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25 Refreshing White Claw Cocktails To Mix At Home

25 Refreshing White Claw Cocktails To Mix At Home

If you are new to mixing White Claw with other ingredients to turn the liquor into an exciting cocktail, we’ve gathered 25 refreshing White Claw recipes here! 

White Claw is a famous hard seltzer that comes in all types of flavors. 

It is low in alcohol content, so you can drink it out of the can, or you can mix it with other hard liquors without affecting the overall taste of your drink. 

The most simple approach to using White Claw is by mixing it with club sodas and adding fruits for taste. 

You can also experiment by combining it with other hard liquor such as vodka, bourbon, and wine. 

All of these will result in delicious and unique cocktails if you know what to match them with. 

These White Claw cocktails are perfect for picnics, barbeques, brunches, gatherings, and other special occasions. 

These recipes are bubbly and fizzy, and they will open the doors to new and interesting flavors. 

So jazz up that hard seltzer with these tasty White Claw drinks that will keep you buzzed but won’t give you a hangover the next day. 

If you are a fan of mangoes, check out #25.

While White Claw is already fabulous on its own, it also makes a fantastic cocktail mixer. 

An example is the fizzy, fruity, and festive White Claw Sparkling Lemonade. 

You can substitute club soda with this sparkling seltzer to add flavor to kick to your drink. 

This cocktail is as amazing as it looks. 

Mixing pineapple juice with blue curacao results in its enticing green color. 

These ingredients, coupled with white rum, fresh lime juice, and White Claw, give it a tropical flavor.

Nothing hits the spot on a hot and stressful day, quite like a slushie. 

And this boozy White Claw Slushie is no exception. 

All you need for a frozen cocktail is a can of White Claw, a fruit of your choice, and ice. 

This drink can be served at brunch or whenever you need a cool down. 

If you are a fan of Moscow Mule, this version is a must-try. 

The traditional mule combines lime, ginger beer, and vodka, but with this recipe, White Claw Lemon is used instead. 

The result is a unique cocktail with a distinct ginger and lemon flavor.

This sour and bubbly cocktail tastes like a regular lemonade but with an adult twist. 

You’ll need lime, White Claw, and vodka as a base. 

So pucker up because this cocktail is packed with tang. 

Here is another delicious fruity cocktail, and this time it is a margarita riff. 

This means that you will need tequila for the base. 

As for the mango flavor, you can use frozen mango chunks, mango nectar, or mango pulp. 

Add plenty of ice, lime juice, and White Claw, and if you want extra sweetness, you can add honey or sugar syrup.

What’s better than a glass of ice-cold strawberry lemonade after a long day?

This recipe blends the natural sweetness of strawberries and the tang of lemon, and the addition of White Claw gives it the right amount of alcoholic kick. 

To add more sweetness, you can mix in some honey and finish it off with frozen strawberries as garnish.

Do you want to take the classic Gin and Seltzer to the next level? 

Add a can of White Claw into the mix and top it off with cucumber slices and lime. 

This recipe will definitely be your next go-to brunch cocktail.

Watermelon has a triad of flavors: sweet, sour, and bitter.

It makes for a wonderful slushie flavor, and if you mix it with strawberries, rum, and a can of White Claw, you get a boozy Strawberry Watermelon Rum White Claw Slushie cocktail. 

It is refreshing and juicy, and it is ideal for picnics and outdoor get-togethers.

A classic Paloma comprises tequila, grapefruit soda, and lime juice. 

The White Claw version of this cocktail has just the right blend of tartness and fruitiness. 

This cocktail is highly recommended for those who love Paloma or are fans of grapefruit-flavored drinks.

A classic Aperol Spritz combines club soda and prosecco with Aperol

Adding club soda makes the drink bubbly and fresh and helps dilute the flavors. 

For this version of the classic cocktail, White Claw is used instead of club soda, so it increases the alcohol content of the beverage while boosting the tangerine-like taste.

Fun cocktails, like the Black Cherry Limeade, are a must-have when celebrating with your family and friends.

This cocktail is a summery and fruity drink that all grown-ups at the party will enjoy. 

Although it is sweet, it has the right amount of alcohol content that will lift your spirits.

