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17 BEST Bread Appetizers That Everyone Will Love

17 BEST Bread Appetizers That Everyone Will Love

Here’s your list of 17 delicious, mouthwatering bread appetizers! Try these hearty and yummy (and often economical) ways to use bread in your appetizer recipes when planning your next party!

Are you a bread lover? This is for you! 

Whether it’s sweet or savory, we’ve got you covered.

Bread is a blank canvas with its own soft, fresh, luscious bite.

It’s the perfect vessel for a range of flavors and textures, which means you can use it to make all kinds of appetizers.

Yes, we’re talking about bread appetizers—dishes that are made with bread as the main ingredient.

And they’re not just delicious; they’re incredibly versatile.

You can use them as an easy way to add some excitement to your dinner party or bring them along to a potluck or picnic.

They’re also great for when you’re looking for something new and different to serve at home that’s still easy enough to make during a busy weeknight.

Do you want some cheesy goodness? 

Try making Baked Brie Bread Appetizer.

Are you ready for something light, savory and refreshing? 

Then the Pear Gorgonzola Bites are for you!

But if you want to make a good impression on your guests and show them how good you are at throwing parties, serve them #16

They’ll be wowed, and we guarantee that!

So, let’s get right down to it!

1. Tomato Basil Bruschetta With Balsamic Drizzle

The culinary experience of this dish started with a tomato.

It was an amazing tomato: plump and juicy, ripe to perfection.

Then, right when we thought things couldn’t get any better, along came the baguette, which is crusty enough to break your teeth on but soft enough to suck up all that tomato goodness.

And then there was the balsamic drizzle.

It was thick and sweet, rich and tangy.

It simply brought everything together into one perfect bite.

2. Pesto Garlic Bread

If you could take the taste of your favorite pasta and wrap it in a savory, buttery package, wouldn’t you?

Well, this is that savory, buttery package.

Pesto Garlic Bread is more than just a tasty snack or appetizer.

It’s an entire meal on a plate.

And in this recipe, we use freshly baked French bread with pesto, butter, and parmesan cheese to make a dish so rich and satisfying that it might make you want to weep with joy.

So, bake a batch for yourself. 

You know you deserve it!

3. Baked Brie Bread Appetizer

Sometimes, you simply need to break out of your comfort zone.

And if that means dipping into the world of brie and crescent rolls, well, we’re not going to judge you!

This Baked Brie Bread Appetizer is a quick and easy recipe that will have your guests coming back for more.

It’s got a flaky crescent roll pastry, a brie cheese wheel, and an egg. 

Plus, it’s like an ooey-gooey quesadilla meets a cheesy crescent roll.

You get the sweet and savory flavors of the brie paired with the crunchy outside of the crescent roll.

Then, it’s all brushed off with a beaten egg that adds extra creamy flavor when you bite into it.

It’s just so good!

4. Mini Spicy Naan Pizza Bites Appetizers

Have you ever wanted to eat a pizza, but you didn’t have enough time?

Or maybe you were just too lazy to make one.

Well, with these Mini Spicy Naan Pizza Bites Appetizers, you can enjoy the taste of pizza without putting in any effort.

We start with mini naan bread—it’s soft and fluffy, with just enough crust to give it some crunch and to soak up all the juicy herbed tomato sauce and silky melted cheese.

Then we have some pepperoni slices for an extra burst of smoky flavor.

And if that wasn’t enough, we garnish it with parsley to help bring out the flavors even more!

5. Whipped Goat Cheese Crostini

We’re not sure if you’ve ever had a Whipped Goat Cheese Crostini, but let us tell you, it’s a game-changer.

The first bite is bliss: the creamy goat cheese melts in your mouth as the crisp bread slides down your throat.

Then comes the crunch from the garlic and chives, followed by an aromatic burst of thyme.

It’s that kind of moment that takes your breath away and makes you feel alive in every way possible.

6. Caprese Focaccia 

Let’s be real: there are a lot of Caprese salads out there.

They’re all pretty similar: mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil.

But have you ever tried a Caprese Focaccia?

Well, we have!

