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13 Best Pimms Cocktails: Delicious & Refreshing Drinks 🍸

13 Best Pimms Cocktails: Delicious & Refreshing Drinks 🍸

Love the spiced and fruity flavor of Pimm’s? Then these Pimms cocktails are sure to please, from the popular Pimm’s Cup to the fancy Pimm’s Cup Royale.

Pimm’s is an English liqueur that’s known for its mildly spiced and fruity flavor. 

Made by James Pimm in 1823, this alcohol was first served at an oyster bar in London, where it was paired with a gin and tonic cocktail and a blend of herbs. 

The liqueur has a reddish-brown color, and it has a spicy taste with a hint of zest. 

It is a refreshing alcoholic drink perfect for long, hot days, and it is often served in cocktails. 

Pimm’s is so popular in England that it is one of the drinks served at the Wimbledon tennis championship event. 

Thanks to its scrumptious taste and fruity flavors, it is a hit at parties, and it is matched with mint and ginger ale to heighten its strengths. 

If you are new to the Pimm’s cocktail-making game, we have compiled a list of the 13 best Pimms cocktails that you can create at home. 

You can try these exciting alternatives while you’re watching movies, during game day, while relaxing by the pool, hanging out with your friends in your garden, or while enjoying the company of your family at the weekend barbecue. 

So get a bottle of Pimm’s, mix it with your favorite cocktail, and feel the rush similar to visiting the English countryside. 

Check out #10 for a fun take on cocktails.

The Pimm’s Cup began as a health drink in the 1840s in London. 

If you take a sip of this drink, you will see why. 

It is a blend of mid-proof spirits mixed with ginger, lemon, and fruit, and it is as revitalizing and refreshing as cocktails can be. 

It has distinct charms that are effective on a hot day. 

Pimm’s Cup is a slow-sipping cocktail that is the preferred vehicle for Pimm’s liqueur, which is a gin-based alcohol. 

This drink is made right in the glass, so it is simple to make anywhere. 

Mix Pimm’s with fresh lemon juice and ginger ale, and you can apply your preferred garnishes. 

With its modest and zesty taste, it is a great cocktail to serve for day drinking, whether you are watching a game or on your porch, enjoy the day. 

To tweak the core formula of the drink, you can switch the ginger ale and lemon juice with sparkling lemonade instead. 

It can create an equally delicious and refreshing cocktail.

The Leading Role mixes three base liqueurs which are scotch, whiskey, and Pimm’s. 

It is finished with lime and agave to make a boozy concoction of a cocktail that will definitely leave you buzzed. 

With a flavor this strong, it is easy to see how this cocktail got its name. 

The Leading Role is a drink that demands to be heard and tasted, and it does not disappoint when you give in to its temptations. 

The agave nectar and the fresh lime juice help balance out the strong alcohol and make it a drink that is easy to sip. 

Spritz is one of the most well-known cocktails out there. 

It is light, fizzy, and refreshing, and it offers endless room for experimentation. 

Take the Pimm’s Spritz, a cocktail with a citrusy kick.

It is paired with bitters and cucumbers, which complements the flavors present in Pimm’s. 

The ingredients are served in a soda spritz-rinsed glass for a hint of herbal, anise-y aromatics. 

The finished product is a bubbly and light cocktail that you would want to have when the day turns warm. 

The only downside to drinking this cocktail is getting to the bottom of the glass. 

In order to meet this challenge, serve any remaining liquid from prepping the cocktail in a tiny carafe nestled in ice, so you can always refill it as it is depleted. 

It is a visually pleasing addition to the drink, so you might consider doubling the cocktail to ensure you have an extra sipper to go around. 

Gin and tonic is a classic cocktail that requires two ingredients, so your attention when making it won’t be divided. 

From the glass to the garnish, to the style of gin and spirit, everything is carefully considered when mixing this drink. 

This cocktail is a highball of beauty and balance. 

With this classic drink, there is a lot of room for change and experimentation. 

Pimm’s & Tonic is a mix-and-match exercise to find the right combination that suits your taste.

The Pimmlet is a new take on the classic Gimlet cocktail. 

It marries the fruit and subtle herb notes of Pimm’s liqueur with classic juniper-flavored London Dry Gin, plus all of the important Gimlet touch of fresh lime juice for added citrus taste. 

This mixture is simpler and more refreshing than the Gimlet. 

It is composed of fresh lime juice, gin, and sugar, the drink is classified as a gin sour, putting it in the same category as other tried and tasted cocktails.

