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15 Best Salad Recipes With Blue Cheese

15 Best Salad Recipes With Blue Cheese

Try one of these 15 salad recipes with blue cheese; we’ve gathered the best ones in this epic collection! 

Are you looking for a way to up your salad game?

Forget about the same old routine and try something new with blue cheese!

With a distinctively sharp taste and pungent aroma, this cheese is just what you need to take your salad to the next level.

Blue cheese is made with cow’s, sheep’s, or goat’s milk and then ripened with the help of the penicillium mold.

Although it looks unappetizing, this delectable cheese is slightly acidic, salty, and creamy all at once.

It also pairs well with various toppings such as fruits, toasted nuts, meats, and vegetables, taking dishes from ordinary to sensationally appetizing.

And when used in salads, blue cheese adds a delightful creaminess to the crunchy greens. 

So, if you love the bold sharpness of blue cheese, you’re in for a treat.

I’ve rounded up 15 salad recipes with blue cheese that highlight this unique ingredient.

And if you’re not in love with it yet, don’t worry–I’ve got ways to incorporate blue cheese into a meal so subtle that even the pickiest eaters will be asking for seconds.

So don your chef’s hat and prepare for an adventure through creamy dressings, savory crumbles, and other tasty additions.

It will be a delicious ride, but remember to keep your appetite in check and leave room for #13 because it’s a complete show-stopper!

A photo of a colorful blue cheese salad in a clear bowl on a wooden table.

1. Bacon Blue Cheese Broccoli Salad

The contrasting goodness in this dish makes this recipe the starter of your dream dinner.

That’s partly thanks to the satisfying crunch from bacon bits, sunflower seeds, and broccoli.

Of course, the texture is just one part of the equation.

The other bit is flavor.

And with crumbled blue cheese, this salad has that in spades.

With a generous coating of mayonnaise, you’ll have the pick-me-up that will keep you going until the main course.

To ensure you don’t lose the crispy bite of your ingredients, you can add these in right before you serve them.

Overall, this is a filling and mouth-watering salad that you will be making over and over again.

2. Grape Walnut Blue Cheese Salad

In this recipe, the sweetness from the grapes complements the salty blue cheese superbly.

And when paired with the crunchy walnuts, you’ll have a luxurious experience on your palate.

Add vinaigrette for a punch of relish, and you’ll have a salad worthy of any occasion.

If you want to liven it up even more, a sprinkle of sugar and a splash of lemon juice can transform it into a lighter and tangy version.

3. Fig Blue Cheese Pecan Salad

The combination of fresh figs and earthy pecans on a bed of kale is already simply unforgettable.

But when adding blue cheese takes center stage, you’ll be sure to amaze your friends and family with a sophisticated and tasty starter.

Top it off with honey and balsamic vinegar, and you’ll be sure to wow everyone’s taste buds!

For me, the union of these ingredients brings out the most nuanced flavors.

That’s why this makes its regular appearance on my culinary adventures.

4. Spinach Strawberry Salad With Blue Cheese

Hear me out–this seemingly strange medley is one of the most delectable salads out there!

The sweet and bright notes of the strawberries and the crunchy spinach and blue cheese will be something you won’t get enough of.

To make it even more inviting, mandarin oranges and candied pecans are thrown into the mix, making this a salad you won’t be able to put down.

Drizzle homemade balsamic vinaigrette on top, and this Southern classic will be yours to enjoy!

5. Blue Cheese Bacon Potato Salad

If it’s a filling and comforting meal you’re after, then you’re going to want to give this potato salad a try.

The recipe calls for baby potatoes, bacon, and blue cheese, all combined with a light creamy dressing.

It supplies the perfect balance of velvety and crispy textures that will keep your taste buds begging for more.

Reach for a handful of fresh chives, some red onions, and parsley for garnish, and you’ll have a stellar side that will complement any main course.

6. Steak & Egg Salad With Blue Cheese Dressing

We’ve listed salads that use crumbled blue cheese so far, but why not include some of that creamy goodness in a dressing?

This salad, chock full of steak and eggs, is taken up a notch with a mouthwatering blue cheese dressing.

Serve these with asparagus and lettuce, and you’ll have a salad that will satisfy any appetite.

For an even stronger blue cheese bite, feel free to crumble some of it on top.

