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Try These 30 Best Recipes Using Buttermilk!

Try These 30 Best Recipes Using Buttermilk!

Find the best recipes using buttermilk here, including our top recipe picks plus creative ideas for using buttermilk in everything from soup to dressing and dessert!

Did you know that buttermilk makes way more than just fluffy pancakes? 

Buttermilk has become synonymous with pancakes, and we can’t blame people for thinking that way. After all, a popular pancake mix has the word buttermilk in its name.

And contrary to what most people believe, buttermilk is used in many different ways and for more than just making breakfast pastries.

So, here are lots of recipes that have buttermilk in them. But you should try #14 since it’ll make a great addition to any family dinner!

  1. #6 Homemade Buttermilk Bread has a unique flavor and texture not found in store-bought bread.
  2. #11 Buttermilk Onion Rings are super good.
  3. Enjoy the crispy and crunchy cornflake crust of #18 Cornflake Crusted Buttermilk Chicken!
  4. The highlight of #24 Drop Biscuit Cobbler is the lightly sweet buttermilk drop biscuit topping.
  5. #30 Buttermilk Pecan Fudge is rich and creamy.

Tips for Using Buttermilk in Recipes

Buttermilk is a versatile ingredient that adds tangy flavor and tender texture to various recipes. Here are some tips for using buttermilk in your cooking and baking:

  1. Substitute for regular milk. In many recipes, buttermilk can be used as a substitute for regular milk to add a bite of tangy flavor and moisture.
  2. Marinades and brines. Buttermilk is excellent for tenderizing meat. Its acidity helps break down the proteins, resulting in tender and juicy meat. 
  3. Baking. Buttermilk helps create a moist and light texture in baked goods like cakes, muffins, and bread.
  4. Pancakes and waffles. Adding buttermilk to pancakes and waffles can make them light and fluffy.
  5. Salad dressings and dips. Buttermilk can be the base for creamy salad dressings and dips. 
  6. Battered and fried foods. Buttermilk is often used in batter for fried foods like chicken, onion rings, or fried pickles.
  7. Smoothies and shakes. Buttermilk can be a unique addition to your smoothies or milkshakes, adding a tangy flavor and creamy texture.8. Creamy soups and sauces. Buttermilk can add a creamy and tangy element to soups and sauces.

Note: To create a buttermilk substitute, add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar to 1 cup of milk. Let it sit until it curdles.

Best Recipes Using Buttermilk

If you love potatoes, this is a recipe you should try. And while it’s called “smashed potatoes,” it’s actually more of a mashed potato dish than a smashed potatoes one. You can also try to create a skin-on version of this recipe for a rustic version.

Ingredients include: Potatoes, butter, buttermilk, rosemary, and thyme.

Here’s another one of those potato recipes using buttermilk in it! This time, it’s added to the dressing along with dill to give you a ranch-like flavor. 

Ingredients include: Potatoes, buttermilk, mayonnaise, salt, and dill.

You’ll love this chilled soup if you’re a fan of gazpacho. It combines the fresh flavors of cucumber and the herby taste of pesto with the sour notes of buttermilk. Besides, you can serve this in a glass, like traditional gazpacho, or in a bowl topped with chopped veggies.

Ingredients include: Pesto, buttermilk, cucumber, and basil leaves.

Today is a great day for one-pot, homestyle chicken and dumplings with the help of rich buttermilk! Make a huge batch with this recipe and freeze the rest! So, whenever you crave a bowl that tastes like home, just heat some up and enjoy!

Ingredients include: Butter, onion, leek, all purpose flour, and carrots.

Another traditional recipe that uses buttermilk is southern fried chicken. Buttermilk is added to the brine in this chicken dish to help tenderize the meat. This will give you flavorful, juicy, finger-licking fried chicken like grandma used to make!

Ingredients include: Chicken, buttermilk, hot sauce, thyme, and paprika.

Why not try baking your own homemade bread with this recipe that uses buttermilk to add a mildly sweet and tangy flavor you can’t find in regular loaves of bread? It also goes great with a smear of butter or a teaspoon of your favorite jam!

