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30 BEST Algerian Desserts: Northern Africa’s Sweet Cuisine

30 BEST Algerian Desserts: Northern Africa’s Sweet Cuisine

The world is your oyster! Join me now to walk through a list of authentic Algerian desserts right here!

Algerian cuisine is a melting pot of flavors and traditions from all over the world, inheriting culinary traditions from the Arabs, Turks, Persians, and French.

This mix of cultures has resulted in some of the most unique and mouth watering food that every traveler should try.

Algerian desserts in this country are no different, blending sweet and savory flavors to create dishes that are indeed one-of-a-kind.

A combination of sweet and savory, their desserts are some of the most delectable treats you’ll ever have the pleasure of trying.

Whether you are in the mood for something creamy or something light and refreshing, there is always something for you to try.

From Makroudh, the traditional Algerian date-filled pastry, to Tamina, a semolina cake soaked in syrup, these treats are sure to make your sweet tooth happy.

And it’s not enough that these Algerian desserts taste good—they also look beautiful, with their bright colors and intricate designs.

Algerian desserts are indeed works of art—they taste even better than they look!

From the simple and sweet Samsa to the rich and creamy Orange Cream Mousse, there’s an Algerian dessert recipe for everyone to enjoy.

So the next time you are in the mood for something sweet, try one of these must-try desserts from North Africa.

#23 might just become your new favorite Algerian sweet treat!

If you’re a fan of breakfast pancakes, you’ll love Baghrir—a version of the classic breakfast crumpet.

Heavily influenced by Moroccan cuisine, this sweet treat is made with a semolina batter and has a spongy, honeycomb-like texture.

They are traditionally served with butter and honey but can also be enjoyed with granulated sugar or jam.

Baghrir is best enjoyed fresh and warm, straight off the griddle, so if you find yourself exploring the streets of Algeria, stop by a local street vendor and try this snack!

Makroudh is a traditional Algerian pastry that is made with semolina dough and filled with dates.

It is typically shaped into a diamond or rectangle and then baked or deep-fried until it is golden brown.

Once it has cooled, Makroudh is soaked in syrup, giving it a sweet and sticky texture.

Tamina is a type of semolina cake typically prepared to celebrate the prophet Muhammad’s birthday.

This confection only has three essential ingredients: semolina, honey, and butter.

However, it is the garnish that makes Tamina special.

It is traditionally decorated with almonds, cinnamon sticks, and orange peel.

Glazed, nutty, and absolutely mouthwatering, Mkhabez is a delicacy that is perfect for any occasion.

Although famously served at weddings, it can also be enjoyed as a simple dessert or snack.

It resembles almond marzipan but is flavored with rose or orange blossom water.

You’ll see it decorated with royal icing, making it as beautiful to look at as it is to eat.

A treat initially from the Ottoman Empire. 

Baklawa is a dessert that consists of layers of phyllo dough packed with chopped nuts and soaked in syrup. 

It is often made with almonds or pistachios, but you can also make it with walnuts, pecans, or chocolate.

No matter what filling you choose, Baklawa is sure to be a delicious and satisfying treat.

A local favorite, Griouech, is fried dough balls soaked in honey and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

This dessert is traditionally served as breakfast food but can also be enjoyed as a snack or dessert.

Still, no matter when you decide to eat them, Griouech is sure to be a sweet and satisfying treat.

Don’t be fooled by its complicated-looking name.

Boussou La Tmessou are shortbread cookies that are as easy to make as they are to eat.

Boussou La Tmessou is made with a simple shortbread dough rolled out and then dipped in a sugar or orange water syrup.

These bite-sized cookies are the perfect treat to enjoy with tea or coffee.

Heavily influenced by Middle Eastern cuisine, Basboussa is a semolina cake soaked in syrup and often garnished with almonds or pistachios.

It is usually served as a dessert to mark special occasions, but it can also be enjoyed as a snack or breakfast treat.

9. Brâdj

Another diamond-shaped pastry, Brâdj, is made with a semolina dough filled with dates or apricots.

It is then pan-toasted until golden brown and soaked in sugar syrup.

A type of tart, Dziriat is an almond pastry filled with a sweet almond paste.

Preparing this dessert can be challenging, but the result is a tasty and unique treat.

The time and effort required to make these sweet tarts are well worth it when you take your first bite of these sticky and sweet treats.

11. Mhalbi

You’ve probably had rice pudding before, but have you ever had Mhalbi?

Mhalbi is basically rice pudding made with milk, rice, sugar, and pistachios.

Mhalbi is light and comforting, a dessert that is perfect for any occasion.

Kaak El Nakache is a cookie filled with dates, almonds, and spices.

