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🍺 11 BEST Root Beer Cocktails: Unique Drinks For Your Next Party! 🍺

🍺 11 BEST Root Beer Cocktails: Unique Drinks For Your Next Party! 🍺

I’ve listed down 11 delectable root beer cocktails you can make in the comforts of your home. Are you looking for unique cocktails to bring out to your next party? Or just wanted a drink to treat you after a hard day’s work? Nothing to worry about; I’ve got you!

Root beer is a classic sweet soda drink you might have tasted as a child and still can’t resist now that you’re an adult.

Originated in North America around the 18th century, this famous carbonated drink traditionally has 2% alcohol when processed and added with alcohol to make it more pungent in taste.

Many carbonated drinks make different cocktails but today, let’s give credit to this classic soda and give it a little twist to satisfy your inner child.

If you love ice cream, Hard Root Beer Fireball Float, Adult Root Beer, Spiked Root Beer Float, and Root Beer Highball are the recipes to try.

But if you want your guests to return to memory lane, Tootsie Roll Cocktail will give them the classic childhood candy flavor we love.

There are many exciting recipes on this list you must give a shot at your next event.

Come and let’s discover what more the earthy flavor of root beer can bring to your cocktails!

This float will not only give you a kick you can expect from booze but will also let you relish the taste of your favorite root beer as a kid. 

If this is something you’re looking for a drink, you might want to give this drink a go!

You need three ingredients to make this pretty strong yet flavorful cocktail: hard root beer, fireball whiskey, and vanilla ice cream on top.

Fireball whiskey with cinnamon compliments the taste of the root beer as well as vanilla ice cream.

It’s 66-proof, which means you would still get a kick but won’t give you a hangover in the morning. 

So next time you have a game day with friends, try to serve this, and they will surely love it!

Here’s another root beer float you can enjoy!

This time, we will use vodka to bring an afterbite to this drink.

It’s effortless because it’s a 3-ingredient cocktail; you won’t need expert skills to prep this one!

You need root beer, vanilla ice cream, and vodka to make this refreshing cocktail.

It’s tasty and sweet, fit for your BBQ cookout with friends and family!

Looking for a root beer cocktail that you can serve to a crowd without hassle?

You need to mix vanilla and rum, add ice, then top with root beer and orange peel, and you’re up to taste a delicious drink on your glass.

You may replace the rum with bourbon, and the taste will still be great, but you may also try coconut rum and get a unique yet satisfying summer cocktail drink.

You may also make this in advance but don’t add the root beer until it’s time for you to please your crowd!

You might think this is just your usual soda with ice, but after a sip, you’ll notice the difference immediately!

All you need is Bourbon & Root Beer. 

Once you have these two, you’re well on your way to preparing a drink you won’t forget!

It’s not just about the flavor that makes this drink unforgettable; it also smells heavenly!

The sparkling soda’s earthy flavor blends well with the sweetness of bourbon.

This combination may be underrated, but you’ll include it on your cocktail list once you’ve given this a try.

If you’ve only known root beer as a soda that you enjoy on its own, you’re missing out big time!

Making a cocktail is easy, especially if you have root beer. 

Try mixing it with tequila, and you’ll know what we mean. 

In this recipe, you’ll need to add more soda than alcohol, making it beginner-friendly for anyone attempting to make cocktails for the first time. 

Pour it into a tall glass, then garnish with lemon slices, and it’s ready to serve!

While the steps to prepare this drink are quite similar to how you put together a dessert float, it’s certainly not!

Vodka and root beer combined derive this unique cocktail name: Voot Beer.

Add whipped cream and cherry on top to make this drink even more appealing to the eye.

If you are preparing to host a party or have a good time on a Friday night, this drink will instantly set you in the weekend mode!

Creamy and sweet with a punch is what this drink is all about.

Just once glance at this drink, you won’t help but lick your lips in anticipation!

You will need only three ingredients to experience heaven while this drink slides down your throat: black spiced rum, root beer, and a bit of Baileys.

So whether you are up to making a dessert cocktail or just looking for something to drink while sitting quietly on your couch, this drink will surely be a perfect match.

Root Beer Highball is another cocktail you must try!

Making this next-level cocktail should be easy if you have a stock of root beer in your fridge. 

Feeling creative?

You will only need a couple of things to prepare this one!

You’ll certainly feel refreshed as you pour whiskey and root beer into a chilled glass. 

Add a couple of ice cubes, and you’re all set!

Top it with ice cream to add flavor to this drink.

This recipe uses chocolate-flavored whiskey to blend well with the earthy and sweet taste of root beer, and instead of vanilla ice cream, change it to chocolate ice cream to make the taste chocolatey awesome.

So if you are fond of chocolatey drinks, you know this recipe is worth mixing!

It will be difficult to refuse this drink when it looks so good!

White Russian tastes like milkshakes; they’re creamy, sweet, and yummy!

Adding root beer gives this White Russian drink a twist. 

If you think about it, it’s simply adding root beer to a mix of Kahlua, cream, and vodka, but these small changes make all the difference!

Kahlua liqueur, vodka, root beer, ice, topped with heavy cream, and that is all it takes for you to get a chance to taste this decadent cocktail.

So now, going back to memory lane will be so much fun with a glass full of this tasty drink!

Come one come all (Tootsee Roll)
Just make that Tootsee Roll (Tootsee Roll)
Here we go, here we go (Tootsee Roll)

You’ll get in the groove after a glass of this great-tasting drink!

Who will ever forget the famous sweet candy tootsie roll?

Well, tootsie rolls may not be present on this drink literally, but the taste feels like drinking your favorite candy back in the day.

And what makes this so awesome is that you need two ingredients to make this sweet-like candy cocktail.

The Kahlua liqueur and root beer make this drink dark and spooky, which makes it ideal for serving during Halloween!

In each sip, you get to enjoy the sweetness of the root beer that fits so well with Kahlua’s smooth and velvety texture.

Let’s put some twist to your classic ice cream drink by adding some spice to it!

This creamy and great-tasting drink is made even better when a whiskey shot is added.

Not all alcohol can be paired with root beer, but when whiskey is combined, it’s the best combination you can have.

Ice cream keeps the whiskey cool while whiskey melts down the ice cream, which creates a creamy effect on this drink.

Adding the root beer gives the sparkle and more flavor once you taste it.

Make this a dessert drink or just a way to treat your sweet tooth with a punch!

The bottom line

Hosting parties requires a lot of thinking, particularly with the drinks you will serve your guests to set the party’s mood.

But having this list at hand, it will never be too stressful anymore as there’s always a great way to make the crowd all toasting their glass high.

These recipes surely will give everyone that nostalgic feeling of root beer in every sip.

And the good part is, they are effortless to do, budget-friendly yet delicious.

Making big batches is not an issue since ingredients are not so hard to find yet will please anyone who will taste it.

They might ask how you do wonders on their drinks, but as long as you have this list, you’re always prepared to share it with them.

Top 11 BEST Root Beer Cocktails 🍺

Top 11 BEST Root Beer Cocktails 🍺

Come and let's discover what more the earthy root beer flavor can bring to your root beer cocktails!


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  • Adult Root Beer Float
  • Rum & Root Beer Cocktail
  • Bourbon & Root Beer
  • Señor Root Beer Cocktail
  • Voot Beer
  • Root Beer Rum Creams
  • Root Beer Highball
  • Root Beer White Russians
  • Tootsie Roll Cocktail
  • Spiked Root Beer Float


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