Pimms Punch is a fruity cocktail that strikes a beautiful balance between tart and sweet, and it is a great drink to serve to your guests at house parties. 

This bubbly and tasty pitcher drink is a delectable twist on a classic punch. 

To make this cocktail, remember to juice your lemons first. 

This is to ensure that the pulp and seeds are out of the final juice and it is fresh when you mix them into the drink. 

When you are ready to serve this punch, top it with ginger ale, and enjoy!

Football season is associated with cold beer, but that does not mean that sweet cocktail can’t be served on game day. 

With Apricot Pimm’s Fizz, you can combine ginger beer, crystalized ginger, Pimm’s, and apricot nectar to create a cocktail with a gingery kick that is perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up. 

This drink goes down smoothly. 

It is tall and refreshing, and it pairs really well with fried and savory foods like wings and nachos. 

It is garnished with cucumbers, so you have something to nibble on as a snack after you finish the drink.

Pimm’s Strawberry Mint Cocktail is a fruity take on the popular Pimm’s No. 1 drink. 

This drink is bursting with flavor, and it is something easier to sip on beside a pool. 

This Strawberry Mint Cocktail takes the classic English drink’s bright flavors and adds a very fruity pop, turning an already festive cocktail into a crowd-pleaser that announces the party has begun. 

Pimm’s Strawberry Mint Cocktail is easy to whip up; put some ice into a shaker, add the ingredients, and spin it till it’s ready.

This thirst-quenching drink takes a twist on a popular cocktail using the delicious fall flavor. 

The recipe can be scaled up to make a couple of pitchers, enough to serve a group of thirsty dinner guests. 

To make this version of Pimm’s Cup, use apple cider and fresh apples to highlight the taste of fall. 

If you wish to enjoy a stronger cocktail, you could replace the sparkling apple cider with hard apple cider. 

You can make the light version of the drink if you want something to sip on all night long without getting too buzzed.

As one would expect, Pimm’s Ice Lollies are the frozen version of Pimm’s drink. 

It is a mixture of Pimm’s liqueur, fruits, lemonade, and carefully poked, prodded, and funneled ingredients that are lolly molds and frozen, ready for the warm days. 

What makes this recipe different from the other cocktails on the list is that you can choose the flavors that you want, from strawberry and blackberry to elderflower. 

They all work perfectly in this fun and a creative cocktail!

Cucumber Ginger Pimm’s Cup is light, tasty, fruity, and only needs a couple of ingredients. 

It is a perfect drink for a hot day, as it is not that alcoholic, so you and your guests can have a fun party all night without getting buzzed.

If this version is too much for you, you can toss the ingredients over some ice and add ginger beer, fresh lemon, or club soda.

Cucumber Pimm’s Cup is an easy, thirst-quenching cocktail with ginger ale, Pimm’s, cucumbers, and lemon juice. 

This cocktail is relaxation in a glass. 

Fresh lemon juice and cucumbers are a classic combination employed in countless drinks, giving citrus, sweetness, and balance. 

To add complexity to the drink, you can mix in bitters to have structure and aromatics. 

If you add angostura bitters, there is a bouquet of spices, fruits, and herbs, while adding Peychaud’s bitters will add bright-red color to the drink alongside flavors of anise and gentian.

Pimm’s Cup Royal is a sweet and sophisticated take on the Pimm’s Cup recipe. 

Made with Pimm’s, Cognac, crème de pêche, chilled lemonade, Champagne, Peychaud’s bitters, and orange bitters.

This cocktail aims to impress, and you can finish it off with basil or cucumber spear for garnish.

The bottom line

Remember that there is no need to restrict yourself when it comes to preparing Primms cocktails

You can stretch your creativity by coming up with your own recipes, and adapting the recipes to your liking. 

By making each tweak, you will not regret taking a leap of faith. 

Best Pimms Cocktails

Best Pimms Cocktails

Love the spiced and fruity flavor of Pimm's? Then these Pimms cocktails are sure to please, from the popular Pimm's Cup to the fancy Pimm’s Cup Royale.


  • Pimm’s Cup
  • The Leading Role
  • Pimm's Spritz
  • Pimm’s & Tonic
  • The Pimmlet
  • Pimms Punch
  • Apricot Pimm’s Fizz
  • Pimm's Strawberry Mint Cocktail
  • Apple Pimm’s Cup
  • Pimm’s Ice Lollies
  • Cucumber Ginger Pimm’s Cup
  • Cucumber Pimms Cup
  • Pimm’s Cup Royale


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