It is decorated by a tool called “nakache,” which gives it its characteristic pattern.

Although it is a time-consuming cookie to make, the result is a beautiful delicacy that is perfect for any special occasion.

13. Bourek

A rich and savory pastry, Bourek is made with phyllo dough filled with cheese, meat, or vegetables.

It can either be baked or fried and is often served as a main dish.

However, it can also be enjoyed as a snack, an appetizer, or dessert.

Also known as Gazelle Horns, this tasty pastry has its iteration in many different cultures.

In Algeria, Tcharek M’saker is filled with almonds and is usually served at weddings.

It’s a sweet and nutty treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

A Ramadan favorite, Khobz El Bey, is a moist and dense cake made with semolina, flour, yeast, and sugar.

It is soaked to perfection in perfumed syrup and often garnished with almonds or pistachios.

Known for its translation as “Bread of the House,” you’ll be able to find this type of bread in almost every Algerian home.

It’s sticky, hard, and doesn’t have much flavor on its own. 

But it’s the perfect bread to use for dipping and soaking up all the rich flavors of the local dish you’re eating.

A type of cookie, Aracheyes, is made with a simple dough that can be as quickly made at home as bought from a store.

It is sweetened with orange flower water or sugar syrup for that delightfully sweet flavor.

Sweet and fluffy, La Mona De Brioche is a dessert bread.

It takes about an hour to make, but it is worth the effort for its light and airy texture.

So, give this North African treat a try next time you’re in the mood for something sweet.

A Moroccan classic, M’hencha is a pastry made with phyllo dough and almond paste.

Locals have given this treat its unique twist, but it is still a sweet and delicious pastry.

20. Twabaa

Shaped like doughnuts and baked to perfection, Twabaa is a type of cookie that is rich and sweet.

It is often set out with strong tea or coffee, making for a delectable snack or dessert.

A type of candy, Maltši Tamr, is made with dates soaked in water and then rolled in sugar.

The result is a sweet, sticky treat perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

A local twist on a French classic, Sable Cookies are made with almonds, sugar, butter, and flour.

It’s every bit as tasty as it sounds, and it’s the perfect cookie to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee.

23. Palouza

Refreshing as it is delicious, Palouza is a type of Algerian sherbet that is made with milk, sugar, and lemon juice.

It is made tastier with orange blossom water or rose water, making for a refreshing and cooling treat on a hot day.

A delicious dessert, this is just like every other fruit salad but with that North African twist that gives it a unique flavor.

The secret: cinnamon, and lots of it!

25. Samsa

These triangle cookies have all the sweet and savory flavors you crave, and they’re the perfect snack to relish with a cup of tea.

They’re crunchy but moist, zesty but sweet, and impossible to resist.

We all love breakfast pastries, and the locals of Algeria are no exception.

M’Shewsha is a pancake-like pastry that is soaked in honey and spices.

It is quick to make and a delicious way to start your day.

A cross between a genoise and a sponge cake—this is one of the country’s most iconic desserts.

It’s light, fluffy, and is best paired with coffee or tea.

Some choose to top it with strawberries, while others prefer the tangy taste of oranges.

Who doesn’t love pistachios?

These cookies are made with finely ground pistachios and make for a delicious and healthy snack.

They’re also a good source of protein, so that’s a bonus.

This light and airy mousse is made with orange and cream.

It’s the perfect delicacy to enjoy on a hot, sweltering day and will satisfy your sweet tooth.

A treat originally from Morocco, Meskouta is an orange cake soaked in syrup.

It’s light and fluffy and has just the right amount of sweetness.

The bottom line

There’s a world of mouthwatering desserts to be discovered in North Africa.

From hearty stews to refreshing salads, there’s something for everyone in this cuisine.

Start exploring today, and taste for yourself just how delicious Algeria’s famous desserts can be.

Dessert Assortment From Algeria

Dessert Assortment From Algeria

The world is your oyster! Join me now to walk through a list of authentic Algerian desserts right here!


  • Baghrir
  • Makroudh
  • Tamina
  • Mkhabez
  • Baklawa
  • Griouech
  • Boussou La Tmessou
  • Basboussa
  • Brâdj
  • Dziriat
  • Mhalbi
  • Kaak El Nakache
  • Bourek
  • Tcharek M'saker
  • Khobz El Bey
  • Khobz El Dar
  • Aracheyes
  • La Mona De Brioche
  • M'hencha
  • Twabaa
  • Maltši Tamr
  • Sable Cookies
  • Palouza
  • Algerian Fruit Salad Dessert
  • Samsa
  • M’Shewsha
  • Mouskoutchou
  • Pistachio Cookies
  • Orange Cream Mousse
  • Meskouta


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