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27 Fall Soups That Are Cozy And Delicious

Nothing beats a warm soup on a crisp cool evening! Autumn must be upon us if we are diving into Fall soups and stew recipes! 

It is the time of year we look forward to retreating from the business of life and want to slow down, spending time at home warm and cozy. 

So, let us look through this list together and see what soup recipes will be on our must- make list!  

First up, my creamy cheese based comfort soup with Velveeta as the base. 

You can personalize this one with ingredients on hand be it ham, spinach or even switch out the russet potatoes for sweet ones!  

This is the best Fall soup recipe if you are looking for a soup that can BE the entree! 

Thick, rich, hearty, satisfying sausage and potato soup. 

And the tip about cooking it with the Parmesan cheese rind sounds crazy but is 100% true!

Light, sweet and smooth, this easy fall soup recipe goes through the blender before serving so all the ingredients are well integrated. 

Try this sweet corn bisque when fresh corn is in season to give it that little extra!

If you enjoy the tastes of pumpkin and maple together, then this fall soup is definitely making your list! 

It uses canned pumpkin and real maple syrup, what’s not to love? 

For best flavor, refrigerate overnight and serve the next day.

Ever been to the New England area for fresh seafood? 

This fall soup recipe is found literally everywhere! 

This chef encourages us to use live lobster for this lobster bisque soup which might rival Red Lobster’s.  

I do not know about that, but I am certainly willing to try and see for myself!

If veggies is what you got, this hearty fall soup is what you need to make. 

No one will go hungry after a bowl of this delightful cheesy potato soup!  

Bonus points for not having to simmer too long!

Hearty fall soups catch our attention because who needs to be cooking a full meal after a soup that is only an appetizer? 

Not us! or you! 

This soup, as you can see from the title, has a little of everything and boy does it ever work together nicely! 

Do you find yourself ordering a fully loaded baked potato as a side when eating out? If so, this fall soup is going to fit that bill perfectly! 

Just put all those ingredients together and enjoy the deliciousness! 

It calls for larger cut veggies, but I will never tell if you decide to cut them smaller!

A hearty fall soup or stew that the family will love, including the teens? 

Okay then. 

Show me the recipe for this Texas cowboy stew! 

Ground beef, kielbasa sausage, tomatoes, pinto beans, corn, potatoes, diced tomatoes, oh my! 

No wonder this is satisfying! Leave it to Texas to go big or go home! 

Time for an easy fall soup recipe. 

Creamy chicken and mushroom soup just call to us from across the kitchen! 

30 minutes till done is exactly what we need too!

Being able to prepare parts of a soup ahead of time is a great help and that is the case here with this fall soup of butternut squash.  

You can cook the squash up to three days in advance, reducing your prep time on soup day!. 

Good to note that if you make extra, this soup will freeze well.

Sometimes it feels like chicken soup is relegated to being made only when someone is sick.  

But this hearty fall stew will overcome that mental block in no time! 

Chicken, mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, onions combine in a delicious comforting way for any evening when you are ready to tuck into the couch and warm up with a warm bowl!

This soup just might take the cake for the most unique hearty Fall soup since it has Irish roots. 

The cabbage adds a nice texture and who doesn’t love bacon? Yes, this one is a winner! 

Season to taste!

Combining a savory broth, chicken, pearl couscous and fresh squeezed lemon juice all together give you a delectable lemon chicken couscous soup, an outstanding choice for an easy fall soup recipe. 


No frills. 

Just delicious.

The best fall soup recipes lend themselves to interpretation as is true here with this spicy pumpkin soup! 

Adding bacon or spicy fried chickpeas or feta as you please. 

Fresh pumpkin here is best. 

Veggie lovers unite! 

This easy fall soup recipe pulls together your favorites of potatoes, beans, cauliflower, carrots, onion, and celery. 

A quick simmer and you are ready for dinner!

Dill pickles in a soup? 

Why not? 
Everything else can be! 

This easy fall soup recipe highlights pickles, potatoes, and sour cream, but you can easily add a hearty level by tossing in ham, kielbasa, beef, meatballs, or bacon. 

Keto substitutions included.