And we can tell you that this Caprese Focaccia is one of our favorite things in the world! 

You can utilize any type of cheese you want in this recipe.

Still, mozzarella is what makes this appetizer so unique.

We love fresh mozzarella because it adds creaminess and a tangy flavor that brings out the tomatoes’ sweetness.

And what about those basil leaves!

They add just enough peppery freshness without overpowering and look beautiful when placed on top of this dish.

7. Big Mac Bites

When Big Mac comes to mind, what do you picture?

For most people, it’s two hamburger buns, a beef patty, onions, pickles, ketchup, and cheese—all smothered in a creamy dressing.

But what if you can get all that flavor in one bite?

Big Mac Bites are the perfect solution for that!

The delicious beef, the sesame seeds, the pickles—it’s all there.

But there’s something about the onion and Worcestershire sauce that makes them even more delicious than the original.

Besides, the thousand island dressing is a nice touch; it brings a little tang to what would otherwise be a savory burger.

What more could you ask for?

8. Baked Biscuit Wreath Dip

Take a bite of Baked Biscuit Wreath Dip. 

It’s so unique, decadent, and flavorful that it instantly becomes your go-to response for everything from “Hi” to “I love you.”

But what makes this dip stand out from other cheese dips?

It’s not too heavy on the palate.

It’s creamy and rich without being overpowering.

And it’s got that cheesy deliciousness you crave with just a hint of spinach and parmesan.

Plus, its texture is smooth, like silk on your tongue.

It’s an experience unlike any other!

9. Mushroom Bread Appetizer

This is the bread that’s out of the box.

The name is Mushroom Bread Appetizer, but it tastes like a cross between a grilled cheese and a grilled mushroom pizza.

At first, it looks like any other Vienna bread: golden-brown crust with a light interior that’s soft but not too sticky.

But then you take a tidbit and realize: this is no ordinary bread!

The cheese is tangy and melty—it’s Swiss cheese!

The mushrooms are fresh-chopped.

And those green onions?

They give the whole thing a fabulous crunchy texture that adds just the right amount of bite.

Besides, you’ll get poppy seeds for extra nutty and woody flavor without being too much.

It’s like no other appetizer you’ve tried before; once you start eating it, you won’t want to stop!

10. Scallion & Chive Flatbread

It’s not often that you find a flatbread as fancy as it is delicious, but this one definitely fits the bill.

The Scallion & Chive Flatbread starts with a crusty flatbread, parmesan cheese, scallion, and chives, then baked until golden brown.

When you plunge your teeth into it, you’ll get a burst of flavor from the crispy crust and tender crumbs of the bread itself. 

Then there’s the pungent-spicy punch coming from the scallions and chives.

And while it sounds like an unusual combination, it totally works!

11. Cheese Stuffed Garlic Pull-Apart Bread

Cheese Stuffed Garlic Pull-Apart Bread was one of the most magical experiences of our lives.

The bread had a nice texture, with a crisp crust and soft, fluffy interior. 

The outside was coated with herb butter and melted parmesan cheese that made us drool just looking at it.

Then took a bite of the crunchy outer layer and slowly pulled apart the rest of the bread to reveal a gooey center filled with the delicate and slightly sour mozzarella cheese.

And even though it may sound too good to be true, this one is divinely delicious.

12. Sloppy Joe Cornbread Muffins

If you’ve ever had a Sloppy Joe, then you know it’s comforting food.

It’s also a simple way to feed your family with minimal effort, and it’s packed with all of the flavor and richness of an authentic homemade meal without all the pesky work.

But did you know there’s even a better way to get the same great taste in a fraction of the time?

We’d like to introduce you to the Sloppy Joe Cornbread Muffins.

They’re loaded with meaty, juicy, and well-seasoned ground beef, topped with cheddar cheese, then baked into a moist and fluffy cornbread muffin base that will have your tastebuds begging for more!

So, next time you want something fast and tasty but don’t want to spend hours hovering over a hot stovetop or turning on your oven, turn to these easy-to-make muffins instead!

13. Pear Gorgonzola Appetizer Bites

These Pears Gorgonzola Appetizer Bites smell so good you won’t be able to resist taking a bite.

