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66 Easy Vegan Desserts: My Epic List Of Plant-Based Goodies!

66 Easy Vegan Desserts: My Epic List Of Plant-Based Goodies!

Here are 66 EASY vegan dessert recipes for you, from Vegan Coffee Cake to Vegan Raspberry Cheesecake to Easy Lemon Bread and so much more! 

I am so wowed with how some of these recipes don’t take long to make, or don’t have many ingredients, or both!

The recipes look easy and so, so delicious! And most importantly, plant-based!

Suppose you’re planning to hold a get-together with your friends. 

Some of them are vegans, and you aren’t equipped with recipes for vegan desserts that are right for them. 

I went to a Halloween party once hosted by vegan friends and I thought I was so awesome for bringing peanut butter rice krispie treats…with traditional marshmallows, which contain gelatin, which are animal-derived. 

That’s a No Go. I felt bad that I didn’t contribute something they could eat, and even worse that I saw my pb lovelies sit there uneaten all night. 

So to help you avoid the same kind of disappointment and possible embarrassment, take a look at this list of vegan desserts before you make any assumptions. 

(A vegan diet can’t include bee honey, either, but there are quite a few honey substitutes that work great.)

There are home cooks out there doing the Lord’s work making mouthwatering foods out of seemingly thin air, and bless them for doing it. 

I once found a recipe for a keto, gluten-free Ding-Dong cake for Renee’ one year because we were trying to eat a little lighter. 

It came out great. There’s a lot of testing that goes into making a complex, delicious recipe, and when it’s for a special diet…

There are many amazing vegan sweets out there, and you’re going to unlock 66 of them today.

From delicate Matcha Sugar Cookies to dense and delicious Vegan Coffee Cake to the syrupy-sweet Vegan Baklava, choose one of these incredible plant-based desserts that will make you flip your lid!

From Bite-Sized Chocolate Chip Cookies to Vegan Tiramisu and beyond, here’s a compilation of delightful vegan dessert recipes that are bound to satisfy sweet cravings and help adherence to plant-based eating.

Table of Contents

1. Bite-Sized Chocolate Chip Cookies

This Bite-Sized Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe is one of my favorite vegan baking recipes I always serve for my vegan friends. 

This easy-to-make recipe is packed with sweet goodness from brown sugar, non-dairy milk, vanilla, and mini-chocolate chips. 

These cookies are perfect for serving with a glass of milk or as topping for your favorite cake or cupcakes.

This next vegan dessert candidate features sticky and caramelized on the outside yet fluffy and tender on the inside. 

It’s amazing how fresh summer peaches and the juicy blueberries toppings blend perfectly with cobbler batter. 

It’s a perfect dessert to serve at any event, whether it’s for a summer get-together, potluck, or you name it!

Heads up, vegan dessert lovers. 

Your next favorite treat is here!

This vegan pudding features sweet potato-based batter and custard topping that’s so creamy, sweet, and moist. 

They’re fine to serve alone but pairing them with coconut whipped cream makes the pudding extra special.

To incorporate some texture to the pudding, you can add chopped dates on top of the batter before sliding it to the oven.

I was once served these vegan cookies to my matcha lover friend, and guess what? 

She loves it. 

I bet you’ll like it too!

Expect to draw a crowd as these cookies are soft, chewy, and delicious. 

You only need matcha, organic sugar, vegan butter, ground flax, vanilla, all-purpose flour, and some baking powder. 

Plus, making them is as easy as ABC.

These Gluten-free Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes are sure to be a big hit at your next party!

It mixes gluten-free flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, and vanilla. 

The result is moist, fluffy, and delicious cupcakes. 

These cupcakes are even more enjoyable when you add salted caramel, chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry frosting on top. Yummy!

It’s almost quick to find easy vegan desserts online, but how sure are you that they’re truly delectable?

This next entry isn’t just easy to make, but it’s also moist and fluffy enough to convince you to be obsessed with its flavors. 

It’s also full of cinnamon streusel goodness that will make you grab more slices.

