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21 orzo recipes to fill the void!

21 orzo recipes to fill the void!

There are many good recipes with orzo that have a special place in my recipe box. You probably heard about it somewhere, but if you’re new to orzo, it’s a pantry staple that comes from the pastina category, a variety of tiny pasta often used in soups. 

Other than soups, orzo’s chewy and tender texture makes it easy to cook and excellent in a variety of recipes such as pasta salads, casseroles, and chicken soups.

Do you want to learn some delectable orzo dishes? Then this recipe guide is for you! It features a collection of must-try orzo dish ideas, from savory to creamy to sweet ones.

Cooking with orzo doesn’t need to be complicated, just like this one-pot orzo with shrimp and feta!

Ideal to serve for special occasions, this recipe calls for the combination of shrimps, orzo pasta, butter, feta cheese, and lemon. The addition of Old Bay Seasoning adds layers of complex flavors to the shrimps. 

Meanwhile, the lemon wedges bring a bright, fresh, finish touch you shouldn’t forget. 

Get the recipe here.

2. Garlic parmesan orzo

The next recipe is one of those orzo recipe ideas that you should try. It’s a worthy side dish made from orzo pasta, spinach, garlic, and parmesan cheese.

To offer more flavor to your orzo, I suggest using chicken broth instead of cooking the pasta in water. And if you want it to be creamier, add another splash of cream at the last minute of your cooking. 

Here’s the recipe.

3. Greek orzo with lemon and herbs

If you’re undecided on what to do with orzo until now, then this side dish might very well be the one you’re looking for! 

This greek orzo recipe calls for ingredients you likely have in your kitchen. Whether it’s served hot or cold, the dish is still great as a partner to some of your favorite main courses such as fish, chicken, steak, and lamb. 

Get the recipe here.

4. Parmesan orzo and peas

This scrumptious recipe features orzo and sweet peas coated in a light parmesan sauce with lots of onions and garlic. The process of making the dish is pretty straightforward and can be put together in just 20 minutes. 

It’s advisable to cook your orzo pasta using chicken broth or vegetable broth as it gives extra flavor to the dish. Enjoy this parmesan orzo and peas dish alongside grilled or pan-fried chicken breasts, baked ham, meatloaf, and rotisserie chicken. 

More details about this recipe here.

5. Creamy mushroom orzo

This mushroom orzo isn’t your regular side dish, this recipe is packed with creaminess and looks as elegant as it tastes. With just simple ingredients such as orzo, mushroom, peas, and parmesan sauce, you’ll be able to indulge its heavenly goodness!

Pair it with your chicken breasts, garlic shrimp, pork tenderloin, baked salmon to achieve a hearty and satisfying meal.

Get the recipe here.

6. Cheesy chicken orzo

If you love everything about chicken, then you’re bound to like this mouth-watering chicken orzo! 

The recipe features seared chicken and orzo pasta coated in a creamy and cheesy sauce. It’s one of those great and quick meals that your whole family can agree on. 

To incorporate some veggies, feel free to add baby kale and pre-cooked broccoli florets. 

Here’s the recipe.

7. Lemon garlic orzo with roasted vegetables

This lemon garlic orzo is packed with nice textures and subtle flavors from fresh veggies such as mushrooms, bell peppers, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, and spices. 

The good news: Preparing the dish is pretty straightforward! Simply roast the veggies, cook the orzo, whip up the dressing, then mix, mix, mix!

Here’s the recipe.

8. Rice pilaf

Perfect as a side for a holiday meal or weeknight dinner, this fluffy and creamy rice pilaf is infused with incredible flavors. The secret? Sauteing the ingredients in butter and seasoned chicken broth!

Add more flavor and texture to the dish by including shredded chicken, vegetables of your choice, salt and pepper, paprika, and cayenne. If you aren’t into spicy foods, you may omit the cayenne in the list. 

Get the recipe here.

9. Mediterranean orzo salad

This Mediterranean orzo salad calls for orzo, feta cheese, red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, kalamata olives, dried oregano, red wine vinegar, and fresh parsley as the finishing touch. 

You can serve it with tzatziki, pork chops, as well as those chicken-based dishes and seafood-based dishes. 

More details about this recipe here.

10. Lemon chicken orzo soup

Looking for a soup to warm you up this upcoming cold weather? Then this lemon chicken orzo soup is the answer!

The orzo-based soup is quite simple to put together. Simply saute the veggies, add the flour, broth, seasonings, and chicken. Wait for up to 15 minutes before adding the orzo. To complete, put some parsley, salt and pepper, and a splash of lemon juice. 

Get the recipe here.

11. Caprese orzo salad

This orzo-based dish is a summer pasta salad that features juicy tomatoes, creamy balls of mozzarella, fresh basil, seasoned with a bursting-with-flavor balsamic vinaigrette. 

If you want to incorporate more flavors and textures, add some veggies suited to your liking. 

Here’s the recipe.

12. Roasted corn orzo pasta salad

Another orzo-based salad recipe you shouldn’t miss is this roasted corn orzo pasta salad. The dish is packed with roasted corn, sliced cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, garlic, and lemony sauce. 

