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🍸 30 Best Eggnog Cocktails: Perfect Anytime & At Holiday Parties! 🍸

🍸 30 Best Eggnog Cocktails: Perfect Anytime & At Holiday Parties! 🍸

Looking for ways you can incorporate eggnog into more of your recipes? With these 30 easy Eggnog Cocktails, we have some fun ideas to share!

In case you didn’t know, eggnog is a thick, sweetened dairy drink previously known as a milk punch or an egg-milk punch when alcoholic drinks are added.

Interestingly, many competing claims have been made over the years about the origin of eggnog, many of which have been lost in the etymological debate.

The word may come from an Old English term for “strong beer,” or perhaps from the word “noggin,” which means “small cup,” or “grogs,” which was used to describe alcoholic beverages.

And it appears that eggnog, as we know it today, is a culinary descendant of posset, a warm ale punch with eggs that European monks consumed as early as the 13th century.

Undoubtedly, eggnog can get you drunk, in addition to adding festive cheer to your celebrations—it just depends on how you like to drink it.

While other drinks serve as sound mixers by accident, eggnog is actually a boozy drink by nature.

From Ube Eggnog Spiked Cocktail to Eggnog Mexican Hot Chocolate to George Washington’s Eggnog, you’re bound to find a favorite out of these.

So here are 30 eggnog cocktails fantastic for parties and gatherings!

#30 will unquestionably be everyone’s favorite!

Rum is one of the better liquor choices to mix with eggnog because it adds a sweetness to the drink that balances out the eggy flavor.

If you don’t have almond extract, you can use amaretto instead, though it would make the drink stronger.

Though the recipe uses Kahlua (which tastes more like coffee than chocolate), you can use chocolate liquor like the ones from Godiva.

Finish off the drink with some garnish.

Only three ingredients and you’re already set!

A fantastic feat of this drink is the crushed ube polvoron on the rim of this glass.

For those unfamiliar, ube is the Filipino name for the purple yam.

You can make this kid-friendly by altogether omitting the rum!

Smooth, velvety, and sweet, this drink would be the very definition of holiday spirits.

For a more fantastic experience, you can either use crushed candy as a garnish or put it on the glass’s rim.

This holiday drink is the perfect mashup for you, from a fun and festive twist to a classic vodka-Kahlua combo.

You can make this drink stronger by adding more vodka or Kahlua, but you can add more eggnog instead of the liquor if you want to make it weaker.

Coffee is always a great way to either start or end your day.

Mix it with eggnog, ice, and nutmeg, and you’ve made another magical way to enjoy your daily dose of caffeine.

The alcoholic dessert that you can drink!

Use sugared cranberries and fresh mint leaves as garnish!

You can serve the drink either chilled or warmed, partnered perfectly with any dessert or brunch.

Yes, you can create an eggnog drink with a unique taste with coconut oil!

Liquors such as rum and brandy are optional, but adding these can bring a particular kick to this eggnog mix!

Milkshakes are perfect thirst quencher treats during hot summers and sunny afternoons.

Pairing these with eggnog can lead to a much sweeter drink with a creamier consistency.

You can even top this up with ice cream too!

How do you want your coffee?

Of course, you would usually answer that with “more sugar” or “more cream,” depending on your tastes.

However, this espresso mix combines the robust flavors of martini and rum with the sweet and creamy eggnog.

This drink is best served during certain festivities or even celebrations in the comfort of your home!

Italian soda is a colorful carbonated drink, with soda water and flavored syrup as its main ingredients and ice and whipped cream on top!

Eggnog is used here as a flavored syrup, which brings a light-yellow color and creamy consistency to this beloved drink.

Depending on your tastes, you could add rum into the mix to add a unique flavor to your drink.

Chocolate and eggnog are an excellent combination for a sweet hot or cold drink, as proven by this Eggnog Mexican Hot Chocolate recipe.

You could top this up with soft mallows and fluffy whipped cream.

Orange Julius is the name of a store chain that offers fruit beverages, with their most famous drink being iced orange juice with vanilla and milk.

This drink has been discontinued in many stores, but some stalls have continued offering their famed drink.

People have started crafting copycat Orange Julius drinks, given how seldom we see Orange Julius drinks nowadays, even adding unique spins to the glass.

This Eggnog Orange Julius is a great recipe, bringing a combination of creaminess and tanginess that those who have grown with Orange Julius and those who haven’t seen their stalls would both love!

Eggnogs are often served as a drink, but did you know that you could also have a sweet spoonful of Eggnog Pudding?

These lovely pudding shots are a great party treat for children and adults alike!

Eggnog and bourbon seem like an unlikely pair at first, but as we have proven in the preceding recipes, any eggnog combination is possible!

In this case, adding eggnog to the bourbon partially strips the aggressive edge of the liquor and adds the creamy texture of the dairy drink.

Eggnog and Rumchata are two completely different beverages that are both popular holiday drinks, so why not combine them?

Rumchata is a sweet vanilla and cinnamon Caribbean rum.

This drink blends well with eggnog, not just because of their tastes but also for their white to yellow appearance!

This Cinnamon Gingerbread Eggnog is another one of those recipes that could be great for holiday celebrations.

