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14 Best Ricotta Toast Recipes For Snacks, Appetizers & More!

14 Best Ricotta Toast Recipes For Snacks, Appetizers & More!

Toast has come a long way since humankind first discovered that bread can be flash-heated until just before the burn phase, and we’re so glad because we just don’t think we could live without these ricotta toast recipes.
The evolution of toast has seen many eras—sugar and cinnamon, peanut butter or hazelnut spread, cream cheese and fruit, avocado, and spinach and tomatoes.
The latest trend in upscale toast is experimenting with the combination of some of these ingredients and different types of cheese and cheese spread.
It’s a delightfully delicious turn of toast events, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to explore the most recent variations, particularly those that involve ricotta cheese.
You typically think of ricotta in Italian cuisine, layered in between lasagna noodles and meat sauce and mozzarella, but trust us when we say that ricotta cheese on toast is one of the best culinary discoveries of the century.
Hear us out.
It’s not just the ricotta; it’s the vast array of foods that complement it and look stunning atop your white, wheat, rye, artisan, or even store-bought bread.
When paired with ricotta cheese, foods like berries, tomatoes, nuts, citrus fruits, eggs, and figs can take your toast from drab to fab. 
Take one look at the Spicy Honey Crostini With Pears And Walnuts, the Savory Fig Ricotta Toast, or the Cranberry And Prosciutto Ricotta Toast, and you’ll never look at a piece of bread the same way.

A recipe featuring simply egg and ricotta may seem plain, but once you experience the flavor of this Garlicky Ricotta And Egg Toast, you’ll hop right on the ‘less is more’ train.

The sunny-side-up egg looks great on the sauteed spinach, and the depth of taste with so few ingredients is a pleasant surprise.

This toast is quick, easy, and a great way to start the day.

This recipe puts a spotlight on a sourdough baguette, a welcome change from the usual loaf suspects.

Even more welcome is the simplicity of this toast’s structure—baguette, ricotta, crushed pistachios, and a honey drizzle.

It’s a great option for event snacks and an impressive one at that.

Baguette is the avenue again in this recipe, but your attention will be fully drawn to the homemade ricotta and its companions.

It takes a little time, but this toast is worth all the time to create the masterful end result.

Your summer barbecue guests will swear you hired a professional chef to put these flavor-bursting ricotta cheese toast bites together. 

Toast variations can get pretty adventurous these days, but we’re willing to bet zucchini has never been in your wildest toast dreams.

Well, wake up and smell the zucchini because we’re putting it on your toast.

This recipe fuses ricotta cheese spread with roasted zucchini and a lemon zest topper, and if you’re feeling really froggy, you can sneak in some yellow squash between zucchini slices.

OK, so sue us; we can’t get enough of honey with ricotta on toast. 

What sets this recipe apart is the sweet, gritty tang of blackberries, lovely basil garnish, and the flawless presentation of piped ricotta on Challah bread.

Of course, the piping is optional, but who wouldn’t jump at the chance to decorate your toast like a cake with whipped ricotta cheese?

At this point, avocado toast is more of a classic than an innovation, but that won’t keep it off of our list—yes, it’s that good.

The fact that this is an avocado toast with ricotta automatically sets it apart for the combination of those two ingredients alone. 

Still, the added depth of lemon zest and basil really set the dish off.

This is a perfect brunch recipe, but honestly, we’d eat it any time of the day or night.

Fig, in our opinion, is the hidden gem of the culinary world.

This Savory Fig Ricotta Toast, however, puts fig front and center, doing your tastebuds a major favor.

The fig is only one piece of the ricotta toast puzzle, though, as it shares the stage with ingredients like fresh arugula and Italian salami, making it one of the most well-rounded toasts we’ve ever had the pleasure of including on a list.

Raspberry is a frequently used flavor in dishes ranging from sweet to savory to everything in between.

It’s no surprise, then, that raspberries are the one and only star of the show in this ricotta toast recipe.

We love it for its ease, simplicity, and pure delightfulness, but there are plenty of reasons to adore this Raspberry Ricotta Toast—just pick one.

If you’re looking to impress, we found one of the most lavish ricotta toast ideas out there to share with you.

This Spicy Honey Crostini With Pears And Walnuts is as elegant as they come, featuring both goat and ricotta cheese. 

Nevertheless, it’s also accessible and familiar, with pears and walnuts as the main visual attraction.

Whether you’re preparing these crostinis for a backyard barbecue, a wedding reception, or a birthday party, they’ll most certainly do the trick.

This Whipped Ricotta Toast is literally just ricotta cheese and toasted bread, but it couldn’t be more beautiful or delicious.

Whipped ricotta is easy and fast, and it also lends itself well to piping, making for a stunning culinary presentation.

When the ricotta looks as good as this recipe, there’s no need for other ingredients.

If you’ve been hunting for the perfect breakfast ricotta toast, look no further than this recipe for Savory Peach And Ricotta Toast.

Peaches are an excellent breakfast option, and they certainly cover the ‘sweet’ category, but the option to include Recla Speck as well as arugula or your choice of microgreens more than accounts for the ‘savory’ factor longed for in a complete breakfast lineup.

This toast is equal parts sweet, savory, and exquisite, and it can be all yours in a matter of minutes.

We have a confession to make—we can’t get enough prosciutto.

That’s why this Cranberry And Prosciutto Ricotta Toast is one of our most favorites.

It looks as good as it sounds, and it tastes even better.

Toast doesn’t always have to be for breakfast, and this Savory Mushroom Toast is pure, piquant proof of that.

The depth of flavor of this toast is unbelievable, pulling together notes from ghost cheese, ricotta cheese (of course), savory mushrooms, walnuts, chives, and Sichuan chili oil.

It’s a great recipe for lunch or dinner or anytime you’re in the mood for something unexpectedly appetizing.

The bottom line

Ricotta cheese and toast don’t seem like they’d be a food pair for the history books.

However, this list proves that those two foods work well together and are a culinary couple that invites a host of other phenomenal foods along on the journey.

Whether you’re looking for a breakfast, lunch, brunch, snack, appetizer, or supper, the toast recipes here will enhance any menu for any occasion.

14 BEST Ricotta Toast Recipe

14 BEST Ricotta Toast Recipe

When you love creamy, mildly sweet ricotta cheese, it’s a natural match to make it even more delectable on toast!


  • Ricotta Toast With Blueberries And Hot Honey Walnuts
  • Garlicky Ricotta And Egg Toast
  • Honey Toast With Fresh Ricotta And Pistachios
  • Grilled Baguette With Homemade Ricotta, Burst Cherry Tomatoes, And Chimichurri
  • Ricotta Toast WIth Zucchini And Lemon Zest
  • Honey Ricotta Toast With Blackberries
  • Avocado Toast With Ricotta, Olive Oil, Lemon Zest, And Basil
  • Savory Fig Ricotta Toast
  • Raspberry Ricotta Toast
  • Spicy Honey Crostini With Pears And Walnuts
  • Whipped Ricotta Toast
  • Savory Peach And Ricotta Toast
  • Cranberry And Prosciutto Ricotta Toast
  • Savory Mushroom Toast


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