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Almond Butter Substitute – 7 Incredible Alternatives!

If you’re looking for an almond butter substitute, then you’ve come to the right place! ​​​​​

If you have run out of almond butter or just want an almond butter alternative, we have ideas for you here. 

Even though peanut butter is inarguably loved by everyone and considered to be the ruler of the nut butter kingdom, I love the taste of almond butter! 

I simply love to use it in a sandwich with my favorite apple butter and spread it on top of waffles. I also use it in various smoothies for that delicious buttery taste and experiment with it to make some delicious and fun dips.

NOTE: We do not offer medical advice, and our substitutions and alternatives relate to baking and cooking chemistry only, not whether a nut substitute is safe for any individual to consume! 

However, at times, I simply don’t have almond butter in my kitchen. In such instances, I use various substitutes instead of almond butter. You can also use these alternativess in any recipe that calls for almond butter.

Before I discuss the substitutes, let’s take a look at what almond butter is!

Almond butter is a variety of nut butter, which is quite similar to the ever-popular peanut butter. It’s made from roasted or raw almonds. 

The almonds are grounded into a spread that has a rich and creamy consistency. However, some varieties of almond butter are crunchy with small bits of almonds, while some others are as smooth as silk. 

Similarly, you can opt for stir and no-stir options as well. 

7 Delicious Almond Butter Substitutes

There are many varieties of butter and pastes that you can use instead of almond butter in your recipes.

We make no assumptions about any individual’s health issues with nuts and we do not give medical advice.

All of the options have their unique flavors and textures, but they act as good replacements for almond butter.

So, let’s take a look at my favorite almond butter substitutes: 

1. Peanut Butter

If you are asking can I substitute peanut butter for almond butter, we got your answer here.

Peanut butter is hands down the best almond butter substitute. It has more or less the same consistency as almond butter and you can pick smooth, crunchy, stir, and stir-free peanut butter.

It also goes well in almost all recipes that call for almond butter.

You can use the same amount of peanut butter in your recipes. So you can substitute peanut butter for almond butter at a ratio of 1 to 1. 

2. Sunflower Seed Butter

Sunflower butter seed is another great substitute for almond butter. This is particularly true for those who have almond or peanut allergies and can’t use almond or peanut butter. 

This butter has a delectably deep taste. However, it is less creamy than almond butter. With that said, it does spread quite easily as it doesn’t have a texture as thick as almond butter. 

This substitute for almond butter is ideal for spreading, dipping, and any other application that you can think of.

3. Cashew Butter

Cashew butter is another nut butter that you can use instead of almond butter. It’s healthy and delicious and works well in recipes that call for almond butter. 

Moreover, cashew butter has a natural sweetness to it, which makes it truly tasty. This sweet tinge also means that you can use it as a dip for your desserts or in your favorite recipes that require a buttery sweetness. 

You can also pair cashew butter with jelly in your sandwich for a divine combination of flavors. A neat trick is to add some mint for a complex layer of flavors.

4. Walnut butter

Walnut butter has actually become one of our new obsessions. It is a wonderful almond butter substitution.

We keep walnuts around the house year-round and if I run out of almond butter, I will just make some homemade walnut butter as a substitute. 

Walnut butter does tend to be a bit sweeter in taste than almond butter, so keep that in mind. You can substitute walnut butter for almond butter at a one to one ratio.

5. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt might seem like an odd almond butter substitute, but it does work well in quite a few dishes, particularly in baking

It is our favorite substitute for almond butter in baking actually

 It has a rich and creamy texture that’s quite similar to almond butter. Moreover, it has slight notes of sour, sweet, and tangy flavors. Hence, it is a good addition to baked goods. 

If you are looking for an almond butter substitute that you spread raw, greek yogurt would not be a good option. So note that this suggestion is purely for baking purposes only.

6. Black Bean Paste

Black bean paste is a simple mixture that’s prepared by blending the beans with some vegetable oil or water. 

The prepared paste can be used in place of almond butter in baking applications as it is thick and rich. You can add it to your muffins, cakes, and brownies.

7. Avocado Paste

If you’re looking for a substitute for almond butter than you can spread on your toast, then look no further than avocados!

Simply blend some avocados with a little olive oil and spread this avocado paste on top of your toast for a filling breakfast. It has the same rich and smooth texture as smooth almond butter.

Can I use regular butter instead of almond butter?

I would not recommend attempting to substitute regular butter for almond butter. While butter is a fantastic ingredient used in baking and cooking it doesn’t have the same flavor profile as almond butter. 

A dairy-based butter will not have the nutty flavor that almond butter presents. When looking for a substitute for almond butter look to other nutty-flavored butter such as cashew butter or peanut butter. 

The Bottom Line

I hope you enjoyed reading about all the various kinds of butter and pastes that you can use as almond butter substitutes.

Each of these varieties of butter and pastes has its distinct taste and texture, but they all work well in most recipes that call for almond butter. 

We believe that the best substitution for almond butter is peanut butter. However, any of the options above will work well. 

NOTE: We do not offer medical advice, and our substitutions and alternatives relate to baking and cooking chemistry only, not whether a nut substitute is safe for any individual!

Janan Dean

Thursday 5th of August 2021

Some of us have an anaphylactic reaction to all things soy, including all tree nuts. Not worth a trip to the ER.