What would happen if we combine fluffy sponge cake fingers with creamy cashew, coconut-based vegan mascarpone, and spiked coffee? 

This Vegan Tiramisu is truly a decadent dessert. 

It’s also good to serve alone or along with fresh sliced strawberries. 

If you have grated dark chocolate on hand, you can sprinkle them on top of the cacao powder topping.

If you’re looking for a recipe to step up your dessert game, then this Vegan Baklava is your answer. 

It features flaky filo pastry, walnuts, pistachios, plant-based butter, and orange lemon syrup with coconut nectar and agave. 

It has a finishing touch of luscious dark chocolate and Fleur de Sel flaked salt finisher. 

Just make sure to cut the baklava into diamond or square shapes before baking to prevent the filo from crumbling.

Would you believe that these cookies are stuffed with chocolate sandwich cookies?

You heard it right. 

The cookie dough is made with vegan buttery spread, brown sugar, soy milk, vanilla, flour, baking soda, and chocolate chips. 

Serve them plain or with a scoop of lemon sorbet.

Though it’s vegan, this version of Vegan Powdered Donuts tastes like the traditional recipe. 

They’re baked and easy to make!

This sweet, soft, and wonderfully fluffy perfection is a fun snack or dessert. 

They’re good to dunk in your coffee, too.

Every bite of this Vegan Lemon Bread is light, soft, and irresistibly moist. 

It’s not too sweet and has the right load of amazing lemon goodness. 

It’s also perfect for serving for breakfast or even brunch. 

This Vegan Chocolate Cream Pie calls only basic ingredients and comes together without much fuss. 

And oh…it’s no-bake, so we love that!

The chocolate cream pie filling sits on a paleo pie crust and is topped with coconut cream. 

It’s a total chocolate lover’s dream!

These Brownie Bites are soft and chewy!

It offers sweet and crispy delight from walnuts, almonds, Medjool dates, cacao powder, vanilla, and of course, the star among all…chocolate chips. 

These bites can be enjoyed all week long. 

Just be sure to store them in an airtight container, whether at room temperature or inside the fridge.  

If you’re also a dessert lover who avoids the oven heat, you’re going to like these (not vegan) no-bake cookies, too.

You aren’t a true muffin fan if you haven’t tried these treats. 

These muffins combine yogurt, almond meal, mashed banana, lemon, fresh blueberries, and poppy seeds. 

The addition of pure vanilla extract, maple syrup, and almond milk creates that sweet flavor to the muffins. 

It’s also topped with lemon icing for an extra bright and zingy flavor. 

This vegan version of monkey bread is a sweet, gooey, sinful cinnamon-sugar treat made with gluten-free biscuits, cinnamon-based coating, and lots of tempting vanilla glazed with coconut milk and confectioner’s sugar.

If you’re a busy person, you can make the dough the night before and bake it the next day. 

Quick tip: Add more cinnamon coating if you want your monkey bread gooey-er.

The list won’t be complete without these easy sticky buns. 

They’re so tasty and quite ideal for morning breakfast.

Creating this treat starts with a simple dough that rises in an hour. 

The dough is layered with a filling consisting of vegan butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and topped with pecans before rolled out into a thin rectangle.

Making apple cake means you’re getting a fulfilling treat on your family table.

This recipe should remind you of those that your grandma used to make but with the vegan spin. 

Ideal for a holiday or special occasion, serve this moist and flavorful treat with your favorite drink or simply enjoy it as it comes.

Go for tahini and chocolate if you’re in the mood for something creamy and savory today. 

The recipe starts with ripe bananas blended until a creamy soft serve is formed. 

Then tahini, cacao powder, and maple syrup get into the mix, giving a nutty and intense chocolate feel. 

Serve it right away with additional tahini or magic shell.

Suddenly longing for that delicious ice cream but don’t have fancy ingredients in your kitchen cupboard? 

Include this recipe in your recipe box! 

Though this simple-to-make and decadent treat only comes with two ingredients, you’ll marvel at its delectable offerings. 

