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30 Tomato Based Soups: Easy & Hearty Recipe Ideas 🥣

30 Tomato Based Soups: Easy & Hearty Recipe Ideas 🥣

If you’re looking for some new soup recipes to try, look no further! Here’s a list of our favorite tomato based soups for you to whip up at home. 

A warm bowl of soup is a must on a chilly day. 
And while there are endless soup recipes to choose from, we think there’s something special about tomato based soups
Maybe it’s the rich, comforting flavor or the bright pop of color, but we can’t get enough of them! 
Tomato soup can be paired with so many different ingredients to create a variety of flavors.
If you want to pair it with seafood, we recommend adding shrimp or crab.
For a heartier soup, you could add some diced chicken or beef.
And, of course–no matter what ingredients you choose to add, remember to bring grilled cheese. 
This classic pairing is the ultimate way to enjoy your tomato soup.
Another great thing about tomato soup is that it can be easily made vegetarian or vegan.
Just omit the meat ingredients and use vegetable broth instead of chicken or beef broth.
So, whether you’re looking for a new soup to try or you’re simply looking for an easy way to spruce up your tomato soup recipe, we hope this list inspires you. 
Check out #27 on this list, as it’s a true crowd-pleaser.

You know that feeling when you need a big bowl of tomato soup, but you don’t want something that feels too light?
This Rustic Tomato Vegetable Soup works great for those times.
Thanks to fresh tomatoes, herbs, and vegetables, it’s packed with flavor.
And it’s filling too!
Go ahead and make a big batch–your family will thank you!

While there are many tomato soup recipes, this is the best one.
Made with roasted fresh tomatoes, garlic, caramelized onions, and other ingredients for extra richness, it will please even the pickiest of eaters.
The key to making this soup is roasting the tomatoes.
This brings out their natural sweetness and makes them incredibly flavorful.
The garlic and onions are also roasted, which enhances their sweetness and gives them a deep, rich flavor.

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy weeknight meal or something a little more unique, this soup is sure to please.
The sweetness of the carrots pairs with the zing of ginger, and the heavy cream gives the soup a rich and creamy texture.
Fresh herbs like basil add a touch of flavor, making this soup irresistible.

The soup is made with fresh tomatoes, sweet basil, and a touch of cream, which makes it rich and creamy without being too heavy.
The soup can be served as is or topped with a dollop of sour cream or shredded cheese.

There’s something truly comforting about a steaming hot bowl of soup, don’t you agree?
This recipe for Tomato Soup With Chickpeas & Pasta is a superb meal to whip up any time of year.
You don’t have to worry about seasonal tomatoes here because canned tomatoes provide all the flavor you need.
The chickpeas and pasta add heartiness, making this soup a complete meal.

If you react with excitement at the mention of sausage and tomatoes in the same dish, this soup is for you.
This recipe is an appetizing combination of both flavors, with a few other ingredients that blend well.
The key to making this soup flavorful is to use quality sausage and fresh tomatoes.
Use a mild sausage so the tomatoes can shine through, but feel free to use your preferred variety.

Minestrone soup is a yummy way to use various fresh vegetables.
The classic Italian soup is typically made with tomatoes, onions, carrots, celery, beans, and pasta.
However, there are many variations of the soup, so feel free to get creative with your ingredients.
For example, you could add kale or spinach for extra goodness or swap out the pasta for rice or quinoa.
The possibilities are endless!

This Beef & Tomato Macaroni Soup is one of the best soups you can make.
Not only is it super flavorful, but it’s also effortless to make.
Plus, it’s perfect for colder weather–it’ll warm you right up!
The beef and tomatoes give the soup a hearty flavor, while the macaroni adds a bit of creaminess and heartiness.

Between working, taking care of the kids, and running errands, finding time to make an excellent meal can be tricky.
That’s where this Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup comes in.
It’s packed with fresh veggies and cooks in your slow cooker all day long so that you can come home to a delicious meal.

This Italian Pasta & Bean Soup is a superb and hearty meal that is suitable for a winter day.
The soup is made with Italian sausage, cannellini beans, pasta, and a variety of vegetables, including carrots, celery, and onion.
The sausage adds a nice amount of flavor to the soup, while the beans and pasta help to make it filling and satisfying.

The key to making an excellent bisque is to start with fresh, ripe tomatoes.
I like to use Roma tomatoes, but you can use any tomato.
Once you have your tomatoes, the rest of the soup comes together quickly.
I typically add some onions, garlic, and herbs for flavor.
You can also add a bit of cream, although this is optional.

This Roasted Tomato Soup with Broiled Cheddar is terrific comfort food for a chilly day.
The soup is made with fresh tomatoes roasted in the oven, then blended into a smooth and creamy soup.
This soup will hit the spot, topped with cheesy cheddar and freshly-chopped herbs.

Soup is often thought of as a starter or side dish, but it can be much more.
A hearty soup like this Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup can be a meal all by itself.
This soup contains flavorful sausage, cheese, pasta, and veggies.

This sumptuous and easy Taco Soup is a family favorite.
It’s packed with your favorite taco toppings, including ground beef, tomatoes, beans, corn, and cheese.
Plus, it can be made in just 30 minutes!
This soup is suitable for a weeknight meal or feeding a crowd.
Serve it with some tortilla chips and sour cream, and you have a delicious and hearty meal.

This Farmhouse Hamburger Soup contains flavorful ingredients, including ground beef, onions, carrots, celery, potatoes, and peas.
The broth is rich and savory, and the vegetables add a nice color and texture.

