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17 BEST 7UP Cocktails: Crisp & Lightly Citrus

17 BEST 7UP Cocktails: Crisp & Lightly Citrus

Here are the best 7-UP cocktails for an easy alcoholic drink to make at home!
Almost everyone has tasted this crisp, clear soda drink, 7 Up.

Don’t @ us, Sprite lovers. We see you, we see you.
It’s a nice drink to have when you feel parched and want something to help cool you down.

7 Up actually does more than just being a go-to soda drink. 
From baking to marinades, its citrusy taste makes any meal you come up with taste way better than before.
And, of course, adding it to a cocktail mix brings the experience to a whole new level. 
Check out Dirty Shirley and learn how to give your favorite childhood drink an adult twist.
Cranberry Apple Whiskey and Cranberry Sorbet Christmas Cocktail will bring the yuletide spirit to your get-togethers.
And finally, try #17

But make sure to muster enough courage before giving this a go!
Enjoy this list made especially for you!

This is a list of links to recipes for alcoholic drinks. Please enjoy responsibly.

Who has not heard or tried a classic Shirley Temple cocktail at least once in their life?

This drink was made as a mocktail for kids to enjoy while adults enjoy alcoholic beverages. 

You’ll surely be taken down memory lane as you develop this adult version of this drink.

Let’s have this childhood mocktail turn into an adult cocktail to enjoy!

7 Up, ginger ale, maraschino cherry juice or grenadine, and a splash of vodka are the key ingredients to pull up this fantastic drink.

The sweetness is balanced by adding vodka, and the bubbly touch of the soda makes this drink even more appealing to the eye.

It’s guaranteed to be a delicious yet budget-friendly cocktail you can make for holiday gatherings!

Feeling tired and overwhelmed after a hard day’s work?

Why not sit back and chill out with a fine whiskey cocktail at hand?
Add 7 Up to your whiskey and enjoy the added lime flavor! 

After giving yourself some downtime, you’ll feel more refreshed and energized to take on another day at work.

Smile, hum, and laugh some more while you enjoy a glass of Spiced Rum Pineapple Float!

Combining spiced rum, 7 Up, and pineapple juice, topped with pineapple sherbet, will take you to the tropics. 

Even though there’s no fancy equipment required to make this drink, everyone will assume a pro puts it together because of the tangy, sweet, and fresh flavors that stand out in this mix!

Flavored vodka, 7 Up, and a little red food color are all you need to come up with this great-tasting drink!
You can quickly put this drink together without spending too much, yet there’s no compromise in terms of flavor.

It’s a bit citrusy, a little sweet, and spicy!
Garnish with mini red velvet cupcakes to make a romantic dinner or girls’ night more memorable!

Imagine putting your arm around a special someone while watching a movie and holding this drink on the other.  

Just perfect!

Cranberry sorbet at the bottom, topped with vodka and sparkling 7 Up, who can resist that?
The velvety texture of the cranberry sorbet, the kick of vodka, and the fizzy touch of 7 Up are the best combination for getting cozy. 

Topped with sprigs and sugared cranberries will make you take down not just one but more glasses of this delightful cocktail.

Spice up your parties or get-togethers by making this lovely drink to set everyone into party mode!
Cherry juice, cinnamon, bourbon, and 7 Up blend on this cocktail bring in fruity, sweet, and spicy flavors.
The 7 Up doesn’t overpower but instead adds a bubbly and sweet touch overall.
It combines citrusy and sparkly flavors everyone loves!
Garnish with orange wedges and create a charming cocktail to sip in!

7&7 is a highball cocktail using American whiskey and 7 Up.
It’s a good drink because there’s no limit to the number of times you can put a spin on it, and it will only keep getting better each time. 
The cherry liqueur is added and uses Cherry 7 Up to add that fruity and sweet flavor to this drink.
Garnish with lime and mint to add a more tangy and minty flavor when you get a sip.

By the name itself, you’ll get a hint of what to expect with this drink.
It’s tangy, sweet, and spicy flavors with a beautiful aroma that goes down smoothly.
Bourbon and beer combined to bring a different vibe to cocktails, but with added flavors from your muddled ingredients plus 7 Up, this drink is the next level to the usual cocktail taste.

