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Cream Cheese Toast + Tips & Topping Ideas

Cream Cheese Toast + Tips & Topping Ideas

Cream cheese toast is an easy recipe you can make at home for a hearty snack or light lunch. Here’s our two versions of a cream cheese toast recipe you’ll want to make again and again.

As pretty as they are delicious, here is our 2-for-1: one savory idea and one sweet cream cheese toast recipe, with easy steps and details to help you create the right balance of flavors on each one.

Make one of each to share, or keep all this delicious flavor for yourself. 

You can find cold-smoked salmon in nearly any grocery store hanging in the seafood section. Try hot-smoked salmon (fully cooked and flaky, with a completely different flavor and texture than the thin-sliced cold-smoked salmon) if you want an even more hearty, smoky flavor.

No berries on hand? Try thin slices of avocado or another soft fruit like ripe peach or dragon fruit.

We think you’ll love these simple, easy recipes, especially because you can use whatever you have on hand, with no need for a lot of seasonings.

Supplies to gather

We recommend gathering your equipment and ingredients and setting them out so you can make sure you have everything ready before starting.


  • Toaster or toaster oven
  • Cutting board
  • Colander
  • Kitchen towel
  • Paring knife to cut the fruit (and salmon, if needed)
  • Butter knife to spread on the cream cheese
  • Serving plates


  • Plain cream cheese or low-fat Neufchatel spread
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberries
  • Cold-Smoked Salmon
  • Sprouts, such as radish sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, or broccoli sprouts
  • Seasonings as desired, like pepper, salt, Flavor God, or even Aldi’s steak blend

Tips to make Cream Cheese Toast

Here are some additional tips for making cream cheese toast:

  • Use a good quality bread. A sturdy bread, such as sourdough, Texas Toast, or French bread, will hold up well under the cream cheese and toppings.
  • Start with fresh, softened cream cheese. Cream cheese that is still firm will not spread evenly and can tear the slices of toast.
  • Use a flavorful cream cheese. A flavored cream cheese, such as chive and onion or strawberry cream cheese, can add extra flavor to your toast.
  • Get creative with your toppings. There are endless possibilities when it comes to toppings for cream cheese toast. So get creative and have fun!
  • Mix and match your toppings. No need to be limited by what we have here. 
  • Soften your cream cheese, so it spreads easily. See our recipe card below for more tips to help get it soft quickly.

More topping ideas for Cream Cheese Toast

Cream cheese is wildly popular for its ability to mix and match with both sweet and savory toppings. Here are more topping ideas for your cream cheese toast recipe:

  • Try a slice of lunchmeat, like deli turkey or ham.
  • Got leftover cheesesteak? Remove some of the thin-sliced beef and layer it on with chopped pickled jalapeno.
  • Leftover taco meat? Heat up a tablespoon or so (just 15 seconds should do it) and spoon it on with a teaspoon of chopped green onion.
  • Try thin slices of tomato, avocado, salt, and fresh pepper.
  • For a sweet sensation, slice bananas and a teaspoon of honey, maple or agave syrup.
  • Or sprinkle on cinnamon, brown sugar, and chopped nuts.
  • Make it festive and kid-friendly with rainbow sprinkles or sanding sugar.

The bottom line

Cream cheese toast is an economical snack, breakfast, light lunch, or tea-time nosh that can be enjoyed on the go or leisurely savored at home. It is also a great way to use up leftover bread.

So next time you want a quick and easy breakfast, try cream cheese toast! You won’t be disappointed.

More About Toast

Cream Cheese Toast

Cream Cheese Toast

Yield: 2
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Here’s our two versions of a cream cheese toast recipe you’ll want to make again and again.


  • 2 slices of bread
  • 2 T cream cheese, softened (1 T for each toast)

For Berry Cream Cheese Toast

  • 1 large strawberry, sliced thin
  • 10 to 12 blueberries

For Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Toast

  • 4 thin slices of cold-smoked salmon
  • 1 T sprouts


  1. Soften the cream cheese. If it is still cold, our preferred method of softening cream cheese is to cut a package into about 10 cubes and let it sit out on the cutting board. It should be spreadably soft in about 15 minutes. Or use the “soften cream cheese” setting on your microwave, or place the cream cheese in a baggie, seal it tightly, and let the bag float in some warm water for about 15 minutes.
  2. Wash and dry the fruits and sprouts. 
  3. Remove the stems from the strawberries, slice the fruit thin, and set aside.
  4. Separate the sprouts, and remove salmon from the packaging.
  5. Toast the bread.
  6. Arrange the toast on serving plates.
  7. Gently spread 1 T of soft cream cheese onto each piece of toast, end to end.
  8. On the berry cream cheese toast, lay the strawberry slices on top, then place the blueberries (see photos).
  9. On the smoked salmon cream cheese toast, layer the salmon over the cream cheese, then add the sprouts.
  10. Serve. The ingredients will make the toast soggy over time, so serve as fresh as possible.

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