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21 Best Mexican Cookie Recipes: Melt-In-Your-Mouth Sweets!

21 Best Mexican Cookie Recipes: Melt-In-Your-Mouth Sweets!

If you’re searching for delicious treats you can make at home, congratulations–as you’ve found this list of 21 best Mexican cookie recipes.

Choosing the most delectable Mexican cookie recipe can be challenging, but we’ve done the legwork for you.

If you’re looking for the best recipes, you don’t deserve to spend much time digging on the internet.

We hear you!

We’ve included some of the best Mexican cookie recipes we could find on the web and put them all here so you can choose and try the best ones!

You’ll find that they’re easy to follow and have photos and tips to guide you throughout the process. 

Regardless of which one from the list you opt for, we’re sure you won’t regret giving these a try. 

These Mexican cookie recipes are tasty and are always a hit!

Make your friends and family feel appreciated and loved by baking them one of these Mexican cookie recipes.

If you are craving cookies that are surefire melt-in-your-mouth, we’ve got Mexican Shortbread Cookies and Dulce de Leche Cookies for your tastebuds! 

Make sure to drop by #15; it’s a personal favorite!

Have fun making them, and don’t forget to let us know how yours turned out in the comments!

This recipe creates tender chocolate cookies that get so appetizing with the cinnamon and chili powder spikes; the chili spice is a staple in Mexican cuisine

And this chocolate cookie recipe is no exception. 

Another thing that makes this a must-try is the marshmallow filling, which is smooth and not too sticky.

Try this recipe at home, and you will surely enjoy spreading that marshmallow filling on the cookies while taking unavoidable bites of your lovely finished cookies!

You’re going to love this unique variation on the classic crinkle cookie!

The crinkle cookies in this recipe have a spicy kick from the cinnamon and cayenne ingredients, but you can still find that classic crinkle cookie flavor.

If you long for the aroma of cinnamon on your dinner table for special occasions, then this Mexican cookie recipe should have a place in your cookbook.

These Mexican-sprinkled sugar cookies will fit the bill if you’re looking for an easy treat for yourself and your family.

They are buttery and quite chewy on the inside.

This is one of the traditional sweet desserts you can find at any panadería in Mexico, but they are easy to whip up at home. 

These cookies’ colorful sprinkles make them beautiful while also creating that sugary and crunchy finish.

With the intense flavor overflowing in these cookies, I bet you could not get enough of these yummies.

The cookies have a rich, chocolatey flavor and a chewy texture. 

These are also spiced up with hints of cinnamon and cayenne, which make them more irresistible.

Imagine taking a bite of these lovelies sandwiched with some thick, rich, and delicious dulce de leche; a handful of these cookies wouldn’t be enough, even for you.

Marranitos, or Puerquitos, are piggy-shaped cookies that belong to the list of famous sweet bread in Mexico. 

If you are from this country, this bread might probably remind you of your childhood, as this is a staple in many Mexican families. 

They have a texture between a cookie and a cake, neither extremely hard nor soft.

These cookies are just the right sweetness to enjoy with a glass of milk or a cup of coffee on the weekend.

This Mexican pink cookie recipe is a variation of the classic shortbread, and compared to the traditional shortbread, this one is less soft or pliable. 

Mexican pink cookies are so delectable yet straightforward to make with only six ingredients you might already have in your kitchen. 

They go well on any occasion, and if you need something to spice up your foodie gift for Valentine’s, this may be the best choice. 

Unlike the large, store-bought Mexican Pink Cookies, these are less soft or pliable.

The original name for Mexican Cinnamon Cookie, Polvorones de Canele, is from the Spanish word “Polvo,” which means “dust.”

The name is probably taken from these cookies’ faint dusting of cinnamon sugar.

Although they are most commonly associated with being served at Mexican weddings, you can whip up these delightful pastries at any time of year.

Everyone in your family would go on repeat to your kitchen to pick up these sweet-flavored and buttery-textured cookies.

The fusion of three lovely colors in these cookies makes this recipe challenging, but it creates beautiful and mouth-watering cookies. 

If you want a treat to attract kids, this one would be perfect; adults could also enjoy it lavishly with a cup of coffee.

Top tip: The greatest Polvorones are made using powdered sugar and veggie shortening!

Ojarasca is another name for these delicious Mexican shortbread cookies.

These cookies are coated in cinnamon sugar and have a light buttery texture, ideal for any celebration or other ordinary day when your tongue craves some sweets. 

They are highly addictive, and because of their small size, it is easy to put several in one’s mouth without realizing it.

This recipe will surely satisfy your midnight cookie cravings. 

This is a lovely twist on the classic chip cookie recipes, but this uses only six simple ingredients, including melty chocolate chips and a dash of cinnamon.

Try this on one of your family get together, and you’ll see that it attracts a large audience.

This is one more reason to make Mexican food a staple this week.

This Pan De Polvo recipe only uses vegetable shortening, a ton of flour, sugar, and cinnamon as its main ingredients.

