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25 BEST DIY Mother’s Day Cookies For The Special Women In Your Life!🌷

25 BEST DIY Mother’s Day Cookies For The Special Women In Your Life!🌷

Are you ready to make perfect Mother’s Day cookies to show your Mom how special she is to you? 🌷🌷🌷

Or maybe Mother’s Day cookies may be what your kids have settled on for a tasty gift for Mom! 

You do indeed know your Mom best and of all the sweet rolls, cakes, pies, and muffins in the world, if cookies are what make her eyes light up, then Mother’s Day cookies iced beautifully are indeed the gift to give! 

One very popular design when giving cookies as gifts is to arrange the Mother’s Day cookies bouquet-style 💐 either on sticks creatively arranged in a mason jar or clean terracotta pot or simply creatively arranged on a serving dish to look like a bouquet of flowers in a vase. 

Either one is beautiful but the preparation is very different. 

Mother’s Day cookie ideas can range from simply making her most favorite type of cookie to baking something new and different. 

A Mother’s Day cookie gift is easy to put together because it can be wrapped to stay fresh and then wrapped again as a gift or simply presented on a lovely plate with a smile! 

Mother’s Day treat recipes typically are of a shortbread or sugar cookie base with icing being the main event. 

However, others are fruit filled or flower topped or chocolate dipped. 

They may be delicate and pastel in color or vibrant with bold messages! 

The sky’s the limit and even though when making the Mother’s Day cookies recipes, easy may not be the first word that comes to mind, love certainly will be!  

So I invite you to browse through this list of 25 Mother’s Day cookie recipes in hopes that one may help make the day extra special! 

Got a mom who isn’t a fan of too much sugar? Try our list of savory cookie recipes.

These Mother’s Day cookies actually are easy! 

With a chewy vanilla and almond sugar cookie base, they are filled with cherry pie filling and then drizzled with icing. 

The trick is freezing the dough with the indentation before filling with three cherries worth of pie filling and baking. 

The icing is a fancy touch!

Mother’s Day cookies decorated by hand painting certainly are a unique gift! 

Here, a cookie and icing recipe is provided in associated links. 

The author details how to paint the iced cookie by mixing your colored icing on wax paper and painting with food safe paint brushes! 💐

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this Mother’s Day cookie bouquet has a video to show exactly how the icing part of this cookie is completed. 

The cookie and icing recipes are included as well as colors and tips needed. 

The step by step process is super helpful!

When little hands want to help with the Mother’s Day cookies ideas, this recipe is fantastic. 

Cream cheese sugar cookies are made and then rolled into balls. 

Now comes the fun part. 

Using small bowls roll the sugar balls around in sprinkles of any kind or color before baking. 

Part of the creativity is having a varying collection of colors!

I know my Mom would love Mother’s Day cookies recipes that are jam-filled, flower shaped sugar cookies! 

You can purchase premade sugar cookie dough from the store or make your own favorite recipe. 

Cut out flower shapes and place them in a muffin tin for baking. 

After baking, sprinkle them with powdered sugar and add a dollop of jam inside each one! 

Beautiful and tasty!

Fantastic, kid-friendly, easy Mother’s Day cookies might be these raspberry cream sugar cookie sandwiches. 

Light and sweet and a delicious combination of sugar cooking and raspberry buttercream! 

If raspberry isn’t mom’s first choice, feel free to use any jam or jelly flavor she prefers! 

Want to make it an amazing day? Add on a full Mother’s Day Breakfast with these recipe ideas!

These delightful vanilla shortbread cookies make a lovely Mother’s Day cookies gift. 

But wait, there’s more! 

They are then half dipped into melted chocolate and for a “brown and cream” look. 

BUT, they could also immediately be decorated with edible rose petals and sliced almonds with an end result that is quite glamorous!

When Mother’s Day cookies iced beautifully is what you want, this is another great choice! 

Now, this is quite the intricate artistic lesson, and for those of you out there looking for just that, this will be perfect. 

It includes cookies and templates, piping tips and paintbrushes, gel food colors and a video tutorial which is definitely insightful!

Short cuts for Mother’s Day cookies are totally acceptable, especially if they are tasty! 

Here the cookies are strawberry flavor from the use of a strawberry cake mix, butter, egg and vanilla. 

The frosting is butter, cream cheese, vanilla and powdered sugar! 

Everybody can make these! 

Oh and the sugar sprinkles are a must since Mom taught us the love of sprinkles! 

Want chocolate instead? Try these Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies With Peanut Butter Chips!

If your search is for a recipe that the slightly older kiddos can help with, these Mother’s Day cookies decorated with melted chocolate and M&Ms might be a great choice! 

No baking required! 

Oreos are attached to a lollipop stick, dipped in melted chocolate and candies are attached to the front.

Details are given for how to arrange in a cute pot making the presentation an eye-catching 3D centerpiece!

Here’s another version of the Mother’s Day Cookie Bouquet. 

If looking for a straightforward nonsense recipe with detailed instructions on how to make a Mother’s Day cookie bouquet, this is it!

It includes solid recipes and baking instructions. 

Details are given on how to make each part including flowers, leaves, caterpillars, ladybugs and even a butterfly! 

Quite the bouquet!

For the Moms out there who absolutely adore chocolate, Mother’s Day cookies ideas with chocolate are an absolute MUST! 

Here we have a take on snickerdoodles but this time, chocolate ones. 

It all begins with a purchased Snickerdoodle cookie mix to which butter, egg and cocoa powder are added. 

Bonus if you throw in some chocolate chips too! 

There can never be too much chocolate in a cookie, can there?  

