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25 Best Cachaca Cocktails: Drinks To Make With Brazilian Rum!

25 Best Cachaca Cocktails: Drinks To Make With Brazilian Rum!

If you’re looking to explore the magnificence of Cachaca, these 25 best Cachaca cocktails should fit the bill and guide you on your virtual journey to Brazil!

Cachaca is Brazil’s famous national spirit, and although it is well-loved in Latin America, not many people have discovered its beauty.

This rum-like alcoholic drink is sweet, accompanied by some subtle earthy flavors–a taste that shines through, whatever you might mix with it.

Though it can be the root of unique cocktails, you can also use it to substitute some of your favorite liquors in traditional cocktails.

If you give this drink a chance, Cachaca may be your new favorite liquor, and one of these cocktails will surely be irresistible enough for you.

Are you looking for some classic drinks with a twist? 

Then try the Acai Caipirinha and Spicy Caipirinha–both wonderful and unforgettable spins on the classic drink that you can create from Cachaca.

One sip and you will feel like you’re ready to party in Brazil!

However, if you plan to lead the less-taken path, check out  #11.

Your taste buds will be surprised at what Cachaca can bring you.

If you want to go the traditional path when it comes to Cachaca, then this classic Caipirinha is the best place to start.

Caipirinha is a traditional Brazilian cocktail with simple and easy-to-find ingredients, which means you can easily whip it up.

However, it takes some effort and studying to perfect the blend of this drink to ensure that you’re tasting it as a whole and not letting the Cachaca overpower the rest of the cocktail.

This drink, also known as Leite de Onça, is a creamy twist to the Cachaca.

The ingredients in this drink give the cocktail a sweet taste, but it’s not overdone to the point that it tastes more like a dessert.

It achieves an exquisite balance between all the ingredients, so you can enjoy this, especially when you need a pick-me-up.

The flavors in this cocktail give a new meaning to the word clarity.

The tastes of the drinks blend so well that you can distinguish all of the flavors with clarity, but they all accentuate one another instead of overpowering each other.

It also doesn’t hurt that the cocktail looks simple but appealing–definitely something that you would want to stare at before wolfing down.

The sweet nature of Cachaca makes it a wonderful ingredient in making a dessert-like cocktail.

If you love bananas, this cocktail will satisfy all your cravings. 

It’s creamy, sweet, and all the things that can put a smile on your face!

Cachaca isn’t only popular in Brazil but throughout Latin America.

This Cuban Cachaca shows us that even Cubans know how to appreciate the delicious spirit.

This cocktail is smooth and light, ideal for enjoying one glass after another. 

It’s not too strong, but it definitely has enough kick to lift your spirits. 

Although this cocktail is simple, it will surely be a new flavor to many people.

If you enjoy coffee and Caipirinha, you will enjoy this wonderful marriage of the two main ingredients. 

This drink is creamy and light, so it’s a great option even when you just want to enjoy a peaceful brunch.

Pro tip: You might be unsure about the lime, but don’t hold back on it.

Coffee and lime surprisingly work well together.

Sometimes, being reckless with our cocktail mixtures can reward us with memorable drinks.

As they say, the higher the risk, the bigger the reward.

This Iz Bananaz cocktail proves that even drinks that don’t seem to blend well on paper can surprise you when given a chance.

This drink has a sweet and sour taste that anyone will appreciate.

If you want a refreshing drink that can get you through the heat during summer, then try this Acai Caipirinha.

Much like the classic, this cocktail is easy to whip up, but the great blend of flavors can surprise you because they are complex.

Layers of citrus and sweet flavors–that’s what this Brazil 66 Cocktail has.

Expect nothing short of delicious from this classic cocktail with a citrus twist. 

Despite the layers of citrus flavors, the cocktail still makes that taste subtle.

This won’t be too overpowering, so drink away.

Batida is another classic Brazilian cocktail, but this recipe gives it a fruity and tropical vibe.

The highlight of this drink is the freshly grated nutmeg, which is a tiki staple.

If you love tiki cocktails, you will appreciate what this drink tries to do.

Cachaca is the heart of Brazil, and to be truly appreciated, it should come with a spicy kick that will appetize you for more!

Nothing will transport you to Brazil better than this flawless mix of sweet and spicy.

One sip of this drink, accompanied by some samba music, is enough to get the atmosphere set as if you’re in Brazil, partying endlessly.

The colors in this cocktail are breathtaking, much like a sunrise in Brazil.

If you’re after a fruity, light, and smooth cocktail, this Brazilian Sunrise cocktail does the trick. 

Pro tip: You want the pink layer to look flawless, so tilt the glass slightly to the side while pouring the grenadine into the glass.

