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13 Best Cooked Arugula Recipes When You Want More Than Salad! ๐Ÿฅ—

Curiosity made you click, right? Who cooks salad greens? We wondered too, so we gathered these 13 Cooked Arugula Recipes to give you a head start on knowledge. Lettuce begin.

Everyone knows lettuce belongs in a salad bowl, right? 

Hold your horses right there, maybe not. 

Perhaps some varieties could be cooked as well. 

Take arugula, for example, as we are today! 

Cooked arugula recipes abound so there must be something to this method of warming/cooking arugula which takes it beyond the salad bowl indeed. 

It goes by many names in different places. 

You may hear it referred to as rocket, rucola, rucola, roquette, or Italian cress. 

Like most greens, there is a baby version which is harvested smaller and is therefore more tender and delicate. 

The adult version has a stronger taste and a rougher texture. 

It is easily identifiable because of its long and spiky leaves. 

But what taste does it add when using arugula recipes that aren’t salads?  

That is a great question. 

Peppery is arugula’s signature taste

When buying it for recipes that require cooking with arugula, look for leaves that are dry with consistent green color. 

When getting ready to cook arugula think about it the way you would spinach which also is eaten raw or cooked. 

Sauteed arugula with veggies make a fantastic side or it can be then added into soups, sandwiches, pasta dishes, pesto, or stir frys! 

Cooked arugula can be found in casseroles and lasagnas as well. 

In some places it is sprinkled on top of pizza fresh out of the oven or chopped up and added into a recipe like any other herb.  

Whether you are wanting to make a stew, entree, side dish, snack or appetizer, cooked arugula recipes might just be your next obsession! 

Here are 13 to checkout—the breakfast recipe is my personal favorite!

Starting off our cooked arugula recipes is this delightful pasta with tomato and pine nuts recipe. 

Here the arugula is barely cooked but adds a peppery brightness to the dish. 

The pasta is cooking while the sauce is being created with a beautiful combination of olive oil, pepperoncini, shallot, garlic, salt, red pepper flakes and tomatoes. 

Cool technique here is placing the arugula into a colander and straining the pasta over it so the water runs over the arugula, cooking it just slightly. 

The pasta and the arugula are then mixed completely into the tomato sauce and sprinkled with pine nuts and parmesan! 

Fun to learn something new everyday!

We are all done with boring baked chicken, so today let’s try some arugula recipes that aren’t salads. 

Not even in the slightest! 

Thin cut chicken breasts start this recipe being sauteed in olive oil on each side and set aside. 

Next is the best part, making the pan sauce which includes a shallot, white wine, chicken broth, Dijon mustard, cream, butter and chopped arugula which adds that spicy peppery flavor. 

Then the chicken is added in. 

I do love only having one pan to clean!

Next up is another cooking with arugula pasta dish, but with a different pasta and a different protein! 

I love this dish because it is flavorful without the fuss. 

Thirty minutes till done! 

Cook up the pasta you prefer between fettuccine, spaghetti or linguine. 

In a skillet, saute garlic and hot pepper flakes in oil and add in canned tuna. 

Save one cup of the water when draining the pasta then combine the pasta with the tuna mixture. 

Last comes the arugula which is tossed in. 

Some of the reserved water can be added to make tossing easier if needed. 

This wilts and warms the arugula just perfectly!

This amazingly quick skillet does not fully cook arugula but warms it enough to release its flavor and add texture to the dish.  

Sometimes you might pick this recipe because you already have pasta that is cooked and needs to be used up, otherwise, fresh pasta will need to be cooked. 

First, the spicy Italian sausage is cooked in olive oil. 

Next, cherry tomatoes are cut in half and added in. 

Then, the cooked pasta and arugula are tossed with the sausage and tomatoes until all is warm and the arugula is just beginning to wilt. 

The color in this dish is just delightful too!

This luscious arugula soup has a base of potatoes, onion, garlic, celery that are boiled in vegetable broth until potatoes are done. 

Then the arugula is added in to be cooked. 

The next step is to blend it all together until smooth. 

Lastly, coconut milk for added richness along with salt and pepper to taste. 

The final product is a beautiful earthy green soup that just begs to be enjoyed! 

Lemon is so refreshing and is the dominant flavor in this sauteed arugula and rigatoni pasta dish with burrata! 

