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Make It Bacon! 21 Bacon Jam Appetizers

Make It Bacon! 21 Bacon Jam Appetizers

Sweet and salty all at once, these lip-smacking 21 bacon jam appetizers make an impression at game day, brunch, or even a fancy tea!

Even if you just want a tasty snack for yourself in between meals, these 21 appetizers with bacon jam will hit the spot.

Chances are you already have a container of bacon jam or a recipe to make it yourself that you absolutely love but you want to know how to take it up another level.

These appetizers play on a bit of sweet and salty in each bite giving you a nice blend of flavors without overwhelming you with too much of one ingredient.

Crostinis may be the first way to use bacon jam that comes to mind so of course, there are a few different of these recipes including a Prune Bacon Jam Crostini and Cranberry Bacon Jam Crostini.

Pork Sliders with Bacon & Onion Jam will be a more filling appetizer while Spicy Bacon Jam Brussel Sprouts will ensure you get some veggies in with your bacon.

Most foods are made better with the addition of bacon and when it has a dash of sweetness in it like bacon jam does, the end result is sure to be a winner!

Let’s go bacon!

1. Baked Brie With Maple Bacon Onion Jam

There are only three steps with getting this amazing baked brie but the good news is, it is not too good to be true!

The brie is baked for ten minutes, later topped off with the bacon jam, and baked for another five minutes.

This melted appetizer will taste amazing with chips and crackers to dip into it with and a bit of parsley or cilantro topping it off as a garnish.

Bacon Crackers recipe for an easy sweet and savory snack!

2. Cheesy Thumbprint Appetizer

The appearance of these thumbprints may fool you into thinking they are sweet cookies but they are in fact, so much better thanks to the bacon jam filling the inside and the shredded cheddar cheese spread throughout the cookie.

Creating the dough of these thumbprint cookies is actually very simple with a food processor and a handful of common ingredients.

When these come out of the oven, they will smell amazing and be absolutely irresistible!

3. Brie & Bourbon Bacon Jam Crescent Rolls

Creamy brie paired with sweet and tangy bacon jam will result in an amazing snack to share around the dinner table before it is time to enjoy the main course.

Crescent rolls hold everything together adding a buttery and flaky touch with fresh and fragrant rosemary and nutty toasted pecans added inside.

Once these are all baked, a brushing of melted butter and a sprinkling of more rosemary and pecans makes it full of flavor from the inside out.

Bacon deviled eggs for the love of bacon…

4. Polenta Cakes

This Italian inspired dish has a nice twist with the addition of tomato bacon jam served alongside it.

The polentas are crispy and golden while the bacon jam adds a slight tang thanks to the apple cider vinegar.

Paired with extra parmesan cheese, this appetizer can be served with most type of meals as a starter or alongside the dish as a side, and can be served hot or chilled!

5. Fig & Bacon Jam Crostini

It is a given that this appetizer is going to be delicious, but with the sliced fig on top, it looks appetizing as well.

The sweet and salty balance well with honey and brown sugar as well as goat cheese and of course, bacon!

If your bacon jam is already created, assembling the crostinis and baking it takes less than ten minutes.

6. Apple Cheddar Biscuits

Buttermilk biscuits are made better with cheddar cheese and a tart apple added in.

When these biscuits are served with a side of bacon jam, you get a unique yet southern style appetizer that is sure to be gone from the table before the meal is over!

7. Bacon Jam Scallops

This is a great twist on bacon wrapped scallops, instead giving you a flaky pastry with sweet and salty bacon jam and the distinctive scallop flavor all sitting on top.

When you need a last minute appetizer, these can be prepared in less than 30 minutes and will taste like something from a five star restaurant!

Since there are so many different ingredients complementing each other in every scallop bite, you can feel free to use store bought bacon jam or a homemade version, depending on what you have available and are in the mood for.

8. Pork Sliders With Bacon & Onion Jam

It is hard to make sliders taste bad but it can be easy to make them taste amazing with a good quality bacon jam recipe.

This bacon jam addition includes some brewed coffee and brown sugar for a bit of sweetness which will go great with the pork patties on the sliders.

You will want to make much more sliders than you initially think since everyone will be munching away without realizing how many they have eaten.

9. Sweet Potatoes & Bacon Jam

Yes, this is a simple appetizer, and yes it is perfect as is and needs very little adjustment.

The sweet potatoes should be baked until they are tender and topped off with a generous scooping of bacon jam.

An extra addition of sour cream or creme fraiche would be amazing as well but even keeping it simple will be a winner.

10. Fig & Gruyere Puff Pastry Tart

Puff pastry sheets are so versatile and work well with both sweet and savory foods, which means it will work great with the sweet and savory parts of the fig and bacon jam filling it up.

Both gruyere and parmesan cheese top this off and are sprinkled onto the crust of the pastry which will turn crisp and golden after baking.

Given that it takes only about half an hour to prepare, this is a show stopping choice of appetizer for your next dinner party!

11. Deviled Eggs With Bacon Jam

Not only do these deviled eggs have bacon jam, but they have extra bacon crumbled on top!

The yolk is mixed with pickles, mayonnaise, and mustard like most other deviled eggs, but the exciting part is the two types of bacon on top!