If you’re craving for a  sweeter variety, toss some honey or maple syrup into the mix.

It’s a soft and chewy cookie with oozing chocolate chips.

It may look a little complicated, but I promise that it’s a no-sweat recipe you will make again and again.

It has no eggs and dairy, so no one will ever suspect that this is a vegan dessert you’re serving.

This recipe doesn’t require many ingredients to make an excellent dessert after meals.

I guarantee that this recipe is something to look forward to because you need three ingredients to make a delicious vegan ice cream delight.

The classic vanilla flavor you love about ice cream is here, except that it has no fat.

Want to know how?

It is for the chocolate lovers out there!

There’s no need to worry about when you have this dessert after your meal because it’s undoubtedly chocolatey and delectable all in one.

You can use coconut sugar for this recipe, but maple syrup will do the magic, too.

Anyone can enjoy this mouthwatering dessert.

It’s sweet, chewy, and not complicated to make.

You will surely taste tiny apple chunks in every bite.

Another vegan apple recipe you must try!

Overloaded with apple goodness, topped with butter, crispy oats, creamy ice cream, and caramel makes this a delightful treat.

You can taste the classic apple pie taste, but it is effortless.

There is nothing to worry about having eggs and dairy because this recipe can be made without these two ingredients yet is guaranteed to be delicious!

This fantastic treat combines flour, sugar, peanut butter, vanilla, and almond milk in a bowl.

We all love the taste of tart berries in a crumble—the sweet, ripe strawberries overflowing with sweet and slightly sour flavor and the crunchy topping that melts in your mouth.

And now, you’ll be able to enjoy this fruity dessert anytime you want, without worrying about any dairy add-ons.

Put a spoonful of vegan vanilla ice cream or whipped cream on top before serving, and you’ll get an extra dose of indulgence.

Another 3-ingredient vegan ice cream treat is on the way!

Mango is the main star here which is very refreshing to devour.

It’s no-churn ice cream so that you can do it without hassle at home.

Let’s have pumpkin for your vegan dessert.

It’s a smoothie with a thick mixture of pumpkin, almond milk, walnuts, pumpkin pie spice, a bit of banana, and vanilla, with the addition of maple syrup and molasses to make it superb.

Layer your smoothie with coconut whip, then garnish with a cinnamon stick to make it more appealing to the eye!

This pumpkin cake is moist, rich in flavor, and tastes tender!

You can never be wrong with this recipe because aside from the cake’s soft and tender texture, it has that tangy and sweet flavor by topping with dairy-free cream cheese frosting.

You need 10 minutes to make this snack for you and your family to enjoy these no-bake cookies!

All you need is to combine almond flour, dates, creamy peanut butter, and chopped chocolate to make this go-to dessert.

Just chill it for a couple of minutes to firm the dough before serving.

This recipe is ideal for breakfast, snacks, and dessert!

Use whole wheat flour to make this recipe, with grated zucchini, cane sugar, applesauce, cinnamon, and nutmeg to make this moist and delicious treat to serve your family.

Who doesn’t want anything combined with cheesecake?

Let’s pair it with raspberry to create this pretty-looking no-bake dessert you can enjoy anytime!

Crunchy crust combined with velvety and creamy cheesecake on top will make you want more.

A 5-ingredient cookie recipe you will add to your list!

It’s a crumbly and chewy treat combined in one.

Add tahini sauce to make this taste heavenly.

Okay, this recipe is simple, but the results are stunning.

The crust has a crispy texture that goes perfectly with the creamy filling.

The filling itself contains tofu, cardamom, and mangoes—a combination so good you’ll wonder why you’ve been eating store-bought pies all these years!

And if that doesn’t convince you to make this pie, how about the fact that it’s dairy-free

Yes: a slice of this Vegan Mango Pie will satisfy your sweet tooth without any guilt or regret!

Try this chocolate cake, and you’ll get a moist texture, thanks to sweet potato!

