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35 Best Brunch Cocktails To Pair With Your Mid-Morning Meals!๐Ÿน

35 Best Brunch Cocktails To Pair With Your Mid-Morning Meals!🍹

Are you trying to find the best Brunch Cocktails? We’ve rounded up 35 easy cocktails for brunch that will inspire you. The only question is which cocktail you will choose to make first. 
For some people, brunch is all about waffles, pancakes, pastries, salads, sandwiches, eggs, and other breakfast meals. 

But for others, it is the perfect time to start enjoying a boozy drink.

Light drinks filled with fruit flavors are ideal for brunch, and there are several amazing cocktail recipes that you can pair your mid-morning meal with. 

From easy-drinking cocktails like wine, gin, and vodka, to brunch favorites like Bloody Mary and Mimosas, we have gathered the 35 best brunch cocktails that you can easily make in your own home. 

Read on as we go through each of these delicious sippers. 

If you are a fan of caffeine, check out #9

The Kir Royale is a champagne cocktail made with a splash of French berry liqueur. 

Cocktails truly don’t get any easier than this.

This fizzy and lightly pink drink is a blushing alternative to sparkling rose or straight champagne. 

You could serve Kir Royales at brunch, birthday parties, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any happy occasion.

Mimosa Sangria is the perfect drink for your next brunch or gathering.

The refreshing and light combination of two classic alcoholic beverages will add sunshine to any occasion, and it will have all of your guests asking for a refill. 

You won’t even need to dress it up as the bright color of the cocktail provides a statement on its own. 

The Blackberry Champagne Mule is an extra bubbly drink made with fresh blackberries, mint, lime, and vodka. 

Topped off with champagne and ginger beer, this simple and quick summer or spring cocktail is perfect for Mother’s Day brunch, Father’s Day picnics, and every occasion in between. 

Sweet Tea Sangria is a recipe that will quickly become one of your favorites. 

Whenever you have some fresh summer fruit in your kitchen, just open a bottle of white wine, make a batch of sweet tea, and mix them together. 

This sweet, tangy, and refreshing beverage is perfect for summer barbecues, baby showers, or brunches. 

Blood Orange Mimosas with Prosecco and Basil tastes as good as it looks. 

This delicious recipe is a bit complex compared to a normal mimosa, but the effort is well worth it.

Since it is made with blood oranges, this cocktail is more sweet and tarty than mimosas made with regular oranges. 

Best served cold, you can make this version of mimosas for brunch or special occasions.

Fresh Bellini is a famous brunch cocktail made with only two simple ingredients: prosecco and fresh peaches. 

This light and refreshing drink has the perfect sweetness, thanks to the peach puree. 

You can prepare this alcoholic beverage on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or when you schedule a brunch with your friends.

Bloody Mary is a classic brunch cocktail. 

A loaded glass of this drink is every bruncher’s dream. 

You can snack on all of the extra trimmings while waiting for the actual meal to arrive. 

Made with Worcestershire sauce, tomato juice, celery, Tabasco, and vodka, the savory and spicy flavor will definitely get you hooked. 

Not all brunch cocktails are fruit-flavored; some have caffeine in them.

Irish Coffee is perfect for coffee lovers and those that need a pick-me-up in the morning. 

Made with freshly brewed coffee with a kiss of Irish Whisky and sweet sugar and capped off with whipped cream, this beverage will undoubtedly boost your mood.

Sea Breeze Cocktail is a refreshing combination of grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, and vodka. 

This boozy beverage is ideally served at brunches, picnics, and summer outings. 

Since it is light and cold, you can enjoy a glass or two without worrying about being too buzzed. 

The Salty Dog is a mixture of vodka and grapefruit juice. 

It is easy to make and always a crowd-pleaser. 

Served cold and with a salted rim, Salty Dog is perfect for summer parties or brunch.

Remember to use fresh grapefruit juice to give it a naturally sweet and tangy taste. 

French 75 is a lighter classic cocktail compared to the traditional mimosa. 