Raspberry may not be a popular cocktail flavor, but it is the key to creating this exquisite recipe. 

The Black Cherry Raspberry White Claw combines the goodness of blue curacao with the strong flavor of rum and the tang of lime juice. 

It is topped with White Claw to give it the proper fizz. 

The blue curacao gives the cocktail an eye-catching blue color, adding an orange flavor that compliments the black cherry and raspberry tastes. 

To highlight the theme, use lime wedges and raspberries as garnishes.

Pineapple White Claw Daiquiris combine pineapples and strawberries, making the drink both sweet and tart. 

What makes this daiquiri different is that you can adjust the ingredients based on your preference. 

If you want this daiquiri version to be sweeter, you can add more simple syrup, but if you love the taste of tartness, you can leave it out.

Another daiquiri on the list is Red, Blue & White Claw Daiquiri. 

The tangerine-flavored White Claw drink is mixed with rum, frozen strawberries, and blueberries. 

It has a minimal rum flavor and is slightly sweet. 

The rum enhances the taste of White Claw and strawberries, making it the ultimate summer drink.

Wine Spritzers are as simple and quick as combining white wine with the White Claw flavor of your choice. 

Although it has a higher alcohol content than other cocktails on the list, it does not fall behind in providing an exciting flavor. 

White Claw Wine Spritzer is an ideal sipper at parties or after-dinner get-togethers. 

Mojitos are another classic drink that works well with White Claw. 

Traditionally, mojitos consist of white rum, soda water, lime, and mint leaves. 

For this version, swap the soda water for a lime-flavored White Claw. 

Not only does it provide more lime flavor to the cocktail, but it also adds extra alcohol.

Drinking is supposed to be fun, especially at parties, and nothing is more exciting than taking a couple of shots with your friends. 

The White Claw Shot is not too sweet, it tastes delicious, and it is a super fusion of some of the best liquors around. 

The unique thing about this shot is that it is versatile. 

You can switch flavors, use different liquors, and play around with tastes that go well together.

The Tropical White Claw Cocktail is a fantastic poolside drink. 

It is a simple blend of pineapple, lime juice, blue curacao, rum, and White Claw. 

Complete the drink by adding pineapple chunks as a garnish, and you can nibble on it once you’re done with the cocktail.

Watermelon White Claw Slushie is a fruity and refreshing alcoholic drink you can serve while hanging out at the pool or when you need something to beat the heat. 

Watermelon is thick and challenging to drink, so adding White Claw thins the texture.  

Because of the alcohol content, you can pour this drink into a cup and put it in a freezer or serve it in a glass filled with ice cubes with a slice of watermelon for presentation.

Raspberry Lime White Claw Slushie consists of frozen raspberries, simple syrup, vodka, and White Claw. 

It has a satisfying combination of tang, fruity, and sweetness, making it a must-serve drink at summer parties or picnics.

Rosemary and grapefruit are a match made in heaven. 

The hints of herb and the sugar, salt, and grapefruit zest on the rim of the glass satisfy the salty and sugary cravings of cocktail drinkers. 

This fizzy and decadent drink is excellent for warm days.

Hemingway Grapefruit Fizz is a tart and complex cocktail ideal for adventurous drinkers.

Invented to honor the famous writer Ernest Hemingway, this cocktail features grapefruit that balances the acidity of the lime, and the White Claw brings notes of sour cherry. 

A lot is going on flavor-wise, but they don’t clash.

The Spike Mango Seltzer Slushie combines the goodness of frozen mango nectar, fresh mango slices, vodka, and mango-flavored White Claw. 

This drink is a must-have for all mango enthusiasts. 

The slushie is frozen to perfection, and it is easy to whip up for a party or a barbeque.

The bottom line

White Claw is an alcoholic seltzer that has become popular. 

This fizzy beverage is a favorite among the younger crowd because of its smoothness and exciting flavors. 

White Claw is easy to experiment with, so no matter what type of cocktail you prefer, there is a White Claw flavor suited for it.

25 Refreshing White Claw Cocktails

25 Refreshing White Claw Cocktails

If you are new to mixing White Claw with other ingredients to turn the liquor into an exciting cocktail, we've gathered 25 refreshing White Claw recipes here!


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