7. Classic Wedge Blue Cheese Salad

Let’s take a break from all the experimental and innovative recipes and return to the basics.

The classic wedge salad with blue cheese is a timeless favorite always welcomed at the dinner table.

Iceberg lettuce topped with crumbled bacon, tomatoes, and a good helping of blue cheese dressing is one of the most rewarding recipes you can make.

This fare will surely become a staple in your home–one you’ll always be happy to whip up.

8. Endive, Blue Cheese & Pear Salad

This salad is perfect for those looking to make a quick meal with all the makings of something special.

The sweetness of the pears and the sharpness of the blue cheese, combined with the subtle bitterness from the endives, make for a delightful combination.

A light vinaigrette is an ideal accompaniment, and some crunchy walnuts make a nice finishing touch.

9. Winter Salad With Homemade Vinaigrette

For a seasonal salad, this one embraces all the flavors of winter.

You’ll find a medley of greens, pecan, and dried cranberries on this plate and a homemade vinaigrette made of white wine vinegar and Dijon mustard.

It’s a beautiful presentation, and the blue cheese crumbles are a savory addition to this already festive salad.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for winter to enjoy this salad.

Simply switch out the ingredients to make it a summer delight or a fall sensation.

10. Holiday Honey Crisp Salad

The juxtaposition of sweet and salty makes this a memorable holiday salad.

This has all the makings of a party favorite: Honeycrisp apples, pecan, and blue cheese crumbles, which all work together to create a flavor-packed dish.

Making it even better is an apple cider vinaigrette dressing that gives this salad all the holiday cheer.

You decide what greens to include, and you’ve got a salad that will steal the show.

11. Butter Lettuce Green Salad With Blue Cheese

The name of this green salad recipe is a mouthful, but I promise it’s worth every syllable.

So what makes it so special?

The combination of butter lettuce and blue cheese creates a delightful salty-sweet contrast, and the toasted breadcrumbs add a nice crunch.

Shallot vinaigrette ties it all together, making this one of the most flavorful salads you’ll ever make.

12. Blue Cheese Salad With Bacon & Avocado

This one’s for all of you avocado lovers out there.

There’s no shortage of creamy goodness here, and the zing of blue cheese dressing only enhances the edge of this savory salad.

Top with bacon and some cherry tomatoes, and you’re set!

Not only is this salad delicious, but it’s also colorful and will make a great addition to the table.

13. Grilled Peach & Arugula Salad

For a unique take on salad, why not try grilling your fruits?

This Grilled Peach & Arugula Salad celebrates the taste of summer.

Just imagine juicy peaches and peppery arugula paired with crunchy walnuts and creamy blue cheese crumbles–it’s sure to be the star of any meal.

A light balsamic vinaigrette is all it needs to make this salad a hit!

14. Green Bean Salad With Blue Cheese & Dijon

Inject a touch of luxury into a simple Green Bean Salad With Blue Cheese & Dijon.

This doesn’t look as fancy as some other salads, but it can compete in terms of relish.

Blanch the beans ahead of time and combine them with some crumbled blue cheese and Dijon mustard.

Chop up some walnuts and crumble some blue cheese on this presentation. 

Add a touch of sweet and sour to your dinner table with this unique twist on a Green Bean Salad.

15. Beet & Blue Cheese Salad With Citrus Vinaigrette Dressing

Let’s end with a citrusy salad that will brighten up any meal with its vibrant pop of color.

With a deep purple hue, beets make a beautiful statement in salads.

But it’s not just about the appearance; the beets provide a sweet, earthy complement to the sharpness of blue cheese.

A citrus vinaigrette dressing then adds a refreshing zing to the plate.

The bottom line

These recipes are just the beginning of utilizing blue cheese in your cooking.

From crumbles to dressings, this type of cheese can make any dish come alive with its distinctive briny taste.

So don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative in the kitchen–you may just find a new favorite recipe.

Whether you cover your salad in blue cheese or use it as an accent, every bite will be a treat.

Serve up one of these recipes, and you’ll never think of blue cheese the same way again!

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15 Best Salad Recipes With Blue Cheese

15 Best Salad Recipes With Blue Cheese

Take your salad game to the next level with these 15 salad recipes with blue cheese; we’ve gathered the best for this epic collection!


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