The combination of pears and lemon juice wafting through the air will have you thinking about a warm summer day, although it was still chilly outside.

And as you bite it,  your mouth will be filled with warm, juicy pear flavor—not too sweet, not too tart.

It has just the perfect level of sweetness to balance the gorgonzola cheese.

You’ll also have walnuts and rosemary, which add some earthy crunchiness that complements the softness of the pears. 

And then there was the gorgonzola cheese itself: sharp, creamy, salty goodness that brought everything together into one perfect dish!

14. Burrata & Prosciutto Focaccia

What do you get when you cross focaccia, burrata, and prosciutto?

We’ll tell you.

You’ll get a piece of bread that’s warm and chewy, with just enough crust to provide a satisfying crunch.

You’ll also experience the burrata, which is creamy and rich—the perfect foil for the prosciutto’s salty edge.

And then the prosciutto itself!

It’s thickly sliced, but not so much that it’ll dominate your palate with its saltiness.

Plus, it’s got just the right amount of chewiness for a satisfying bite without being too chewy or tough.

15. Savory Cheesy Monkey Bread

Have you ever had monkey bread?

It’s that sweet, sticky treat you make with biscuit dough and then bake into little balls.

You dip it in butter and sugar, and it’s delicious.

But what if you can make that monkey bread savory?

Enter the Savory Cheesy Monkey Bread: a fluffy biscuit with sharp cheddar cheese, melty Gouda cheese, and Gorgonzola blue cheese baked into the center of each bite-size ball.

It’s so good, we’re not sure how to describe it!

All we know is that we want more!

16. Cheesy Mexican Toast Cups

A great way to start your meal is with a nice piece of toast.

Now, imagine if that toast was shaped like a cup.

Then, you’d have Cheesy Mexican Toast Cups, and we’re pretty sure you’d be ready to take on the world.

Picture this: a soft, buttery bread that’s been hollowed out to hold the creamy and nutty black beans and zesty salsa.

Then add some cheese and eggs, and bake until they’re warm and gooey.

It’s like a portable Mexican sandwich—but in an appetizer form!

You’ll love these cheesy cups of goodness.

17. Pesto Pinwheels With Cheese & Prosciutto

Pesto Pinwheels With Cheese & Prosciutto are a fun appetizer that’s great for entertaining or a quick lunch that you can whip up while running errands.

The puff pastry is flaky and buttery.

The prosciutto adds just enough saltiness to balance out the pesto.

And there’s just enough mozzarella to give these pinwheels a satisfying chew without overpowering the flavors of everything else.

So, what are you waiting for?

Roll up your sleeves, dust off your rolling pin, and get ready for an appetizer that’ll make your guests think twice about whether or not they should start cooking themselves dinner again.

The bottom line

There’s no denying that an appetizer can make or break your meal.

And so, we’ve put together a list of 17 exciting ways to serve bread as appetizers.

You’ll find traditional bread appetizer recipes, including a variety of sweet and savory treats.

We’ve also included several recipes that will help you build some creative presentations to impress your family and friends.

Now, go get to making some bread appetizers!

Top 17 Easy Bread Appetizers 🍞

Top 17 Easy Bread Appetizers 🍞

Try these hearty and yummy (and often economical) ways to use bread in your appetizers when planning your next party!


  • Tomato Basil Bruschetta With Balsamic Drizzle
  • Pesto Garlic Bread
  • Baked Brie Bread Appetizer
  • Mini Spicy Naan Pizza Bites Appetizers
  • Whipped Goat Cheese Crostini
  • Caprese Focaccia
  • Big Mac Bites
  • Baked Biscuit Wreath Dip
  • Mushroom Bread Appetizer
  • Scallion & Chive Flatbread
  • Cheese Stuffed Garlic Pull-Apart Bread
  • Sloppy Joe Cornbread Muffins
  • Pear Gorgonzola Appetizer Bites
  • Burrata & Prosciutto Focaccia
  • Savory Cheesy Monkey Bread
  • Cheesy Mexican Toast Cups
  • Pesto Pinwheels With Cheese & Prosciutto


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