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☕ 25 Best Coffee Desserts That’ll Make Coffee Lovers So Happy! ☕

☕ 25 Best Coffee Desserts That’ll Make Coffee Lovers So Happy! ☕

Coffee, coffee, coffee. It’s everywhere! And now it’s even more delicious! With these 25 coffee desserts, you can enjoy your favorite beverage in an entirely new way.

Coffee and dessert are both great, so combining them should be easy, right?

Well, here’s the thing.

There are many who believe that coffee and dessert shouldn’t mix.

They say that coffee is too bitter to pair with chocolate or that it’s too strong to go with cream or sugar.

And perhaps, there are also a lot of folks out there who have never tried it.

But if you have, you know what we’re talking about: the best way to enjoy coffee and dessert is by mixing them into one scrumptious bite.

So, here we are—an article dedicated to the most delicious treats you could possibly imagine: coffee desserts!

They’re a real thing, they’re tasty, and you’ll be surprised at how versatile coffee is as an ingredient.

You can use it in cakes, cookies, brownies, and ice cream,  then wash it all down with a BIG steaming mug of coffee.

So grab a fork, put on your stretchy pants (or don’t), and get ready for some sweet treats that will keep you full for hours.

From Coffee Gelato to Turkish Coffee Chocolate Truffle to Mocha Chip Hazelnut Biscotti, these desserts with coffee are going to make your tastebuds happy.

But before we go on, let us tell you that #23 is the bomb!

It’s so good, you have to have more than one!

Let’s begin. Shall we?

You’ve probably heard of the Affogato.

It’s a classic Italian dessert that consists of a scoop of vanilla gelato topped with a shot of espresso.

But what does it taste like?

We think the best way to describe the flavor of an affogato is to think about a rich, sweet ice cream that’s perfectly complemented by a shot of coffee.

The combination is smooth and creamy, and it’s like drinking two desserts in one!

Imagine a cup of coffee, just the way you like it.

The rich aroma fills your nose, and you can almost taste the creamy sweetness of the foam on your tongue.

That’s what these cookies taste like.

You can almost feel the strong coffee flavor as it melts in your mouth, washing away any lingering craving for anything else.

The first thing you notice about Authentic Italian Tiramisu is the rich, creamy texture.

The filling is so dense; it’s almost like eating a slice of cake, but not quite. 

You’ll also taste a hint of coffee with just enough bitterness to make you crave another bite.

And by the time you’ve finished your first bite, you’ll realize that this isn’t just any old tiramisu: it’s Authentic Italian Tiramisu!

Coffee Gelato is like ice cream, but better.

It tastes like your favorite cup of joe but with a more intense flavor.

And it’s not just the flavor that makes it so popular; it’s also the texture.

Coffee Gelato has an almost fudge-like consistency, so it’s smooth, creamy, and extremely rich in taste.

It’s also perfect if you like to enjoy your coffee in small doses.

If you’re looking for a coffee ice pop that’s just sweet enough and just strong enough, Cold Brew Iced Latte Pops are the perfect snack for you.

They have a clean, smooth taste that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.

Besides, they’re made with cold brew coffee and infused with heavy cream, so they’re rich without being heavy.

With each bite, you’ll taste the silky sweetness of the cream and the boldness of cold brew coffee in perfect harmony.

With only a few easy-to-find ingredients, this Mocha Cheesecake is a delectable dessert.

It’s rich, it’s chocolatey, and it’s satisfyingly indulgent.

The chocolatey flavor comes from the chocolate chips.

The creaminess comes from cream cheese and sour cream.

And the sweetness comes from sugar—lots of it!

These blondies are the perfect hybrid of a cookie and a bar. 

But the first thing you’ll notice about these treats is their texture.

They’re dense enough to stand up to your fork without crumbling but tender enough to feel like a rich cookie instead of just another piece of cake.

And their flavor is just as unique: rich and nutty from the coffee and sweet and creamy from the Baileys (which makes it perfect for pairing with ice cream or whipped cream).

This Mocha Cake with Kahlua Coffee Buttercream is so good you’ll want to eat it with a spoon.

But we won’t judge if you use your fingers instead.

It combines the best of both worlds: the rich, earthy taste of coffee with the fluffy sweetness of the cake.

Plus, the moist chocolate sponge is so dense and rich that it almost feels like eating a brownie when you bite into it.

And the frosting is light, with a hint of Kahlua that makes it taste like you’re drinking coffee but without the usual bitter aftertaste.

Banana Cake with Coffee Cream Cheese Frosting will blow your mind with its flavor explosion of banana, coffee, and cream cheese.

The banana taste is so dominant that you’ll find it in every bite.