This recipe is whole-grain, oil-free, and vegan, so there is nothing to worry about if you get more than one slice of it.

The frosting for this cake uses sweet potatoes, too!

It may have breakfast in its name, but you can always have these delicious cookies for dessert.

It’s a mix of tahini, rolled oats, walnuts, chocolate chips, applesauce, maple syrup, and flour, and you’re on your way to making this awesome cookie treat.

You need 25 minutes from preparing to baking, and it’s ready for serving.

I’ve had plenty of popsicles, but never one that tastes like cookie dough.

That’s why I’m so ecstatic to share this recipe with you today.

You can make these Chickpea Cookie Dough Popsicles with chocolate, and pecan-filled chickpea cookie dough dipped in dark chocolate.

And you can also eat when you’re in the mood for something sweet and salty but also want something that will satisfy your sweet craving without making you feel like a total glutton afterward.

It’s a cut-out cookie you can try making with your kids!

Its ingredients are not too hard to find, so you can surely make these cookies at any given time.

It’s sweet, buttery, soft, delicious cookies you can never resist.

We have tried vanilla, mango, and strawberry, but for this recipe, the main ingredient is coconut.

It’s a creamy coconut ice cream that doesn’t require an ice cream maker to make this.

Coconut milk makes it creamy and rich.

It’s not your typical cheesecake you’ve tasted before.

To achieve an airy and fluffy base, you will need to combine cashew and coconut cream to complete this vegan dessert.

Place it inside the fridge until firm and dense, then drizzle some chocolate syrup on top and take a spoonful!

Banana Bread is such a favorite, and this recipe you and I must try because it’s sweet, moist, yet guilt-free to savor.

You don’t need an egg substitute for this recipe, as bananas can do the trick.

Stir all the ingredients, and bake it for 50 minutes until it’s golden brown.

Another good thing is that you can store this for up to 3 months if you freeze it.

Just microwave it if you want it to serve hot again.

It’s oatmeal energy balls that you can try without baking and will surely boost your energy once you get a bite!

There is no need for complex ingredients; you need rolled oats, flaxseed meal, peanut butter, honey, vanilla extract, and mini chocolate chips to make this delicious snack treat.

If you don’t have peanut butter, you can always use almond butter or sunflower seed butter, but the taste will still be incredible.

You can also add dried cranberries, blueberries, or raisins if mini chocolate chips are unavailable.

Thinking of something you can make for a holiday treat?

Well, this recipe I will be sharing with you is an addition to your holiday treat to look forward to.

The chewy and soft texture of this vegan ginger molasses will always remind you of the holiday flavors your taste buds are familiar with.

Combining all the ingredients and baking it for 10 minutes, you’ll have a holiday treat ready for munching.

You can make this any time of the year because ingredients are not too hard to find.

Who doesn’t love a brownie treat?

That is one reason I put it to the last because I bet you love ‘em.

And one great thing about this recipe is that it has no added table sugar.

Dates will be used as the natural sweetener for this dessert which you can use instead of coconut sugar or maple syrup.

Best to use a mini muffin pan instead of the usual square pan to ensure that you will achieve its perfect texture.

If you’re looking for a fun, cozy dessert to make this fall weekend, I highly recommend trying this vegan Biscoff Cake.

It’s delicious and decadent, made with simple ingredients that are sure to be easy to find.

I don’t think you’ll ever go back to eating a cake made with eggs and dairy again once you try this dish.

If you’ve never had a grapefruit bowl before, I’m here to tell you that it’s a whole new world of flavor—and it’s something that you can make at home.

It’s sweet and tangy but also super fresh.

And they’re paired with the sweetness of bananas, so they’ll really make your taste buds happy.

It’s a birthday party, but you don’t know what to bring. 

You’re not sure if your friends are vegan or if they just like to try new things sometimes.

But then it hits you: vegan vanilla cupcakes! 

They’re moist, light, and fluffy—and topped with creamy vegan buttercream frosting and colorful sprinkles.

They’re also perfect for birthdays, bake sales, or any occasion.