12. Blue Cheese & Bacon Jam Palmiers

This is another great example of what is traditionally a sweet treat being transformed into a mouthwatering savory appetizer.

If you decide to use store bought bacon jam, all you need is two more ingredients!

It is not a complicated process to prepare and bake these palmiers but will be so rewarding when you take the first bite as it comes out of the oven.

13. Chicken Liver Mousse

This is an upscale way to use bacon jam that will impress everyone!

Even if you shy away from liver, the bacon jam used here will add so much flavor to lighten up the chicken liver flavor and instead add in some bacon and onion.

There are little adjustments that can be made to this mousse to change the texture and flavor such as adding in some more cream or additional salt.

14. Prune Bacon Jam Crostini

As children we may have turned our nose up at prunes but as adults, we can appreciate the sweetness it brings when we add it into our homemade bacon jam.

When this unique mixture sits on top of some goat cheese and a toasted piece of baguette, it will make you curse your younger self for not being more open to prunes and all of the wonder they hold in their taste.

15. Brie & Bacon Jam Phyllo Cups

It is incredible to experience the way the flaky phyllo cups balance out the sweet and salty homemade bacon jam with the creamy brie cheese inside.

When these come out of the oven, the cheese will be slightly bubbly making it that much more enticing.

With a thyme garnish on top, these get an extra bit of freshness pairing well with the apricot jam and smoked bacon in the jam.

16. Bacon Jam Roasted Potato Canapes

Bacon always has a place alongside potatoes so it goes without saying that topping off roasted potatoes with bacon jam will give you one of your new favorite appetizers.

Baking the potatoes is simple, only requiring a quick toss in some vegetable oil, a topping of salt and pepper, and less than an hour in the oven.

That is the hard part because after that, all it takes is adding the bacon jam on top and sprinkling on some parmesan cheese.

17. Cranberry Bacon Jam Crostini

During the holidays, you may see a lot of cranberry flavors but this bacon jam appetizer is unique enough that none of those other dishes will compare.

Fitting with the holiday theme, this has some chopped walnuts topping it off adding in some nuttiness to complement the sweet and smoky flavors.

18. Brie & Bacon Jam Dip

When you discover a delicious combination, there is little that needs to be done to make it a memorable and craveworthy dish you find yourself making for every occasion.

Just broil some chopped up brie and bacon jam and top off the melty and browning mixture with crumbled bacon.

It doesn’t get easier than this, since there is no mixing and everything is baked together in one dish.

19. Pierogies With Bacon Jam

These European-style dumplings are amazing with the cheesy mashed potato filling inside and the sweet and savory bacon jam served alongside it.

Preparing dough from scratch for these pierogies may sound like a lot of work but it can be done a night or two ahead of time to save some time and energy for your filling and jam.

The dumplings need a little bit of butter to saute in and will give you a crisp and browned snack that is complemented by a slightly sweet bacon jam.

Who doesn’t want more bacon?

20. Sourdough Baked Brie with Cranberries and Bacon

Bread bowls are the best type of bowls because they are edible and mean there is one less dish to wash after you eat!

When your bread bowl is full of a homemade cranberry bacon jam and some brie, you can almost guarantee there will not be a single crumb left to clean up.

21. Spicy Bacon Jam Brussel Sprouts

Although the bacon jam for this appetizer uses pre-made red pepper jelly, it can still be considered homemade.

Once the sauce has been able to simmer until it thickens, it can be poured over crispy brussel sprouts which are then tossed to spread the jam all over.

You have probably had bacon jam and you have probably also had brussel sprouts, but combining them gives you something unlike anything you have ever tried before.

The bottom line

With the sweet and savory flavors that shine together in the popular jam, there are worlds of options of bacon jam appetizers that bring out the flavor of whatever it is paired alongside with.

Bacon how-tos:

21 Bacon Jam Appetizers

21 Bacon Jam Appetizers

Sweet and salty all at once, these lip-smacking 21 bacon jam appetizers make an impression at game day, brunch, or even a fancy tea!


  • Baked Brie With Maple Bacon Onion Jam
  • Cheesy Thumbprint Appetizer
  • Brie & Bourbon Bacon Jam Crescent Rolls
  • Polenta Cakes
  • Fig & Bacon Jam Crostini
  • Apple Cheddar Biscuits
  • Bacon Jam Scallops
  • Pork Sliders With Bacon & Onion Jam
  • Sweet Potatoes & Bacon Jam
  • Fig & Gruyere Puff Pastry Tart
  • Deviled Eggs With Bacon Jam
  • Blue Cheese & Bacon Jam Palmiers
  • Chicken Liver Mousse
  • Prune Bacon Jam Crostini
  • Brie & Bacon Jam Phyllo Cups
  • Bacon Jam Roasted Potato Canapes
  • Cranberry Bacon Jam Crostini
  • Brie & Bacon Jam Dip
  • Pierogies With Bacon Jam
  • Sourdough Baked Brie with Cranberries and Bacon
  • Spicy Bacon Jam Brussel Sprouts


  1. It’s snack time! Check out our list of Bacon Jam Appetizers!
  2. It’s a bit of sweet and a bit of salty goodness. Choose two!
  3. Grab your apron and start cooking!
  4. Share with a friend or save them all for yourself. We won’t tell.

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