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18 Griddle Recipes

18 Griddle Recipes

How much do you love how easy it is to follow griddle recipes? 

Using a cast iron griddle, especially during warm summer months when you don’t really want to use the big oven, makes for a generally easy meal. 

My love for bacon permeates many of my meals, and if I’m having breakfast for dinner, for example, I’m throwing down strips of bacon to go with. 

And you don’t have to use cast iron. Griddles come in nonstick, some have ridges to keep food away from grease and air circulating around the food. 

When I think of a griddle I envision sometimes a rectangle with handles on each side, like this one. Or this fun, colorful nonstick DASH griddle that I kind of like. 

So get out your favorite griddle and dig through our long list of griddle recipes and see what’s in store for your next foodie adventure! 

Corn cakes are this fabulous mix between pancakes and corn bread. 

This recipe is created using basic pantry ingredients which include cornmeal, flour, eggs and a few other ingredients. 

If you have some canned corn that you drain and add to the batter it will be even more delicious and moist.

The best part is that you can cook up these corn cakes on the griddle in just a few minutes.

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What can be better than corn cakes cooked on the griddle? The answer is always add bacon.

These griddle cakes are jammed with bacon pieces, chives, cheese and corn. 

This savory griddle recipe is one that you will want to make over and over. You can serve it with coffee or mimosas. 

Don’t forget to add the syrup for that perfect ending for a nice balance of savory and sweet.

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Whoever thought to wrap sloppy joes inside of a grilled cheese should be given a foodie award.

This recipe is comfort food on “steroids.” 

This sandwich is made with ground beef mixed with tomato sauce and spices and then smashed between cheese and bread.

So what you imagined when you read the title is exactly what this is and you are gonna want two.

Yes! Can we just leave it at that?

But seriously, this is one of the most creative recipes that I have seen in a while. 

This is seriously easy to make and fun at the same time.

Yes, you can make teriyaki fried rice with chicken on a griddle. 

This fried rice recipe is made with rice, eggs, chicken, carrots, peas, seasoning and sauce. 

Making fried rice does require a bit of patiences but once you have all of the ingredients just follow the steps.

You will have tasty dinner in about 30 minutes.

You can buy pre-made perogies in the frozen section at the grocery and keep this recipe simple.

That is how we do it.

You will cook the kielbasa and the onions together on the griddle. Once they are about done you add in the pierogies. 

In 10 minutes you have a delicious meal.

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Quesadillas cook up splendidly on the griddle and this recipe is no exception.

This is a quesadilla filled with Tex-Mex yummies. Imagine it now being packed with melted stringy cheese, sautéed onions, peppers and tomatoes. 

Then you add in some perfectly cooked chicken. You got yourself one heck of a meal right there.

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Cooking asparagus on the griddle is awesome because you get those little crispy blackened edges. 

This is a simple recipe that only has four ingredients. You need fresh asparagus, olive oil, lemon juice and salt. 

If you have some grated parmesan cheese, consider sprinkling some of it on top while the asparagus is still on the griddle.

Useful Tip: How To Tell If Asparagus Is Bad

Smashed red potatoes coated with herbs and a touch of salt are fantastic cooked on a griddle.

When you cook these potatoes on the griddle you can get the potatoes a bit crispy. 

When the potato skin gets that little bit of crunch to it, it just tastes oh so good.

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This is a cheerful side dish. 

It is made up of thinly sliced red potatoes, purple onion and tomato chunks.

It is colorful and I highly recommend topping it with a mixture of parsley and chives.

This is an easy recipe that even beginner cooks can create in a short amount of time.

12. Naan

You can make homemade naan and cook it on your griddle. 

Creating naan from scratch takes a bit of patience but it is well worth it.

Of course, if you don’t want to wait you can buy some pre-made naan and just warm it up on your griddle. Easy peasy.

Cloud eggs are fried eggs that have fluffy whites and a runny yoke, but this is not your typical fried egg by any stretch.

They display on the plate beautifully and they are a bit of an unusual site. Try serving these at your next brunch.

Too weird? Try poached eggs instead.

14. Fajitas

The griddle is the perfect place to cook up a batch of steaming fajitas.

You can marinate up some chicken, beef or shrimp and cook them along with some veggies and have amazing fajitas in less than 15 minutes.

I like my onions blackened so if you are like me put those on the griddle first and give them a couple of minutes before adding everything else.

A patty melt is basically a hamburger cooked between slices of bread and grilled. 

Instead of a heavy bun you get toasted and crispy bread.

A good traditional patty melt should be oozing with melted cheese and sautéed onions.

I know! This is amazing. 

Who knew that you could cook fresh cinnamon rolls on a griddle.

Well you can and you are gonna wanna get right on this.

Is there anything better than chewy and gooey cinnamon rolls? 

Useful Tip: How To Reheat Cinnamon Rolls

17. Salmon

First, buy some beautiful salmon. I highly recommend fresh Alaskan wild-caught salmon or the red-fleshed sockeye salmon if you can find it.

The griddle is an excellent way to cook up some salmon that is quite tasty. 

You only need a few ingredients for this recipe which include salt, teriyaki and oil.

This is Andi’s recipe for Cinnamon French Toast with step-by-step instructions and tips. 

French toast is a classic griddle recipe. Remember not to flip your toast too soon.

You can make classic french toast and top it with butter and syrup or you can make variations such as pumpkin french toast.

The options are endless but whatever you do, serve it with bacon.

The bottom line

While the term “griddle” often reminds me of round cast iron pans, it can be a stand-alone nonstick surface like this one, or a large frying or saute pan. 

Use whatever flat, open surface that you have on hand. A cast iron pan should be seasoned and cared for. This way it will last for many, many years. A good cast iron skillet or griddle has been known to be passed down for generations.

Crisp edges and thoroughly cooked foods require that you don’t flip too soon, and maintain medium heat, watched carefully. 

If you only pick one of these griddle recipes to try, I highly recommend the Cinnamon French Toast!

18 Griddle Recipes

18 Griddle Recipes

We have some of the best griddle recipes from CookingChew and around the web for you to choose from!


  • Pancakes
  • Corn cakes
  • Bacon and corn griddle cakes
  • Grilled cheese sloppy joes
  • Grilled cheese roll ups
  • Chicken fried rice
  • Pierogies with kielbasa
  • Asparagus with lemon
  • Chicken quesadillas with black beans and corn
  • Smashed red potatoes
  • Potato, tomato and red onion salad
  • Griddle Cloud Eggs
  • Fajitas
  • Patty Melt
  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Salmon
  • Cinnamon French toast
  • Naan


  1. Pick a recipe
  2. Cook it up
  3. Enjoy every bite

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