It is a classic bubbly drink served at weddings, Mother’s Day, brunch, and other special holidays. 

Like a spiked bubbly lemonade, the French 75 is a delicious and fantastic summertime drink.

13. Madras

Madras features thirst-quenching ingredients like cranberry juice, vodka, and orange juice. 

It is a fantastic cocktail that you can serve during the summer or spring months or at brunch because it is sweet, tarty, and only takes two minutes to make.

Sparkling Pomegranate Mimosa is a seasonal twist on classic mimosas. 

Sparkling wine and pomegranate juice come together to make the delicious brunch cocktail recipe. 

Fizzy and sweet, this beverage is the best way to entertain friends and family at brunch.

Champagne Brunch Punch is a mixture of cranberry, orange juice, and pineapple topped off with champagne. 

You can substitute champagne with ginger ale for a non-alcoholic spin. 

This bubbly and fruity cocktail is best served at brunch or on Christmas Day.

Earl Grey Tea Cocktail is a delicious alcoholic beverage made with your favorite liquor.

This boozy drink is a party favorite mixed with Earl Grey tea and paired with citrus and sparkling wine. 

You can also pair this brightly floral beverage with a cheese board at brunch so you can enjoy it with your friends. 

Cucumber Melon Sparkler is a light and refreshing alcoholic beverage made with fresh juices.
The flavors are soft, not overly sweet, and very sippable.

Made with gin and topped with a chilled sparkling prosecco floater, this is a great way to start your meal.

Sunrise Mimosa is a delightful cocktail that you can pair with your weekend brunch. 

Made with orange juice, grenadine, and champagne.

Sunrise Mimosa has a bubbly and crisp taste with an outstanding balance from the citrus orange juice.

The St. Germain Cocktail is a blend of gin, St. Germain, and lemon topped with a bubbly pour of sparkling wine like champagne. 

The beverage is effervescent, refreshing, and the type of cocktail that you can sip at a classy part, at brunch, or in your pajamas at home. 

The Strawberry Mimosas recipe elevates the classic mimosa with the addition of fresh strawberries and pink champagne. 

Best served at brunch, this refreshing sparkling wine cocktail is also excellent for Mother’s Day, weddings, or Easter Sunday events.

Orange Sorbet Mimosas is a fruity drink that also serves as a dessert. 

This is a great drink to serve for guests who love something tangy to sip on. 

Made with ice cream, orange sorbet, and champagne, this fun, delicious, and beautiful beverage is perfect for brunch, bridal showers, and special holidays.

Green Apple Sangria is a green drink perfect for St. Patrick’s Day brunch because of the color. 

Thanks to the green apple, kiwi pear, and champagne, this unique fruity cocktail has the right balance of sweetness and sourness. 

Another fruity dessert cocktail on our list is the Cherry Sorbet Bellini. 

This is a perfect substitute for those who are not into oranges

Cherry Sorbet Bellini is a sweet and fizzy beverage that can be served at parties and brunches.

Popularized by the movie “Big Lebowski,” White Russian has become one of the most requested brunch cocktails at restaurants and bars. 

If you are not into drinking milk in the morning, then you can make this version of White Russian instead. 

Made with coconut milk and rum, this non-dairy beverage has a nice hint of coconut, the great taste of coffee, and the alcoholic kick from the strong liquor.

Vodka Sunrise is a recipe that is similar to Tequila Sunrise. 

This cocktail is easy to make, has a fantastic sweet and fruity flavor, and looks beautiful with the sunrise effect thanks to the orange juice and grenadine syrup. 

Vodka Sunrise is a perfect drink to serve to guests who are not a fan of the taste of tequila.

Tequila Sunrise is one of the most popular tequila drinks. 

It is easy to mix up at a moment’s notice, and it is a beautiful and refreshingly fruity cocktail. 

Serve this tropical drink at a weekend brunch or happy hour. 

You can add seltzer water or club soda if you want some bubbles.