Ingredients include: Butter, bread flour, sugar, yeast, and buttermilk.

If you’re looking for a rich, buttery breakfast snack, this is the one! This recipe gives you a slightly sweet and definitely fruity scone that is perfect for any time of the day. The buttermilk in these scones is also what helps make them moist and soft. Have one (or two) with your favorite cup of tea!

Ingredients include: All purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, blueberries, and buttermilk.

Cornbread is excellent as a side dish for soup or chili. It will even work as a snack or a breakfast treat. The buttermilk in this dish also helps add another layer of flavor, giving you truly extraordinary cornbread.

Ingredients include: Butter, sugar, eggs, buttermilk, and cornmeal.

One side dish that’s popular down south is fried okra. This recipe for crispy okra bites will give you the three-step process that starts with soaking the veggies in buttermilk. You can also partner this dish with grilled chicken, a pulled pork sandwich, or even your favorite meatloaf!

Ingredients include: Okra, buttermilk, flour, cornmeal, and pepper.

Fried green tomatoes are another Southern favorite often served as a side dish. This recipe uses buttermilk not only in the coating but also in the dipping sauce. And whether served as a side dish or appetizer, you can expect layers of flavors and textures from this dish!

Ingredients include: Tomatoes, buttermilk, egg, chili sauce, and cornmeal.

Try our easy bang-bang sauce recipe.

Another finger food that is often served as a side dish, appetizer, or snack is onion rings. In this recipe, buttermilk is used to cut down on onions’ sharpness. Do you also want onion rings with a kick? Then, sprinkle some cayenne powder into the batter or directly on top of the rings after frying!

Ingredients include: Buttermilk, all purpose flour, parsley, salt, and black pepper.

Try making your own if you want something better than store-bought sour cream and onion dips! This recipe uses powdered buttermilk (yes, there’s such a thing). Combine the mix with cream cheese for a slightly cheesy dip, or with sour cream, if you want to keep it traditional.

Ingredients include: Buttermilk powder, dill, parsley, chives, and sugar.

Planning on serving this chicken recipe? Better prepare it a day ahead since you need to soak the entire bird in buttermilk for 24 hours. Yes, to get the most flavor into your chicken (and allow the buttermilk to do its meat tenderizing magic), you need to soak it in salt and buttermilk overnight.

Ingredients include: Chicken, salt, and buttermilk.

Another dish that gets its tangy richness from buttermilk is this coleslaw recipe. You can use green cabbage for this dish or a combination of different types of cabbage. The buttermilk dressing used for this coleslaw is also delicious so that you can use it with other salads!

Ingredients include: Cabbage, carrots, buttermilk, mayonnaise, and sugar.

Who would’ve guessed that shrimp cooks up nice with buttermilk? Instead of using an egg for dredging, buttermilk is used here. The Panko bread crumbs also give each piece a nice crunch! 

Ingredients include: Shrimp, sugar, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and buttermilk.

When you combine corn, salmon, and some buttermilk, what do you get? You get this bold and satisfying fish and corn chowder. Sprinkle the top with paprika for a splash of flavor and color and a dash of hot sauce to your bowl for heat.

Ingredients include: Leeks, celery, potatoes, buttermilk, and salmon.

If you want to try another good seafood dish, here’s one that uses scallops. This dish combines spicy chorizo with the buttery flavor of scallops, with the corn giving it sweetness. A sprinkling of red pepper should give it the fiery kick you want!

Ingredients include: Corn, olive oil, scallions, serrano, and buttermilk.

This recipe using buttermilk is worth looking into for a different take on buttermilk crispy chicken. Instead of breadcrumbs to coat the chicken, this recipe uses crushed cornflakes! Also, rather than soaking the chicken in buttermilk, the buttermilk is added to the eggs to add more flavor before breading. Only a little oil for these since you bake them instead of frying them!

Ingredients include: Corn flakes, black pepper, egg, buttermilk, and all purpose flour.

