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19 Easy Vegan Desserts That Are Legit Scrumptious

Suppose you’re planning to hold a get-together with your friends: Some of them are vegans, and you aren’t equipped with recipes for vegan desserts that are right for them. Oh no! 

While that may sound like it’s a disaster, you still have time to make a difference!

There are many amazing vegan sweets out there, and you’re going to unlock 19 of them today.

From delicate Matcha Sugar Cookies to dense and delicious Vegan Coffee Cake to the syrupy-sweet Vegan Baklava, choose one of these incredible plant-based desserts that will make you flip your lid!

From chocolate chip cookies to vegan tiramisu and beyond, here’s a compilation of intricately delightful vegan dessert recipes that are bound to satisfy your vegan friends’ sweet cravings.

1. Bite-sized chocolate chip cookies

This bite-sized chocolate chip cookie recipe is one of my favorite vegan baking recipes I always serve for my vegan friends. 

This easy-to-make recipe is packed with sweet goodness from brown sugar, non-dairy milk, vanilla, and mini-chocolate chips. 

These cookies are perfect for serving with a glass of milk or as topping for your favorite cake or cupcakes. 

Here’s the recipe

2. Vegan brown butter peach cobbler

This next vegan dessert candidate features sticky and caramelized on the outside yet fluffy and tender on the inside. It’s amazing how fresh summer peaches and the juicy blueberries toppings blend perfectly with cobbler batter. 

It’s a perfect dessert to serve at any event, whether it’s for a summer get-together, potluck, or you name it!

Check out this recipe.​

3. Vegan Jamaican sweet potato pudding

Heads up, vegan dessert lovers. Your next favorite treat is here!

This vegan pudding features sweet potato-based batter and custard topping that’s so creamy, sweet, and moist. They’re fine to serve alone but pairing them with coconut whipped cream makes the pudding extra special.

To incorporate some texture to the pudding, you can add chopped dates on top of the batter before sliding it to the oven.

Get the recipe here

4. Vegan matcha sugar cookies

I was once served these vegan cookies to my matcha lover friend, and guess what? She loves it. I bet you’ll like it too!

Expect to draw a crowd as these cookies are soft, chewy, and delicious. 

You only need matcha, organic sugar, vegan butter, ground flax, vanilla, all-purpose flour, and some baking powder. Plus, making them is as easy as ABC. 

Learn to make this vegan cookie recipe here

5. Gluten-free vegan chocolate cupcakes

These gluten-free chocolate cupcakes are sure to be a big hit at your next vegan party!

It mixes gluten-free flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, and vanilla. The result is moist, fluffy, and delicious cupcakes. 

These cupcakes are even more enjoyable when you add salted caramel, chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry frosting on top. Yummy!

Get the recipe here.

6. Vegan coffee cake

It’s almost quick to find easy vegan desserts online, but how sure are you that they’re truly delectable?

This next entry isn’t just easy to make, but it’s also moist and fluffy enough to convince you to be obsessed with its flavors. 

It’s also full of cinnamon streusel goodness that will make you grab more slices.

Here’s the recipe

7. Vegan tiramisu

What would happen if we combine fluffy sponge cake fingers with creamy cashew, coconut-based vegan mascarpone, and spiked coffee? 

This vegan tiramisu is truly a decadent dessert. It’s also good to serve alone or along with fresh sliced strawberries. 

If you have grated dark chocolate on hand, you can sprinkle them on top of the cacao powder topping.

Here’s the recipe.

8. Vegan baklava

If you’re looking for a recipe to step up your dessert game, then this vegan baklava is your answer. 

It features flaky filo pastry, walnuts, pistachios, plant-based butter, and orange lemon syrup with coconut nectar and agave. It has a finishing touch of luscious dark chocolate and Fleur de Sel flaked salt finisher. 

Just make sure to cut the baklava into diamond or square shapes before baking to prevent the filo from crumbling. 

Find full details of the recipe here.

9. Cookie-stuffed cookies

Would you believe that these cookies are stuffed with chocolate sandwich cookies?

You heard it right. The cookie dough is made with vegan buttery spread, brown sugar, soy milk, vanilla, flour, baking soda, and chocolate chips. 

Serve them plain or with a scoop of lemon sorbet. Now enjoy!

Here’s the recipe

10. Vegan powdered donuts

Though it’s vegan, this version of white powdered donuts tastes like the traditional recipe. They’re baked and easy to make!

This sweet, soft, and wonderfully fluffy perfection is a fun snack or dessert. They’re good to dunk in your coffee too. 