A quality Michelada starts with high-quality ingredients.

Made with Clamato, a unique and tasty cocktail, and Mexican lager, this drink is bursting with different flavors that will get you hooked. 

Best served at weekend brunches, get-togethers, holidays, and dinner parties.

A Fuzzy Navel is a sweet, fruity, and fun summer drink. 

Made with fresh orange juice and peach schnapps, this cocktail will give you excellent summertime vibes. 

You don’t even need a shaker which makes it ideal for backyard entertaining. 

You can also serve this at brunch or your next barbeque.

If you want to add some pizzazz to your mimosa, substitute the traditional orange flavor with cherries. 

The sweet, tarty, and sparkling drink is easy to make as it only has two ingredients. 

You can quickly whip it up if you have friends coming over.

Watermelon Spritz is an excellent aperitif at the start of a meal. 

Made with tequila, watermelon juice, grenadine, aloe liqueur, sparkling rosé, and lemon juice, this refreshing and slightly sweet beverage is a perfect sipper while on the beach or relaxing at a bar. 

Since it is wonderfully versatile, the boozy beverage can also be served at a casual brunch, at an afternoon rooftop soirée, or as a dinner starter.

The Citrus Rosemary Spritz is a delicious cocktail with sweet, sour, and herbaceous flavors. 

Perfectly paired with Manchego Slices and other brunch appetizers, this drink is a must-have if you are craving something citrusy.

Mango Mary is a fruity version of the classic Bloody Mary. 

Made with fresh mango and vodka, every sip is soulful, sweet, and savory. 

Best served cold; this beverage will be your new brunch-time staple. 

White Wine Sangria is a refreshing alcoholic beverage that combines the sweetness and flavors of oranges, strawberries, lime, and basil with white wine for a unique take on a traditional sangria. 

It is a fantastic brunch drink that can be made ahead for your guests. 

Hummingbird Mimosa is made with orange juice, pineapple juice, and chilled champagne. 

This cocktail is refreshing, fresh, and flavorful that everyone will ask for more.  

To add the classic Hummingbird spice, use cinnamon sugar to rim the glass. 

Classic mimosas will always be a hit at brunch, but you can try other variations to spice things up a bit. 

One of the great versions that you can make is Pineapple Mimosas. 

This refreshing, tropical drink is easy to mix and only takes five minutes of your time to prepare. 

You can even add pineapple slices, so you have something to chew on while waiting for your meal. 

The bottom line

Who says daytime drinking can’t be fun?

From fruity and tangy to sweet and flavorful, there is a brunch cocktail suited for you. 

With these incredible 35 brunch cocktail recipes, you can have fun while eating and catching up with your friends.

Top 35 Best Brunch Cocktails 🍹

Top 35 Best Brunch Cocktails 🍹

You can have fun catching up with your friends with these easy 35 Brunch Cocktail recipes.


  • Mint Grapefruit Mimosa
  • Kir Royale Cocktail
  • Mimosa Sangria
  • Blackberry Champagne Mule
  • Sweet Tea Sangria
  • Blood Orange Mimosas With Prosecco & Basil
  • Fresh Bellini
  • Bloody Mary
  • Irish Coffee
  • Sea Breeze Cocktail
  • Salty Dog
  • French 75
  • Madras
  • Sparkling Pomegranate Mimosa
  • Champagne Brunch Punch
  • Earl Grey Tea Cocktail
  • Cucumber Melon Sparkler
  • Sunrise Mimosa
  • St. German Cocktail
  • Strawberry Mimosa
  • Orange Sorbet Mimosa
  • Green Apple Sangria
  • Cherry Sorbet Bellini
  • White Russian With Rum
  • Vodka Sunrise
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Michelada
  • Fuzzy Navel
  • Cherry Mimosa
  • Watermelon Spritz Recipe
  • Citrus Rosemary Spritz
  • Mango Mary
  • White Wine Sangria
  • Hummingbird Mimosa
  • Pineapple Mimosa


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