If you love vegetable stews, then this creamy soup is for you! The recipe uses the buttermilk in the dumplings, but you can substitute it for the milk, too, if you want a tangier soup. You can also cook this instead of chicken and dumplings if you want a meatless dish.

Ingredients include: Celery, carrots, corn, mushroom, and milk.

Are you tired of your usual, boring ranch salad dressing? Then, this is a recipe that’s worth your time. Serve it with any of your favorite salads, or use it as a dip. Once you’ve tried this recipe, store-bought ranch dressing will never be the same!

Ingredients include: Buttermilk, sour cream, mayonnaise, lemon juice, and dill.

Here’s another salad dressing that you’ll love pouring over your salad! The combination of feta and buttermilk in this recipe makes it tangier. And the buttermilk also helps break the cheese down better. Serve this on a wedge of charred cabbage or fresh lettuce!

Ingredients include: Lemon, feta cheese, buttermilk, sour cream, and oregano.

This pasta salad is a fantastic find for a hearty meal that uses buttermilk! The surprising addition of sunflower seeds gives this recipe it’s crunch. And when you add a bunch of veggies and top it with a creamy dressing and some spicy touches, you have a dish that will knock your socks off. This salad also tastes best when served chilled!

Ingredients include: Penne pasta, basil, tomatoes, cucumber, and mayonnaise.

Who wants chocolate cake? The buttermilk in this recipe makes the cake super moist and adds another distinct flavor. The espresso powder added to the batter makes it more chocolatey. If you want a darker chocolate cake, try using Dutch-processed cocoa.

Ingredients include: All purpose flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, egg, and buttermilk.

Here’s another one of the many dessert recipes using buttermilk in it! This time, the buttermilk is mixed into the biscuit topping. Besides, this rustic treat should be served warm. So, why not add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top?

Ingredients include: Peaches, blueberries, sugar, all purpose flour, and butter.

What’s the result when you combine a buttermilk-based custard with a pie crust? You get a pie that’s almost like a chess pie but has more tang and flavor! Tangy and creamy are just a few words you can use to describe this treat.

Ingredients include: Egg, sugar, all purpose flour, butter, and lemon zest.

When you’re tired of bringing yet another fruit salad to the office potluck, it’s time to mix it up a bit. So, why not try this bread pudding recipe instead? The tangy buttermilk and the zesty flavor of the lemon caramel sauce poured over each serving are sure to make this dish everyone’s new favorite!

Ingredients include:  Eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla extract, and nutmeg.

For a summer cooler that’s easy to make, this is one recipe you can turn to. But if you don’t have an ice cream maker, you can turn this into a granita instead. You can also take the mixture from the freezer every hour and whip it until creamy a few times to get the right consistency.

Ingredients include: Strawberries, buttermilk, sugar, cinnamon, and lemon juice.

This is a must-try if you love cakes and desserts with a distinct tangy flavor! As with most cakes and pastries, the addition of buttermilk in this cake helps keep it moist and soft. Finish this off with a lemony glaze for that extra zing!

Ingredients include: Cake flour, baking powder, baking soda, buttermilk, and egg yolk.

This panna cotta is a creamy dessert that you can tweak. You can put some fresh fruit slices or drizzle some chocolate sauce on top for a fruity or chocolatey dessert. You can even sprinkle on some sugar and torch it until it caramelizes into a crème brûlée-like treat!

Ingredients include: Buttermilk, gelatin, sugar, sour cream, and heavy cream.

This white fudge is made using buttermilk and has the zesty flavor buttermilk is known for. Pecans also give this candy some crunch, and flaky sea salt helps balance the sweetness.

Ingredients include: Pecans, sugar, buttermilk, honey, and salt.

The bottom line

When it comes to recipes using buttermilk, you will notice that they all have the added tang and richness that is unique to buttermilk.

It also tenderizes meat, helps keep cakes moist, and gives soups and dressings a creaminess that only buttermilk can provide.

Add buttermilk to your grocery list and whip up one, two, or more of these recipes the next time you’re in the kitchen!

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30 Best Recipes Using Buttermilk

30 Best Recipes Using Buttermilk

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