No, the answer is no.

For the Mom with the discriminating palate, this selection from my Mother’s Day cookies recipes is a bit off the beaten path using molasses, which is an acquired taste as far as some as concerned. 

They do need to be flattened out a bit before baking. 

The soft and chewy yet dense texture has just the right amount of spice. 

The icing hardens up forming a nice shell.

Why not make it a boozy brunch too? Or not: here’s our list of mocktail ideas too!

I had never heard of these easy Mother’s Day cookies. 

These white chocolate sugar cookies are thin, with a simple dough.

With the white chocolate baked right in there is no need for icing! 

The dough will need chill time before it is rolled out, cut with a cookie cutter, and baked to perfection.

If tea, particularly Earl Grey, is one of Mom’s preferred morning beverages, a Mother’s Day cookies gift basket could include a batch of these lovely cookies made with that very tea in the batter. 

There is also a light lemon rose glaze for the icing. 

These can also be made with chamomile tea as well.

An artistic Mother’s Day cookie iced adventure might be these butterfly sugar cookies. 

The technique to marbelize the color through the white icing is easier than you imagine! 

The icing has color added in but not stirred, rather the color is simply pulled through with a toothpick to create the swirls. 

Then the cookies are dipped carefully right into the icing bowl. 

The result is very artistic and charming!

Remember when wearing hats was vogue? 

These Mother’s Day cookies are hat-shaped and decorated. 

Maybe a trifle too cute to eat, they certainly will be conversation starters! 

The cookie and icing recipes are provided and the baking of the parts requires a cake ball pan to make the tops. 

The decorations are made with a variety of ingredients like icing, candies, and modeling chocolate.

Excellent pictures and explanations!

Mother’s Day cookies decorated with loving care will be just the thing to warm a Mom’s heart! 

These morning glory cookies are beautiful just like the flower! 

The focus of this post is not so much the cookie as the icing and flower decorating steps. 

The white lattice fence ones are my favorite, but however they turn out they will be lovely since morning glories grow any which way!

When your learning style is visual, you will appreciate the video in this post showing how to make this gorgeous Mother’s Day cookie bouquet! 

Recipes, colors, materials, day-by-day and the step-by-step process is fully explained. 

Give it a good read through before starting so you can be as prepared as possible before starting out!

Carrot cake was bound to make an appearance on this list and here it is as one of my fantastic Mother’s Day cookies ideas! 

Who can resist a finger friendly bite of thick, chewy carrot cake in cookie form with thick cream cheese frosting on top? 

Best part is you are given permission to start with a cake mix and along with other items added, the secret ingredient is oats! 

Add the icing in as simple or fancy a way as you like!

Divine is an adjective few Mother’s Day cookies recipes can boast, and this one is most definitely one! 

Cheesecake in cookie form? 

Tell me more! 

Dried raspberries and white chocolate chips are paired together for the perfect amount of sweetness! 

Note that once you pull together the cookie dough, two hours of chilling is recommended before baking.

Using premade flowers and leaves makes this recipe for Mother’s Day cookies easy as can be! 

Pink candy melts are used to dip the Oreos in with the flowers and leaves being placed on top while the icing is wet so they harden together as it dries. 

Simple explanation is easy to follow with helpful tips.

Another wonderful choice for a Mother’s Day cookies gift might be this recipe for pecan sandies! 

Rich buttery shortbread mixed with finely chopped pecans. 

What makes these a bit different is that the tops have granulated sugar pressed into them before baking for that little something extra! 

Video shows this ingenious technique.

Painting messages on Mother’s Day cookies iced with flowers makes them very personal and meaningful. 

This post includes recipes while focusing on how to do the painting on the icing part. 

Brushes and colors and techniques are discussed. 

One major key is to allow sufficient time for drying between steps.

Finally, I close this list of Mother’s Day cookies with a fun sugar cookie recipe that uses circles and leaves as the only cutout shapes. 

Simple piping bags are all the tools needed. 

Backgrounds go on first, with colorful flower centers and petals added on top. 

These are unassuming and quite cute!

The bottom line

Mother’s Day cookies will be enjoyed by Mom, and the whole family, no matter what flavor or design. 

I do hope that among these Mother’s Day cookies ideas one special one was included that will please the Mom in your life!

And because they aren’t exactly cookies but I think they are super cute, check out #10 in our list of Cake Pop recipes here.

If I were invited to a special luncheon and they were offered up, I’d be pretty darn pleased, I tell ya.

Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with all the moms in your life! 🌷🌷🌷

25 BEST DIY Mother’s Day Cookies 🌷

25 BEST DIY Mother’s Day Cookies 🌷

Ready to make pretty Mother’s Day cookies for a special lady in your life? We have the best 25 easy and pretty Mom’s Day cookie recipes right here.


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  • Rose Vanilla Shortbread Cookies
  • Pansy Cookies
  • Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting
  • Mother's Day Cookie Bouquet 1
  • Mother's Day Cookie Bouquet 2
  • Mother's Day Chocolate Snickerdoodles
  • Iced Molasses Cookies
  • White Chocolate Sugar Cookies
  • Glazed Earl Grey Tea Cookies
  • Marbled Butterfly Sugar Cookies
  • Ladies' Hat Piñata Cookies
  • Morning Glory Cookies
  • How to Decorate Mother's Day Flower Bouquet
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  • Mother's Day Cookies


  1. What’s in the pantry? Match what’s on hand with one of our Mother’s Day Cookies!
  2. Tie on your sturdy apron!
  3. Make one of these easy and pretty recipes for the special lady in your life. 
  4. Share your fun creation here!

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