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TOP 19 Leftover Cornbread Recipe: Breakfast To Dessert Ideas🍴

TOP 19 Leftover Cornbread Recipe: Breakfast To Dessert Ideas🍴

You’ll like this list of 19 Leftover Cornbread Recipes when you may have made a pan of cornbread or cornbread muffins and found yourself with quite a bit leftover once the meal was done. 

What’s that old saying: Waste not, want not. 

I will not let that cornbread go to waste! 

Many recipes for leftover cornbread are actually for breakfast items so think of it as a headstart on the next meal preparation. 

Leftover cornbread does tend to dry out quickly so turning it into croutons or crumbs is a logical choice. 

When considering how to use up leftover cornbread, think of places you would use leftover bread, like in a stuffing or a bread pudding or a casserole or chili topping. 

All those options have fantastic recipes to use up cornbread leftovers as well. 

In collecting these recipes for ideas on how to use up cornbread, I tried to select ones that specifically called for cutting up to crumbled leftover cornbread. 

But if the recipe said to make a batch of cornbread, I figured having the leftovers meant we were just one step closer to being done! 

I hope you agree! 

Lots of room in these recipes for different flavors to shine and different levels of spice to be added, so feel free to customize to your preferences no matter what the recipe “says.” 

From simple Cornbread Croutons to sophisticated Greek Yogurt Cornbread Cranberry Trifle to knock-out entree Cranberry BBQ Turkey Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, you’ll find new uses for cornbread right here!  

Let’s begin this list with a breakfast selection on our list of leftover cornbread recipes! 

It is a savory and sweet casserole. 

The whole casserole can be baked a day or two ahead and then reheated in the morning. 

There is a lot of flexibility with ingredients from meats to veggies or anything in between. 
Brown the sausage and add the veggies to saute a bit. 

In a casserole dish, the layers are crumbled cornbread, the sausage and veggie mix, shredded cheese, and egg mixture. 

Bake for a fabulous breakfast!

This comfort food recipe for leftover cornbread will please everyone. 

The four layers in this casserole include half the cornbread and veggie mixture, diced chicken, soup and broth mixture, and then the rest of the cornbread mixture. 

Seems it might need some seasonings so feel free to add your favorite.

When you find yourself enjoying croutons on salads or soups, here is a fun option for leftover cornbread! 

Make Cornbread Croutons! 

Cut up leftover cornbread into cubes and toss gently with olive oil, salt, and pepper. 

Place parchment paper on a baking tray and place cubes in a single layer spread apart. 

Bake for a bit, then flip to finish baking until they have the amount of crispness desired. 

When you want to make a whole new entree for another meal, this recipe shows how to use leftover cornbread to do just that! 

This Cornbread Chicken Bake has instructions if you need to cook up some chicken breasts, but if you have leftover cooked chicken already, you are ahead of the game! 

Combine cornbread, regular bread, onion, cream of chicken soup, broth, butter, sage, salt, pepper, and chicken. 

Transfer into a casserole dish for baking. 

Cornbread leftovers may not get any better than this old-fashioned Southern recipe! 

The perfect potluck item! 

This cold salad is refreshing and delicious. 

The mayo is mixed with a ranch mix to give it a luscious creamy flavor. 

The salad consists of onions, bell pepper, tomato, corn, bacon, and crumbled cornbread. 

Two hours in the fridge will allow all the flavors to blend! 

Be creative with other ingredients as well.

A trifle is a delightful dessert that is a part of my leftover cornbread recipes! 

It has four ingredients that go together surprisingly well. 

Cornbread slices go on the bottom of the clear serving glasses topped with whole cranberry sauce, vanilla Greek yogurt, and a pinch of lime zest. 

Repeat all the layers one or two more times. 

It could be an after Thanksgiving treat or enjoyed any time of year!  

I have several ideas on how to use up cornbread and this recipe combines it with leftover chili to make a Cornbread Breakfast Casserole. 

The ingredient list is butter, onion, cornbread, leftover chili or stew, grated cheese, and eggs. 

There are lots of instructions for the layering after the onions are properly pan-fried. 

Basically, cornbread, egg mixture, cheese, chili, cornbread, egg, and onions are the layers nicely added to the skillet and baked.

This recipe for leftover cornbread is for a delightful bread pudding with that hint of savory sweetness with a bit of gooey texture that is so enjoyable! 

The best part is since the cornbread is already made, you can skip that step and go straight for the pudding part! 