And the cream cheese frosting is rich and decadent without being too heavy on your taste buds—it has just enough cream cheese so that you can taste it but not so much that it takes over everything else.

Then, you’ll have the addition of coffee.

It’s got an extra kick that makes it more sophisticated than anything else you’ve had before.

We’re going, to be honest: this dessert is kind of a big deal.

It’s an indulgent, rich treat that you won’t want to pass up.

The coffee flavor is strong and sweet, with hints of vanilla and chocolate.

And the texture is creamy and thick, with a velvety mouthfeel that will just melt in your mouth.

It almost feels like you’re eating guilt-free ice cream!

It’s no secret that we love coffee.

And we’re also fond of chocolate.

But what will happen when you mix the two?

We’ll tell you: magic! Pure, delicious magic.

That’s right!

The unique flavor of this Turkish Coffee Chocolate Truffle is just like a cup of rich Turkish coffee but in truffle form!

The chocolate and touch of cardamom set off the hearty flavor of this special-blend coffee perfectly, creating a truffle that is smooth and creamy on your tongue, with just enough kick to keep you coming back for more.

This dessert is made with rich, creamy vanilla custard and infused with cardamom and coffee.

It tastes like pure heaven, and it’s topped with a crunchy caramelized sugar crust that you can’t wait to eat up.

If you’re not familiar with cardamom, it’s a spice that has sweet floral notes similar to vanilla but with an earthy kick.

And it pairs perfectly with coffee in this recipe for a fantastic combination of flavors that will delight your senses!

If you love cinnamon, this is definitely the dessert for you.

But its cinnamon streusel on top of this coffee cake is what makes it so good.

It gives the cake a crunchy texture that goes well with the moist cake underneath.

Plus, there’s a hint of cinnamon in every bite!

And the coffee adds depth and richness without being overwhelming; instead, it goes well with the other flavors perfectly without overpowering them or making them taste artificial (like some other coffee desserts do).

It also provides a nice aroma when baking in the oven!

Coffee Crumb Cake is a real treat for the taste buds. 

It’s got a subtle hint of coffee that makes it perfect for those who love the flavor but don’t want to get too jittery.

The cake itself is soft and airy, but what really makes this dessert stand out is its crumble topping.

It is made with brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, and flour—it’s like a utopia in your mouth!

And overall, this cake got just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy your craving for something sweet without being overwhelmingly saccharine.

Texas Sheet Cake is a southern classic, and it sure doesn’t pull any punches.

This cake is all about the layers of rich cocoa and coffee, fluffy frosting, and a hint of salt that make you want to keep going back for more.

So, what does Texas sheet cake taste like?

It’s the perfect marriage of sweetness and decadence, with a subtle hint of chocolate and aromatic nuttiness that makes your mouth water.

And the frosting?

Well, let’s just say that if you’re not careful, you’ll end up with a mouthful of it before you even know what happened!

Do you remember those mornings when you get up, and all you want is a coffee and a Nutella meringue cookie?

Well, with this recipe, you’ll get to enjoy both at the same time.

Coffee Nutella Meringue Cookies are the perfect blend of sweet and bitter.

The scent of coffee rises from the cookies, promising a rich flavor that will envelop your taste buds and make you feel like nothing can go wrong in the world today.

And then it does: you bite into one of these babies, and your teeth sink into a soft meringue that’s been mixed with coffee-infused Nutella.

It’s like eating a cloud!

But not just any cloud—a cloud that tastes and smells like your childhood home.

Caramel Macchiato Coffee Cake is a coffee cake that literally tastes like a Caramel Macchiato.

That’s right: it’s a caramel-flavored coffee cake with a hint of espresso, and it tastes just like the drink from your favorite coffee shop!

But its flavor is so much more than just a beverage with a dash of espresso.

It’s sweet, salty, bitter, and buttery—it’s everything you could ask for and more in a cake.

Coffee Mousse Truffles are something you’ll be really excited about.

At first, it tasted like coffee.

But then, suddenly, it’s creamy.

It’s like a mousse made from coffee beans, but it’s not too sweet.

You can even taste the subtlety of the coffee bean flavor.

Plus, it’s smooth and light, but it still has that satisfying crunch of a truffle.

We recommend eating these right out of the fridge—they’ll be cold, which makes them extra tasty!

Coffee Jelly is a strange and wonderful treat.

It’s like a cross between a jelly and a coffee drink, but without the zing.

The flavor is something of a mystery, though.

It’s not chocolatey, sugary, or fruity.

It’s just…coffee-y.

Basically, it’s like the taste of coffee beans themselves, but without any bitterness or acidity associated with them.

It’s sweetened by sugar, so there’s no need for additional sweeteners if you don’t want them—and there are no additives either!