It’s rare to find a donut that’s subtle and sophisticated yet still satisfying.

But this is one of those moments.

You’ve also probably heard of halva before—a sweet, nutty confection made from sesame seeds and sweetener—but have you ever tried it glazed on top of a donut?

You will, with this treat!

Did you know that tofu can actually be your best friend when it comes to making a creamy, smooth Vegan Dark Chocolate Tofu Cheesecake!

And don’t worry about the taste; this isn’t a bland tofu concoction that tastes like nothing but tofu.

In fact, it has a sweet and salty peanut butter pretzel crust, which makes for a delectable base for the creamy center of this Vegan Dark Chocolate Tofu Cheesecake.

They’re soft and gooey, and they’re topped with a simple, creamy glaze.

And they’re dairy-free, so you can enjoy them without feeling like you’re sacrificing anything.

Plus, they taste just like regular cinnamon rolls, but better!

If you’re a vegan, you know that sometimes you need to get creative with your desserts.

But if you’re not a vegan and love lemon bars, this recipe is for you too!

It’s an eggless and dairy-free take on the classic creamy tart lemon-filled squares.

The crust is made with vegan butter but still as crisp and buttery as its non-vegan counter.

And it’s ideal for those who love the classic taste of lemon bars but have some eating restrictions or want to try something new!

These little morsels are made of only five simple ingredients that are probably just lying around your kitchen.

What’s more, they’re creamy, a little sweet, and fruity.

They’re great for kids who love to help out in the kitchen or for grown-ups who just want a treat without too much fuss.

Carrot cake is good.

But Gluten-Free Vegan Carrot Cake is even better.

This moist, perfectly spiced, not-too-sweet cake has just the right amount of texture, not too fluffy, and not too dense.

Plus, the luscious tangy dairy-free cream cheese frosting is just what you need to top off all that deliciousness.

If you want a little change from your usual carrot cake recipe, this is it.

Vegan Pecan Pie is indescribably decadent, and you’re going to love it!

It has a caramelized center that just melts in your mouth.

And it also has a crust that’s flaky and crisp and is firm enough to hold together perfectly even after you cut into it.

On top of that, it’s full of pecans—lots of pecans!

With a little bit of banana, a lot of oats, and a small pile of chocolate chunks, these cookies are sure to put you in the right mood for whatever you’re about to do—whether that’s making friends at school or taking down an enemy on the golf course.

They’re also full of warm, cozy comfort and sweet nostalgia. 

And you can bake a batch in no time.

But if you’re feeling fancy and want something extra special (or if there’s an important event coming up), top these bad boys with dark chocolate chunks instead of milk chocolate ones! 

It’ll be totally amazing!

I love a good parfait, and this one is absolutely perfect all year round!

The first layer is a “pie crust” that is sweet, crumbly, and oh-so buttery.

And the second layer is a key lime-flavored pudding that is smooth and tangy.

Then, it’s finished with freshly made coconut whipped cream for a light, sweet, cool, and creamy topping.

So, what are you waiting for?

These goodies are so rich and decadent that you’ll swear they’re loaded with butter and eggs—but they’re not!

Just rich cacao powder and vegan chocolate chips will do the trick.

Add in some peppermint extract for extra minty goodness, and you’ve got yourself a party in your mouth.

Have you ever had a panna cotta? 

It’s like a dream. 

A creamy, silky, delicious dream. 

Well, this vegan version is no exception.

This Vegan Panna Cotta With Figs is made with coconut cream to mimic the richness of dairy—but it’s also got a decent wobble (just like the real thing!).

And it’s super delicate, meaning you can eat it as soon as it’s set or even make it ahead of time!

Then the fig sauce is sweet and tart, which complements the panna cotta perfectly.

Let’s talk about the raspberry mousse tart.

This treat is light and creamy, packed with scrumptious, fresh raspberries, and has a firm and tasty vegan crust.

But you know what? This tart is also easy to make.

So, even if you’re new to baking or don’t have much experience with desserts, you’ll be able to whip up this incredible dessert with ease.

