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15 foods that start with I you should know

15 foods that start with I you should know

See what I did there?

But I digress: Let’s play a word game!

The objective is simple. Just name as many words that start with the letter “I” as you can. I start with ice cream, ice pops, and ice cream soda. 

Your turn!

You probably can name a few, but I’m sure you won’t be able to come up with anything in the next round. If that’s the case, let me share this list with you!

It features foods that begin with “I,” from drinks, desserts, vegetables, recipes, and everything in between.

A type of cold treat that many throughout the world love, ice cream is best enjoyed as a snack.

It’s made with a mixture of milk, cream, and then flavored with sweetener or spice like cocoa, vanilla, and many more.

2. Ice pop

Just like ice cream, ice pop is an all-time favorite frozen snack ideally consumed during hot weather.

This sweet treat comes in many flavors over the years, but lemon-lime, grape, orange, berry punch, and strawberry are the popular ones. 

You can either purchase one at your local grocer or make your own at home.

3. Ice milk

You probably haven’t about this refreshing summer treat, but your mom or grandma do.

According to Chicago Tribune, the Food and Drug Administration changed the term ice milk into low-fat ice cream, a frozen dessert with less than 10 percent fat. 

You can embellish your ice milk or low-fat ice cream by adding frozen confections like nuts, chocolate chips, and fruits of your choice.

4. Ice candy

Ice candy is a Filipino version of ice pop or popsicle. It is pretty simple to make, making it a go-to summer snack among Filipinos. 

To make one, you just need to blend milk, the fruit of your choice, and sugar.

Pour the blended mixture into small long plastic bags using a funnel, tie the tip of the bags into a knot, then freeze them until frozen. 

5. Israeli salad

This kind of salad is an ideal side to complement your favorite meals. Israeli salad can be served during summer alongside grilled fish or kebabs. 

Combining cucumber, ripe tomatoes, minced onion, fresh parsley, olive oil, lime juice, and salt and spices, you’ll be able to create this refreshing salad.

6. Idaho potatoes

If it’s your first time hearing it, Idaho potato is a type of Russet potato grown in the state of Idaho. It can be fried, roasted, or sometimes can turn into a side dish like mashed potatoes. 

It has a mild and pleasing potato flavor with fluffy texture when baked and crispy texture when cooked in the oven or fryer.

You can also turn Idaho potatoes into fries, hash browns, or include them in soups.

7. Iced tea

Usually served in a glass with ice, iced tea refers to any tea that has been chilled.

It’s sweetened with apple slices and sweeteners like sugar and syrup.

Like ice cream and ice pop, iced tea is also one of the favorites for beating hot summer days.

8. Iceberg Lettuce

Also known as crispy head lettuce, iceberg lettuce is a crunchy green that features a neutral taste and refreshing crunch perfect for salads, sandwiches, and burgers. 

If you want to turn it into a refreshing summer lunch, just combine it with green grapes, grilled chicken, and a light raspberry vinaigrette.

9. Iced coffee

To keep it short, iced coffee is a coffee drink served cold.

You only need a glass, spoon, ice cubes, chilled coffee, and cream to create this drink. But you can also make the flavor a little lighter using whole milk, fat-free, or non-fat milk.

10. Irish stew

Irish stew is a hearty dish that consists of a few ingredients such as mutton, potatoes, and onions.

Some cooks add parsley, carrots, and turnips to the mixture, while others replace mutton with lamb for a more delicate meat texture.

11. Italian sausage

Italian sausage is a comfort food made from seasoned ground pork stuffed into casing shells and seasoned with fennel seed and red pepper flakes. 

It’s often used in recipes such as pasta, soup, cornbread, casseroles, pizza, meatballs, and many more.

Italian sausage is available in the market, but making your own is way better than store-bought as you can maintain complete control over the quality of your sausage.

12. Instant noodles

Instant noodles, also known as instant ramen, is a pre-cooked noodle typically sold in packets or cups.

It features flavoring packets, dried block noodles, and cooks or soaks the noodles in hot water before adding the flavoring into the mixture. 

According to, instant noodles contain a food additive called MSG or monosodium glutamate.

13. Idiyappam

Idiyappam is a type of dish popular in the countries of Sri Lanka and South India. It consists of rice flour or finger millet flour squeezed into a press to form thin noodles. 

Idiyappam goes along with coconut chutney or puttu, an Indian breakfast staple.

While other food enthusiasts partner it with curry or kurma, an aromatic gravy or sauce-based dish. 

It’s also known as nool puttu.

14. Imperial crab

Imperial crab is a classic American dish that offers a rich and creamy flavor profile in every bite.

It’s often served in natural crab shells or used as a topping or stuffing for your shrimp, salmon, or flounder. Yum!

15. Ikokore

You probably haven’t heard of this dish, but ikokore is a Nigerian dish made with water yam, chicken or beef stock, ground pepper, scotch bonnet, smoked fish, shredded cooked meat like shaki or cow tripe. 

You can consume this dish alone, but serving it along with cold eba (a Nigerian staple food consisting of cassava flour and hot water) should make it extraordinary.

The bottom line

Now that you’ve officially unlocked these 15 foods that begin with the letter I, you should be winning the next time you play the game! 

Also, I hope that you learn something and you become 15 times wiser around foods that start with “I” now!

15 foods that start with I

15 foods that start with I

This compilation features 15 foods that start with the letter I, including drinks, desserts, vegetables, and recipes you probably haven't heard of.


  • Ice cream
  • Ice pop
  • Ice milk
  • Ice candy
  • Israeli salad
  • Idaho potatoes
  • Iced tea
  • Iceberg Lettuce
  • Iced coffee
  • Irish stew
  • Italian sausage
  • Instant noodles
  • Idiyappam
  • Imperial crab
  • Ikokore


  1. Pick at least five foods that aren't familiar to you.
  2. Choose two foods on the list you want to try.

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