13. Capeta

Capeta is a lot like the traditional Caipirinha, but this is a mix of Cachaca and condensed milk, so expect it to be sweet!

Although this cocktail is sweet and smooth, it is surprisingly strong, so if you’re unsure how well you can handle your liquor, drink it slowly.

However, regardless of how much liquor you can take, you will appreciate the lusciousness of this cocktail.

This cocktail uses an aged Cachaca, which, aside from the sweet notes, already has vanilla and oak flavors in the mix.

If you’re still unfamiliar with Cachaca, this cocktail is a great place to start.

It’s uncomplicated and delicious.

Regardless of how good they are at mixing drinks, anyone can make this.

Here’s a bright and fruity twist to the classic Caipirinha!

This will work great as a brunch or lunch drink because of how sweet and fruity it tastes.

Pro tip: If you prefer your drink to be smooth with no chunks, strain it.

Spicy lovers will appreciate this cocktail the most.

The tart and subtly sweet flavor of the Caipirinha gets a spicy twist.

Pro tip: The secret to a successful spicy Caipirinha (and any other Caipirinha) is how you muddle the limes.

Caipirinha relies a lot on lime, so you should be able to get as much lime juice as possible.

This Batida Rosa is a great tropical drink when you want to feel revitalized and energized after a long, hot summer day.

The pineapple juice, lemon juice, and cachaca blend wonderfully to create a well-balanced cocktail that’s not only appealing to the eyes but also to the taste buds.

When you hear that you’re going to drink the “Rhyme and Reason” cocktail, you will have high expectations.

After all, it sounds like it will have you drinking glass after glass.

This has a tropical drink vibe to it that is made cooler by the cinnamon-flavored syrup. 

This cocktail requires quite a several ingredients, but they all help bring a rich flavor to the drink.

If you want a sweeter and stronger version of the classic Caipirinha, then look no further.

This cocktail has a sweet and sour punch that may surprise you at first, but once you get in more than one sip, you will appreciate the combination of the ingredients and flavors.

Yes, you can make a mojito with some Cachaca.

If you prefer to be on the safer side and drink a cocktail that you’re already familiar with, then this Blueberry Mojito is a great choice.

The blueberry simple syrup recipe will render a lot, so you can definitely make a big batch of this mojito.

This drink surely has a sour touch to it because of all the majorly sour flavors in it, but the Cachaca adds a great deal of personality to the drink.

It also helps that this drink looks sophisticated and appealing.

If you can put an intoxicating taste on a rainbow, it’s definitely the taste that this cocktail gives off.

The ingredients used in this drink are an interesting set, but just by looking at them, you know that they all work together magnificently.

This cocktail is unique because of the ingredients it uses. 

However, one sip will make you understand just how one-of-a-kind it is!

The cocktail is strong but sweet, a great blend, especially if you’re relaxing late at night!

Rabo De Galo hails from Brazil, so if you want a drink that perfectly encapsulates what Brazil is all about, this should do the deed! 

This cocktail has an amazing blend of earthy and herbal flavors that you will not always encounter when working with Cachaca.

Almost anyone loves mango!

So to infuse it in the Caipirinha is a step that anyone will appreciate.

It’s safe to say that you, and others, too, will enjoy this drink.

If you want to create a large batch of a cocktail that includes Cachaca, then opt for this one.

The bottom line

We hope you enjoy Brazil with these classic and unique Cachaca cocktails.

There’s no need to hop on a plane when you desperately want to experience Latin American culture.

These drinks should be enough to let you appreciate the festive, tropical, and beautiful things Latin America can offer.

Don’t let the other liquors outshine Cachaca.

It deserves all the attention, especially because of its unique taste.

Whether you’re drinking it by yourself or with friends, you know that you will never go wrong with a well-made Cachaca cocktail.

25 Best Cachaca Cocktails

25 Best Cachaca Cocktails

If you’re looking to explore the magnificence of Cachaca, these 25 best Cachaca cocktails should fit the bill and guide you on your virtual journey to Brazil!


  • Classic Caipirinha
  • Brazilian Alexander Cocktail
  • Clarity With Lavender
  • Batida De Banana
  • Cuban Cachaca
  • Caipirinha Coffee Cocktail
  • Iz Bananaz
  • Acai Caipirinha
  • Brazil 66 Cocktail
  • Battle Of Batida
  • Hot In Rio
  • Brazilian Sunrise
  • Capeta
  • Brazilian Buck Cocktail
  • Raspberry Caipirinha
  • Spicy Caipirinha
  • Batida Rosa
  • Rhyme & Reason Cocktail
  • Strawberry & Kumquat Caipirinha
  • Blueberry Mojito
  • Pearl Button Cocktail
  • Over The Rainbow
  • Lavarello
  • Rabo De Galo
  • Mango Caipirinha


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