However, this eggnog drink has a bit of spice in it using cinnamon and gingerbread.

Eggnog with pumpkin puree? Now that’s something else.

Then, add that with Bourbon.

Indeed, this Pumpkin Eggnog with Bourbon has a distinct assortment of flavors that lovers of alcohol-mixed eggnogs will appreciate!

What if your pumpkin pie became a beverage?

Like the preceding recipe, these Pumpkin Pie Shooters primarily consist of eggnog and pumpkin puree while adding vodka for a more robust flavor.

These shooters are a must-have during parties and gatherings but are not recommended for children due to the addition of alcohol in the mix.

However, you could also create these shooters without the booze and still be able to make them delightful for adults, and particularly for kids too!

What exactly is Santa’s Magic Potion?

The answer is Baileys Irish Cream, a kind of chocolate and cream whiskey.

Pair that with eggnog, and you’ll be served with a chilled creamy drink that is perfect during the Christmas season and on regular days too!

Brandy Alexander is a brandy cocktail mix with chocolate and cream.

In this case, you can replace chocolate and cream with eggnog and mix it with brandy to make the perfect eggnog-based Brandy Alexander as your next party cocktail!

What happens if you combine the spicy flavors of vodka with eggnog?

Well, it’s literally the Eggnog Vodka Cocktail!

Like other alcohol and eggnog mixes on this list, the Eggnog Vodka cocktail requires just the right amount of their respective ingredients for a great blend of aggressive sweetness suitable for chill night hangouts!

Masala Chai, or Chai, is a black tea, milk, and herbal beverage from India.

You’ll immediately think of this drink as having an earthy taste when, in fact, it is a combination of creaminess, sweetness, and spices.

This is why Chai can be a perfect pair to eggnog, with this Chai Eggnog drink bringing an equal blend of thick, creamy and sweet flavors due to its unique ingredients.

Known locally as “Coquito,” this eggnog recipe does not have eggs, which makes this an “eggless eggnog” recipe.

This Puerto Rican eggnog recipe primarily uses coconut milk, evaporated and condensed milk, and vanilla extract.

This eggless eggnog recipe also has the biting taste of rum, adding more unique flavors to this tropical drink.

Sweet fireball whiskey and eggnog are the main, if not the only ingredients, in this Christmas classic Yule Log cocktail.

Side note: Don’t confuse this with the actual Yule Log, a kind of chocolate Christmas cake.

Orange spiced eggnog mixes the candy-tasting orange liqueur (such as Cointreau) and classic eggnog.

Apart from these, you could also add rum for a much-needed kick to your drink.

You read that right, folks; it’s the 1st President himself!

As the name suggests, this eggnog recipe could have been from Washington himself, but certain sources have refuted the claim, calling it unsubstantiated.

However, this eggnog drink is still interesting given the amount and types of liquor present in the recipe, such as whiskey, brandy, and Jamaican rum.

Indeed, this eggnog drink has strong alcohol content and is not for kids or the uninitiated.

Whip up this crazy delicious treat and sit down by the fireplace, and you got yourself one of the best moments of your life.

Top it off with marshmallows and some crushed peppermints, and you’re all set!

The bottom line

Eggnog is another treat that can be considered a seasonal ingredient, just like pumpkin spice, although no one can stop you if you crave it during non-holiday seasons.

However, eggnogs can be easy-to-prepare and can be paired with many food items and drinks.

We have listed down 30 eggnog recipes, but in reality, there could have been more of these for you to discover.

If you’re an eggnog lover who wants to try out something new apart from the classic recipe, please try these creamy and delicious eggnog treats!

Looking for more eggnog options here’s an original recipe for Overnight Homemade Eggnog that you should definitely try.

Top 30 BEST Eggnog Cocktails 🍸

Top 30 BEST Eggnog Cocktails 🍸

Here are 30 easy Eggnog Cocktails fantastic for parties and gatherings this coming holiday season or at any time!


  • Holiday Spiked Eggnog
  • Traditional Rum Eggnog
  • Chocolate Eggnog Martini
  • Ube Eggnog Spiked Cocktail
  • Mrs. Claus Cocktail
  • Eggnog White Russian
  • Iced Eggnog Latte
  • White Chocolate Mint Eggnog
  • Hazelnut Eggnog With Bourbon & Cloves
  • Spiced Coconut Eggnog
  • Eggnog Milkshake
  • Eggnog Espresso Martini With Rum
  • Spiked Eggnog Italian Soda
  • Eggnog Mexican Hot Chocolate
  • Eggnog Orange Julius
  • Eggnog Pudding Shots
  • Bourbon Eggnog
  • Rumchata Eggnog
  • Cinnamon Gingerbread Eggnog
  • Pumpkin Eggnog With Bourbon
  • Boozy Pumpkin Pie Shooters
  • Santa's Magic Potion
  • Eggnog Brandy Alexander
  • Eggnog Vodka Cocktail
  • Chai Eggnog
  • Puerto Rican Rum Eggnog
  • The Yule Log Cocktail
  • Orange Spiced Eggnog
  • George Washington's Eggnog
  • Peppermint Eggnog White Hot Chocolate


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