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15 Irish Potato Recipes For Good Luck (Or Just Good Eating!) ☘️

15 Irish Potato Recipes For Good Luck (Or Just Good Eating!) ☘️

Here are 15 Irish potato recipes to get you ready for St. Patrick’s Day, your upcoming trip to Ireland, or just to add some international flair to your everyday meals!

Ireland’s history relied heavily on potatoes for its meals.

Although potatoes may be substituted for other starches like rice or pasta in modern times, many Irish potato recipes are still popular around the world, not just in Ireland!

Irish dishes have changed throughout time, but some classics remain well-liked.

Fortunately, we have included some of the most common Irish potato recipes that have stood the test of time!

You will want to try making your own Irish Colcannon Potatoes, lush Potato Candy, or satisfying Boxty Pancakes.

No idea what these are?

Keep reading to find out!

Want to start with something a little more familiar?

Irish Potato Nachos or an Irish Potato Casserole are no-fail ways to win over any dinner guest!

Give yourself a taste of Irish cuisine and explore some dishes they are well-known for!

If you need an additional nudge to try these out, just remember how great potatoes taste in all forms, and keep in mind that these recipes have only gotten better over time! 

A close up image of a bowl filled dublin coddle.

Best Irish Potato Recipes

1. Irish Potato Bread

What makes this type of bread special is that there is no yeast in it!

Adding potatoes into this recipe makes the bread very moist and soft.

Irish potato bread is super flexible and can be a great addition to so many meals.

Have some fun exploring new types of cheeses and spices to add to this bread!

2. Dublin Coddle

If you find yourself craving authentic Irish potato recipes in the cold winter months, you have got to try out Dublin coddle!

It is a slow cooked stew full of potatoes, sausage, bacon, onions, and broth.

This can easily be a complete meal by itself, but aside from crusty bread will never hurt!

3. Potato Farls

Did you find yourself waking up in the morning craving something savory yet simple to make?

Potato farls will be a great bet to satisfy that craving!

All you need are five simple ingredients and about 30 minutes to make this savory breakfast flatbread.

Since you can use any type of potatoes for this recipe, try all of your favorites, even sweet potatoes!

4. Irish Potato Pie

Irish potato dishes are almost always guaranteed to be delicious, and this potato pie is no exception!

Despite how easy it is to make this recipe, it is full of flavor from the scalloped potatoes, bacon, onions, and herbs.

There are a bunch of different textures at play between the puff pastry crust, softened potatoes, and crispy bacon.

This makes a great side dish or appetizer for your Saint Paddy’s Day dinner!

5. Irish Colcannon Potatoes

Does anything top colcannon when it comes to making an Irish potato and cabbage dish?

There is a reason this is still a popular dish throughout the years, and that is because it is darn good and takes little time to make!

If you are unfamiliar with colcannon, imagine creamy mashed potatoes with some cabbage tossed in.

This recipe takes it a step further and adds crumbled bacon and some green onions to top it all off with!

6. Irish Potato Candy

You may be wondering how potatoes can be made into a sweet and delicious candy.

Despite its name, there is actually no potato involved in making this recipe.

Rather, it is full of cinnamon, cream cheese, and shredded coconut.

The tiny candy balls look quite like small potatoes once cooked and can make a great dessert after enjoying all of your other Irish potato dishes!

☘️ Try a bit o’ even more Irish Desserts right here, laddie. ☘️

7. Bubble & Squeak

No list of Irish potato recipes is complete without a bubble and squeak recipe!

This is also an enjoyable and tasty dish that has become a staple in Irish breakfasts to go along with the fun name.

You can make good use of any leftover colcannon you have and just add in some Brussel sprouts and shredded corned beef brisket to make it a filling and comforting meal.

Even more ideas for what to serve with corned beef right here…

8. Irish Potato Nachos

This recipe is a game-changer!

One simple adjustment to traditional nachos can raise it up by many levels!

All you need to do is replace your tortilla chips for your nachos with some potato wedges.

Top it off with your favorite nacho toppings, and you may never go back to using tortilla chips for your nachos again!

9. Traditional Irish Potato Soup

This traditional Irish potato dish will be your saving grace for those days when you want an easy meal with few ingredients but still full of taste and deliciousness.

All of the ingredients you need, you are very likely to find already in your kitchen ready to go.

A fun note is that back in the day before our handheld gadgets could make smoothing this soup an easy task, many Irish cooks would have to pass the soup through a sieve and compress it to get it to the right consistency.

The good news is, these days, we have plenty of tools to make this easier, such as blenders and liquidizers.

10. Irish Potato Bites

These bite-sized snacks make a great addition to the appetizers at any get-together or party.

These bites are small red potatoes with the insides scooped out and replaced with a delicious mixture of potato, corned beef, butter, and cheese.

It never hurts to add some sour cream and chopped green onions on top!

Beware, these will be very popular so make as much as you want so that everyone can enjoy seconds, and thirds, and fourths….

🍀 For more St. Patrick’s Day Appetizers, b’gosh…🍀

11. Boxty (Irish Potato Pancakes)

Traditionally, boxty can be made in many different forms, such as fried like a pancake or rolling the dough into a ball and simmering it like a dumpling.

While this recipe fries the potatoes into something similar to a hash brown pancake, you can make it in plenty of different forms!

It seems as though everyone uses something different within their boxty to bind it all together.

This recipe calls for buttermilk, but others may use milk, cream, eggs, or butter.

Each of these substitutions changes the texture a bit, so it is worth playing around and experimenting a bit to see which one suits your taste the best!

12. Irish Potato Salad

This recipe is straightforward and only requires three ingredients: potatoes, butter, and mayonnaise.

Feel free to add in some salt, black pepper, or fresh chopped chives if you desire.

Perfect for summertime picnics, this makes an effortless and delicious side dish for plenty of people, all of whom will love this simple potato salad!

13.  Irish Potato Galette

If you are in a time crunch, or maybe it hasn’t reached your grocery shopping day, and you are wondering how to make Irish potatoes into a tasty side dish, try your hand at making an Irish potato galette.

With a couple of Irish potatoes and a bit of butter, you can make a simple yet delicious side dish that will pair wonderfully with rich salmon or any other meal you plan to make.

All you need to do is thinly slice your potatoes, layer them onto a buttered pan, and cook it until it is a beautiful golden color.

14. Rustic Irish Potato & Cabbage Soup

Whether you prefer to make your soup in a slow cooker or on the stovetop, this Irish potato and cabbage soup will turn out to be a delicious and hearty comfort meal.

There are tons of veggies inside and some sausage and plenty of potatoes.

The addition of Bay leaves and thyme adds a hint of minty and earthy flavors that add to this dish’s rustic feel.

15. Irish Potato Casserole

What better match is there in the food world than potatoes and cheese?

This casserole combines the two perfectly into an easy, creamy, yet delicious dish.

This can be a side dish or a main meal, depending on how you feel.

Even if you have leftovers, this casserole will reheat great, so it can be a leisurely lunch for the next day!

The bottom line

The Irish are known for their many uses of potatoes as a staple in their diets, and for good reason!

These 15 Irish potato recipes from some of our favorite places around the web show how potatoes can be used in so many different ways for almost any meal of the day and will always turn out great!


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