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28 Appetizers That Go With Champagne: Quick & Delicious!

28 Appetizers That Go With Champagne: Quick & Delicious!

Whether celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a quiet evening at home, champagne is the perfect beverage to sip on. 

But what do you enjoy with your champagne? Here is a list of 28 quick and delicious appetizers that go with champagne. 

Ah, champagne.

That most fabulous of drinks is synonymous with luxury, wealth, and celebrations.

It’s the drink of choice for toasting special occasions, and for a good reason—there’s nothing quite like that first effervescent sip. 

But what exactly is champagne?

Champagne is a sparkling wine made in France’s Champagne region.

It is made using a traditional method known as méthode champenoise, which involves a second fermentation process in the bottle.

This second fermentation gives champagne its characteristic bubbles. 

There are several types of champagne, each with its unique flavor profile.

The most common type is Brut, which is dry and has a light body.

Other popular types include Rosé, Blanc de Blancs, and Blanc de Noirs.

Now that we’ve talked about the fundamentals, let’s talk about food.

Champagne is a drink that you can enjoy with various dishes.

It pairs with savory and sweet foods, making it a suitable drink to enjoy with appetizers.

So, what should you serve with your champagne?

Here are some great ideas for appetizers that go with champagne

Check out #23 as it is sophisticated as it is superb!

1. Caviar & Cucumber Bites

These simple yet elegant bites are magnificent for starting your champagne-fueled evening.
Caviar is a luxurious ingredient that pairs beautifully with the bubbly beverage, while cucumber provides a refreshing contrast.
The refreshing cucumber provides a cool, crisp contrast to the rich caviar, making for a truly delicious bite.
And when served with champagne, this pairing is simply unbeatable.

2. Oysters Rockefeller

Oysters and champagne are a classic combination—they’re both incredibly amazing.
For a fun twist on the traditional oyster dish, try making Oysters Rockefeller.
These baked oysters are topped with rich, flavorful spinach and Parmesan cheese filling.
While the champagne adds a touch of sophistication, the oysters provide a rich, savory contrast.
The briny oysters pair with the bubbly wine, and the creamy sauce complements the effervescence of the champagne.

3. Crab Cakes With Spicy Aioli

These Crab Cakes are light and crispy, with a hint of heat from the sriracha aioli.
They’re excellent finger food to enjoy with a glass of champagne because they’re easy to eat and packed with flavor.
The delicate crab meat pairs with the bubbly beverage, while the sriracha aioli provides a kick of heat.

4. Baked Brie

Few appetizers are as elegant and outstanding as Baked Brie.
This dish is simple to prepare yet always impressive.
Brie is a soft cheese that originates from France.
It has a creamy texture and a mild, slightly nutty flavor.
When baked, the cheese becomes even more smooth and spreadable.
Baked Brie pairs with champagne because the bubbly wine cuts through the richness of the cheese.

5. Prosciutto & Mozzarella Roll Appetizers

The combination of briny prosciutto, creamy mozzarella, and fragrant basil is irresistible.
Of course, you can also get innovative with your toppings.
Try adding some sun-dried tomatoes or roasted peppers for an extra flavor boost.
This appetizer works with champagne because the bubbly wine pairs well with both the prosciutto and mozzarella.

6. Apricot & Goat Cheese Appetizers

Are you looking for a sophisticated appetizer to impress your guests?
Look no further than these elegant apricot bites.
Topped with velvety goat cheese, crunchy walnuts, and a drizzle of honey, they will surely be a hit at your next gathering.
Eat this with champagne to enjoy the lovely contrast of sweet and savory flavors.

7. Antipasto Skewers

If you bring your charcuterie game up, try adding these crowd-pleasing Antipasto Skewers to your next board.
They’re packed with all of your favorite Mediterranean flavors and will impress your guests.
To make the skewers, alternate between fresh mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, and basil leaves.
This goes well with champagne because the tomatoes’ acidity and the olives’ brininess balance out the bubbly wine’s sweetness.

8. Sriracha Smoked Oyster Appetizer

The savory flavors of the smoked oysters are blended with the spicy kick of sriracha, resulting in an irresistible dish.
The oysters can be served on a bed of fresh greens for an extra touch of elegance.
This dish is fantastic with champagne, as the bubbly beverage helps cool the sriracha’s heat.
Whether you’re hosting an intimate event or simply looking for a new way to enjoy smoked oysters, this recipe is sure to please.