Nothing says fall better than wild rice, in any entree. 

Here we have the best fall soup filled with wild rice, typical autumn veggies, coconut milk, and Old Bay seasoning. 

Three different ways to make it are included as well as a list of welcomed add-ins.

It is amazing to me how many different ways there are to combine ingredients to make hearty fall soups. 

Here is another excellent one, Italian white bean soup with sausage meatballs. 

Similar to others and yet unique in its flavor combinations with peppered meatballs and fresh spinach.

Hold the presses folks, we have a winner for the best fall soup recipe submission! Keto, low-carb, and ranch dressing? 

Can it be true? 

Anytime you have cooked chicken on hand, you can pull this creamy crack chicken soup together in about 30 minutes!

If you are a fan of zucchini noodles, toss them on in too!

Nothing says Fall like broccoli cheese soup! So comforting with every bite melting deliciously in your mouth in that easy fall soup recipe! 

It just looks as beautiful as it tastes. 

Sharp cheddar will give it a bolder taste and fill it up with broccoli!

The French do know a thing or two about soup. 

So it comes as no surprise that one of my comfort soup recipes is indeed French onion. How can it not be? 

The flavor. 

The caramelized onions. 

The cheese. 

The presentation.

 It is an experience unto itself.

You know you love Italian soups from your local restaurant, so perhaps it is time to experiment with making one at home with this easy Fall soup recipe. 

Zuppa Toscana is full of savory sausage, buttery potatoes, nutritious kale, and a hearty broth. 

Instructions for the slow cooker and Instant Pot included!

When you do have a busy evening, this easy Fall soup recipe is the one you will want to reach for. 

Cabbage roll soup has a little bit of a wide variety of ingredients. 

Everything is prepped into one pot and then simmers together all by itself for a bit. 


If Chinese flavors are what you are craving, this Fall soup recipe should make you super happy! 

Hot and sour soup is a well-known, tried, and true soup. 

A few unique ingredients may require a run to an Asian grocery but subs are provided too. 

Chances are high that you have used spaghetti squash as a substitute for traditional spaghetti. 

But have you considered using them in a Fall soup? 

Why did we not think of this before? 

It sounds delicious and this spaghetti squash soup recipe gives us the steps on how to build that savory bowl.

Okay, I got to admit this was a new idea for me. 

Peanuts as an ingredient in a Fall soup recipe? 

And spicy to boot! 

Bring it on! 

Sweet potatoes, peanuts, tomatoes, garlic, jalapeno, cilantro simmer to produce a soup with a zing! 

The Bottom Line

There you have it, folks, an inspiring list of Fall delectable soups and stew recipes to tempt any palette be it savory or sweet, light or hearty! 

Hope you find a few gems to mix into your rotation this Fall or any time of year.

27 Fall Soups

27 Fall Soups

An inspiring list of Fall delectable soups and stew recipes to tempt any palette be it savory or sweet, light or hearty!


  • Potato and Bacon Soup (with Velveeta Cheese)
  • Sausage and Potato Soup
  • Sweet Corn Bisque Recipe
  • Maple Pumpkin Bisque .
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  • Loaded Baked Potato Chowder
  • Texas Cowboy Stew Recipe
  • Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Soup
  • Butternut Squash Soup
  • Chicken Stew
  • Colcannon Soup (aka Irish Potato and Cabbage Soup with Bacon)
  • Lemon Chicken Couscous Soup
  • Spicy Pumpkin Soup with Bacon and Spicy Fried Chickpeas
  • Rustic Autumn Vegetable Soup
  • Dill Pickle Soup (Polish Zuppa Ogórkowa)
  • Cozy Autumn Wild Rice Soup
  • Italian White Bean Soup with Sausage Meatballs
  • Creamy Crack Chicken Soup Recipe
  • The Best Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe
  • {Best Ever} French Onion Soup
  • BEST Copycat Zuppa Toscana Recipe
  • Cabbage Roll Soup Recipe
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  • Spicy Peanut Soup with Sweet Potato + Kale Recipe


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  2. Follow the recipe instructions to prepare the soup
  3. Let us know which one you will try first

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