Get the recipe here

11. Vegan lemon bread

Every bite of this vegan lemon bread is light, soft, and irresistibly moist. 

It’s not too sweet and has the right load of amazing lemon goodness. It’s also perfect for serving for breakfast or even brunch.  

Unlock the ingredients and learn to make one in this recipe

12. Vegan chocolate cream pie

This vegan chocolate cream pie calls only basic ingredients and comes together without much fuss. And oh…it’s no-bake, so we love that!

The chocolate cream pie filling sits on a paleo pie crust and topped with coconut cream. It’s a total chocolate lover’s dream!

Get the recipe here.

13. No-bake brownie bites

These brownie bites are soft and chewy!

It offers sweet and crispy delight from walnuts, almonds, Medjool dates, cacao powder, vanilla, and of course, the star among all…chocolate chips

These bites can be enjoyed all week long. Just be sure to store them in an airtight container, whether at room temperature or inside the fridge.  

If you’re also a dessert lover who avoids the oven heat, you’re going to like these (not vegan) no-bake cookies too.

Unlock these bites here.

14. Vegan blueberry lemon poppy seed muffins

You aren’t a true muffin fan if you haven’t tried these treats. 

These sugar-free muffins combine yogurt, almond meal, mashed banana, lemon, fresh blueberries, and poppy seeds. 

The addition of pure vanilla extract, maple syrup, and almond milk creates that sweet flavor to the muffins. 

It’s also topped with lemon icing for an extra bright and zingy flavor. 

Here’s the recipe

15. Monkey bread

This vegan version of monkey bread is a sweet, gooey, sinful cinnamon-sugar treat made with gluten-free biscuits, cinnamon-based coating, and lots of tempting vanilla glazed with coconut milk and confectioner’s sugar.

If you’re a busy person, you can make the dough the night before and bake them the next day. 

Quick tip: Add more cinnamon coating if you want your monkey bread gooey-er.

Check out the recipe here.

16. Sticky buns

The list won’t be complete without these easy sticky buns. They’re so tasty and quite ideal for morning breakfast.

Creating this treat starts with a simple dough that rises in an hour. The dough is layered with a filling consisting of vegan butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and topped with pecans before rolled out into a thin rectangle.

Find out the complete details about this recipe here

17. Vegan apple cake

Making apple cake means you’re getting a fulfilling treat on your family table.

This recipe should remind you of those that your grandma used to make but with the vegan spin. 

Ideal for a holiday or special occasion, serve this moist and flavorful treat with your favorite drink or simply enjoy it as it comes.

Get the recipe here

18. Tahini chocolate banana soft serve

Go for tahini and chocolate if you’re in the mood for something creamy and savory today. 

The recipe starts with ripe bananas blended until a creamy soft serve is formed. Then tahini, cacao powder, and maple syrup get into the mix, giving a nutty and intense chocolate feel. 

Serve it right away with additional tahini or magic shell. 

Here’s the recipe

19. Chocolate banana ice cream

Suddenly longing for that delicious ice cream but don’t have fancy ingredients in your kitchen cupboard? Include this recipe in your recipe box! 

Though this simple-to-make and decadent treat only comes with two ingredients, you’ll marvel at its delectable offerings. If you’re craving for a  sweeter variety, toss some honey or maple syrup into the mix. 

Get the recipe here.

The bottom line

That’s it! I have great hope that my compilation of decadent desserts will be of great help to your vegan party-goers and will satisfy the sweet tooth of vegan friends. 

If you want to read more about vegan recipes, check out the following articles. 

19 EASY Vegan Dessert Recipe Assortment

19 EASY Vegan Dessert Recipe Assortment

Here's a compilation of delightful vegan dessert recipes that are bound to satisfy your vegan friends' sweet cravings.


  • Bite-sized chocolate chip cookies
  • Vegan brown butter peach cobbler
  • Vegan Jamaican sweet potato pudding
  • Vegan matcha sugar cookies
  • Gluten-free vegan chocolate cupcakes
  • Vegan coffee cake
  • Vegan tiramisu
  • Vegan baklava
  • Cookie stuffed cookies
  • Vegan powdered donuts
  • Vegan lemon bread
  • Vegan chocolate cream pie
  • No-bake brownie bites
  • Vegan blueberry lemon poppy seed muffins
  • Monkey bread
  • Sticky buns
  • Vegan apple cake
  • Tahini chocolate banana soft serve
  • Chocolate banana ice cream


  1. Pick one vegan dessert recipe to try
  2. Gather the ingredients
  3. Start making the treat
  4. Serve them with your favorite sides

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