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Foods That Start With N: 21 ‘N’-ticing ‘N’-tries To Add To Your Vocabs

Foods That Start With N: 21 ‘N’-ticing ‘N’-tries To Add To Your Vocabs

Though almost as intimidating as naming foods that start with the letter X and Q, those that begin with N are Nifty, Nice, and No-Nonsense! 

Some of these N foods may be in your pantry already. Don’t Nap on this Nice list!

Here are some Nifty foods and some global cuisine wonders that start with N, from staple food items, Indian and Italian recipes to more dishes that cater to the sweet tooth or gastronomic adventurer!

Nachos are a Mexican regional dish that originated from the city of Piedras, Negras, Coahuila. They consist of heated tortilla chips laden with melted cheese. 

Nachos are often served as an appetizer or a snack.

In the US, National Nacho Day is celebrated on November 6.

2. Navy bean soup

Ideal on a chilly, leisurely afternoon, a navy bean soup is a type of soup in which navy beans are the star of the show. 

This soup is often made with ham stock or small pieces of chopped ham.

3. New York-style pizza

One of the more popular pizzas in the world, New York-style pizzas are covered with your choice of toppings and are cut in wide slices so you can fold them up a bit in one hand when consuming.

Not pizza, but here is a special calzone and homemade dipping sauce recipe created for us from scratch. It’s NOM-NOM-NOM!

4. Noodles

Noodles are a type of pasta, often eaten alongside several sauces. 

They typically contain salt added to develop the softer protein and help bind the dough. 

Noodles are usually cooked in boiling water; at times, they are pan- or deep-fried.

5. Nutmeg

Noted for its distinct scent and aromatic flavor, nutmeg is a spice made from the seed of the nutmeg tree, a native Indonesian evergreen tree. 

While nutmeg is generally considered a sweet seasoning, it isn’t your typical sugar-sweet spice. 

It features an earthy and nutty sweetness that complements meat well; They also go with root vegetables and winter squash.

6. Nutella

Nutella is a world-famous hazelnut spread that combines roasted hazelnuts, skim milk, and cocoa. Its creamy consistency and that flavorful chocolate taste are noted for its rich chocolate and roasted hazelnut flavor.

Nutella is a popular breakfast spread on bread, bagels, crackers, or even croissants. 

Its origins can be traced to post-World War II Italy. 

Want it melty? We have some tips for melting Nutella here.

7. Napa cabbage

Always curious what kind of cabbage is there in kimchi? Well, it’s mostly napa cabbage.

Napa cabbage is a type of cabbage that features an oblong head. This type of Chinese cabbage is also known as “wombok” in Australia. 

Some of the recipes that use napa cabbage are stir-fried napa cabbage with hot and sour sauce and sauteéd napa cabbage.

8. Nasturtium

Nasturtium is a South American trailing plant that features round leaves and yellow, orange, or red edible flowers. 

It comes with a sweet, peppery flavor, which adds variety to salads and sandwiches.

Learn how to harvest Nasturtium flowers for your next dish!

9. Nankhatai

Dubbed as eggless Indian shortbread cookies, nankhatai are massively popular during the festive season. 

They are made with ghee, cardamom, and saffron—all of which melt in your mouth!

The famous Indian biscuit or cookie can be prepared using an all-purpose flour only or a combination of flour and besan (chickpea flour). 

You can also add a little sooji or semolina, making these cookies a little crispier than usual.

10. Navratna korma

This sweet, vegetarian curry combines pineapples with vegetables. 

The base of the curry, on the other hand, is made with cashews, poppy seeds and is all finished with cream, making this dish impossibly decadent!

Navratan korma gets its name from nine ingredients and jewels. Nav translates to “nine,” while ratan means “jewels.”

11. Napoletana

Napoletana is a style of cooking that’s associated with Naples. 

The dishes that make use of this cooking are prepared all “Napoletana,” and feature eggplant and tomatoes.

There’s even an official association that verifies “true” Napoletana pizza!

12. Nocciolini di Chivasso

These are traditional Italian cookies that hailed from the town Chivasso in Turin, Piedmont. 

