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Take A Culinary Walk & Visit These 30 BEST Argentinian Foods

Take A Culinary Walk & Visit These 30 BEST Argentinian Foods

Let’s go to Argentina! If the promise of good food gets you excited, choose any of these 30 Argentinian foods featured on this list!

Hola! Bienvenidos!

Most people think of football or tango when they think of Argentina.

Renee thinks of really good red wine. 

Traveleaters on the other hand know that Argentina is home to some of the tastiest food in South America and the king of all matters, beef.

If the promise of good food gets you excited, then any of these 30 Argentinian foods featured on this list will have you paying attention.

A lot of traditional food in Argentina has a lot of influence from Spanish and Italian cuisine thanks to their rich history and immigration.

Try the Fugazza Pizza or Milanesa and you have to experience an asado for you to understand why Argentinians love their steak.

Did you know that Argentina has more cattle than people?

This is a hot appetizer that comes together in a record three minutes!

Your cheese should be chunky so it doesn’t ooze on your grill.

Serve it with some chimichurri and artisan bread.

If grilled cheese feels too indulgent for you, serve it with some greens like asparagus and enjoy!

Argentinian chorizo is different from a Spanish one because it is not cured and does not use pimentón as an ingredient.

You have to try these grilled sausage sandwiches with a cold beer.

This iconic Argentinian street food is basically grilled chorizo blankets by a split long roll and slathered in chimichurri sauce.

The aroma from your kitchen and the sound of sizzling coming from your grill will call out to everyone in your vicinity.

Chimichurri is an Argentinian sauce that will liven up any food you throw at it.

This zesty, green delicacy is mostly fresh herbs, vinegar, chilies, garlic, and olive oil.

You can use a food processor or chop everything really really small.

You can also make huge batches because you will want some lying around after you taste it.

Totally worth the effort!

The options with this vibrant and flavorful sauce are endless; slap it on anything and feel the upgrade on your daily foods.

Try it on asado, and veggies. 

Dip your crackers and chips in it for that extra kick.

The green chimichurri above is good but you have to try this red chimichurri rojo.

Why not use the two together?

It is time to chimichurri your life!

Argentina is not only known for exporting excellent meat, but also for being experts in meat preparation.

Asado is an art of what we call barbequing and it goes beyond grilling meat cuts; it’s in how the fire gets started, to how the meat is marinated and grilled.

For an authentic Argentinian experience, chimichurri must accompany this recipe, and instead of a cold beer, try a good red Argentinian wine.

Wow everyone at the table with this steak milanesa that is crisped to perfection yet tender and moist inside.

Allow the meat to sit for an hour in the marinade so it can absorb all the flavors from the parsley, pepper, and garlic.

There are many variations to this recipe with some using chicken or fish instead of beef while maintaining the same awesome result.

Serve hot with mashed potatoes or French fries and enjoy!

This is a simple yet elegant dish that requires very little effort from you.

The meat is rolled with eggs, vegetables, and herbs before being grilled making for a beautiful presentation.

It is ready in moments making it a great appetizer as the main meal cooks and that is why it is called the hunger killer.

Serve hot or cold with some chimichurri sauce.

This is an Argentinian fish recipe with bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, and herbs to yield a bowl of comfort everyone will appreciate.

Pass the fish through a sieve to get rid of spines and bones then pour into bowls with some bread to soak up all the goodness.

Filling, comforting, and comes together in moments.

All wins in my book!

This is an easy recipe bringing together butternut squash, beans, and corn in one bowl of warm comfort.

The locro is slightly sweet and creamy with the paprika adding to the festive burst of color and spice.

Enjoy this belly-warming on a cold night and make necessary variations to the recipe until it is just right.

These tamales make perfect appetizers or light dinner ideas making them perfect for gatherings.

You will need fresh corn which is ground with some yummy additives before being stuffed in some corn husks for steaming.

Serve with some sauce on the side or with a cup of coffee for breakfast.

You will love the Argentine way of doing scrambled eggs especially if you love bacon, eggs, potatoes, and cheese.

You may also see some French fries, peas, various fresh vegetables, and different meats like fish and pork in a revuelto gramajo depending on where you are in Argentina.

Experiment with different ingredients and settle on the best variation for you and your family.

With this breakfast spin everyone, including the picky eaters, will ask for more.

This is a slightly odd beer stew with a filling and comforting result.

The sweet potatoes and raisins give a sweet taste while the tomatoes, onions, stew, and squash add to the complex flavors and textures everyone will love. 

Serve it with cornbread and some salad.

Why are people all over Argentina punching their potatoes?

Find out as you cook your potatoes, assault them and then cook them some more.

Who knew punching was a handy culinary skill?

And the end result?

Utterly delicious potatoes that are crispy, creamy, and addictive.

These little potatoes are a knockout especially when paired with fish, meat, or some salad.