9. Grilled French Cheese Bites

Grilled French cheese works so well with champagne because of the bold, savory flavor of the cheese and the bubbly nature of the champagne.
The two work together to create a harmonious balance on your palate.
The cheese is rich and creamy, while the champagne is light and refreshing.

10. Prosciutto Wrapped Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates

There’s something about the fatty goodness of prosciutto that makes it a seamless pairing for champagne.
The bubbly’s acidity cuts through the richness of the meat.
At the same time, the prosciutto’s umami helps to accentuate the champagne’s fruitiness.

11. Skirt Steak Crostini

Allow us to introduce you to this Skirt Steak Crostini.
This flavorful dish is a terrific pairing for bubbly champagne, thanks to its bold flavors and variety of textures.
The tender steak is offset by the crispy toast, while the earthy mushrooms provide a depth of flavor that complements the bright acidity of champagne.
Add in sweetness from the balsamic glaze, and you have a dish sure to please even the most discerning palates.

12. Pear & Blue Cheese Flatbread

The sweetness of the pear complements the rich, creamy blue cheese, while the crispness of the flatbread provides a wonderful contrast to the smooth texture of the cheese.
The champagne’s effervescent bubbles also help to cut through the richness of the blue cheese, making for a refreshing and enjoyable experience.

13. Marinated Olives With Garlic, Thyme & Rosemary

The next time you have champagne, reach for a jar of marinated olives.
The reason is simple: the bubbly beverage is a terrific foil for the flavorful olives.
The light acidity of champagne cuts through the richness of the olives, while the bubbles help to carry the complex flavors to your palate.
The result is a delicious and refreshing bite that is sure to please any party guest.

14. Feta, Mint, & Watermelon Bites

The briny feta is a dazzling contrast to the sweetness of the watermelon, and the mint gives it a refreshing twist.
Champagne is a fantastic drink to accompany this dish because its bubbles help to cleanse your palate between bites.
Plus, the acidity of the champagne helps to bring out the flavors of the ingredients.

15. Bruschetta

Bruschetta is an excellent option for enjoying bubbly.

Here’s why: first, champagne’s acidity helps cut through the richness of the cheese and olive oil on the Bruschetta.

Second, the bubbles in champagne can help highlight the sweetness of the tomatoes. 

Finally, the crispy bread is a fabulous contrast to the creaminess of the cheese.

16. Baked Zucchini Roll-Ups With Pesto Goat Cheese

There are many ways to enjoy champagne, but few can compare to the experience of pairing it with a dish.
Enter the Baked Zucchini Roll-Ups With Pesto Goat Cheese.
The subtle flavor of the zucchini pairs with the bubbly effervescence of champagne, while the pesto and goat cheese add a touch of richness.
This dish will satisfy even the most discerning palate and is an excellent accompaniment to any celebration.

17. Spicy Tuna & Avocado Cucumber Sushi Bites

The combination of rich tuna, creamy avocado, and crispy cucumber is a delight for the taste buds, and the spice level is just enough to add some interest without overpowering the delicate flavor of the champagne. 
Champagne is often considered a celebratory drink, but it can also be enjoyed as an aperitif or with certain types of food.

18. Caprese Skewers

One of the best dishes to pair with champagne is Caprese Skewers.
The acidity of the tomatoes pairs well with the bubbles in the champagne, and the mozzarella and basil add a rich, creamy flavor that complements the wine.
When served together, the flavors of the food and the wine are enhanced, making for a truly enjoyable experience.

19. Crab Artichoke Toasts

Crab Artichoke Toasts pairs very well with champagne because the bubbly beverage helps cut through the dish’s richness, and the acidity pairs nicely with the creamy toast.
The dish is also relatively light, so it won’t weigh you down if you have a few too many glasses of champagne.

20. Three Cheese Bruschetta

The acidity in champagne pairs well with the richness of the cheese, while the bubbles help to cut through the fat.
The bread provides a crispy, salty contrast to the smooth cheeses, and the herbs lend bitterness that helps offset the sweetness of the champagne.
Overall, it is a combination that is sure to please any palate.

21. Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms

If you’re looking for a truly memorable culinary experience, try pairing champagne with Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms.
The umami flavor of the mushrooms is a glorious match for the crisp acidity of the wine, and the creamy texture provides a lovely contrast to the effervescent bubbles.
Plus, the sight of mushrooms peeking out of their cheesy cocoons will impress your guests.

22. Fried Olives With Garlic Aioli

For anyone who loves both olives and champagne, fried olives with garlic aioli are a mouthwatering snack.
The rich, savory flavors of the olives are a fine match for the crisp, bubbly taste of champagne.
The aioli also adds a smooth, creamy texture that complements the bubbles in the drink.

23. Smoked Salmon Bruschetta With Smashed Avocado & Feta

The combination of smoked salmon, creamy avocado, and tangy feta cheese is amazing and pairs with champagne.
The delicate flavors of the seafood and cheese are enhanced by the bubbles in the champagne, making it a superb match for this dish.

24. Baked Mussels

Baked Mussels are an elegant seafood dish that pairs with champagne.
The briny sweetness of the mussels complements the bubbles and acidity of the champagne, making for a truly delicious and memorable dining experience.
The Baked Mussels’ richness also helps balance out the champagne’s lightness, creating a well-rounded and enjoyable pairing.

25. Dried Apricot Blue Cheese Canapes With Walnuts

These Dried Apricot Blue Cheese Canapes with walnuts are a winning appetizer for any special occasion.
The sweetness of the dried apricots pairs perfectly with the creaminess of the blue cheese, while the walnuts add a wonderful crunch.
But what makes this dish shine is its versatility.
It can be served with champagne, wine, or even beer.
So, whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party or just having some friends over for drinks, these canapes will impress.

26. Broccoli Rabe Arancini With Marinara Sauce

When pairing this dish with champagne, choosing a brut or extra-dry champagne is important.
These types of champagne have very little sugar, which will help offset the Marinara sauce’s sweetness.
In addition, the champagne’s acidity will help cut through the richness of the cheese and rice.
Broccoli Rabe Arancini With Marinara Sauce is a delectable dish that pairs extremely well with brut or extra-dry champagne.

27. Mouthwatering Steak & Potatoes Appetizer

The savory flavors of the meat paired with the creamy potatoes are a heavenly combination.
But what makes this dish even better is when it’s paired with champagne.
The bubbly drink helps to cut through the richness of the steak and potatoes, leaving your palate refreshed and ready for more.
Plus, the added touch of elegance makes this dish exceptional for any special occasion.

28. Baked Shrimp Wontons

The delicate flavor of the shrimp is enhanced by the buttery richness of the wonton wrapper, while the bubbles in the champagne help to lift the flavors and create a light, refreshing contrast.
Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply treating yourself, this is a pairing that will have diners talking about your amazing culinary skills.

The bottom line

When it comes to pairing food with champagne, there are no hard and fast rules.
But, by trying out the recipes above, you’ll be sure to create a first-class and memorable dining experience for your guests.

Quick Appetizers That Go With Champagne

Quick Appetizers That Go With Champagne

Here is a list of 28 quick and delicious appetizers that go with champagne.


  • Caviar & Cucumber Bites
  • Oysters Rockefeller
  • Crab Cakes With Spicy Aioli
  • Baked Brie
  • Prosciutto & Mozzarella Roll Appetizers
  • Apricot & Goat Cheese Appetizers
  • Antipasto Skewers
  • Sriracha Smoked Oyster Appetizer
  • Grilled French Cheese Bites
  • Prosciutto Wrapped Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates
  • Skirt Steak Crostini
  • Pear & Blue Cheese Flatbread
  • Marinated Olives With Garlic, Thyme & Rosemary
  • Feta, Mint, & Watermelon Bites
  • Bruschetta
  • Baked Zucchini Roll-Ups With Pesto Goat Cheese
  • Spicy Tuna & Avocado Cucumber Sushi Bites
  • Caprese Skewers
  • Crab Artichoke Toasts
  • Three Cheese Bruschetta
  • Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Fried Olives With Garlic Aioli
  • Smoked Salmon Bruschetta With Smashed Avocado & Feta
  • Baked Mussels
  • Dried Apricot Blue Cheese Canapes With Walnuts
  • Broccoli Rabe Arancini With Marinara Sauce
  • Mouthwatering Steak & Potatoes Appetizer
  • Baked Shrimp Wontons


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