There’s nothing quite like a big bowl of warm, comforting soup on a cold winter day.
This Lasagna Soup recipe contains all the components you love about lasagna in a bowl!
It’s packed with flavor, and the noodles and cheese make it extra filling.
Plus, it’s super easy to make.
Just brown the beef, then add the onions, garlic, tomatoes, and spices.
Let it simmer for a bit, then add the noodles and cheese.

When it comes to comforting soups, few can rival the classic tomato tortellini soup.
This dish is a fantastic combination of fresh and flavorful ingredients in a piping-hot bowl.
The tomatoes provide a lovely acidity balanced out by the creamy tortellini, while the herbs bring a touch of flavor to the dish.

This Stuffed Peppers Soup is a superb way to use any leftover ground beef and vegetables in your fridge.
It’s packed with flavor and not difficult to make in just a few minutes.
Plus, the rice provides a hearty and filling base for the soup.

This Italian Meatball Soup is a piquant dish ideal for a warm meal on a frigid day.
The beef meatballs are tender and flavorful, and the vegetables and pasta give the soup a great texture.
The tomato broth is rich and flavorful and ties the whole dish together.

Tomato soup and macaroni go together like PB&J.
The acidity of the tomatoes balances the creaminess of the cheese in the macaroni, making for a comforting dish.
Tomato macaroni soup fits when you want something hearty and filling but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen.

This hearty soup is flavorful, thanks to the succulent ground beef, sweet tomatoes, and rich herbed broth.
The macaroni rounds out the soup nicely, providing a satisfying heft with every spoonful.

This lovely bisque is loaded with veggies, velvety cream, and a little heat.
The seafood adds a nice touch, but feel free to leave it out if you’re not a fan.
Either way, this bisque is sure to become a new favorite.
Serve it with some crusty bread for dipping.

If you love the taste of stuffed cabbage rolls but don’t love the work and mess, try this Unstuffed Cabbage Soup. 
It’s super easy to make and has all of the same great flavors.
Sauté some onions and garlic, then add chopped cabbage and diced tomatoes. 
Simmer until the cabbage is tender, then add in some cooked rice and your favorite seasonings.
In just minutes, you’ll have a piquant soup that tastes like stuffed cabbage rolls without all the hassles.

This easy Vegetable Beef Soup recipe is hearty and yummy, perfect for chilly fall days.
It only takes a short period to make, from start to finish.
Use ground beef in this soup, but you could substitute ground turkey or ground chicken.
This soup is fantastic, but if you fancy giving it a little flavor boost, add a splash of red wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar just before serving.

This Fire-Roasted Tomato Bisque is hearty and filling; plus, it can be made in just 45 minutes. 

The key to this recipe is mixing the fire-roasted tomatoes with whipping cream and basil, giving the soup that creamy consistency and a nice aroma.

The chicken is cooked nicely in the instant pot, and the tomatoes add a nice acidity to balance the flavors.

One sip will give you a culinary taste of Italy right in the comfort of your own dining room.

This recipe is easy to make and can be easily tweaked to your liking.
Use ditalini pasta, but any small pasta would work well.
The secret to making good chicken soup is to simmer the chicken, so it stays tender and doesn’t dry out.
Add a lot of vegetables, which add flavor and make the soup more nourishing.
This recipe makes a large pot of soup, so it’s ideal for a family gathering or for leftovers during the week.

This dish works for any night of the week and is made with fresh and smoky flavors, hearty ingredients, and a quick and easy cooking process.
The stew is also versatile enough to be served at a casual dinner party or a busy weeknight dinner.
With its flavor and ease, this Tomato Fish Stew will become a new favorite in your household.

This mouthwatering tomato seafood stew is as easy to make as it is on your budget.
Simmer shrimp, fish fillets, and your favorite vegetables in a seasoned tomato sauce.
In no time, you’ll have a savory dish that’s sure to please the whole family.

The bottom line

Tomatoes are a delicious and exquisite addition to any meal.
Whether you’re looking for a hearty soup to warm your soul up on a freezing day or a light and refreshing salad to enjoy during the warmer months, there’s a tomato recipe out there for you.

Easy Tomato Based Soups

Easy Tomato Based Soups

If you're looking for some new soup recipes to try, look no further! Here’s a list of our favorite tomato based soups for you to whip up at home


  • Three-Ingredient Tomato Soup
  • Rustic Tomato Vegetable Soup
  • Roasted Tomato Basil Soup
  • Creamy Carrot, Tomato & Ginger Soup
  • Chunky Tomato Basil Soup
  • Tomato Soup With Chickpeas & Pasta
  • Italian Sausage & Tomato Soup
  • Minestrone Soup
  • Beef & Tomato Macaroni Soup
  • Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup
  • Italian Pasta & Bean Soup
  • Tomato Bisque
  • Roasted Tomato Soup With Broiled Cheddar
  • Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup
  • Taco Soup
  • Farmhouse Hamburger Soup
  • Lasagna Soup
  • Tomato Tortellini Soup
  • Stuffed Peppers Soup
  • Italian Meatball Soup
  • Tomato Macaroni Soup
  • Goulash Soup
  • Tomato Crab Bisque
  • Unstuffed Cabbage Soup
  • Vegetable Beef Soup
  • Fire-Roasted Tomato Bisque
  • Instant Pot Italian Chicken & Tomato Soup
  • Sicilian Chicken Soup
  • Tomato Fish Stew
  • Savory Tomato Seafood Stew


  1. Pick one or more options from our list of Tomato Based Soups here!
  2. Start creating your new favorite dish.
  3. Share and comment! Did you make any changes to make it even better?

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