular pulled pork sides is collard greens, which you can make however you want to.

 In fact, spicy collard greens go really well with mildly flavored pulled pork.

The recipe linked below has bacon, yellow onion and spiced up with crushed red pepper.

Yes, please!

Looking to balance the savory flavors of the pulled pork with something sweet?

Then a fruit salad would be the perfect option for you.

Our fruit salad recipe is creamy and made with Greek yogurt, berries, apples and pineapple (grilled pineapple would really elevate this one!) 


One side for pulled pork that is a hit with both kids and adults is honey-butter biscuits. 

They taste absolutely delicious with the tender meat.

However, make sure not to leave them out before serving dinner because they will likely disappear before you know it! 

Making homemade biscuits doesn’t have to be too intimidating.

This drop biscuit recipe is really straightforward. 

If you want your pulled pork to take center stage, well, look no further than our rice and fruit pilaf. 

This lightly sweet rice dish acts as the perfect side for the pork and will allow your guests to enjoy the meat without taking much attention away from it. 

We believe that we have perfected the best way to cook rice.

Learn how to prevent mushy rice and the perfect water to rice ratio.

Are you planning to serve pulled pork at a BBQ party?

Then potato salad is a must! 

This side dish works well with any meat you serve, including pulled pork. 

One of the best potatoes for potato salad is the Yukon gold potato.

It has a naturally buttery flavor and holds up well when boiled. 

If you want a rich-tasting potato salad try our Yukon gold potato salad recipe.

A crispy alternative for a pulled pork side dish is cheesy zucchini fritters.

If you don’t tell kids there’s a vegetable in these, I bet they won’t even know.

They’ll be asking for the “yummy green dinner pancakes” from now on.

With plenty of cheese and spices, these come together and bake in the oven in no time!

A light and colorful side dish for pulled pork is corn salsa. 

The great thing about this is that you can mix all the leftover corn salsa and pulled pork and make a burrito with it, too! 


The bottom line

And with that, I conclude my list of delicious sides for pulled pork

If you had been wondering ‘what goes with pulled pork?’

I hope you found your answer from this list. 

But just in case, this list of even more sides may be what you need!

At the end of the day, what you choose to serve with this meat should depend on your flavor preference and how much time you have.

What To Serve With Pulled Pork

What To Serve With Pulled Pork

From sweet, salty, to spicy, here are 13 of the best side dishes to complement your pulled pork.


  • Cornbread
  • Coleslaw
  • Macaroni salad
  • Vegetable salad
  • French fries
  • Baked beans
  • Collared greens
  • Fruit salad
  • Honey butter biscuits
  • Rice pilaf
  • Potato salad
  • Corn fritters
  • Corn salsa


  1. Pick one to three sides on the list.
  2. Gather the ingredients.
  3. Serve and enjoy!

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