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🍴 What To Serve With Coq Au Vin: 21 BEST Flavorful Side Dishes 🍴

🍴 What To Serve With Coq Au Vin: 21 BEST Flavorful Side Dishes 🍴

If you want to know what to serve with coq au vin, pull up this list of recipe inspiration to help you get started—and create your own new favorite side dishes!
Thanks to Julia Child, coq au vin saw a huge rise in fame after she included it in her widely popular cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” (National Today).

Her timeless recipe has you covered on how to cook your French chicken dish but you may still be wondering what to serve with coq au vin.

Since this chicken-based dish can be very rich, it is always a safe bet to pair it with lighter sides so you are not overwhelmed during dinnertime.

You can choose to stick with French sides or venture across the globe and incorporate all different types of cuisines for your side dishes.

Green salads, cooked vegetables, and rice are great accompaniments to coq au vin but no one will complain if you add in some Garlic Mashed Potatoes or some Apple Carrot Slaw.

Homemade French Bread will also be amazing, especially when you want some sturdy bread that doubles up as a tool to soak up every last bit of sauce that may be on your plate.

With a glass of wine, good company, and a few sides from this list, you can make sure that the next time you prepare coq au vin will be a wonderful memory for all who dine!

There is a form of potato out there for every type of meal and for coq au vin, these French Potatoes Gratin are the perfect pairing.

After giving these a taste, you will be so surprised to learn that they require only three ingredients and have a lot of flexibility in preparation.

The French typically leave the cheese out of this dish but you can always add some in because honestly, cheese never does hurt.

People who claim to not like Brussel sprouts have never tried them roasted with some fried shallots, bacon, and dijon vinaigrette.

This can be made ahead of time and assembled right before dinner for the freshest side without stressing yourself out too much during dinner time.

If you are looking for a way to get your family to eat more greens, this is the perfect way to get started on that journey!

This coq au vin side dish idea helps you blend together a southern classic with a wildly popular French dish.

It is sweet and tangy with a crisp crunch in every bite.

Adding this refreshing side to your dinner table will only take about five minutes of your time but will add so much flavor and texture.

A packet of French onion soup seasoning can transform your rice pilaf side into something magnificent.

Give yourself about five minutes to prepare this side and let your stovetop take care of the rest of the cooking!

Since coq au vin is a chicken dish, you may want to use chicken broth for your pilaf but if you decide to use beef broth for a different flavor that is completely fine too!

Although this is one of the simpler choices for coq au vin sides, they are a fool-proof way to get a tasty side of greens for your dinner.

Green beans are incredibly versatile and pair well with most foods but if you go for the Haricots Verts variety, you get an extra French touch to fit the theme of your dinner.

Shallots and fresh lime juice are also added in for some sharp, bright flavor to your side.

Bold-tasting mushrooms with a perfectly crisp exterior will always be a great choice for pairing with any type of chicken dish.

Fresh herbs are amazing for topping off your mushrooms and for an extra kick, you can add in some chili flakes.

A great tip to keep in mind for preparing this or any mushroom dish is to try to avoid washing your mushrooms but instead wipe the dirt off with a damp paper towel since the mushrooms will absorb all of the water which will impact how it cooks.

Between the fresh ginger, sriracha sauce, soy sauce, and sesame seeds sprinkled on top, this easy side dish is packed full of flavor.

It takes no time to prepare and you probably already have all of the ingredients in your kitchen so there should be nothing holding you back from enjoying this with your coq au vin!

If you are wondering what do you serve with coq au vin to keep your many dinner guests happy and satisfied, this stuffed squash is just what you need.

The rice and lentils inside are full of the right mixture of spices while the squash it all sits in is roasted to perfection.

There is even a slight touch of sweetness from dried cranberries and chopped pecans mixed in.

You may have heard of sous-vide cooked meat but it is also a great method for preparing tender carrots with tons of flavor caramelizing around the vegetables.

All you need in addition to your carrots is some honey and butter.

This can even be prepped ahead of time and finished up the day of your meal so you are able to save some time and leave the stress out of the kitchen!

French-style peas with braised butter lettuce may be a surprising combination but it actually works so well together!