This drink is inspired by French 75, a champagne cocktail born in France during World War 1.
It is traditionally a mix of champagne, gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup, but this one is made simpler by taking away those two and replacing it with 7 Up, which has these two flavors in one.
This champagne cocktail has a fizzy effect, but no one can deny that this one has a kick, too.

Bring in a special cocktail for the people you love!
This lovely yet light cocktail fits any occasion.
Prosecco wine, cranberry syrup, and 7 Up look simple, yet the fruity, vibrant and full-bodied taste will keep you cozy all night.
It’s your go-to bubbly cocktail to toast with those dearest to you!

Can you feel the holiday spirit by just merely looking at this drink?
Those floating cherries and apples on this drink bring that jolly good feeling inside.
You can use unsweetened cranberry juice as whiskey, and 7 Up will give you the right amount of sweetness in every sip.
And the sparkling effect of 7 Up brings this concoction an exciting feeling of fireworks right through your mouth.

Having a fun and delicious cocktail doesn’t require expensive ingredients to create.
All you need are ingredients that jibe well once mixed.
Tequila, cherry, lime, and 7 Up bring that sweet, tangy, and fizzy drink you and your guests will love.
No need for simple syrup for sweetening; cherry juice and 7 Up will do the trick.

This cocktail will remind you to take a moment to relax a bit.
The sweet and fruity flavors of Caribbean Rush are exactly what you need to enjoy some time off while at home.

It’s not just your ordinary Long Island iced tea you are familiar with.
It will give you bolts of sweet and refreshing taste, keeping you electrified.
With different mixes of liquors, bourbon, and vodka hidden under those sweet notes, the kick you get after a glass will catch you off guard.
If you want it to be lighter, double the dose of 7 Up.

Soju has recently hit the party tables as many have learned this neatly distilled beverage can be mixed with just about any flavor.
For this recipe, using the well-loved childhood sweet drink Yakult and 7 Up to Soju is a next-level drink you must try.
Having Yakult and 7 Up on this drink might be a little dangerous as you might forget the presence of alcohol.
It’s sweet and tasty, with fizz to keep you company whether on solo or with friends enjoying a catch-up or movie night.

It’s not just serving a huge crowd you should worry about when hosting a party but also sharing a good cocktail experience is a must.
This Fireball Whiskey fits this description without a doubt.
Its crisp flavors of apple and fresh orange combined on this drink will make your guests ask for more.
Not only that, cinnamon as an added flavor brings balanced sweetness and spiciness, you’ll taste heaven, but it fires.
And with 7 Up included, you’ve got that fizz that adds to the enticing vibe of this drink.

This cocktail is for the brave ones!
It’s similar to Long Island Iced tea but uses 7 Up and blue curacao to bring that citrusy and bright blue sea color.
It looks cool because of the color, but with its five liquors combined in one, so you have to make sure you’re ready to deal with its strong kick!

The bottom line

Serving cocktails will always be one way to start up and set the party’s mood.

And adding a refreshing drink like 7 Up into your cocktails gives your classic concoction a bubbly and sparkling touch.

There are endless possibilities for you to try and to bring out the best drinking experience for you, your family, and your friends.

Best 7-UP Cocktails

Best 7-UP Cocktails

Here are the best 7-UP cocktails for an easy alcoholic drink to make at home!


  • Dirty Shirley Cocktail
  • Whiskey Soda Cocktail
  • Spiced Rum Pineapple Float
  • 7 Up® Red Velvet Cocktail
  • Cranberry Sorbet Christmas Cocktail
  • Cinnamon Spice Cherry 7 Up® Spritzer
  • Cherry 7 & 7 Cocktail
  • Citrus Ginger Beer Cocktail
  • French 7 Up5 Champagne Cocktail
  • Cranberry Fizz
  • Cranberry Apple Whiskey Cocktail
  • Cherry Lime Tequila Cocktail
  • Caribbean Rush
  • Electric Tea
  • Yakult Soju Cocktail
  • Fireball Whisky Cocktails
  • Walk Me Down Cocktail


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  3. Start mixing and make us proud!

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