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25 Delicious Keto Crockpot Recipes You Should Make Now!

Are you trying to decide what to serve for your next meal? We’ve rounded up 25 of our delicious keto crockpot recipes you should make soon. 

First invented to treat various neurological conditions, many people worldwide still turn to the keto diet. 

Whether you’re sticking to keto-friendly meals for health reasons or are simply looking for a low-carb dinner idea, there are plenty of options available for you.  

We’ve compiled 25 of the best keto crockpot recipes online, from Slow Cooker Keto Meatball Casserole to Slow Cooker Keto Beef Stroganoff

True to the ketogenic diet, they are high in fats and protein and low in carbohydrates, especially #24

Not only are they tasty, but they’re convenient–the beauty of the crockpot is that it does all the cooking for you while you go about your day. 

Ready for some slow cooker keto ideas that will satisfy your cravings? 

Let’s begin!

This recipe is a great way to get your daily veggie intake. 

The cheddar cheese is the main star of this dish, but you still get the whole experience and benefits. 

A hearty chunk of cream cheese is what gives this soup its rich and creamy texture. 

It’s so flavorful and filling. 

You won’t even need any bread.  

Enjoy all the flavors of taco night with this delicious soup–without the hassle or carbs. 

It will warm you right up, so it’s great for when you’re craving tacos on a chilly day. 

This recipe includes homemade taco seasoning, which gives this soup its authentic taste. 

You can add in the amount of chili powder according to your heat preference.   

A steaming bowl of chicken soup is as comforting as it gets. 

If you’re watching your carb intake, this crockpot chicken soup will satisfy your hunger. 

It has all the flavors of the chicken soup from your childhood, just without the noodles. 

This convenient recipe is also great for those chilly winter days where you just want to relax. 

It’s low-effort and will warm you from the inside out. 

This flavorful chili “mac” will bring you right back to your childhood. 

Even with cauliflower in place of pasta, it tastes just like the real thing. 

And if your kids are picky about eating vegetables, this could be a great way to help expand their palate.

“Low-carb bread pudding” sounds like an oxymoron, but this recipe provides exactly what it claims! 

Even if you’re watching your carb intake, you don’t have to miss out on the flavors of autumn desserts. 

Those looking for keto crockpot ideas to satisfy their holiday sweet tooth should surely give this one a try. 

This zesty crockpot ranch chicken tastes good on its own, but it’s even better on top of some cauliflower rice or wrapped up in a low-carb tortilla. 

No matter how you plan to enjoy it, making it is sure to be a breeze! 

It’s perfect for those busy weeknights where you don’t have time to cook a healthy meal.

Are you looking for something to bring to your next potluck? 

This keto chicken cacciatore is an excellent crowd-pleaser. 

It’s filling, juicy, and full of flavor–everything a keto-friendly meal needs. 

You can enjoy it on its own or with some of your favorite keto-friendly rice. 

Wondering what keto slow cooker recipes to bring for your brunch? This casserole is where it’s at! 

This breakfast dish is flavorful enough on its own but even tastier with a dollop of sour cream and avocado. 

With plenty of protein, it’ll give you the energy you need to start your day! 

This meat casserole is a satisfying meal on its own–you won’t even miss the spaghetti! 

Of course, you can always pair it with some zoodles if you’re craving that spaghetti and meatball combo. 

This keto slow cooker recipe is full of flavor with juicy beef, cabbage, and a dusting of crispy pork rinds.

If you’re looking for keto crockpot recipes that are easy, flavorful, and super nutritious, consider trying this beef stew. 

It may not have potatoes, but don’t worry. 

This stew is still plenty delicious and will fill you right up. 

This recipe is perfect for parties or just for snacking around at home! It has just a little bit of heat, so those who enjoy spicy food are in for a treat. 

You can spread this dip on crackers, dip celery in it, or pour it over some nachos–no matter how you do it, it’s super delicious.

Are you looking for keto crockpot recipes that the whole family will enjoy? 

This crack chicken will put a smile on even the pickiest kids’ faces. 

You can eat this chicken as-is with a fork or serve it on top of your favorite vegetables. 

When you’re eating something this tasty, you really can’t go wrong with it. 

This delicious yet straightforward pot roast makes a great dinner for those busy weekdays. 

The key to its zesty flavor is the juicy pepperoncini peppers! 

The beef is super tender and melts in your mouth. 

For a complete meal, pair this Mississippi roast with some roasted vegetables or mashed potatoes.

This queso dip is tastier than anything you can buy in a jar! 

And with only three ingredients, it doesn’t get much easier than this. 

Use this dip for veggie dipping, drizzle it on tacos, or make some keto-friendly nachos with thinly-sliced zucchini.

You don’t have to miss out on the delicious taste of cheeseburgers when you’re on a ketogenic diet. 

This dip is great on veggies, chips, or even on top of some low-carb bread! 

Even if you’re not on a keto diet, this makes an excellent alternative for burgers when you simply don’t want to go through the effort of grilling patties. 

This keto spinach dip is great on veggies, low-carb chips, or even on a sandwich. 

It’s hot, cheesy, and it’s a tasty way to get your daily servings of vegetables, too. 

When you make it in a crockpot, it’s as easy as a homemade dip can get.