Argentines pair their beloved pasta and spaghetti with a thicker and meatier sauce known as tuco.

This easy recipe pairs the tuco with potato gnocchi and Argentine wine that is simply elegant and a sure crowd pleaser.

The time spent with this recipe is worth it.

This is like an American greasy spoon only with more toppings like cheese, ham, and a fried egg to top everything else.

Serve your lomito with some French fries and watch everything disappear.

This sauce deserves a link of its own because it is easy to make and can be accompanied by just about any food.

Use it with your meats, your breakfast eggs, spaghetti, pasta, or as a dip for your crackers.

They will beg for this recipe.

Every second you spend with this homemade ravioli will be worth it as this recipe will turn you into a kitchen superstar!

All plates will be wiped clean and all bellies stuffed with this food of the gods.

This is a relative of the Italian farinata but it is more peppery and nutty.

It makes a great appetizer, especially with some toppings or a dip like chimichurri sauce or tomato sauce.

If you love cheese puffs then you are in for a treat with this Argentinian version that promises a gooey interior.

This is a beginner’s recipe that is foolproof and will yield bite-sized cheese balls best enjoyed warm.

This is an easy yet savory salad that comes together in moments.

This colorful salad is easily doubled or tripled to cater to a bigger crowd.

Enjoy it as a light lunch on its own or serve it as a side or a starter.

This is not much of a recipe as you only need to mix ketchup and mayonnaise for this killer sauce.

Enjoy this pink sauce that is sweet, tangy, and fruity with a sandwich, sausage, or a dip.

Ridiculously good…irresistibly sweet.

This is a basic side dish that goes well with most meals and is easy to prepare.

All you need is some thinly sliced cabbage and tomatoes tossed together with some olive oil, garlic, and onions.

Dazzle your dinner guests with this savory shrimp scampi paired with zucchini noodles or pasta.

It looks amazing and tastes incredible yet is easy to put together.

A good salsa combines good fresh vegetables with some local seasons and this Argentinian salsa hits all the points.

Add other ingredients available to you for this vibrant salsa that accompanies meat and choripan in Argentina.

The key to this recipe is the special marinade that has wine in it for that extra burst of flavor.

The longer your meat marinades, the more flavourful your meat gets.

Serve with punched potatoes, some salsa, or a simple green salad.

For the best outcome, use chicken with the bone and skin on; I prefer drumsticks and chicken thighs for this recipe.

Serve it with a light salad and some baked potatoes to make a complete meal.

This recipe is a great option for parties because it can be made in advance and refrigerated for several days.

Use fresh oregano as it is the key to this simple crowd pleaser.

An Argentinian empanada is unlike any other you have tasted thanks to its special ingredients.

There are spices, olives, beef, and sometimes hard-boiled eggs wrapped in a flaky pastry.

You can airfare, bake, or deep fry these pockets of awesomeness.

One impressive way to serve lamb is to roast it whole with the help of family and friends.

This is the spirit of an authentic Argentine Asado.

The lamb is flayed and then hung on a cross over a pit fire while basting it so none of the juices are lost.

The bottom line

Argentina is ranked as the fifth producer of wine in the world. 

Just like their beef, most is consumed by the locals so pair your food with a Malbec and live large, the Argentine way.

Gather your family and friends and celebrate life and living with an Asado and serve any of these delicious Argentine foods.

Authentic Argentinian Foods

Authentic Argentinian Foods

If the promise of good food gets you excited, then any of these 30 Argentinian foods featured on this list will have you paying attention.


  • Fugazza Pizza
  • Provoleta (Grilled Provolone Cheese)
  • Choripán
  • Argentinian-Style Chimichurri Sauce
  • Red Chimichurri (Chimichurri Rojo)
  • Steak Asado
  • Milanesa (Argentina Fried Breaded Beef)
  • Matambre Arrollado
  • Chupín De Pescado
  • Locro (Argentinian Squash Stew)
  • Argentinian Tamales
  • Revuelto Gramajo
  • Carbonada Criolla
  • Punched Potatoes
  • Ñoqui Con Tuco (Potato Gnocchi With Tomato Sauce)
  • Lomito (Argentinian Steak Sandwich)
  • Argentine Tomato Sauce
  • Argentinian Ravioles
  • Fainá (Chickpea Flour Pancake)
  • Argentinian Chipa
  • Hearts Of Palm & Avocado Salad
  • Argentine Golf Sauce
  • Traditional Argentine Salad
  • Argentine Shrimp Scampi
  • Salsa Criolla (Argentinian Salsa)
  • Argentinian Beef Skewers
  • Argentine Chicken Chimichurri (Pollo Con Chimichurri)
  • Argentine Marinated Eggplant
  • Empanadas Mendocinas (Argentinian Empanadas)
  • Lamb Al Asador


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