These vegan Pistachio Oat Squares are a delightful way to get your daily dose of pistachios and oats.

They’re sweetened with maple syrup and have just enough salt to balance out that sweetness.

Then the nutty base is chewy and crunchy, so it’s sure to keep you coming back for more!

These blondies include a vegan version of the classic treat.

They’re made with buttery-tasting caramelized blondies.

They’re also gooey but with a delicate soft texture.

And they’re so convenient that you can even get creative with them and serve them up in shot glasses for an adult party where everyone gets their own individual serving of blondie goodness.

These Vegan Raspberry Cheesecake Bars have got it all.

They’re so creamy, luscious, and loaded with swirls of raspberry deliciousness that you won’t even miss the dairy.

And they’re perfect when you want something sweet (but not too sweet) on your dessert table!

Truffles are a bit time-consuming to make, and they’re really hard to get right, but this recipe is the exception.

These vegan caramel Peanut Protein Truffles are SO easy to make, and they taste so good that even non-vegans will be begging for more!

You’ll love how smooth the caramel is, while crunchy peanuts add a satisfying texture to each bite.

And then there’s that dark chocolate finish that makes it all come together like a dreamy dessert experience.

This Creamy Vegan Butternut Squash Pie is rich yet delicate and fluffy.

It’s full of wonderful spices.

And the flaky vegan crust is perfect for scooping up every last bit of smooth, sweet filling.

What’s the best way to finish your meal?

With a little bit of chocolate, of course!

And this vegan chocolate tart is the perfect way to do it.

It has a sweet tart crust with a decadent filling in its core.

Aside from that, this recipe uses liquid sweetener, which gives a rich, bold flavor that makes this an irresistible treat.

Try it out today, and you’ll see what I mean.

Looking for a sweet, fruity, and delectable treat? 

I’ve got you covered!

This Gluten-free & Vegan Blueberry Galette is warm, flaky, and loaded with tart berries.
It’s the perfect answer for any sweet craving.

The crust is also juicy but firm enough to stand up against the berry filling without getting soggy or falling apart.

So, the next time you need to impress your friends or family, whip up these warm and flaky treats in no time at all—you’ll be glad you did.

The bottom line

That’s it! 

I have great hope that my compilation of decadent desserts will satisfy your own needs for plant-based foods and also be properly prepared for your vegan friends. 

If you want to read more about vegan recipes, check out the following articles.

Easy Vegan Chocolate Mousse with Almond Milk and Cinnamo

Easy Vegan Chocolate Mousse with Almond Milk and Cinnamo

Yield: 2-3 servings
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

A creamy, indulgent vegan chocolate mousse made with ripe avocados, rich cocoa powder, and almond milk, enhanced with a hint of cinnamon for a warm, spicy note. This dessert is perfect for those seeking a healthier, plant-based option without compromising on taste.


  • 2 large ripe avocados - For a creamy base.
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder - For the chocolate flavor.
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup (or agave syrup) - As a sweetener.
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract - For enhanced flavor.
  • A pinch of salt - To balance the flavors.
  • 2-4 tablespoons almond milk - To adjust creaminess.
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon - For a warm, spicy note.


  1. Prepare Avocados: Cut the avocados in half, remove the pits, and scoop the flesh into a blender or food processor.
  2. Add Core Ingredients: Add the cocoa powder, maple syrup, vanilla extract, salt, and ground cinnamon to the blender.
  3. Blend: Begin blending the ingredients. Gradually add almond milk, one tablespoon at a time, blending after each addition until you achieve the desired creaminess.
  4. Taste and Adjust: Taste the mousse and adjust the sweetness, cocoa, cinnamon, or almond milk to suit your preference.
  5. Chill: Transfer the mousse to serving dishes and refrigerate for at least one hour to allow the flavors to meld and the mousse to set.
  6. Serve: Garnish the chilled mousse with your choice of toppings. Suggestions include a sprinkle of cinnamon, fresh berries, or vegan whipped cream.

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