It’s the perfect hot snack for parties or big family get-togethers! 

Whether you’re looking for a low-carb chili or simply aren’t a fan of beans, this keto crockpot chili is worth a shot. 

It’s super meaty and full of spices! 

Top it with some sour cream, avocados, or cheddar cheese for a complete meal–you don’t even miss the cornbread.  

If you like your chili a bit more creamy and less tomato-y, you may want to give this crockpot chili a try. 

It’s also great for those who enjoy chili but want to eat a little less red meat. 

A generous amount of heavy cream is what makes this chili genuinely delicious. 

It also includes some green chilis for a little extra spice! 

This broccoli turmeric soup is an excellent choice for days where you’re feeling under the weather. 

It’s easy to prepare, nutritious, and will warm you right up! 

It’s also easy to freeze, so you can prepare a big batch all at once and reheat it next time you’re craving this soup again.

Craving cabbage rolls? 

Make things a little easier on yourself with this super yummy, super convenient, super keto-friendly soup! 

It’s great for holidays, potlucks, or a relaxing night at home with your family. 

With plenty of meat, vegetables, and a piping hot broth, it’ll fill everyone right up. 

Enjoy the comforting taste of beef stroganoff–without the corkscrew noodles. 

Don’t worry. You won’t miss them. 

This keto-friendly stroganoff is delicious on its own, but you can also pour it over some zoodles to make it a bit more filling. 

Are you looking for some Chinese keto slow cooker recipes? 

Give this one a try! 

Cashew chicken in a wok may be more authentic, but preparing it that way can be time-consuming. 

Fortunately, this cashew chicken in a slow cooker is the next best thing! 

Consider pairing it with some riced veggies for a complete meal. 

Busy parents seeking weeknight keto crockpot meals are in for a treat because this is a complete meal on its own! 

With plenty of meat and veggies, it’ll leave the whole family satisfied afterward. 

You can also pair this crockpot dish with some roasted vegetables or a portion of low-carb pasta, but that’s completely optional. 

Craving Indian food but don’t have the money for takeout? 

With this recipe, you can enjoy some flavorful chicken tikka masala from the comfort of your home! 

Not only is it keto-friendly, but it’s suitable for paleo, Whole30, dairy-free, and gluten-free diets. 

It’s great for a big family dinner or potluck with people on restricted diets! 

Even if you’re watching your carbs, you don’t have to miss out on your favorite Italian dishes anymore. 

This keto-friendly slow cooker meatballs recipe provides all of the flavors you’d get from the traditional recipe, but without all the carbs. 

These meatballs are delicious enough on their own, but they’re even better on top of some zoodles or other low-carb pasta. 

Even those who aren’t on a low-carb diet will be going in for seconds! 

It’s no secret that special diets can be pretty tricky. 

Many people dread cooking and believe that low-carb diets simply aren’t compatible with a busy lifestyle. 

However, once you bring your slow cooker into the equation, you may realize that making nutritious meals is easier than you initially thought. 

Whatever your reasons may be for watching your carb intake, you can still enjoy all of your favorite foods. 

There’s a low-carb replacement for just about everything you’re craving! 

From tasty desserts to satisfying full meals, there’s sure to be something on this list that’ll meet your appetite. 

Even people who aren’t on a keto diet will enjoy some of the recipes we’ve featured. 

If any of these recipes piqued your interest, be sure to give them a try!

25 YUMMY Keto Crockpot Mains 🥘

25 YUMMY Keto Crockpot Mains 🥘

Looking for keto crockpot recipes? We have here 25 of our favorite recipes you should try soon!


  • Keto Slow Cooker Broccoli Cheese Soup
  • Slow Cooker Keto Taco Soup
  • Crock Pot Chicken Soup
  • Easy Crockpot Keto Chili Mac
  • Slow Cooker Keto Pumpkin Bread Pudding
  • Keto Slow Cooker Zesty Ranch Chicken
  • Keto Chicken Cacciatore In The Slow Cooker
  • Slow Cooker Keto Mexican Breakfast Casserole
  • Slow Cooker Keto Meatball Casserole
  • Slow Cooker Keto Beef Stew
  • Slow Cooker Keto Buffalo Chicken Dip
  • Keto Crack Chicken In The Crock-Pot
  • Slow Cooker Keto Mississippi Roast
  • Crock Pot Keto Queso Dip
  • Keto Cheeseburger Dip - Grain-Free Slow Cooker Recipe
  • Keto Spinach Dip In The Crock-Pot
  • Keto Crockpot Chili
  • Keto White Chicken Chili - Crockpot/Stovetop
  • Crockpot Broccoli Turmeric Soup (Keto & Vegan)
  • Slow Cooker Keto Cabbage Roll Soup
  • Slow Cooker Keto Beef Stroganoff
  • Keto Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken
  • Keto Crockpot Chicken Thighs With Cabbage
  • Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala: Gluten-Free & Paleo
  • Slow Cooker Keto Meatballs Recipe


  1. Choose one or more options from our list of keto crockpot recipes here!
  2. Create your new favorite dish.
  3. Pat yourself on the back for making food at home for you to enjoy!
  4. Share and comment! Did you make any tweaks so it’s all your own?

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