This results in a soft, mildly sweet cookie crumbly on the tongue.

The warm, sweet flavor and the pungent aroma of cinnamon add a lot to the cookies’ overall flavor here. 

So if you want the tried-and-true ground cinnamon method, go ahead, but choose a good quality brand.

Mexican cookies have this heavenly buttery sugar flavor and gorgeous presentation, which deserves the buffet table.

The vanilla extract and the unsalted butter shine like stars in this recipe.

Vanilla extract creates that aromatic, sweet, and musky flavor while working harmoniously with unsalted butter’s very neutral, creamy aftertaste. 

These chewy sugar cookies are best for whenever you want a sugar cookie with a bit more texture.

Sandwich cookies that melt in your mouth? 

That describes these Dulce de Leche Cookies, or Alfajores, as otherwise known. 

These buttery cookie sandwiches, filled with rich dulce de leche, may look complicated, but they are relatively simple to prepare.

The recipe requires five essential pantry items that you mix to create the cookies, then pair them with dulce de leche as filling to make this mind-blowing. 

Who doesn’t want chocolate cookies? 

No one, especially if you see these cinnamon and cayenne-flavored Mexican chocolate cookies in your hand.

This recipe delivers rich chocolatey flavored cookies you will indeed bake repeatedly. 

Don’t worry because you can have regular chocolate as an ingredient in this recipe to simulate the flavor profile of Mexican chocolate.

To impress your loved ones with something sweet and toasty, try these Mexican Hot Cocoa Cookies loaded with chocolate, cinnamon, marshmallows, and a pinch of cayenne.

These cookies are packed with the irresistible combination of chocolate’s natural sweetness, cinnamon’s warming flavor, and a dash of cayenne’s spiciness.

And this is different from your usual hot cocoa cookie because there’s a little trick with how you deal with marshmallows in this recipe, so you must watch out.

The Mexican Sugar Cookies, or Polvorones Mexicanos, are thick and crunchy, and they come in a rainbow of colors and three different citrus tastes.

The shades of lime green, lemon yellow, and orange make these cookies aesthetically appealing. 

They are fitting for any time of year because they are made with ingredients that will not spoil quickly. 

These cookies are standard in many bakeries in the northern part of Mexico, but because they are so easy to make, you can whip this up in your kitchen.

The punch that the cinnamon creates, the nuttiness of pecans, and the sweetness of the Piloncillo chips all combine to create a unique flavor profile for these cookies. 

So if you have more time, do not hesitate to whip up a batch of these sweet, decadent charreada cookies for a fantastic treat! 

18.  Coyotas

Coyotas are filled and flat cookies, originating in Sonora in Mexico.

In Sonoran bakeries, these cookies are traditionally cooked in an oven fueled by wood, giving them a very characteristic smell and a spotted appearance.

However, because it is only sometimes possible to use a wood-fired oven at home, the homemade version of coyotas is only made in a conventional oven instead of the traditional method.

In addition, coyotas can be created with various fillings, including marmalades, Mexican caramel sauce, fruit, chocolate, and so on.

Espejos, Spanish for mirrors, is a favorite Mexican pan dulce.

Although we see variations of these cookies with icing in various colors and even covered in melted chocolate, the vast majority have a white frosting coating on the top.

They can be extremely thin; this sort is slightly crisper than others, but it also breaks apart more readily.

However, they can also be thick, as in this recipe; their consistency is still strong, but they have a slightly softer core.

Whether you make them very thick or thin, they still taste excellent because of the subtle flavor of butter, sugar, and vanilla.

Mexican Cinnamon Cookies are rich in sweet and savory flavors that are a comfort-food companion whether it’s summer or winter. 

Baking up a batch of these sweet and spicy cookies is always a fantastic idea, as we all know that the flavors of cinnamon and sugar pair well together.

Imagine taking a bite of a cookie with warm spice paired with sweet sugar granules–that’s the tastebud experience this cookie recipe will result in.

Although this recipe for Mexican Wedding Cookies deviates significantly from the norm, it’s every bit as mouthwatering and surprising as the original.

Toasted walnuts are used in place of the more customary pecans, and a pinch of cinnamon is also included in this recipe. 

When making this, remember to sprinkle cinnamon on top to give your family or friends a hint of what to expect as they experience every bite.

The bottom line

These cookie recipes will be one of your family favorites because they have been in many Mexican homes for several years. 

They have been tried and tested in many kitchens, enabling you to lead yourself efficiently through the process with clear recipe instructions.

These traditional Mexican cookies are exquisite treats to serve at parties, holidays, and all other occasions you think deserve the best cookie menu. 

Think of whipping up a batch for Christmas, weddings and baby showers, parties, high tea with the girls, or as packaged gifts to give friends and family!

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21 Best Mexican Cookie Recipe Assortment

21 Best Mexican Cookie Recipe Assortment

If you’re searching for delicious treats you can make at home, congratulations–as you’ve found this list of 21 best Mexican cookie recipes.


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