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15 BEST Spanish Cocktails You Will Enjoy At Home

15 BEST Spanish Cocktails You Will Enjoy At Home

If you’ve never had a Spanish drink, you’re in for a treat. Here are 15 amazing Spanish Cocktails that will have you shouting “¡Salud!” in no time.

Hitting a party out of the park is hard to do.

And that means figuring out the perfect menu: something affordable, delicious, and impressive all at once.

We’ve got the perfect solution for you: cocktails!

Yes, beer and wine are great options too, but who doesn’t want to be the host or hostess that offers their guests something unique?

The trick is to find a drink that will appeal to everyone without being boring.

And we’ve got just the thing: Spanish cocktails!

Who doesn’t want to be impressed by your knowledge of Spanish traditions? (OK, maybe two people.) 

But it’s really as easy as picking up some sangria from your local grocery store and making a few finger foods.

So, if you’re considering a night of Spanish-inspired cocktails, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve gathered some creative and delicious recipes for drinks that will impress your friends and their palate.

We’ve got some classics, like Red Sangria and the Rebujto, and some new twists on old favorites that will help you rethink what it means to be classy.

But honestly, we think #13 is the most interesting and unique out of all the Spanish cocktails listed here.

And now, get yourself a glass and prepare to mix up your drinks with us!

We don’t know about you, but if we’re going to drink sangria, we want it to be a mighty good sangria.

Not the kind that takes hours to make and then tastes like nothing.

And definitely not the kind that’s overly sweet or heavily alcoholic.

Just something slightly sweet, perfectly refreshing, and oh-so-easy.

And this  Red Sangria recipe?

It checks all those boxes.

It requires a few ingredients and takes minutes to prepare.

It’s light and fruity, with a hint of spice from the fruity liqueur that cuts through the sweetness.

So make some for your next party and watch it go down smoothly (and quickly).

Are you looking for a way to add some class to your cola? You need Kalimotxo. 

It’s also called Calimocho, and it has a sophisticated taste, but it only has two things: red wine and coke!

The dry wine balances the sweet cola perfectly, making this Basque country cocktail taste almost like sangria or Spanish vermouth.

Plus, it’s earthy and sweet with caramel overtones, making it perfect for any season.

Try this recipe out next time you’re looking for a fresh take on sangria or want something sweeter than your average glass of red.

It’s no secret that the Spanish are great at making gin and tonic, a nice cocktail that is very straightforward: it’s just gin and tonic water. 

So what does a Spanish Gin and Tonic taste like? 

It tastes like the gin and tonic you know and love, with a slightly fresher kind of taste.

Some people might find the flavor too strong for their taste buds but don’t worry – it’s actually quite mild!

And when mixed into cocktails or poured over ice cubes, it also gives off a nice sweet smell.

However, you enjoy drinking this with some lemon juice added for extra zestiness; or if you want extra sweetness, just add more sugar!

Make no mistake: this is NOT sangria!

While some people spell it as one word, tinto de verano means “summer red” in Spanish, and we’re not messing around with the name here.

Don’t try to make this with fruity white wine. It won’t work!

This red wine-based cocktail has the flavors of summery fresh fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruit.

Oh, and you can’t forget the splash of bubbly lemon-lime soda!

Rebujito is the traditional drink of Seville, Spain, and is the perfect refreshment for those hot summer days.

It’s super easy to make, too.

But what does it taste like? 

The Rebujito is a light, refreshing cocktail that tastes like the first time you feel the sun on your face after winter.

The perfect blend of sweet and sour makes it the ideal drink to sip while you watch the sunset or knock back after a hard day’s work.

We have a few drinks we can’t get enough of at our bars, and Agua de Valencia is one of them.

It’s sweet and fizzy, with a bright, citrusy flavor that makes it the perfect addition to your cocktails. 

It’s an easy crowd-pleaser—the kind of drink you can make for anyone and know that they’ll be happy.

One of our favorite ways to make it is with orange juice, lemon juice, club soda, gin, and orange liqueur.

The gin adds just the suitable complexity without overpowering the other flavors.

It’s delicious on its own, though—sweet bubbles in an orange hue? Who could say no?

Cuba Libre, Cuba Libre, a libre way to taste the tropics.

The taste is like a party in your mouth!

The rum, coke, and lime are all right there.

You’ve got a sweet, tart, and refreshing tropical flavor that’ll make you feel like you’re on vacation.

It’s got that bright burst of citrus from the lime that mixes perfectly with the sweetness of the rum and cola.

