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17 BEST Sherry Cocktails | The Refreshing Collection ๐Ÿธ

17 BEST Sherry Cocktails | The Refreshing Collection 🍸

Nutty, dry, and fruity, these 17 sherry cocktails are a great way to enjoy sherry aside from just cooking with it. 🍸

This has grown to become a drink to sip on after dinner to help digestion, but it can be used in all types of cocktails.

If you are unfamiliar with sherry wine, just think of it as a drink made with white wine grades.

However, this is more than just a type of wine.

There is a specific production process that makes sherry the versatile and key ingredient in many drinks.

There are various types of sherry, ranging from fino, a dry and prevalent variety, to cream sherry, a sweeter version.

Sherry can be a great addition to a cocktail or even the star ingredient!

No longer is it just something your grandmother used to sip on after dinner.

Make a Fino Sherry Bloody Mary to get brunch started on the right foot!

Or try a Sherry Cobbler for a quick and easy yet crowd-pleasing cocktail worth serving to everyone.

A Queen Bee is great for sipping on after a long day since, although it is pure alcohol, it is still a great-tasting drink.

These sherry cocktails will change how you view and use sherry in your at-home bar!

Whether the weather is insanely hot outside and you need a drink to cool off with, or you are dreaming of warm weather where you can sit by the pool, this cocktail will give you precisely what you need.

As the name may suggest, there are tons of fresh berries in this recipe, including raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries.

There is also lemon and orange juice included, plus some simple syrup to balance out the sweet and tart levels in this drink.

If warm weather isn’t your favorite, this fall-flavored cocktail will be a better fit for you.

Apple brandy, Mandarine Napolean liqueur, oloroso sherry, and a bit of prosecco are all stirred together over an apple slice for a balance of sweet and nutty flavors with a subtle bit of citrus added in.

A very thin apple slice used as a garnish adds a gorgeous touch!

Adding fino sherry to your bloody mary’s will add a bit of an umami flavor to the drink from the savory side of the sherry.

You can always add in more vodka or gin if you need the extra kick in your drink!

This is the perfect example of sherry finding its place among some of your favorite cocktails!

If you prefer tart drinks rather than overwhelmingly sweet, try your hand at preparing a Flor De Jerez cocktail.

Dark rum, amontillado sherry, apricot liqueur, and bitters come together for a party-ready drink that will be perfect for everyone.

You can use cane sugar syrup for this recipe, which is sweeter than simple syrup, but won’t become overwhelmingly sweet.

This cocktail is incredibly simple yet pours out to become an amazing drink.

Orange slices are muddled with sherry, simple syrup, and ice poured on top.

To avoid the pulp from your oranges, you should double strain your cocktail through a fine-mesh strainer.

Seasonal fruit and mint, or even an orange slice, will make great garnishes for this fruity drink.

There are quite a few ingredients that mix this drink, but the end result makes it worth finding each of the different inputs.

Cream sherry is used in this cocktail as a floater, which adds a nice sweet touch.

A bit of orange and lime juice helps balance the alcohol, so you can have more than just a tall glass of solely alcohol to sip on.

On top of its dryness, fino sherry is used in this cocktail to add a subtle bit of almond flavor.

Dry vermouth adds sweetness along with cherry liqueur and orange bitters for some fruit flavors..

On the first sip, you get a bit of sherry and orange, but once you swallow your sip of coronation, you can taste more of the vermouth and sherry shine through.

This is lower in alcohol content than other cocktails, so it’s great for making sure you keep your cool but still get to enjoy your drinks.

For a classic and timeless cocktail recipe, this is very easy to mix up since it only contains three ingredients!

Fino or manzanilla sherry are recommended, but if you prefer something richer, you can go with oloroso or amontillado sherry instead.

Rich and sweet vermouth is also recommended to complement the sherry with orange bitters adding in a nice touch of citrus.

Take the classic Bamboo cocktail up a notch by adding in coffee beans!

Rather than infusing the coffee into the cocktail, you can add the beans right into the glass.

Sherry, dry vermouth, orange bitters, and Angostura bitters give you the classic Bamboo flavors with the simple addition of a few coffee beans making this into a completely new tasting drink.

A Rebujito cocktail has only three ingredients, tastes like a spritzer, and is so refreshing to enjoy!

If you use diet lemon-lime soda for this recipe, it’s lower-carb than usual.

Although this is normally a drink for celebrating festivals in Spain, it is worth mixing together for any reason, especially if you just want a drink at the end of the day!

Muddling mint leaves may be the hardest part of this recipe, but if you want to avoid the extra few seconds spent on this, you can use a drop of spearmint extract instead.

On top of being a delicious and bright flavored drink, this also gets a beautiful color when it is all mixed together.

Dark rum is complemented by the sherry in this recipe with some liqueur and bitters mixed in.

Rather than rum, you can use whiskey, and instead of the apricot liqueur, you can add in some extra simple syrup and rum!

Use different types of sherry for this drink to make it a little different every time you drink it.

If it is extra hot outside and you need something a little more refreshing, feel free to add some tonic water on top.

Be careful when you decide to have this drink since you won’t taste the alcohol, and it will go down like it’s a delicious juice!

Vodka and dry sherry will make you feel good while you taste pink grapefruit juice with some orange bitters mixed in.

A bit of egg white will also add in a nice velvety texture, so it will go down so smooth!

This is another great way to incorporate sherry into the drinks you have grown to know and love, such as Pina Coladas.

Coconut cream, pineapple juice, and sherry give you a drink that tastes like toasted coconut.

After tasting this, you will find yourself making this all summer long when you want something tropical to enjoy while sitting poolside!

If the thought of a cocktail that is pure alcohol is a little intimidating, rest assured that this is on the sweeter side and actually very easy to enjoy.

Lime vodka, cream liqueur, and dry sherry are shaken together for a drink that will surprise you with how great it tastes!

If it is a little too strong for you, you can pour this out with some ice cubes included, which will dilute it just a bit without getting rid of all of the flavors.

The name of this cocktail makes it perfect for Halloween, but it should be enjoyed year-round because of how great it tastes.

Sherry, rum, fruit juice, and grenadine are combined together for a tropical-tasting drink.

As an added bonus, a lime shell could be doused in overproof rum and lit on fire for an extra special touch to this drink!

If you opt to add this extra bit to your drink, it is sure to be something you and your friends and family will never forget!

Just a glance at this drink will make you want to give it a taste.

After you taste the spring flavors, you will find yourself craving this time and time again, especially when you want something in hand for a sunny day spent outside.

This features some rhubarb and ginger flavored gin, dry sherry, grapefruit bits, lemon juice, and spiced blueberry syrup.

If it sounds complicated, just remember that all it takes to make this cocktail is to shake it all together and serve!

Sub out a sweet sherry for simple syrup in your old-fashioned go-to recipe, and you will find a new favorite way to enjoy your whiskey drink.

You get intricate flavors in this drink from the dried fruit-tasting sherry, chocolate bitters, and a bit of sweetness and smokiness from bourbon smoked simple sugar syrup.

This is elegant and unique, so it is very much worth a try!

The bottom line

Sherry is so much more than a cooking wine or something your grandma would sip on.

As these sherry cocktails show, there is so much that can be made with this wine, and it can be incorporated into all types of drinks!

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17 Sherry Cocktail | The Refreshing Collection 🍸

17 Sherry Cocktail | The Refreshing Collection 🍸

Nutty, dry, and fruity, these 17 sherry cocktails are a great way to enjoy sherry aside from just cooking with it.


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