It’s a new twist on traditional pasta salads that often use an elbow or rotini macaroni. Plus, this dish is mayo-free! This will also be the best food to bring to any barbecues, parties, friends, and family gatherings. 

Unlock this recipe here.

13. Butternut squash orzo

This butternut squash orzo has a few ingredients, yet it’s laden with rich and creamy flavor. You can add spinach, some rotisserie chicken, sausage, or meatballs to make it a complete dinner meal. 

Just make sure not to forget the feta cheese, onions, and garlic, as these ingredients compliment the sweetness of the butternut squash.

Get the recipe here.

14. One-pot chicken and orzo

This one-pot chicken and orzo are sure to put some happy faces to your whole family. The best part? You don’t need to be a master cook to create the dish. It’s pretty simple!

Simply brown the chicken and orzo, add some onions and garlic, combine them, including the stock and tomatoes to the mixture, and wait until they’re fully cooked!

More details about this dish here.

15. One-pan Italian sausage and orzo pasta

You don’t need to visit an Italian restaurant to experience this Italian sausage and orzo pasta. You can make it at home!

Ideal for a weeknight or lazy-day meal, this orzo-based recipe features Italian sausage, orzo pasta, vegetables, and savory marinara sauce. Every bite of it is sure to keep you full and satisfied!

Get the recipe here.

16. Corn and zucchini orzo salad with goat cheese

Do you love sweet corn and zucchini? Congrats! You found your new favorite dish!

This recipe will take your pasta salad to the next level with the combination of sweet grilled corn, zucchini, and creamy lime dressing. Moreover, fresh cilantro offers brightness, while the fresh goat cheese topping incorporates a tart and earthy flavor to the overall dish. 

Get the recipe here.

17. Cheesy baked orzo

If you think that orzo is only for soups and salads, then you’re missing out big time! The thing is, this tiny pasta is also great when baked, especially when added with whipping cream, parmesan cheese, and mozzarella cheese. It’s so good!

Everything will become more enjoyable when it’s served with chicken-based dishes such as breaded chicken skewers, ritz cracker chicken, chicken piccata, and rotisserie chicken

Here’s the recipe.

18. Sausage and orzo stuffed sweet peppers

This terrific dish consists of flavorful ingredients such as garlic, yellow onion, sage leaves, sausage, corn kernels, tomato, lemon, orzo, stuffed in colorful sweet peppers. 

The result? A delicious dinner bursting with incredible flavors! These peppers are also perfect for serving at parties and gatherings. 

Get the recipe here.

19. Sweet potato and orzo tikka masala

The highlight of this sweet potato and orzo recipe is the creamy tikka masala sauce consisting of coconut milk, tomato sauce, lemon juice, tomato paste, and eight different types of herbs and spices. Garnish with cilantro leaves and serve it with flatbread, rye bread, or bread of your choice. 

Here’s the recipe.

20. Italian orzo salad

This pasta salad is a simple dish to create with Italian flavors coming from Italian salad dressing. It’s also easy to customize!

Instead of water, use chicken broth for cooking your orzo for extra flavor. Put diced bell peppers, sauteed mushrooms, or shredded chicken to make it more of a meal. 

Get the recipe here.

21. Orzo pasta fruit salad

Orzo pasta fruit salad? Why not!

You may think that it’s a bit odd to turn your orzo pasta into a creamy dessert, but trust me–this one works! 

You only need some mandarin oranges, pineapple chunks, crushed pineapple, maraschino cherries, white sugar, eggs, all-purpose flour, and whipped topping to make one.

Also, it’s important to leave it in the fridge overnight to let it set up even more. 

Get the recipe here.

The bottom line

Orzo pasta indeed works like a charm in other ingredients and dishes. It’s an underrated pantry staple that must be present in your kitchen all the time. 

So, when you visit a grocery store next time around, make sure to grab some packs of it in the pasta aisle! 

And if you want to know more interesting facts about this tiny yet versatile pasta, you can check my comprehensive article about it here.

21 BEST Ways To Use Orzo

21 BEST Ways To Use Orzo

From garlic parmesan orzo down to orzo pasta fruit salad, this CookingChew guide features a collection of must-try orzo dish ideas. Follow this guide to unlock all of them today!


  • One-pot orzo with shrimp and feta
  • Garlic parmesan orzo
  • Greek orzo with lemon and herbs
  • Parmesan orzo and peas
  • Creamy mushroom orzo
  • Cheesy chicken orzo
  • Lemon garlic orzo with roasted vegetables
  • Rice pilaf
  • Mediterranean orzo salad
  • Lemon chicken orzo soup
  • Caprese orzo salad
  • Roasted corn orzo pasta salad
  • Butternut squash orzo
  • One-pot chicken and orzo
  • One-pan Italian sausage and orzo pasta
  • Corn and zucchini orzo salad with goat cheese
  • Cheesy baked orzo
  • Sausage and orzo stuffed sweet peppers
  • Sweet potato and orzo tikka masala
  • Italian orzo salad
  • Orzo pasta fruit salad


  1. Pick at least three orzo recipes
  2. Gather the ingredients and start making them
  3. Serve it to your family at your next meal

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