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How to Make Bacon Jerky in Just 6 Easy Steps

How to Make Bacon Jerky in Just 6 Easy Steps

What’s breakfast without a crunchy bacon? I’d say it’s just a soulless breakfast meal because after all I’ve always believed that bacon is the spirit of any breakfast dish. It’s also perfect for a post-hangover meal after those wine nights with your girls. Find out how to make bacon jerky that can spice up your breakfast, anytime, anywhere.

What is bacon jerky?

What makes bacon jerky the soul of a breakfast meal? Well, bacon jerky is that crunchy and crispy goodness dripping in elements of both sweetness and saltiness — making it the perfect accompaniment of anything, from bread to eggs. It sure gives your taste buds that perfect gastronomical balance.

How long can bacon stay in the freezer?

Generally, frozen food are safe to eat since freezing is a good way of preservation. However, for best results, it is always better to consume anything within a given amount of period to ensure freshness. If it’s unopened, make sure to consume it within one month. If it is already opened, consume it in just seven days to ensure that the taste will be preserved.

Can bacon go bad in the freezer? 

Yes, it most definitely can. This is most especially once it has been opened. If left in the freezer for so long, you will notice that the quality will change. The bacon’s color will turn to a brownish or grayish color. This can hint that the bacon is no longer as fresh as before.

What You Need To Make Bacon Jerky

Cookie sheet

Generally, used for baking, a cookie sheet is helpful when making bacon jerkies so that you may be able to smoke them well.

Electric smoker

So obviously, you need the smoke to make this recipe. This is where you’ll be needing an electric smoker. You might also use an oven or dehydrator as alternatives.

Cooling rack

From the name itself, the purpose of this it to let air pass and circulate freely. In this situation, it’s to allow the smoke to pass through and reach your bacon.

Ziplock bags

For storage purposes, please do make sure that you have enough zipper bags in store.

Step-by-Step Guide


  • 2 lbs of bacon, make sure it is cut and not too thick
  • Dry rub
  • Coarse black pepper
  • Garlic powder
  • Brown sugar


Step One: Prepare your meat.

Cut Bacon – To prep, cut your bacon into small strips so that you will not have a hard time smoking and aligning it later, on the cooling racks.

Apply Dry Rub – Once you’ve done this, you may now start applying the dry rub before marinating them. Of course, the marinade can depend on your own personal preference. However, I highly suggest that you begin marinating with a small amount of garlic powder.

Proceed with a dusting of your coarse black pepper then a medium amount of your brown sugar. Marinade both sides.

Step Two: Set up your materials.

Before we begin the smoking process, you have to set up your cooling racks and cookie sheets first.
Set the cooling racks over your cookie sheets.

Once you have done this, lay out your bacon strips along the racks. But make sure that no bacon is touching each other.

Put them in freezer while you set up the smoker.

Step Three: Get your smoker ready.

It’s time to start the fire. Go get your charcoal out and afterwards, you may begin to add your hickory wood. Make sure the fire is maintained at around 190 F.

Step Four: Smoke your bacon jerky.

​Next step is the first part of cooking bacon jerky. This will usually take about 2 hours. Make sure that the temperature is just around 190 F as this is the perfect temperature to cook your bacon.

Make sure you are monitoring it well; after an hour of cooking, check if the cookie tray is already full of bacon grease so that you may throw it out. Make sure that both sides are also being evenly cooked. Flip your bacon several times over. Remember, the end goal here is to dry out your bacon so make it is not being burned. 

Step Five: Cool your bacon jerky.

​All right, it’s time for the second half of the cooking process. Dispose of your bacon grease residue or just keep it for now if you are planning on using it for something else.

Slide your cookie sheets in your oven and begin the cooking process. You may check it every fifteen minutes to ensure that it will not be overcooked.

Step Six: Store your treat.

​And for the last step, you’ll be needing your zip lock bags to store your jerkies. Before doing so, ensure your jerkies are free from bacon grease.

A good rule to keep in mind is to store about 4 ounces of jerkies in each plastic bag. When storing them, just make sure they are kept in a cool but dry area.

Added Tips:

Things to consider when preparing this recipe

There aren’t that many factors that you have to consider when making your own bacon jerkies other than your preferred heat source. You can either choose a smoker or grill combo or a dehydrator. Whichever works just as fine. Just choose the one that you’re more comfortable with using.

What kind of bacon works best

There are only a few types of bacon but I have found that what works best would be the typical US bacon made from pork belly. The American style bacon is already cured and smoked so it already has that smoked taste we all love. Additionally, get the regular cut bacon instead of the thick ones. This is because you’ll have a harder time smoking the really thick ones.

Tips on how to serve or nicely display

The beautiful thing about bacon jerkies is its incredible versatility. Generally, you can just eat it on its own but if you’re looking for some nice variations, here are some you might just like:

  • As garnish. Instead of just eating it on its own, you may slice your bacon jerkies further into tidbits and use them as garnish for your greens. So the next time you make your fave salad, don’t forget to add your jerkies to spice up your dish.
  • Sprinkled over deviled eggs. Eggs are already good source of protein but all the more with additional tidbits of bacon jerkies. They don’t just add a pop of color to it but also additional dash of protein.
  • Topping for oatmeal. Another dish that can use a bit of sprucing up is oatmeal. Next time you make an oatmeal, don’t forget to sprinkle your bacon jerkies for an added sweet but smoky and salty element.

How to store the jerky

There are only two things to keep in mind when it comes to storing your beef jerkys and that is that first, is has to be kept away from any moisture. This means wherever you plan to store, it has to be in an airtight container. Next is that the container itself has to be stored in an area that is dry but still cool.

How long does the jerky last

Homemade jerky lasts a little less than store-bought jerkies. Typically, you’re going to have to consume them within three months.

Final Thoughts

Bacon jerky truly is king of breakfast. It may be a long process but with the right tools and just a little bit of patience, you’ll achieve the perfectly smoky, salty but sweet jerky. Just remember to maintain temperature at 190 F.