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What’s Better Than Bacon? More Bacon! These 30 Bacon Recipes Will Make Your Day Better Too!

What’s Better Than Bacon? More Bacon! These 30 Bacon Recipes Will Make Your Day Better Too!

Of course you’re here for the bacon recipes! We have so many, plus bonus recipes and ideas to choose from!

Can we ever get enough bacon? 

Renee’ used to say that bacon is her “favorite vegetable” but of course that’s just a delightful delusion.

Bacon is an extremely popular meat that delights every single sense. 

That’s why bacon recipes are great recipes to try if you want to take in the wafting smoke, feel the crunch, hear the sizzle, admire the beautiful slices curling up in the cast iron skillet, and, of course, taste the goodness that is bacon. 

Recipes with bacon are fan favorites for every kind of meal as well. 

You can cook bacon for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and include it in snacks, appetizers, pastries, spreads, and yes, even dessert! 

We created this snappy snack of Bacon Crackers—a combo of smoky bacon, buttery crackers and brown sugar. Totally addictive. 

This article highlights and describes 30 of the best bacon recipes on the web, so you’ll have no shortage of ideas for what to cook with bacon. 

Starting with the meat candy that started it all, try your hand at making your own bacon, then use it to make the rich Bacon, Cheddar Chive Scones, or the #11—the Crispy Bacon Grilled Cheese Rollups, or the Spinach Bacon Pasta (it’s good to have a token vegetable sometimes!)

And if you’ve never had Bacon Brownies, #28 is waiting for you.

Many people think about breakfast when they think about bacon, and we can see why. 

It’s both delicious and full of protein to help jumpstart your day.

But why just toss the bacon on the side of the plate when you can go ahead and cook it inside? 

This way, you ensure the taste of bacon in every bite!

This savory pancakes with bacon recipe provides detailed instructions for a unique twist on a classic recipe by cooking the pancake with bacon bits inside. 

You can also leave a few pieces of bacon to crunch on outside of the pancakes as well. 

This recipe also includes bacon within the main dish, but instead of a more typical pancake, this recipe is for an even more savory and thicker Dutch-style pancake. 

This Dutch pancake recipe uses both bacon and fontina cheese to create a deliciously savory pancake that’s great for breakfast or brunch. 

You can top it off parsley or chives for a flavorful, finishing touch. 

If you’re more into sweet breakfasts than savory ones, you’ll love this maple bacon french toast.

This is one of the best meals with bacon for serving a larger group, as it is simple to make and will likely please everyone at the table. 

Make sure to drizzle a little olive oil as you’re making the french toast in case the pan starts to dry out.

For our last breakfast item on this list, we’ve included a pancake and bacon recipe that is more suitable for families in a rush. 

This bacon pancake bake does not require you to stand over the stove making pancake after pancake for each member of your group. 

Alternatively, you make one bigger and thicker pancake dish and bake it. 

This cuts away from both prep time and cook time but still results in a delicious breakfast for all! 

This is relatively similar to the aforementioned Dutch pancake, but uses cheddar cheese instead of fontina, includes scallions, and has some other minor differences as well. 

Our recommendation? 

Try both!

Regarding baking, bacon goes exceptionally well in pastries and other baked goods. 

These bacon and cheddar chive scones are a rich, satisfying, and savory take on classic scones that would work well along with a light lunch, such as a soup or salad. 

They’ll take a bit of time — about 44 minutes — to prepare and bake, but they should be well worth the wait in the end. 

If you like the idea of bacon and chive but would like a less savory, less cheesy option for a morning or afternoon snack, perhaps you’d prefer this bacon and chive muffin recipe. 

These muffins are also ideal for a post-workout snack, as they are packed with protein.

Are you looking for a quick and tasty 15-minute lunch? 

This turkey bacon wrap might just do the trick!

This is a super simple, easy, and quick bacon recipe that you can make once for speedy lunch or even use to prepare meals for the week. 

Feel free to pack with as many delicious, crunchy veggies as you want to complement the crunchy bacon and juxtapose the softer turkey and smooth greek yogurt. 

This very well might turn out to be one of your best meal-prep lunches to date!

Sometimes all you need is a few incredible, powerful ingredients to get a bite of delicious flavor, and this savory bacon bites recipe proves just that. 

The three main ingredients in the recipe are bacon, sweet onions, and balsamic vinegar that come together for punchy, savory flavors — all topped with brown sugar, because why not?

These work as great appetizers for a family dinner or hors d’oeuvres at the start of a small dinner party.

If you’re into strong flavors, here is another punchy appetizer with bacon, garlic, basil, and black olives. 

These flavors combine for an incredible, lasting taste that will leave people wanting more, so be sure to make a lot! 

Because these flavors are particularly strong, we recommend following the recipe to a T by spreading the ingredients out on pieces of bread. 

This finishing step makes them the perfect pre-dinner handheld snack. 

Bonus Holiday Hero: Bacon Cheese Ball right here.

Bacon is clearly a great ingredient for appetizers, so we’ll include two more delicious appetizers on this list of bacon recipes — crispy bacon grilled cheese rollups.