They are made of only three ingredients: egg whites, sugar, and Piedmont IGP hazelnuts.

The Nocciolini di Chivasso cookies were created by a confectioner named Giovanni Podio in the 18th century. They were originally called noasetti.

13. Naengmyeon

One of Korea’s more sought-after cold noodle dishes, Naengmyeon, is made with thin, chewy noodles that consist of buckwheat and potato or sweet potato starch.

Naengmyeon comes in two types: mul Naengmyeon and bibim Naengmyeon.

14. Nori

Nori is a type of edible seaweed that is of popular use in Japanese cuisine. It is often used to wrap sushi rolls.

The finished dried sheets of Nori are made by a shredding and rack-drying process, one that resembles that of papermaking. 

Noris are typically sold in packs in grocery stores, with desiccants to keep them from becoming moldy.

15. Norman tart

Known in France as the Tarte Normande, this French dessert features spiced apples topped with almonds baked in a flavorful, flaky pie crust. 

Tarte Normande is also topped with sugar and creamy egg custard, all baked until the topping is slightly caramelized.

16. Nougat

Nougat is a confection made from whipped egg whites, sugar, or honey, with nuts and fruits. The traditional nougats come in two varieties – white and brown. 

The latter doesn’t contain egg white; instead, it boasts of caramelized sugar. 

White nougat, on the other hand, has egg whites in it, plus sugar, honey, nuts, and dried fruit.

17. Nilaga

Nilaga is a popular Filipino dish that is boiled with beef or pork. Locals in the Philippines would also boil chicken and vegetables at times. 

Not to be mistaken with bulalo, another staple Filipino dish, nilaga is a beef broth, while the former is beef stock.

18. Nata de coco

First created in the Philippines in 1973 in an attempt to preserve coconut water as a jelly-like substance, nata de coco is a chewy, translucent food produced by the fermentation of coconut water; it’s most commonly sweetened as a candy or dessert. 

Nata de coco goes well with many foods such as pickles, ice cream, puddings, and fruit cocktails.

19. Nectarine

Nectarines are a fuzzless variety of peach. For the uninitiated, fuzziness is a dominant trait of peaches. 

Despite its apparent shape and texture, a nectarine isn’t a cross between a peach and a plum.

Touted as seasonal stone fruits, nectarines typically grow on trees in warmer climates, such as China and the southeastern US and California.

20. Nerds

One of the most popular candies for kids, Nerds come in small candy balls adorned with a wide range of flavors and colors. 

Nerds, packaged in sweet or sour flavors, are usually served in two contrasting flavors in a box.

21. Naranjilla fruit

Naranjilla, which translates to “little orange,” is a small fruit that packs a punch of flavor. 

Despite its appearance, it isn’t a citrus fruit; it forms part of the eggplant and tomato family.

The whole naranjilla fruit can be eaten, though its skin can be a bit on the tough side to chew on.

The bottom line

Though my list didn’t cover all the foods that start with the letter N in the world, you can rest assured that these entries would impress upon some serious word power, whether you’re dealing with your Scrabble friends or just having a friendly, verbal spar with a local wordsmith!

If your next event calls for Nectarines, Nori, or Naranjillas, you’re all set!! 

Were you looking for Naan? Check out our list of yummy things that go with hummus here!

21 ‘N’-ticing ‘N’ Foods That Start With N

21 ‘N’-ticing ‘N’ Foods That Start With N

All the best foods in the world that start with N are now revealed in this CookingChew list.


  • Nachos
  • Navy bean soup
  • New York-style pizza
  • Noodles
  • Nutmeg
  • Nutella
  • Napa cabbage
  • Nasturtium
  • Nankhatai
  • Navratna korma
  • Napoletana
  • Nocciolini di Chivasso
  • Naengmyeon
  • Nori
  • Norman tart
  • Nougat
  • Nilaga
  • Nata de coco
  • Nectarine
  • Nerds
  • Naranjilla fruit


  1. Choose as many entries as you can in the list and let us know if you’ve tried eating or cooking them.

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