A bit of onion and garlic make this super flavorful while pulling together the peas, lettuce, and spring onions.

The idea of cooking lettuce may be shocking but after tasting it on the side of your coq au vin, you will find yourself making this recipe much more often!

Mashed potatoes will complement almost any meal and coq au vin is no exception.

Rather than buying a package of powdered stuff from the store, you can make your own batch of mashed potatoes from scratch with very little effort.

These are creamy and buttery with a nice dash of your favorite fresh herbs sprinkled on top.

If you are unfamiliar with Panzanella salads, imagine you are enjoying bruschetta in a bowl!

Jersey tomatoes, a French baguette, basil, and mozzarella make this Italian salad a real treat.

The homemade dressing poured on top is very delicious and seems to be the perfect accompaniment for your salad.

There is nothing complicated when it comes to making these tasty asparagus spears.

You can prepare it on the stove with only a handful of ingredients and 15 minutes!

While it is a simple side, there is little that needs to be done to make asparagus taste good, especially when it is a side to something as great tasting as coq au vin.

When you see a Rutabaga in the grocery store, it may not look appealing as something to incorporate into coq au vin side dishes, but one taste of this roasted root vegetable will have you on the lookout for them every time you are at the store.

Some describe the flavor as similar to strongly flavored gold potatoes which makes it a big win!

Olive oil, salt, and pepper are all it takes to let this underrated vegetable shine through in your side dish!

A light salad next to a rich dish like coq au vin provides the balance you need to take your dinner from ordinary to extraordinary.

There are tons of fresh greens in this salad along with pickled shallots and a light lemon-based dressing.

While nuts are optional in this salad, it adds the right amount of crunch to this light and a leafy salad.

Making your own bread from scratch is actually a fun process and after one taste of your own French bread, you will never find yourself grabbing some from the bakery again!

It can also be turned into garlic bread with a little bit of butter and garlic added in, making this a two-in-one side dish!

No matter what type of vegetables you like, roasting them has to be one of the best ways to bring out all of the flavors in them.

A great combination to serve next to your coq au vin includes cauliflower, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, and Brussels sprouts.

For such an incredibly simple process, the end result is such delicious vegetables that even the pickiest of kids will find themselves reaching for.

If someone claims to not like mushrooms, give them a couple of these stuffed mushrooms and they will find themselves having a change of mind.

With the cream cheese and sour cream included in this side dish, you get a nice creaminess to pair with the broiled cheese and baked mushrooms.

Full of bright colors, fresh vegetables, and tons of great-tasting ingredients, this lentil salad may become your new obsession.

There is a light lemon dressing drizzled on top that adds bright and tangy flavors to go with the refreshing taste of all of the fresh vegetables added in.

You also have quite a few options to make this unique to you and your tastes so have fun with what you add in or leave out!

Preparing Creamed Leeks as a side dish to your coq au vin gives you so many choices in what to include.

While this leeks recipe does a great job of helping you make an amazing side for almost any meal, you can also change it up by adding nearly any cheese or some type of protein like bacon.

The bottom line

Coq au vin is an amazing French dish that deserves similarly amazing side dishes to serve alongside it.

The good news is, there are tons of options on what to serve with coq au vin to make it a special meal shared with your loved ones.

What to serve with Coq au Vin

What To Serve With Coq Au Vin🍴

There are tons of easy options on what to serve with coq au vin to make it a special meal shared with your loved ones.


  • Farro Salad With Roasted Vegetables
  • French Potatoes Gratin Dauphinoise
  • Crispy Brussel Sprouts
  • Apple Carrot Slaw
  • French Onion Rice Pilaf
  • French Green Beans
  • Roasted Mushrooms
  • Ginger-Sesame Kale Stir Fry
  • Wild Rice & Lentil Stuffed Delicata Squash
  • Sous Vide Honey Butter Glazed Carrots
  • Braised French Peas
  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Jersey Fresh Panzanella Salad
  • Sesame Asparagus
  • Roasted Rutabaga
  • French Bistro Salad
  • Homemade French Bread
  • Roasted Vegetables
  • Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Lentil Salad
  • Creamed Leeks


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