Just saying the name of this recipe is enough to make anyone salivate. 

This is the perfect appetizer for families and friends who love grilled cheese but don’t want to have grilled cheese sandwiches as their main dinner meal. 

It’s a sneaky way to essentially have your grilled cheese as a fancy pre-dinner snack instead – with bacon! 

And the crispiness of the bacon on the outside combined with the soft, melted cheese on the inside is truly heavenly. 

Best of all, this recipe only takes 12 minutes to complete!

You’ll flip for this even more epic list of Bacon Appetizers!

For the final bacon appetizer on this list, we had to include nachos! 

You might have already thought to throw some cheese, pico de gallo, and jalapenos onto tortilla chips and call it a day. 

But adding chicken, ranch, and bacon takes nachos to a new level! 

With only 10 minutes of prep time necessary, this is a fantastic pre-gathering recipe to tackle, especially before a sporting event or party. 

Part of what we absolutely love about bacon is its versatility. 

It is usually served in savory dishes but can be delightfully sweet as well.

This bacon jam recipe gives you the best of both worlds, with a combination that is both sweet with brown sugar and maple syrup and savory coffee, vinegar, and, of course, bacon!

To top it all off, you can make it spicy as well by adding habañeros or jalapeños. 

Why choose one type of flavor when you can have it all?

Vegetables don’t have to be prepared in such a fancy way. 

This recipe is for hardworking parents and busy go-getters who don’t have a ton of prep time but want a delicious, nutritious meal. 

The recipe uses pre-cut frozen green beans, mushroom stems, a piece of bacon, and a few spices to create a quick side dish for balanced lunch or dinner.

After breakfast, bacon often plays a starring role in pasta dishes, and we unsurprisingly have a few on this list of bacon recipes. 

First up, this easy garlic bacon pasta takes only 10 minutes to prepare while your pasta and bacon cook!

This recipe is great, too, because it instructs how to make the perfect bacon for pasta as well. 

This garlic pasta only uses five ingredients and is an easy weekday dinner dish, especially after more exhausting days.

Another one of our favorite easy recipes for bacon dinner ideas is this super simple creamy bacon tomato pasta.

Like the prior recipe, this recipe also uses garlic for the pasta but makes the sauce creamier and adds grape or plum tomatoes to the mix for extra juiciness and flavor. 

It’s a little more involved and takes a bit more time than the prior garlic bacon pasta, but it may be well worth it if you’re looking for a richer, heavier dinner. 

And it’s still only 30 minutes of total cook and prep time! 

This recipe takes two classic favorites — spaghetti with red sauce and bacon — and combines them for a winning meal.

You don’t need to add much to this recipe besides onion, salt, and pepper to your liking, because sometimes simple recipes are just that good. 

But you can feel free to add some fresh parsley at the end for some additional flavor, as well as sprinkles of parmesan cheese, of course!

There’s something extraordinary about the union of the salty, fatty taste of bacon with the acidic, robust flavor of spinach, so we were sure to add a couple of dinner ideas with bacon and spinach. 

This saucy, scrumptious, creamy pasta recipe is delightful at any time of year, but especially during cold-weather months. 

And this specific recipe not only shows you how to make the dish but also how to reheat the leftovers (if there are any)!

You can use any pasta for this dish, but we recommend following the recipe and using fusilli so that the cream and spinach have many grooves to stick to the pasta.

Bacon isn’t just an excellent topping for Italian pasta dishes, but pizza too!

Bacon arguably goes well on any pizza with any toppings. 

Still, this gourmet recipe requires only spinach, caramelized onion, and bacon over a garlicky white sauce for a simple yet impactful taste.

Spinach isn’t the only vegetable that pairs impeccably well with bacon. 

With its mildly bitter, earthy taste, Broccoli presents a stark contrast to the meaty, fatty flavors of bacon, making the duo complex yet addicting.

This broccoli salad with bacon may seem a bit basic at first glance, but it mixes in sunflower seeds, mustard, vinegar, and garlic for zestful touches that won’t bore you in the slightest. 

This is an excellent lunch on its own or a side dish for an outdoor picnic setting.

Collard greens work similarly to broccoli when combined with bacon, adding an earthy, bitter taste to a meaty ingredient. 

The collard greens in this recipe are sautéed with olive oil and garlic for a super delicious and satisfying finish. 

This recipe is a quick bacon dinner idea, taking only 20 minutes to prepare, cook, and plate. 

Another one of the best bacon recipes for dinner, either as a side dish or the main meal is this baked mac and cheese recipe. 

The key to comfort food is not holding back on what you love, so it only makes sense to make mac and cheese up a notch by throwing some bacon in there as well. 

And don’t worry, gourmet does not necessarily mean overly complicated.

It may take a bit of time and effort to make it right, with a total prep and cook time of 55 minutes. 

However, the most crucial aspect of this recipe is quality ingredients. 

Stay away from low-quality, pre-shredded cheeses, for example. 

