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19 Amazing Velveeta Cheese Recipes To Make When Cheesy Cravings Strike

19 Amazing Velveeta Cheese Recipes To Make When Cheesy Cravings Strike

If you want something scrumptious, then shamelessly reach for Velveeta and choose Velveeta cheese recipes in this epic collection!  

Velveeta is an incredible velvety processed cheese product that took the market by storm in the early 1920s and became kitchen staples in US households. 

With its mild flavor, distinctive orange color, versatility, and superb melting ability, it’s no wonder there are a lot of things to make with Velveeta cheese, aside from the classic mac and cheese. 

Whether you create a creamy sauce without adding cream, luscious spread for your sandwiches, or holy dip, Velveeta works like a charm!

This compilation of recipes with Velveeta cheese is surprisingly unique, featuring our very own Potato And Bacon Soup and Chili Dip
Recipe #18 is also a must-try, so don’t miss out!

This crowd-pleasing chili dip is a fantastic appetizer to serve at any gathering. 

It together only requires three essential ingredients and five minutes of cook time. 

Serve this Velveeta recipe hot and dunk some tortilla chips, fresh-cut veggies, cubed toasted French bread, or anything that’s dunkable!

Hamburger and Velveeta cheese unite in this 20-minute ground beef queso recipe seasoned with red pepper flakes, dried oregano, and chili powder. 

Meaty, rich, and irresistibly creamy, serving the dip with pretzel bites, baked potatoes, or hot dogs can bring a party in your mouth! 

This comforting macaroni and cheese recipe, including Velveeta cheese alongside real cheddar, adds more creamy and dreamy indulgence.

It’s a great way to get extra veggies into your kids and use up those leftovers—Toss bacon bits, ham, ground beef, shredded chicken, peas, or carrots. 

The choice is yours!

You don’t need a fancy dish to please a crowd at your party. 

All you need is chopped broccoli, butter, Ritz crackers, and Velveeta cheese!

This broccoli casserole is quite simple and can be assembled ahead of time. 

Combine, prepare the airtight container, then store it in the fridge until you’re ready to bake it.

This creamy dip featuring spicy sausage, Rotel, and Velveeta cheese is perfect for holiday gatherings, potlucks, game days, everyday dip cravings!

Feel free to add some green chiles, ground beef, 

Rotel tomatoes, and a dash of taco seasoning for extra flavor. 

Don’t forget the chips and veggies.

If you like creamy, meaty soup with plenty of veggies, then this dish is for you. 

It’s incredibly filling, and the combination of potatoes, Velveeta, and beef make it extraordinary. 

Though they’re optional, cooked bacon and cheddar cheese add additional layers of flavor, while toppings like jalapenos and green onions offer extra texture. 

Although it takes about an hour to cook, this chicken spaghetti recipe couldn’t be easier to put together. 

Plus, it’s creamy and savory at the same time!

Aside from Velveeta cheese, you also need cheddar cheese topping to make it rich. 

If you’re into pasta, consider making this dish.

The creamy Velveeta cheese and ground beef cheeseburger mixture in these biscuit cups will make your mouth water. 

They’re genuinely heavenly!

The recipe starts with a buttery biscuit base filled with Velveeta cheese and cheeseburger mixture. 

Made in just 30 minutes, they’re perfect for a quick weekend dinner.

This tasty and hearty soup is filled with a beautiful cheesy taste; it’s an easy-to-make dish destined to warm you up. 

The Velveeta cheese and bacon in this cheese soup recipe complement beautifully together. 

The best part? It’s made in a slow cooker!

If your family loves tacos, spaghetti, and tacos, why not combine them to create a delicious dinner bound to impress? 

Made with simple ingredients, this cheesy taco spaghetti casserole is a breeze to create on busy weeknights. 

Not to mention, it’s topped with lots of shredded cheese.

Who would think that broccoli and Velveeta cheese are great together? 

Trust me, you and your family won’t be able to resist this frittata; it tastes great even as leftovers! 

Serve the dish during brunch or potluck. 

Silky and smooth in every bite, this is what you get when you include Velveeta cheese in your fudge recipe; you won’t notice its flavor, too!

The addition of the processed cheese in this fudge is intriguing, but trust me, it makes the recipe excellent and creamy. 

Use walnuts or chopped almonds if you don’t have pecans on hand. 

This rich soup has all the flavor of a delicious enchilada with a mildly spicy kick. 

Dip fresh bread into the soup, and congratulations–your dinner is served!

Velveeta cheese isn’t the only one that adds a nice flavor to the dish; chicken, milk, and sour cream make it extraordinary, too!

This recipe is no-fail because it’s done in a crockpot! You just need to throw all the ingredients and then forget about it for a couple of hours. 

Cook the potatoes nice and slow alongside Velveeta cheese, resulting in an incredibly smooth texture. 

Double the batch as this dish disappear in a few seconds!

Still, wondering what to make with Velveeta cheese? Then create this copycat version of au gratin potatoes from Bill Knapp restaurant. 

To create, melt butter in a saucepan and add flour. Add milk and toss the remaining ingredients until the cheese melts. 

Then bake, bake, bake!

The key ingredients of this beef king ranch bubble up are ground beef, taco seasoning, Velveeta cheese, and tomatoes. 

Laden with savory flavors, it’s genuinely a recipe fit for a king! 

You can serve it as a dip with tortilla chips. Yum!

Loaded with ground beef, corn, beans, and plenty of Velveeta cheese, this Mexican-inspired dip will be a massive hit at any party or fiesta. 

Filling and meaty, the dip is best paired with tortilla chips, or you can go fancy with a blend of sour cream, chopped onion, and cilantro. 

Rich Velveeta cheese and savory sausage on a party rye bread–nope, you’re not dreaming! 

Whether you serve the toasts at parties, tailgating, or holidays, this dish is sure to deliver!

Assemble them ahead of time and freeze for a quick treat later. 

Just make sure to allow the frozen toasts to thaw before reheating. 

The bottom line

Authentic, rich, and creamy Velveeta cheese is great for mac and cheese, but this processed cheese should be added to anything and everything, too. 

After all, there are many uses for Velveeta cheese–you just need to be adventurous! 

In case you’re undecided on what to do with your Velveeta cheese, go over this collection again and snipe some recipes that match your cravings.

19 BEST Ways To Use Velveeta Cheese

19 BEST Ways To Use Velveeta Cheese

From potato-bacon soup to sausage and cheese party rye bread, here are our 19 dreamy Velveeta cheese recipes--unlock them for endless, creamy indulgence!


  • Potato And Bacon Soup
  • Chili Dip
  • Ground Beef Queso
  • Velveeta Macaroni And Cheese
  • Broccoli Casserole
  • Rotel Dip
  • Cheeseburger Soup
  • Chicken Spaghetti
  • Cheeseburger Biscuit Cups
  • Slow Cooker Cheese Soup
  • Taco Spaghetti Casserole
  • Broccoli Velveeta Cheese Frittata
  • Creamy Velveeta Fudge
  • Chicken Queso Soup
  • Crockpot Cheesy Potatoes
  • Au Gratin Potatoes
  • Beefy King Ranch Bubble Up
  • Mexican Bean Dip
  • Sausage And Cheese Party Rye Bread


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