And it’s strong enough to be an adult drink with real flavors but also light enough to drink all day.

We love red wine, we love white wine, and we even love rosé!

But for some reason, White Sangria is often left out of the mix.

And just because it’s “lighter” than its sister drink (Red Sangria) doesn’t mean it has less flavor.

With its combination of tart citrus and sweet apple flavors, you’ll find that white sangria is actually more complex than red!

So if you’ve been planning to break away from your tried-and-true cocktail recipes, but don’t know where to start, consider giving fresh white sangria a try!

The Spanish Carajillo might look simple, but it tastes more complicated than it seems.

The shot of espresso and the liquor make a refreshing drink that can be served hot or cold, with a splash of milk cream if you want to.

It’s also easy to prepare, seeing as just two ingredients mixed together!

But what makes this drink so delicious?

It’s because the sweet liquor balances out the bitter taste of espresso perfectly.

When life gives you lemons, make lemon shandy.

When life gives you Lemon Shandy, pour it into a glass and drink it.

With flavors like lemonade and beer, it’s perfect for hot summer days when you’re chilling out with friends by the pool or on the deck of a yacht.

It’s a refreshing blend of sweet and savory that will keep you coming back for more.

Look, we get it: you’re not into a pineapple-flavored beer because you think it will taste like the kind of beer you’d drink at a frat party.

But let us tell you: this is no mixer.

Pineapple Tepache is a delicious beverage that’s light, refreshing, and full of flavor!

It goes great with fish tacos or barbecue, and if you’re feeling like a snack while sitting by the beach, then we highly recommend trying it with some salty chips.

So skip the soda when you’re dining out with friends tonight—Pineapple Tepache has your back.

Coquito is all about the flavors.

It’s a drink that you can tailor to your tastes, and tailored it should be. 

And the best way to describe it is that it tastes like “Christmas in a cup.”

It’s basically coconutty eggnog, which means that its super-rich, creamy, and sweet.

The addition of aguardiente or rum adds a little extra kick, and you’ll notice that when you’re drinking your coquito!

This beverage is a fun twist on traditional Spanish cocktails.

It’s the perfect drink for all seasons, crisp enough for summer and warm enough for winter.

And it’s not afraid to say a lot is going on.

The grapefruit, of course, has its mouthwatering, citrusy notes; the more complex and aromatic thyme; the herbaceous vermouth; the tart bitters; and even some sparkling water.

It’s like you went to Spain, and all of Spain was in this one glass, but it was also like being at home, safe on your couch with your favorite people surrounding you.

It’s wonderful. You should try it.

If you love the fresh, clean taste of mint and lime, you’ll be so into Mojito.

It’s a light, refreshing flavor that can be enjoyed anytime in the morning (especially if you’re hungover) or after dinner as a nice little treat with your kids.

The lime is tangy and sweet, and the mint is invigorating.

The two flavors combine to create this cool, crisp drink that will have you saying “ahhh” before taking your first sip.

The Tea Thyme Cocktail is a tangy, slightly tart beverage that’s perfect for any day.

And the flavors in this drink are no joke.

You’ve got the citrusy acidity of lemon, the brightness of honey, and the earthiness of tea.

The combination is like a citrus storm on your tongue!

The tanginess hits first; then you get a burst of sweetness; finally, the bitterness of tea rounds it all out.

The end result?

A flavor explosion like you’ve never experienced before.

The bottom line

We’ve gone over 15 delicious Spanish drinks you can make without ever leaving your home.

They are super easy to prepare, but they will also make you smile.

And now that you have all these recipes, we hope you’ll use them as inspiration to create your own signature drinks.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go grab the ingredients of this flavorful list of Spanish cocktails and start mixing them together for a taste of Spain.

You will be glad you did, so pour yourself something fancy and enjoy!

Top 15 Best Spanish Cocktails 🍸

Top 15 Best Spanish Cocktails 🍸

Here are 15 amazing Spanish Cocktails that will have you shouting "¡Salud!" in no time!


  • Red Sangria
  • Kalimotxo
  • Spanish Gin Tonic
  • Tinto De Verano
  • Rebujito
  • Agua De Valencia
  • Cuba Libre
  • White Sangria
  • Carajillo
  • Lemon Shandy (Clara Con Limon)
  • Pineapple Tepache
  • Coquito
  • Grapefruit And Thyme Vermouth Spritz
  • Classic Mojito
  • Tea Thyme Cocktail


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