Best of all, this recipe calls for the cook to bake the mac and cheese for a crispy, panko-crusted topping when finished.


If adding bacon to mac and cheese isn’t taking mac and cheese up enough notches for you, then how about bacon mac and cheese with ground beef in the mix too?

You’ll love this recipe if you’re looking for a meaty, cheesy, pleasantly heavy comfort dish to die for. 

And don’t worry if it’s too heavy. 

You may only need small portions to feel full, but this crowd-pleasing cheesy goodness keeps well in the fridge and reheats very nicely, so you can enjoy it over and over throughout the week.

If you haven’t noticed yet, bacon and cream go very well together, and this creamy bacon chicken is a pan-fried delight that will likely cause you to drool every step of the cooking process. 

If you have boneless, skinless chicken breasts, bacon, and a few other common ingredients, you can prepare this delicious dinner in just about 30 minutes. 

The creamy “leftover” sauce will go well with some rice and vegetables on the side to soak in the flavor.

If you can add bacon to pasta, pancakes, and pastries, why not potatoes?

Potatoes and bacon are a great mix because of the blend of flavors and the noticeable contrast in texture. 

Crispy bacon with roasted, soft-in-the-middle potatoes is a true delight. 

Add cheese to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a crowd pleaser every single time!

We cannot have a bacon recipes list without featuring the dynamic duo of bacon and eggs. 

This may come off as a brunch dish to some, but you can truly enjoy this meal at any time of the day and for any reason at all. 

It can be breakfast, lunch, an appetizer, a snack, or even a protein-fish dinner side.

Time for dessert! 

We told you bacon goes well in sweet items, too, so now we have to prove it by including a variety of delicious desserts on this bacon recipes list. 

First up are these dark chocolate bacon cupcakes. 

At first, you might think that the bacon is just used for garnish, but no. 

This recipe calls for the cook to add 12 whole strips of bacon to the mix, so bacon plays a significant role in these unique cupcakes. 

Now that you realize bacon can be successfully added to just about anything, you may not be as surprised about this bacon brownie recipe. 

But don’t let the lack of surprise stop you from trying them out!

Just like any baked goods, this might take extra attention and care to get right, but once you do, it will be well worth the effort.

This recipe had us at Nutella.

This salty-sweet treat seems a lot more complicated than it already is. 

If you want to impress your friends at a lunchtime or evening gathering, it’ll only take you 20 minutes to prepare these visually-appealing, four-ingredient dessert bites.  

Lastly, we added these boozy bacon pretzel peanut butter bars because we love every single one of those words. 

These bars are certainly one of the most intricate recipes with bacon on the list! 

These dessert bars are quite simply loaded with flavor, and you’ll enjoy every single bite of these rich, sweet, and salty treats. 

This is the perfect treat to whip up before an evening adult-only affair or special dinner party. 

If you need the perfect recipe to just cook some bacon in the air fryer, we’ve got you.

Bacon clearly goes well in various dishes, and you now have plenty of ways to include it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.

The bottom line

So we’ve come to the end of this epic list of bacon recipes: The Good, The Better, and THE BEST. 

Have you already picked out a couple?

If nothing suited your fancy and you are looking for the simplest way to get a totally craveable bacon appetizer on the table, this is Andi’s Dump Dip. (Scroll down to the recipe card.) 

With plenty of crumbled bacon, dump jam or preserves, chopped green onion, and a package of cream cheese on a plate, set out crackers alongside or carrot sticks, and your guests will rave. RAVE, I tell you.

Pro Tip: You can’t possibly use too much bacon in it.

30 AMAZING Ways To Cook With  Bacon

30 AMAZING Ways To Cook With Bacon

30 of the best bacon recipes on the web, so you’ll have no shortage of ideas for what to cook with bacon.


  • Homemade Bacon
  • Savory Pancakes With Bacon
  • Bacon And Cheese Dutch Pancake
  • Maple Bacon French Toast
  • Bacon And Cheddar Pancake Bake
  • Bacon Cheddar Chive Scones
  • Bacon And Chive Muffins
  • Turkey Bacon Wrap
  • Savory Bacon Bites
  • Savory Bacon And Garlic Appetizers
  • Crispy Bacon Grilled Cheese Rollups
  • Chicken And Bacon Ranch Nachos
  • Sweet And Savory Bacon Jam
  • Green Beans With Bacon
  • Easy Garlic Bacon Pasta
  • Easy Creamy Bacon Tomato Pasta
  • Spaghetti With Bacon
  • Creamy Bacon Spinach Pasta
  • Spinach, Caramelized Onion, And Bacon Pizza
  • Broccoli Salad With Bacon
  • Sautéed Collard Greens With Bacon
  • Gourmet Baked Mac And Cheese With Bacon
  • Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole
  • Creamy Bacon Chicken
  • Crispy Cheese And Bacon Potatoes
  • Bacon Cheese Frittata
  • Dark Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes
  • Bacon Brownies
  • Bacon And Nutella Napoleons
  • Boozy Bacon Pretzel Peanut Butter Bars


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