The Mocha Chip Hazelnut Biscotti is for when you want your biscotti to be both crunchy and chewy.

It’s for when you want to taste the rich, caramelized chocolate chips that melt in your mouth.

And it’s for when you want to bite into a huge hazelnut and feel the crunch of the biscuit around it.

Plus, you can eat this biscuit with a cup of coffee or tea or as a snack by itself.

But however you choose to enjoy this biscuit, one thing is certain: Once you get started, you won’t be able to stop!

It’s true, sometimes the most simple desserts are the most delicious.

That’s why we’re so excited to present this recipe for Brown Butter Madeleines Dipped in Espresso Glaze.

It combines classic French flavors like brown butter, madeleines, and coffee glaze with its own unique spin on them.

The brown butter gives the madeleines a rich flavor that can’t be beaten, and the espresso glaze adds just enough sweetness to round everything out.

The best part?

You only need a few ingredients to make these babies!

So, go ahead and try them at your next dinner party or holiday gathering—we promise they won’t disappoint!

Chocolate-Dipped Mocha Cannoli is an epicurean delight that will leave you feeling like you’re on top of the world.

It’s a true treat for the senses, with its crunchy shell that’s dipped in decadent melted chocolate and filled with creamy coffee-flavored ricotta.

The coffee also gives it a bold taste, while the chocolate gives it a sweet finish. 

Plus, it’s topped with crisp chocolate pearls for an irresistible bite.

If you really like sweets, all you’ll think about is how to get one of these!

The devil may lurk in the details, but it’s details that make this dessert so delicious.

The cake itself is rich and moist, with a hint of espresso in the batter that pairs perfectly with the chocolate ganache glaze.

It’s like eating cake for breakfast!

And the thick, fudgy ganache is as smooth and decadent as you’d expect, with just enough coffee flavor to give it depth without overpowering the overall taste.

Plus, it complements the cake flawlessly, creating a nice balance between sweet and bitter.

We recommend serving it warm out of the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or some whipped cream—or even better, both!

What is better than a warm, gooey pecan pie?

You’re probably thinking about something like a slice of cheesecake or maybe even a giant chocolate chip cookie.

While that’s a good answer, we have a better one for you.

It’s Coffee Pecan Pie Bars!

These bars are so good that they’re going to change what you think about pecan pie forever.

On the first bite, the sweet and salty combination of flavors will take over your taste buds with a rush of sweet caramelized pecans and nutty sunflower seeds on top of a chewy-crumbly crust that holds everything together perfectly.

Then as your eyes start to water from the caffeine high, the smooth buttery flavor of coffee mixed with maple syrup will make its appearance in full force, leaving you feeling like nothing can stop you.

The bottom line

We hope you enjoyed these 25 coffee desserts and that they gave you a creative boost when it counted.

Also, feel free to indulge in a decadent dessert after a long day—you deserve it!

You work hard, and a little treat now and then won’t hurt.

Of course, you should eat these desserts in moderation—just like any other dessert.
Ultimately, the choice is yours. 

So, whether you want to satisfy an afternoon craving or are simply looking to add a little something to the daily grind, keep in mind that a coffee dessert might just hit the spot for you.

Looking for more coffee options, we’ve compiled lists of 30 BEST Holiday Coffee Drinks, 21 BEST Coffee Cocktails, and 13 Nespresso Recipes that you should definitely check out.

Top 25 BEST Ways To Make Coffee Dessert ☕

Top 25 BEST Ways To Make Coffee Dessert ☕

With these 25 easy Coffee Desserts, you can enjoy your favorite beverage in an entirely new way.


  • Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Affogato
  • Cappuccino Cookies
  • Authentic Italian Tiramisu
  • Coffee Gelato
  • Cold Brew Iced Latte Pops
  • No-Bake Mocha Cheesecake
  • Baileys Coffee Blondies
  • Mocha Cake With Kahlua Coffee Buttercream
  • Banana Cake With Coffee Cream Cheese Frosting
  • Coffee Panna Cotta
  • Turkish Coffee Chocolate Truffle
  • Cardamom-Vanilla Coffee Crème Brûlée
  • Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Coffee Cake
  • Coffee Crumb Cake
  • Texas Sheet Cake
  • Coffee Nutella Meringue Cookies
  • Caramel Macchiato Coffee Cake
  • Coffee Mousse Truffles
  • Coffee Jelly
  • Mocha Chip Hazelnut Biscotti
  • Brown Butter Madeleines Dipped In Espresso Glaze
  • Chocolate-Dipped Mocha Cannoli
  • Devil’s Food Bundt Cake With Chocolate Espresso Ganache
  • Coffee Pecan Pie Bars


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  2. Pick out the ingredients needed for the dessert.
  3. Bake then enjoy immediately!

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