What’s not to love? 

While the pasta is cooking, saute in a skillet a shallot, garlic and lemon zest. 

Then add the cooked pasta, juice of two lemons (see, I said it was lemony), arugula and the reserved pasta water. 

Stir until arugula wilts and the one inch chunks of burrata cheese are melted. 

Season with salt and pepper! 

Love this!

Another of my cooked arugula recipes is this luxurious risotto. 

Now risotto requires your full attention but the end result of a peppery, creamy bowl of rice will be absolutely worth it! 

The arugula is blanched in boiling water, then in an ice bath and blended until smooth. 

The oil and rice are toasted a bit then shallots are added in shortly before the white wine. 

After the wine evaporates, add vegetable stock slowly, half a cup at a time, until it has all been absorbed. 

Lastly, add mascarpone and parmesan cheese, blended arugula and salt. 

Serve warm and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Here I have some breakfast arugula recipes that aren’t salads by any stretch, and this hash is perhaps my favorite! 

You will soon see why with the crispy potatoes, greens and fried eggs! 

But honestly, this could be a fantastic dinner as well! 

Just saying! 

The potatoes are started first since they take the longest and I diced them small to cook faster with the onions. 

Once they are soft, stir in the spinach, arugula and garlic. 

Create “wells” where the four eggs can be added to cook as long as you like. 

Sausage added when potatoes are halfway cooked is another excellent variation!

Most paninis are enjoyable and here we are using arugula recipes that aren’t salads to make this one really stand out! 

The pesto is created with blended avocado, sun dried tomatoes, basil, pine nuts, garlic, lemon juice, oil, salt and pepper. 

The arugula is mixed with olive oil and vinegar. 

The sandwiches are made by spreading the pesto on two slices of bread, adding arugula and cheese to one slice and topping with the other! 

Then it’s ready to be put in the panini press or grill pan to heat. 

Super yummy! 

This cooked arugula pasta dish is the one to go to when you are in the mood for what could be classified as a warm salad! 

What I appreciate is that it is simple and oh so delicious! 

You know it is going to be great when it starts with browning walnuts in a skillet. 

Then saute seasoned shiitake mushrooms and add in dried cranberries, balsamic vinegar and mix thoroughly. 

Last baby arugula is added and incorporated until it starts to wilt. 

Pour walnuts back in and serve with a favorite cheese sprinkled on top! 

A protein could easily be included as well.

Pizza may never have looked or tasted so good! 

It does have you bake arugula more so than actually cook arugula, but you get the gist! 

It all starts with a delicious flatbread whether you make one or buy one. 

Next up is the pesto, again you can make it or buy it. 

The assembly here is almost a work of art with the pesto spread evenly over the flatbread and then topped with cooked baby bella mushrooms, fresh arugula and oregano. 

Last, spoon burrata cheese in several areas across the flatbread. 

Do not worry about coverage as you can add more after it’s baked if needed. 

E magnifico! 

Brunch is another place to find a cooked arugula dish, this time in a frittata! 

Caramelized onions start us off and then the arugula is cooked till wilted. 

Next the mixture of eggs and milk are added and let cook for a base to set. 

Crumbled goat cheese is sprinkled across the top before putting the skillet into the oven for baking. 

This onion and arugula frittata can be served warm right out of the oven, a bit after cooling off or even cold. 

Flexibility for the win!

Sides that are cooked arugula recipes, typically involve veggies of some kind. 

In this recipe, red bell peppers and green arugula will certainly make a bright splash on a dinner plate next to an entree! 

The bell peppers are cut in thin strips and sauteed until soft and beginning to brown. 

At that point garlic is added. 

Last, arugula, salt and pinch of red pepper flakes are added along with balsamic vinegar. 

Stir gently till all is incorporated and this side is ready to serve! 

The bottom line

So you can see, cooked arugula recipes cover all sorts of options from various mealtimes to various uses. 

With a little bit of looking, lovely arugula recipes that aren’t salads can be found and I hope this list was of help to you in that quest!

Giving up on cooked arugula? No problem. Back to arugula salads!

13 Best Cooked Arugula Recipe

13 Best Cooked Arugula Recipe

Arugula: Not just for salads anymore! Add this peppery, leafy green to Cooked Arugula Recipes for a twist of flavor!


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