And the butter rum sauce poured on top is made of butter, water, sugar, and spiced rum! 

The three layers make it amazing! 

For a veggie side dish, this leftover cornbread recipe is like a mashup of a Tex-Mex yellow squash casserole and cornbread dressing. 

The ingredients include yellow squash, butter, onion, bell peppers, mushrooms, cumin, four, milk, corn, chopped green chiles, cornbread, salt, pepper, and cheese. 

If no spice is wanted, just leave out the chiles. 

This soup is indeed a luxurious recipe for how to use leftover cornbread, a cornbread soup that can be enjoyed warm or cold. 

The soup is made of chopped leeks, celery, garlic, chicken broth, buttermilk, heavy cream, salt, and pepper. 

An excellent step-by-step explanation of how to make the soup. 

The leftover cornbread is crumbled and sprinkled on top. 

Fun fact, this recipe is from the Appalachia area.

These Orange Cornmeal Pancakes are unlike any other leftover cornbread recipes I had ever tried! 

Get a look at these pancake ingredients of crumbled cornbread, salt, egg, milk, orange juice, vanilla, and orange zest

The wet mix is added to the cornbread and then cooked just as you would any pancake. 


In the fall when sweet potatoes are abundant, your cornbread leftovers will be put to great use as a topping mixed with cheddar cheese for a delicious baked sweet potato. 

But that is not all! 

After the sweet potato is baked, slice it open and scoop in a filling of warmed cranberry sauce, barbeque sauce, and turkey! 

Then the cornbread crumbles and cheddar cheese are sprinkled on top! 


This is a full-blown recipe for cornbread sausage stuffing and it fits my list of ideas on how to use up cornbread since it calls for cornbread to be cooked and then promptly dried out! 

Some folks even keep a Ziploc bag in the freezer of cornbread leftovers till they need them for a significant recipe like this one! 

It has all the yummies from sausage to apples to seasonings, dried cranberries, and yes, cornbread!  

It may seem obvious that any type of bread can be made into bread crumbs, but nevertheless here is one of my leftover cornbread recipes that gives specifics on exactly how to do it! 

Spread the bread on a baking sheet, bake on both sides, and cool. 

Then tear it into small pieces that can be blended in a food processor or broken down in a plastic bag with a rolling pin. 

Hang onto the crumbs for up to six months in the freezer and add seasonings when ready to use.

A dessert recipe for leftover cornbread that makes cornbread bread pudding with blueberries is fantastic! 

The pudding part is made of eggs, maple syrup, half and half, salt, brown sugar, cornbread leftovers, and blueberries! 

The peach sauce, added to each slice when served, is made of butter, brown sugar, Jack Daniels (optional), cinnamon, and sliced peaches. 

It is hard to put the fork down!

Another breakfast option here for leftover cornbread recipes. 

This one has layers of cubed cornbread, nearly done scrambled eggs, diced ham, and cheese with the steps all layered a second time. 

Milk is poured on top before baking. 

Lots of flexibility here as you would use any meat and any cheese as well. 

Slice and serve.

The highlights of this casserole using cornbread leftovers are the leftover turkey and gravy! 

It really is quite simple! 

It starts with melting butter in the saucepan followed by whisking in flour, turkey gravy, milk, and mozzarella. 

Next in goes the cornbread, turkey, peas, carrots, and green beans. 

Then bake in a casserole dish.

Kinda like Thanksgiving dinner in a casserole!

When you want to simply cook up some breakfast on the stovetop, this leftover cornbread recipe is similar to others but does not need baking. 

Sausage is browned and cornbread pieces are mixed in. 

Eggs are added for scrambling, then in goes the bell pepper and onion with everything being stirred together continuously. 

This last idea on how to use up cornbread is truly the creation that helps to use up whatever meat, veggies, or cheese that may have been lurking in the fridge! 

The Mexican flavors come from the spiciness of the sausage along with the salsa

It starts on the stovetop with cooking or warming sausage, or any meat, with an onion. 

Then corn, salsa, and cornbread are added in and mixed well. 

An egg mixture is poured over it all with cornbread soaking it all up. 

Bake and enjoy! 

The bottom line

When needing a recipe for leftover cornbread, I hope one of these sounds delicious whether you were needing something for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or dessert! 

19 Ways To Use Leftover Cornbread 🍴

19 Ways To Use Leftover Cornbread 🍴

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